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Police sergeant charged in 4 rapes

A veteran Bloomington, Ill., police sergeant has been charged with raping four women in their homes between 2002 and 2005, it was reported Saturday. Police Sgt. Jeff Pelo, a 17-year department veteran, was charged Friday with four counts of aggravated criminal sexual assault and two counts of home invasion, the Bloomington (Ill.) Pantagraph reported. Pelo’s attorney, Steve Skelton, said he did not believe his client would be convicted on the charges.


Marines Want Spaceplane

Col. Jack Wassink is a former Marine Corps jet jockey with a weird new mission. This blunt, 45-year-old chief of the Marine Corps’s tiny Space Integration Branch in Quantico, Virginia, shepherds the Marines’ radical vision of space warfare. Unlike the Air Force, Navy and Army, all three of which sponsor expensive satellite programs, the cash-strapped Marines are pushing just one space concept. It’s called Small Unit Space Transport and Insertion, or SUSTAIN, and it’s a reusable spaceplane meant to get a squad of Marines to any hotspot on Earth in two hours — then get them out.


Porton Down chemical weapons tests unethical, says report

A total of 11,000 men were exposed to mustard and nerve gas in Porton experiments between 1939 and 1989.

More than 400 military personnel were deliberately exposed to chemical weapons in government-run experiments which seriously breached ethical standards, an official report has concluded. The men were exposed to painful amounts of nerve gas and mustard gas by scientists at the Porton Down chemical warfare establishment in Wiltshire.


Top 10 Signs The Government Is Spying on You – David Letterman

Top 10 Signs The Government Is Spying on You – David Letterman

AWOL Canadian troops double since 9/11

The number of Canadian soldiers who have gone absent without leave has doubled in the last six years, Sun Media has learned. Records obtained through access to information show 708 troops were convicted of going AWOL in 2005 — more than two times the 340 who were convicted of the offence in 2000. Numbers show a sharp rise after 2001, when the 9/11 terrorist attacks propelled Canada’s military into a more dangerous role abroad.


Ministry left red-faced over call girl manual

Seduce them with loving nicknames. Enchant them with your voice. Offer them specialities and, if you’re feeling generous, wash their clothes.

That, for the Brazilian work ministry, is the job description for the world’s oldest profession. In an online sex workers’ manual, which has left civil servants red-faced and church leaders enraged, the ministry offers tips on successful living as a call girl or boy. The manual covers everything from starting a pension and giving advice to “emotionally deprived” customers to learning foreign languages. It also suggests safe-sex courses and workshops in beauty and personal finance.


The forced poisoning of Abraham Cherrix, the tyranny of modern medicine, and state-sponsored assaults on health freedom

Across the nation, an increasing number of families are having their lives destroyed by the greed and arrogance of conventional medicine and its toxic cancer treatments. Families are arrested at gunpoint, jailed, prosecuted and separated from their children by Child Protective Services, all due to the demands of arrogant doctors who insist on treating cancer with conventional chemotherapy that’s so toxic, it almost kills the patient before killing the cancer cells.