Tears and prayers for the Khmer Rouge “Butcher”


Ta Mok, Pol Pot’s henchman notorious for his brutality, dies with his secrets.

To most Cambodians, he was “The Butcher,” one of Pol Pot’s most ruthless henchmen and a man whose hands were stained perhaps more than any other with the blood of the Khmer Rouge’s 1.7 million victims. But in its final redoubt of Anlong Veng, the ultra-Maoist movement’s former military chief, Ta Mok, who died on Friday, was revered as little short of an idol.



Former top members of Cambodia’s notorious Khmer Rouge: former prime minister Khieu Samphan(top-L), former deputy Nuon Chea(top-R), former army chief of staff Ta Mok(bottom-L) and former foreign minister Ieng Sary(bottom-R). Ta Mok, known as “The Butcher” for his extreme brutality, died before he could be put on trial for the genocide of up to two million Cambodians.(AFP/File)

Fresh fears for Khmer Rouge trials 

The death of Ta Mok, one of the main leaders of Cambodia’s brutal former Khmer Rouge regime, has confirmed the fears of long-time proponents of the country’s genocide trials. All along they have warned that delays in setting up the process would result in key defendants dying before they reached court.



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