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Squirt gun antics could spark terror alerts


Water pistol war upsets UK police

Squirt gun antics could spark terror alerts
British police have condemned a role-playing game where contestants travel all over London armed with water pistols looking to “assassinate” other players, saying it could spark terrorism alerts. “StreetWars”, which is described on its Web site as a “three-week long, 24/7, water gun assassination tournament”, begins on Tuesday in the British capital.


Schwarzenegger Woos Liberal Voters

It seems Arnold Schwarzenegger can’t get enough of the liberals.
From expanded health-care programs at grade school levels to lowering health-care costs and reducing the number of uninsured Californians, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is wooing liberal voters. He has also heaped praise on Al Gore’s global warming movie, which should serve the Republican governor well in this otherwise eco-centric, deep blue state.


Dirty bomb victims ‘may be shot’

POLICE could be forced to shoot members of the public to maintain order in the event of a terrorist “dirty bomb” or biological attack on Britain, it was claimed yesterday. The Police Federation annual conference in Blackpool was told that so few officers have been trained to deal with a chemical, biological, nuclear or radiological strike that they would have to resort to “very unsavoury but necessary” crowd control.


Congo violence killing up to 600 children a day

As many as 1200 people die a day in violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo and more than half of them are children, the United Nation’s children’s fund Unicef has said. More children under the age of five die in the war-battered African nation each year than do in China, which has a population 23 times larger, it said in a report.


Meacher: GM will ruin organic farms

Michael Meacher, the former Labour environment minister, said last night that the Government’s “arrogant” decision to pave the way for genetically modified food to be produced commercially in Britain would lead to organic farms being wiped out “within a few years”. Mr Meacher said that GM crops would “contaminate” organic farms and make it impossible for the fast-growing organic food industry to survive.


Cherrix To Refuse Court Order For Chemotherapy


Abraham Cherrix, left, and his father, Jay, look over a big onion in their kayaking shop in Chincoteague, Va., seen in this June 26, 2006, file photo. A judge ruled Friday, July 21, 2006, that Starchild Cherrix, fighting to use alternative treatment for his cancer, must report to a hospital by Tuesday for testing, evaluation and treatment as doctors deem necessary, the family’s attorney said. (AP Photo/Steve Helber)

Abraham Cherrix: ‘I’m not going to receive chemotherapy no matter what’

Abraham Cherrix, the Eastern Shore teen who is using an herbal diet to fight Hodgkin’s Disease, will defy a court order to resume chemotherapy. Speaking in Virginia Beach Monday evening before an appearance on Fox News Channel, Abraham Cherrix, 16, and his father, Jay Cherrix told Your NewsChannel 3 they will not report to Childrens’ Hospital of the King’s Daughters by a court-ordered deadline of 1p.m. Tuesday afternoon. Instead, the family will be in conference with an Accomack County Circuit Court judge asserting their right to a brand new trial.

Teen loses fight to treat cancer with herbs
“Social services may be pounding on your door next”
The parents were devastated by the new order and planned to appeal, the lawyer said. Stepanovich said he will ask a higher court Monday to stay enforcement of the order, which requires the parents to take Abraham to a Norfolk hospital and to give the oncologist written legal consent to treat their son for Hodgkin’s disease. ”I want to caution all parents of Virginia: Look out, because social services may be pounding on your door next when they disagree with the decision you’ve made about the health care of your child,” Stepanovich said.

Defiant and Exhausted, Teens Refuse Cancer Treatments
As he waited alone in the hospital for his chemotherapy treatment, 16-year-old Billy Best watched the other children with cancer. He noticed how frail they looked and how much sicker they had become since they had first entered. Then his attention turned to his nurse, who donned unusually thick rubber gloves. He asked her why she needed such intense protection. He was shocked by her answer: The chemo he’s about to receive could burn her skin, she told him. It was then that Billy ran away from chemotherapy, once and for all. “I felt like I was going to die,” he said, adding that he had been hit by a truck before and that the chemotherapy “was a lot like that.”

Threat: Cancer teen to be taken by force
Elian Gonzalez-style showdown feared
16-year-old Virginian: ‘I’m not going to receive chemotherapy no matter what’
The father of a Virginia teen seeking an alternative treatment for his cancer says a social worker has threatened to use force to take the boy away from the family for court-ordered chemotherapy. Jay Cherrix of Chincoteague, Va., is concerned there could be an Elian Gonzalez-style showdown over his 16-year-old son, Abraham, who has already undergone chemotherapy for his Hodgkin’s disease to no avail.

Medical terrorists on your doorstep
The medical terrorists are at it again and they’re gaining on us, aiming the big guns at children and parents.

If you think parents have the right to raise their children according to their own beliefs and standards, think again.
The truth is, in this twisted world, you only have the right to raise your children as long as the state doesn’t think it knows better. When that happens, watch out. The guy with the biggest fist wins, and that usually means the parents and the kids lose.

Natural health community up in arms over Judge’s sentencing of Abraham Cherrix to chemotherapy
The backlash from the natural health community has been fierce and widespread. Natural health sites such as The Liberty Papers, Hammer of Truth and Wavy.com have each covered Cherrix’s story, as well as Health Ranger Mike Adams’ exploration of the case alongside other examples of what he calls, “Gunpoint Medicine.”
“It all makes me wonder: With all the talk about “freedom” today, didn’t anybody stop to think about the freedoms we desperately need right here at home?” Adams said. “The true enemies of freedom, it seems, have medical degrees. They don’t wield weapons of mass destruction delivered by rockets, they wield chemical weapons delivered by injection.” Hammer of Truth writer Michelle Shinghal specifically states that she is not supporting alternative therapy over conventional therapy (at least in this case), but is simply outraged that the state insists it has the right to force someone to choose one way or the other.

Contact Judge Demps to demand that he reverse his decision so that this family’s rights and wishes may be respected and further harm can be prevented.

Jesse Edgar Demps
119 Crawford Parkway
Portsmouth, VA 23704

The War on Lebanon

BBC News: The War on Lebanon

Warning: Not for children or the faint of heart.

See what your politicians are supporting in Lebanon, if you have the stomach for it.

Feinstein Defends Israeli Actions Against Lebanon

Feinstein Defends Israeli Actions Against Lebanon
Israel and the United States share common values of democracy and the rule of law, said California’s senior Senator, speaking in San Francisco at a rally in support of Israel’s military campaign in Lebanon. “When terrorists attacked our country on 9-11, Israel did not waiver in support of the United States,” Feinstein said in Justin Herman Plaza on Sunday afternoon. “Now, in time of need, we will not waiver in our support for the state of Israel.” 

Senator Feinstein’s War Profiteering
We constantly hear about Dick Cheney’s ties to Halliburton and how his ex-company is making bundles off U.S. contracts in Iraq. But what we don’t hear about is how Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein and her husband are also making tons of money off the “war on terror.” The wishy-washy senator now claims Bush misled her prior to the invasion of Iraq. I don’t think she’s being honest with us, though. There may have been other reasons she helped sell Bush’s lies. According to the Center for Public Integrity, Feinstein’s husband Richard Blum has racked in millions of dollars from Perini, a civil infrastructure construction company, of which the billionaire investor wields a 75 percent voting share.

Army contract for Feinstein’s husband
Blum is a director of firm that will get up to $600 million
URS Corp., a San Francisco planning and engineering firm partially owned by California Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s husband, landed an Army contract Monday worth up to $600 million. The award to help with troop mobilization, weapons systems training and anti-terrorism efforts is the latest in a string of plum defense jobs snared by URS. In February, the firm won an army engineering and logistics contract that could bring in $3.1 billion during the next eight years.



This image taken from video made by Lebanese Red Cross workers Sunday, July 23, 2006 in Qana, south Lebanon, and made available to AP Television, shows the roof of a Lebanese Red Cross ambulance destroyed in what they say was an Israeli airstrike. The Red Cross workers who provided AP Television News with the video said that nine ambulance workers were wounded in the explosion as they tried to ferry injured people from the town of Qana, 20 kilometers (about 12 and a half miles) from Tyre, to hospital. AP Television cannot independently verify whether the Red Cross workers were hit by an Israeli airstrike. (AP Photo)
Scores of Lebanese Civilians Buried in Tyre
Carpenters and volunteers were hard at work in the courtyard of Tyre’s state hospital today, busily constructing dozens of coffins for a mass burial for more than 80 Lebanese civilians who were killed in the 10-day-old Israeli bombing campaign. Nearby, two trucks stood parked. For days, their motors have been running around the clock. They are refrigerator trucks, and since the hospital mortuary overflowed at the start of the Israeli bombing campaign, they have been used to store a growing cargo of corpses.

An eye for an eye, or ten eyes for one eye?

Civilian death toll rises in Mideast conflict
At least 380 Lebanese have been killed, while 36 Israelis have died, 19 of whom were soldiers
Fighting between Israel and Hezbollah has claimed several civilian deaths, including three refugees fleeing southern Lebanon and a journalist. Meanwhile, rockets striking northern Israel have killed two more people.

US accused of giving Israel ‘green light’ to bomb Lebanon
ISRAEL called up a few thousand reservists yesterday, in possible preparation for a more extensive ground operation in southern Lebanon, as its warplanes continued to hit targets there and to drop leaflets warning residents of villages to leave their homes and head northward.

Bush Admin. Gives Israel Room
The Bush administration is trying to hold off international pressure for an immediate halt to the Israeli assault in southern Lebanon, apparently to allow Israel a short window to do as much damage as possible.


Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert (L) greets U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice (C) upon her arrival to his office in Jerusalem July 25, 2006.
Rice Seeks `Robust’ Lebanon Force to Oust Hezbollah
Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said she wants a “robust” international military force to try to oust Hezbollah forces from southern Lebanon, as she prepares to leave on a diplomatic mission to the region next week. Rice said she will leave July 23 for meetings with Palestinian and Israeli officials, and then will meet with other nations in Rome to discuss the fighting in Lebanon.

The shocking silence from No 10
Blair’s tacit support for Israel’s grossly disproportionate actions sends the wrong message
IT IS A CASE of the Blair that didn’t bark. Why hasn’t the Prime Minister publicly condemned the Israeli attacks on Lebanon and Gaza? Most British — and many Israeli — citizens are horrified when they see the devastation wreaked by Israeli bombings. There were 80 such raids in the early hours of yesterday alone. By late afternoon, some 327 civilians had died in Lebanon, compared with 34 Israelis. Go figure, as they say. 

Little dissent as Israelis support war 
90% of Israeli citizens approve the offensive and want it to continue
The withdrawal of Israeli troops from Lebanon in 2000 was brought about in part by increasing public pressure to pull out. But, just six years on, Israelis stand almost unanimously behind the decision to wage a new war across the country’s northern border. According to recent opinion polls, as many as 90% of Israeli citizens approve of the offensive against Hezbollah and want it to continue.

Israel Signals It May Accept NATO Force
As Israel again pounded south Lebanon from the air and ground on Sunday and the Hezbollah militia rained dozens more rockets on Israel’s north, diplomatic efforts increased with growing discussion of a multinational armed force being placed in the area. The Israeli defense minister, Amir Peretz, said Israel was interested in a NATO-led force and the prime minister, Ehud Olmert, spoke of one comprised of European Union members with combat experience and the authority to take control of Lebanon’s border and crossing points.

Weapons inspector’s death ‘was not suicide’


I believe David Kelly did not commit suicide – and I will prove it
There were too many unanswered questions, none of which was resolved by the Hutton Inquiry As time has gone by, those questions have gnawed away at me. And I am not alone. In January 2004, three doctors – David Halpin, a specialist in trauma and orthopaedic surgery, Stephen Frost, a specialist in diagnostic radiology, and Searle Sennett, a specialist in anaesthesiology – voiced their doubts about the suicide verdict in a letter to The Guardian. They said Dr Kelly could not have killed himself in the way described to the Hutton Inquiry. Now, having resigned my frontbench role for the Lib Dems earlier this year, I have found the time to conduct my own investigation.


British LibDem MP Norman Baker investigates Dr David Kelly’s death

VIDEO: Norman Baker MP on the Death of Dr David Kelly         
British LibDem MP Norman Baker is now two months into a private, year-long investigation into the death of Dr David Kelly, the scientist who found himself under seige after apparently accusing the government of ‘sexing up’ the case for war to a BBC journalist. The Hutton Inquiry, framed as a battle between the government and the BBC, failed to probe the manner in which Dr Kelly met his death. Suicide was largely assumed, but the blunt gardening knife found at the scene, the fact that only a single ulnar artery was transected, the lack of blood splattering, and the tiny amount of co-proxamol residue found in Dr Kelly’s stomach, points up the need for closer scrutiny. In a debut TV appearance on the subject – GMTV’s ‘The Sunday Programme’ – Mr Baker invited those with relevant information to contact him. He will be producing a report or book on his findings next year, but his stated aim is to above all arrive at the truth.
See Video

Why I believe David Kelly’s death may have been murder, by MP
David Kelly did not commit suicide and may have been the victim of a murder and subsequent coverup, according to a campaigning MP. His concerns begin with the method of Dr Kelly’s supposed suicide, cutting a minor artery with a blunt gardening knife. He would have been the only person that year to have successfully killed themselves that way in the UK.

New questions over death of David Kelly
Alarming new questions about the death of Iraq weapons inspector David Kelly have been raised as a major investigation cast doubt on the official verdict that he committed suicide. The inquiry by campaigning MP Norman Baker will spark renewed speculation about how the Government’s leading expert on weapons of mass destruction was found dead in a field in Oxfordshire three years ago. In particular, the dossier compiled by the Liberal Democrat MP for Lewes shows that the method of suicide said to have been chosen by Dr Kelly, far from being common as was claimed at the time, was in fact unique. Dr Kelly was the only person in the United Kingdom that year deemed to have died from severing the ulnar artery in his wrist, a particularly difficult and painful process as the artery is deep and Dr Kelly had only a blunt garden knife.

Weapons inspector’s death ‘was not suicide’
A senior MP yesterday challenged an official inquiry’s finding that Government scientist David Kelly committed suicide. Weapons inspector Dr Kelly was the man at the heart of the furore over the Government’s dossier on Iraq’s supposed weapons of mass destruction, and his death in 2003 led to the Hutton Inquiry. Yesterday, Liberal Democrat backbencher Norman Baker published his own dossier of evidence which he believes casts considerable doubt on the inquiry’s key conclusion that Dr Kelly killed himself. “Today, I challenge that conclusion,” wrote Mr Baker in the Mail on Sunday. “I do so on the basis that the medical evidence available simply cannot sustain it, that Dr Kelly’s own behaviour and character argues against it and that there were serious shortcomings in the way the legal and investigative processes set up to consider his death were followed.”

Will we ever be told the truth about the death of Dr David Kelly?
Mr Baker has not only found experts who confirm the analysis of the three doctors about the discrepancies and scientific improbabilities in the official account. He has also discovered that only one person in the UK was said to have killed himself by slitting his ulnar artery that year — and that was Dr Kelly. This is hardly surprising since this is just about the most improbable way to commit suicide, made even more difficult by the inappropriate knife that Dr Kelly is said to have used. More explosively still, however, are Mr Baker’s discoveries (published in yesterday’s Mail on Sunday) about the behaviour of the police and the coroner.



Michael Shrimpton, a barrister specialising in national security and intelligence law

Transcript: Alex Jones Interviews Michael Shrimpton: The Murder of Dr. David Kelly
MS: “In my judgement, based on conversations with sources and with medical experts and a great deal of work has been done over this since the murder, he was probably murdered by a combination of an injection, not through tablets, but an intravenous injection of Dextropropoxythene and paracetamol, the constituents of Co-Proxamol, and a muscle relaxant called Succinylcholine. Now Succinylcholine is a favourite method of assassinating people, it’s used by intelligence agencies, particularly the French DGSE. Succinylcholine, although it’s used therapeutically for treating [inaudible] incubation and so on, can be lethal and in combination with the constituents of Co-Proxamol, 30 milligrammes would probably have been a lethal dose. The problem for someone investigating an assassination by Succinylcholine is that it metabolises even after death and you only pick up the metabolites. In other words it’s one of those drugs that leaves no trace unless you have a very expert pathologist who really knows what he or she is doing.”

Kelly ‘warned of dark actors’ games’
Dr Kelly’s e-mail gave no indication he was depressed
Iraq weapons expert Dr David Kelly reportedly warned of “many dark actors playing games” in an e-mail sent hours before he bled to death from a slashed wrist. The message, sent to a journalist, appeared to refer to officials within the Ministry of Defence and British intelligence agencies with whom he had sparred over interpretations of weapons reports, according to the New York Times. 
Dark Actors at the Scene of David Kelly’s Death


Kelly inquest will not be reopened
Lord Hutton’s inquiry was deemed to remove the need for a full inquest


On 15th July 2003 British government scientist Dr David Kelly defended himself before a televised Foreign Affairs Committee against the charge that he had accused the British government of using false intelligence to justify invading Iraq. Three days later the world was stunned when he was found dead on Harrowdown Hill. A judgement of ‘suicide’, planted early on by police to reporters, was reinforced by a hastily-convened ‘Hutton Inquiry’ which adeptly shifted emphasis away from Dr Kelly’s death and onto reprehensibility of key players in government and at the BBC.

Dr David Kelly
In 2003 Dr David Kelly was found dead in the woods. Caught up in a political vortex, Dr Kelly had been forced to appear before a televised government committee investigating whether or not he had accused Blair’s aide Alistair Campbell of planting in a dossier the questionable claim that WMDs could be unleashed from Iraq in 45 minutes. The Hutton Inquiry concluded that Dr Kelly, in anguish over his treatment, took his own life. But did he? The Kelly Investigation Group takes a closer look….