Bush Praises Immigrant Soldiers

The New Path to Citizenship?
Come to America, get your amnesty, join the US military (to do those jobs that Americans won’t do), get wounded and get your citizenship

Bush Praises Immigrant Soldiers
Renews Call For Immigration Reform At Citizenship Ceremony For Injured GIs
President Bush used a flag-draped naturalization ceremony Monday for three wounded foreign-born soldiers as the backdrop for a renewed call for immigration reform, CBS News correspondent Peter Maer reports. Mr. Bush called them “men who knew the cost of freedom and were willing to pay that cost.”

What’s Really Going On

U.S. lawmen outgunned along Mexican border
Bad guys have superior firepower, can eavesdrop on communications of American law enforcement
Hundreds of rounds of automatic-weapons fire rained down on South Texas sheriff’s deputies and Border Patrol agents from the Mexican side of the border as they investigated a horror story told by two American brothers who fled across the Rio Grande fearing for their lives.

Meet Robert Pastor: Father of the North American Union
Robert Pastor intends to give away U.S. sovereignty to a newly forming North American Union exactly as he gave away the Panama Canal to Panama during Jimmy Carter’s presidency. As we are taught in grade school, George Washington is the Father of our nation. If the North American Union comes into existence as the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) asserts, then we all better get prepared for a new hero. Robert Pastor is the person most likely to be proclaimed the father of the North American Union, a designation consistent with his decades-long history of viewing U.S. national interests through the lens of an extreme leftist almost anti-American political philosophy. Dr. Pastor was the co-chair of the May 2005 CFR report, “Building a North American Community,” argued that the Security and Prosperity Partnership signed by President Bush with Mexico and Canada on March 23, 2005 should become by 2010 a “North American economic and security community, the boundaries of which would be defined by a common external tariff and an outer security perimeter.” According to his published c.v., Dr. Pastor was the “principal editor” of this CFR report as well as the vice chair of the task force that produced it.

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