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Pakistani Intelligence continues to support terror groups


Tony Blair praised Gen Musharraf’s “brave decision” to stop backing the Taliban in June of 2001 whereas the Pakistani ISI then under General Mahmud Ahmed (who met with Porter Goss and the US Senate Intelligence Committee on 9/11) was directly involved in the 9/11 conspiracy and continues to support terror around the world. This should not be of any surprise as the ISI is under the management of both the CIA and MI-6 whose motive is to foment war and provide a pretext for a global police state dictatorship. All this should be understood in the context of the lastest “Bojinka-2” bomb plot hoax designed to ramp up the slave-conditioning program for airline passengers whose dignity and rights will continue to be eroded as long as the truth is buried under continuous blitzkrieg of Big Media propaganda and lies. Recently, Blair called to thank his fellow dictator Musharraf for his “cooperation” in “foiling” the supposed bomb plot whereas the truth is, he was thanking him for helping to create it!


Maintaining that Pakistan has not dismantled the terror infrastructure existing on its soil, India today said the neighbouring country’s intelligence agency ISI continues to provide “directions” and “logistics” support to terrorist groups like LeT active in this country. “We have not received any information on dismantling of terrorist training camps,” Home Minister Shivraj V Patil said replying to supplementaries during Question Hour in Rajya Sabha here. He said information about the existence of terrorist training camps was passed on to Pakistan during the Home Secretary-level talks between the two countries.


Army Corps Admits it Lied

Jim Bensman, the Sierra Club activist who was being “investigated” by the FBI as a terrorist because he stood up at a public hearing being held by the Army Corps of Engineers and suggested that the Corps should pursue its idea of removing some dams to improve fish habitat, has now discovered that the Corps lied when it denied having turned him into the FBI as a suspect.


Coca-Cola sued over cancer-causing benzene

Coca-Cola was hauled into court in Washington today as part of an effort to force it and other soft drink makers to eliminate ingredients in their products that can form cancer-causing benzene. Benzene can form in soft drinks containing vitamin C and either sodium benzoate or potassium benzoate. Scientists say factors such as heat or light exposure can trigger a reaction that forms benzene in the beverages. Similar lawsuits are pending in federal court in Kansas, Massachusetts and New Jersey and in state court in Florida and California. A Coca-Cola spokesman says the lawsuit is about about lining lawyers’ pockets, not consumer safety. The complaint comes as two smaller companies settled a lawsuit over benzene, which is linked to leukemia.


Career women make bad wives, says Forbes writer

Forbes magazine had to yank from its website a recent article that advised men not to marry professional women. Forbes writer Michael Noer cites studies that suggest career women are more likely to cheat, get divorced, less likely to have kids, or be unhappy if they do have children. “And, of course, many working women are indeed happily and fruitfully married — it’s just that they are less likely to be so than non-working women,” Noer says in his article, originally published on Aug. 22. In addition to cheating, divorce and the like, a house will be dirtier when a woman works outside the home, he suggests in his article, titled “Don’t marry career women.”


‘Don’t Marry a Woman With a Career’
Forbes Editor Sparks Controversy With Marriage Advice
Forbes magazine may not be known for its relationship tips, but the business publication is getting a lot of attention right now for an article about finding a wife. Editor Michael Noer has written an editorial titled “Don’t Marry a Career Woman” in which he outlines the pitfalls he says men will face if they defy that advice. He bases his theory on a batch of recent studies that claim career women are more likely to cheat on their husbands and get divorced. And they’ll also want fewer children. “If they do have kids, they’re more likely to be unhappy about it. … The more successful she is, the more likely she is to grow dissatisfied with you,” he writes.


Pakistan’s ISI assists Scotland Yard, while also supporting the terror network

According to The Senate Foreign Relations Committee (July 2004 Hearings), Pakistan’s Military intelligence has played a key role in developing the Islamic terror network with financial assistance provided by Saudi Arabia. (Committee on Senate Foreign Relations, Hearings, July 14, 2004). More recently, The Nixon Center (July 2005) has confirmed that the ISI still supports the main Kashmiri Islamic groups including Lashkar-e-Tiaba and  Jaish-e-Muhammad. Recent Indian Press reports provide concrete evidence and details regarding the ISI’s links to Lashkar e Taiba, which is suspected of having played a key role in the foiled UK terror plot. Reports suggest that LeT operational commander had meetings with ISI’s top brass. So far, the British media has refused to address the fact that Scotland Yard and the Home Office are collaborating with an intelligence agency which is known to support the terror network. One of the main suspects of the foiled UK plot is Rachid Rauf, who is detained in an interrogation facility of  Pakistan’s military intelligence (ISI), in Rawalpindi.  Rauf  is a member of Jaish-e-Muhammad, an ISI sponsored Kashmiri terrorist organization.


Jury Convicts Labor Camp Owners of Swindling Homeless, Selling Drugs

The owners of two migrant labor camps were found guilty of hiring drug addicts and homeless people at minimum wages and then selling them crack cocaine, cigarettes and beer at inflated prices, putting them into huge debt to their employers.

A jury found Ronald Evan, 60, guilty of operating a continuing criminal enterprise, and both he and his wife, Jequita, were each found guilty of selling more than 50 grams of crack cocaine. Prosecutors said that the couple recruited men from homeless shelters, charged them $50 a week for room and board and put them to work in potato and cabbage fields for minimum wages. At the end of the work day, workers were allowed to purchase crack cocaine, cigarettes and beer at inflated prices on credit.


Army Corps Engineers Warn New Orleans Levees May Not Hold in New Storm

The head of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers conceded Saturday that despite aggressive efforts to repair the levee system in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, it was unclear whether the it could hold up to a sizable hurricane this year. Lt. General Carl Strock, the commander of the Corps, said the agency was carefully tracking Tropical Storm Ernesto, which was spinning in the Caribbean and projected to reach hurricane strength by Tuesday. He was confident the Corps had done all it could to repair and reinforce 220 miles of levee walls, but he conceded he couldn’t be sure whether the system would withstand Ernesto if reached Category 3 status and struck near New Orleans, as Katrina did Aug. 29, 2005.