Mother of abducted Iowa paperboy Johnny Gosch gets photos 24 years later of boy bound, gagged


The mother of a boy abducted 24 years ago said she’s bewildered by two photographs left at her front door, apparently showing her son and two other children bound and gagged. The old photos appear to show 12-year-old Johnny Gosch with his mouth gagged and his hands and feet tied. The boy is wearing the same sweatpants Johnny was wearing when he disappeared while delivering newspapers on the morning of Sept. 5, 1982, his mother said. “It’s like reliving it,” Noreen Gosch told The Associated Press on Thursday night. “But the bigger picture is, ‘Why are they doing this?’

Noreen Gosch Speaks About – Jeff Gannon, Johnny Gosch And The Attempted Theft Of Her Book ‘Why Johnny
Can’t Come Home’
Years later, on February 5, 1999, in a civil action in a U.S. District Court in Lincoln, Nebraska, Paul Bonacci painstakingly recounted the sordid, heart breaking details of Johnny Gosch’s abduction and forced participation in an elite government sponsored pedophile sex slave ring, that dehumanized and controlled its young, hapless victims using techniques such as drugs, murder, satanic rituals, sexual abuse, and torture, resulting in MPD (multiple-personality disorder). The children were systemically programmed and “zombified” as part of the CIA’s ongoing, under-the-radar MK-ULTRA (MK = mind control) mind control program.


Jeff Gannon, Johnny Gosch, Hunter Thompson, and Bohemian Grove snuff porn

Johnny Gosch, Jeff Gannon, Hunter Thompson and the Unraveling of a Troubling Tale

The Johnny Gosch Foundation
Shocking News has broke quickly on the Johnny Gosch case. The website was taken down for 36 hours due to high-traffic volume which blew out a server in Las Angeles. That is now taken care of. We hope that you will support The Johnny Gosch Foundation and its mission to assist others in knowledge and empowerment to stop the blatant human trafficking problem we have not only in this country but in all the world; a business estimated in the Billions of Dollars.

2 responses to “Mother of abducted Iowa paperboy Johnny Gosch gets photos 24 years later of boy bound, gagged

  1. I feel that Johnny has taken someone elses name. I have done all of the resurch that I could find and it has come up with him being someone eles.

  2. That’s Jeff Gannon aka James Guckert, high-dollar mind-controlled Whitehouse male-prostitute.

    The MK-Ultra/Monarch handlers train these people to be assassins, prostitutes, couriers, political operatives and spies among other things. Gannon could be all the above, but most likely he is merely serving as a prostitute for the Washington elite.

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