The Montreal Killer Was Death-Obsessed Goth


“Live fast, die young and leave a mutilated corpse.”

The shooter in Montreal college was a 25-year-old Indian-born Kimveer Gill. The Montreal gunman, 25-year old Sikh, who killed one woman and wound 19 other people, had an obsession with guns and death, according to his online journal. Montreal’s police chief, Yvan Delorme, confirmed that the gunman, who died at the scene after a shootout with police, was a 25-year-old Indian-born Kimveer Gill who lived in Montreal suburbs. Gill, who wrote on the Goth-themed that he loved guns and hated people, chose his credo as “Live fast, die young and leave a mutilated corpse.”

Hate-filled VampireFreaks website linked to several violent crimes
A website that revels in pain, blood, death and darkness is the common link between several homicides, rapes, a church arson and now the Dawson College rampage. Gunman Kimveer Gill blogged at, a popular online refuge where the Goth sub-culture shares morbid poetry, death metal music, details of violent sex and black musings rooted in social alienation and personal despair.
Gill, 25, referred to himself in one seething online post as ”the Angel of Death.”

Vampire Web site wants cleaner image
Members of a Canadian Goth Web site blamed for influencing several murders want to clean up their image by participating in a local Children’s Wish parade. was accused of encouraging Dawson College sniper killer Kimveer Gill, as well as a 12-year-old girl and her 23-year-old boyfriend who killed a family in Medicine Hat, Alberta. A London, Ontario, member of is encouraging members to don their black trench coats and head out to march in the Oct. 14 Children’s Wish parade, which raises money to grant wishes to terminally ill children.


3 responses to “The Montreal Killer Was Death-Obsessed Goth

  1. HammEr_Head

    poor guy
    one mistake that he shouldnt have shared his obsesion with public like i never do

  2. Seems a shame. I woud loved to have talked to Kimveer before hand. He reminds me of me

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