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4,000 Iraq police killed in past 2 years

Rocky Mountain News | Oct 6, 2006

About 4,000 Iraqi police have been killed and more than 8,000 wounded in the past two years, the U.S. commander in charge of police training said Friday, but he said the force’s performance was improving and officials are working to weed out militiamen.

Beefing up Iraq’s security forces is a cornerstone of efforts to stop the violence that has torn the country since the fall of Saddam Hussein in 2003. Police have been a prime target for attacks by Sunni insurgents.

Sunnis accuse the Shiite-led police of helping fuel sectarian violence that has killed thousands this year. They say the police have been infiltrated by Shiite militias and turn a blind eye to death squads who kidnap and kill Sunnis.

Limbaugh Blames Pages For Foley’s Misconduct

This reminds of the time Limbaugh stated that the tortures at Abu Ghraib were nothing more than “blowin off steam” similar to “fraternity pranks” – “just like Skull and Bones”, he said. Yes, every crime and corruption that spews forth from Washington DC reeks of Skull and Bones. Yes Rush, you are right. Just like Skull and Bones.

Think Progress | Oct 5, 2006

Today on his radio program, Rush Limbaugh blamed Congressional pages for Mark Foley’s misconduct.

He said that the communications reported by ABC were example of “young kids” who like to “make fun of gay people.” Rush’s evidence? As a child, he used to order refrigerators over the phone for adults he thought were “odd or weird” as a prank.

The Foley-911 Connection

911 Blogger | Oct 5, 2006

The media storm surrounding the Foley-pedophile story is understandable, but a huge distraction from the more important story of 9/11. Even veteran reporter Robert Scheer (formerly of the L.A. Times) has said that the administration’s foreknowledge is more important than Foley-gate.

How do we connect 9/11 to the media-frenzy du jour, the pedophile scandal?

Two words: Denny Hastert.

Remember that former FBI translator Sibel Edmonds, who the Department of Justice’s Inspector General and several senators have called extremely credible (free subscription required), said “If they were to do real investigations we would see several significant high level criminal prosecutions in this country. And that is something that they are not going to let out. And, believe me; they will do everything to cover this up”. She also is leaning towards the conclusion that 9/11 was an inside job.

Ms. Edmonds has alleged that Denny Hastert took illegal contributions from foreign governments, and she has hinted that Denny is one of these people who should be criminally prosecuted for 9/11.

Denny is vulnerable right now with his connection to Foley-gate. And he appears to be guilty of alot of other crimes. Hastert’s vulnerability presents an opportunity to potentially open the whole can of worms concerning 9/11.

Absolute Power Corrupts More than We Ever Imagined

Huffington Post | Oct 2, 2006

Drunk, gorged, rendered psychotic by such unprecedented power, nothing, it seemed, would stop them.

Not even a known pedophile among them pretending to be a protector of children.
It’s not the surprise that there exists a NAMBLA wing of the GOP. Pedophilia is a sickness that knows no politic. It is the brazenness of the GOP coverup that shocks even the most cynical beltway observer. How arrogant and out of touch with any fiber of moral decency within yourself that you, Speaker Hastert, could care more about protecting your party than protecting a young boy?

Drunk, gorged, rendered psychotic by such unprecedented power, nothing, it seemed, would stop them.

Not even a known pedophile among them pretending to be a protector of children.

North America Union: Coming soon to a country near you

Canada Free Press | Oct 3, 2006

For a group pretending not to exist, the Security and Prosperity of North America (SPP) (read North America Union) leaves a substantial paper trail.

Tossed off as an “Internet conspiracy theory” by some Pooh-bahs in the know, the SPP will continue to remain off the radar screen as long as the mainstream media gives it a wide berth.

Through Freedom of Information, Judicial Watch (www.judicialwatch.org) has been able to secure actual documents from the International Trade Administration of the US Department of Commerce–intriguing documents concerning SPP.

Among information unearthed by Judicial Watch, is a “Discussion of the May Report of the Independent Task Force on the Future of North America, sponsored by the powerful and somewhat secretive Council on Foreign Relations, Building a North American Community and the June Report to the Prime Minister of Canada and Presidents of Mexico and the U.S., The Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America.”

Pooh-bahs who stud the SPP include Professor Robert A. Pastor, Director, CNAS, Vice-Chair, Council on Foreign Relations Force on the Future of North America.

Other big names include Professor Louis Bélanger, Department of Political Science, Universite Laval, Quebec City, Public Policy Fellow at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholar.

School Shootings May Trigger Further Gun-Control Debate

ABC News | Oct 3, 2006

The latest spate of school shootings likely will fuel a fresh round of debate on gun violence and gun control in this country.

One place to start in understanding public attitudes on the subject is with this statistic: Around 40 percent of American households own a gun — about half of those, a handgun.

Gun ownership, though, is not at all inconsistent with support for some gun-control measures.

Polling in the last several years has found that most Americans, somewhat shy of six in 10, support stricter gun-control laws in general.

But beneath that, overall sentiment is a wide range of attitudes on specific measures.

1959 Rocketdyne Meltdown Caused up to 1,800 Cases of Cancer

 LA Voice | Oct 6, 2006

Sell that Boeing stock. You might as well give up on dreaming of that little McMansion in the KB Homes Runkle Canyon development in the Simi Hills, too.

An environmental study has concluded that the notorious 1959 meltdown of a sodium nuclear reactor right about here could have caused up to 1,800 cases of cancer.

As far as I’m concerned, this is proof that further independent studies are needed, since this contradicts at least one mid-90s Rocketdyne-driven study and numerous declarations by the company that there was no connection between cancer and the meltdown …
I’ll be really interested to see Rocketdyne watchdog Michael Collins dig into this one.

When I was covering Rocketdyne for the Times in the mid 90s, the company was spending millions of dollars still cleaning up the field lab while consistently denying that the meltdown was responsible for the isotopes in the soil and groundwater – let alone the cancers that were killing people living in hillside neighborhoods around the place.