Priest decribes naked massage and skinny-dipping with young Foley, but no sex

MSNBC | Oct 19, 2006

Cleric describes several encounters, naked massages, skinny-dipping
A priest acknowledged Thursday that he used to go naked in saunas with Mark Foley decades ago when the former congressman was a boy in Florida, but denied that the two had sex.

The Rev. Anthony Mercieca, 72, speaking by telephone from his home on the Maltese island of Gozo, said a report in the Sarasota Herald-Tribune about their relationship was “exaggerated.”

“We were friends and trusted each other as brothers and loved each other as brothers,” Mercieca said. Asked if their relationship was sexual in nature, the priest replied: “it wasn’t.”

The Sarasota Herald-Tribune reported described several encounters that he said Foley might perceive as sexually inappropriate. They include massaging Foley while the boy was naked, skinny-dipping together at a secluded lake in Lake Worth and being nude in the same room on overnight trips.

The paper reported Mercieca said there was one night when he was in a drug-induced stupor and there was an incident but he couldn’t clearly remember, the newspaper reported.

2 responses to “Priest decribes naked massage and skinny-dipping with young Foley, but no sex

  1. as a young boy having naked encounters with our family priest was normal it has left no lasting bad effects on me men on men is normal for our family and people should not judge other sexual orientaion or preferemces

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