Neoliberal One Worlder Officially Kicks Off Presidential Selection Campaign

Kurt Nimmo | Dec 29, 2006 

John Edwards, behind his boyish smile fully supports “the utopian submergence of the United States as a subsidiary administrative unit of a global government,” as Admiral Chester Ward, who served as Judge Advocate General for the Navy and was a member of the CFR for 16 years, described the ultimate plan of the elitists

Get ready for more of the same. Get ready for repackaged rigmarole. Get ready, Democrats and “progressives,” to be fooled again.

John Edwards, reborn and packaged afresh, has announced his intention to run for president in 2008. In addition to “a more progressive campaign of eliminating poverty, reducing global warming and providing universal health care for all Americans,” warm and fuzzy catch phrases targeted at easily duped “progressives,” Edwards is “apologizing for his vote to send troops to Iraq which he stood by steadfastly in the 2004 campaign and is calling for 40,000-50,000 troops to come home immediately,” according to ABC News.

Notice he is not calling for an immediate end to the “war,” as he is dressed up this time around as a “moderate,” as opposed to an insipid version of neocon lite, as he was in 2004 as Kerry’s sidekick.

Edwards talks the talk about feeling the pain of average Americans and their increasing slide out of the middle class. And yet he spends a lot of time hanging out with the “triumvirate of elite organizations,” in particular the Council on Foreign Relations (as an example of his habitual haunting of the CFR, see this page).

No doubt Edwards fully embraces the neoliberalism of the CFR and its desire for a one world government, a plan that envisions all of us working down on the slave plantation, as millions are currently in China, the neoliberal dream society.

Of course, John Edwards, as a CFR confrere, would never admit as much, even though it is common knowledge the organization works behind the scenes for the realization of a “globalist concept,” as the CFRite Joseph Kraft told the congressional Reece Committee back in 1953.

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