Parents of dead kids blame police

CNN | Dec 30, 2006

One by one 38 children went missing in Nithari village of Noida, and the villagers say a slow and inept Uttar Pradesh police kept them, and the investigation, at bay all this time.

And on Friday, the satellite township witnessed a shocking recovery of skeletons of children. Anxious parents thronged the site as news spread.

As Sonya recognised her five-year-old son Sheikh Raja’s clothes, she burst out in anger at the police.

“Just because we’re poor, and we’re not from this village?” asked Sonya, parent of a missing child.

Most of the residents of Nithari village in Noida happen to be illegal immigrants from across the border. They live in constant fear of the police and that’s why they say, when their children went missing, the police was slow in investigating their case.

“Had the police shown any interest earlier, things would not have come to this, and the numbers would have not been so high,” said Urmila, relative of a missing child.

But still there are hopeful parents like Ashok, who’s hoping against hope that his son Max missing since April this year, is not amongst the bodies recovered.

“I just want to clear my doubts. I still hope his body is not found here,” said Ashok, parent of another missing child.

And as the recovered articles are matched, there is one more confirmation that a child is no more. But that’s news no parent here would want to hear.

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