EU expands to 27 countries

Times of Malta | Jan 1, 2007  

For those that think the European Union is just another “country” like the “United States”, think again. The EU is one of three “regional government” blocs in the Global Union or World Government administrative system being set up incremementally behind the backs of the great dumbed-down masses by the Bilderberg Group cabal of bankers and royalty and their various minions such as the CFR and Trilateral Commission. Next to come are the North American Union (later to become the Pan-American Union including South America) and then the Asian Union which will cover most of the Pacific and the Asian Continent including parts of the former Soviet Union. The African Union, parts of the former Soviet Union and parts of the Middle East are to be subsumed under the EU apparently. In all cases, human rights, the middle classes and national sovereignty are to be relegated to the dustbin of history. This is very simply about the centralization and consolidation of power by the few over the many, otherwise known as world domination, the wet-dream of the elite. So enjoy the New World Order, brought to you by Freemasonry Incorporated whose occult (hidden) agenda is at the root of all of these machinations. And if you don’t like the New World Order, fight against it with everything you’ve got.

The European Union will today celebrate the completion of its fifth round of enlargement by admitting Bulgaria and Romania, bringing the number of member states up to 27.

The previous enlargement was in 2004 when the EU expanded by eight new members to the east and two in the Mediterranean.

However, the latest enlargement will probably be the last for years. The Union is officially in a “period of reflection” after France and the Netherlands rejected the European Constitution in referendums and EU leaders have said they would prefer to settle the issue before allowing more countries to join.

The President of the European Commission, José Manuel Barroso described the entry of the new two member states as a historic occasion.

“I congratulate the people and leaders of Bulgaria and Romania for the courage, determination and work in preparing for membership.

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  1. i would like this page to say the history of the european union please!

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