Sounds like sci-fi, but Martin kids buy lunch with fingers

TC Palm | Jan 7, 2007 


Murray Middle School sixth-grader Oscar Macias gets his index finger scanned to create a biometric image that can be used in place of identification cards when purchasing lunch in the school cafeteria.

Oooh! It’s sooo cutting edge and pioneering! And oh so convenient. It is for the safety of the children and you never know when a terrorist might try to scam a free school lunch after all.

Okay. These kids are entering the Brave New World Order, marched in by a bunch of brain-dead school administrators and frankly the parents are too freakin STUPID to care about or understand the ramifications of this technology, let alone raise a stink about it because you’re too cowardly to stand up for your own kids. That’s right! You are a bunch of pathetic cowards who can’t handle the truth. Go ahead pod-people. Let your pod-children get scanned, chipped, tracked and sucked into this global system of high-tech slavery while they are fed nothing but a steady diet of crap (junk, candy, sodas, McDonalds and USDA swill) by the schools that is making them sick and obese. You don’t give a damn about them anyway, so keep watching your crappy propaganda movies and the boob tube and go back to sleep. Sorry to bother you.


A tap of the finger is how some customers pay for groceries at Piggly Wiggly stores in Indiana. That technology has opened doors in spy movies and sci-fi television shows for decades and is one way the U.S. Department of Homeland Security is trying to deter illegal immigration.

Starting Monday, hundreds of Treasure Coast students will use the technology and their index fingers to buy school lunches.

The Martin County School District is testing a biometrics imaging program at Murray Middle School, where finger pad scanners replace identification cards students have been using — and losing — as a payment option in the school’s new cafeteria.

Martin County is not alone in wanting to test the technology

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