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Is Britain turning into one big Celebrity Big Brother house?

Telegraph | Jan 10, 2007 

Big Brother is just another example of social engineering, mind-control and targeted propaganda. These reality shows are designed to condition people to relinquish privacy, get used to being watched 24/7 and to be willingly degraded in front of millions of viewers. It is conditioning people to get used to the outrageous idea of having government cameras watch them even in their own homes, and this is the plan which shows like these will help to implement. Big Brother is aptly named, preparing the required servile, dumbed-down mindset so that the masses assimilate comfortably into the Orwellian landscape that Britain is fast becoming. With 4.5 million cameras watching over Brits, you really are living in 1984 now, learning to love your servitude. And the new smart cameras will “predict” your behaviour and manage you accordingly as we enter the new pre-crime detection system.

All of this is based on the pretext of false-flag terror psyops (9/11 and 7/7 primarily) staged by the government to engineer society toward a Brave New World. The future envisioned by the elites is one of controlled chaos, high-tech tyranny, the end of the nuclear family unit, the end of the middle class, third world poverty for the masses, fantastic riches and power for the few, infrastructure decay along with general social and moral decay. Watch the futurist scifi movies (Matrix, Scanner Darkly, Blade Runner, Minority Report, 1984, They Live, Logan’s Run etc) and see the plan for yourself. Orwell knew what he was talking about, but it will be a lot worse than even he imagined. Welcome to the New World Order.

Seriously, I hope you all wake up and resist this tyranny they are foisting upon all of us through deception and rule by secrecy. If you choose to remain willfully ignorant, choose to do nothing and go along to get along, you will have lost your soul and your humanity. You will have become a mindless robotic slave. Don’t do it! And don’t let them get away with these crimes against humanity.

Peace and best wishes.



“Our current government seems increasingly eager to regard us in the same light as the inmates of the Big Brother house”

The annual freak show that is Celebrity Big Brother is once again obsessing both the red-top newspapers and more thoughtful observers of British national life. Like it or loathe it, the show has certainly established itself a key event in the cultural calendar. Sarah Crompton, our Arts Editor, argues today that the programme is “a masterpiece of modern television”.

But is its real significance what it says about us: the viewers? Why do so many people watch the antics of the likes of (this year) Leo Sayer, Jermaine Jackson, the Goody family and (before they walked out) Ken Russell and Donny Tourette?

Is the explanation that, in the Celebrity Big Brother house, we recognise something about our overcrowded island? Do you agree with the Sunday Telegraph’s Jenny McCartney that “our current government seems increasingly eager to regard us in the same light as the inmates of the Big Brother house”?

Police brutally assault bespectacled historian for jaywalking

In The News | Jan 11, 2007

As left “traumatised and disorientated” and with a gash on his forehead before he was charged with pedestrian failure to obey a police officer and had his box of peppermints confiscated.

The slight, bespectacled British historian Felipe Fernandez-Armesto does not have the demeanour of a criminal. The only individuals he has so much as upset in the past few months have been the nation’s history teachers, many of whom he condemned as tendentious, narrow and dreary, in an article for The Independent.

But for a US law enforcer who saw him crossing the road in the wrong place in Atlanta, Georgia, last week, Professor Fernandez- Armesto was just another jaywalker. In scenes of “terrible, terrible violence”, as the distinguished academic recalled them yesterday, he had his legs kicked from beneath him and was pinned to the ground by five officers before being handcuffed to another felon and locked up for eight hours.

Professor Fernandez-Armesto, professor of global environmental history at Queen Mary, University of London, and a member of Oxford University’s modern history faculty, was left “traumatised and disorientated” and with a gash on his forehead before he was charged with pedestrian failure to obey a police officer, and physical obstruction of police. And, apparently most distressing of all, he had his box of peppermints confiscated.