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How feminists tried to destroy the family

Daily Mail | Jan 22, 2007 

“I decided that I was wasting my time trying to influence what, to my mind, was a Marxist/ feminist movement touting for money from gullible women like myself.”

Erin Pizzey, founder of the battered wives’ refuge, on how militant feminists – with the collusion of Labour’s leading women – hijacked her cause and used it to try to demonise all men.

By the early Seventies, a new movement for women – demanding equality and rights – began to make headlines in the daily newspapers. Among the jargon, I read the words “solidarity” and “support”. I passionately believed that women would no longer find themselves isolated from each other, and in the future could unite to change our society for the better.

Within a few days I had the address of a local group in Chiswick, and I was on my way to join the Women’s Liberation Movement. I was asked to pay £3 and ten shillings as a joining fee, told to call other women “sisters” and that our meetings were to be called “collectives”.

My fascination with this new movement lasted only a few months. At the huge “collectives”, I heard shrill women preaching hatred of the family. They said the family was not a safe place for women and children. I was horrified at their virulence and violent tendencies. I stood on the same platforms trying to reason with the leading lights of this new organisation.

I decided that I was wasting my time trying to influence what, to my mind, was a Marxist/ feminist movement touting for money from gullible women like myself.

I knew that the radical feminist movement was running out of national support because more sensible women had shunned their anti-male, anti-family agenda. Not only were they looking for a cause, they also wanted money.

We were astonished and frightened that many of the radical lesbian and feminist activists that I had seen in the collectives attended. They began to vote themselves into a national movement across the country.

I believe that the feminist movement envisaged a new Utopia that depended upon destroying family life. In the new century, so their credo ran, the family unit will consist of only women and their children. Fathers are dispensable. And all that was yoked – unforgivably – to the debate about domestic violence.

Millions could see taxes up in Bush health plan

Reuters | Jan 22, 2007 

About 30 million Americans could face a tax hike under President George W. Bush’s plan to expand health insurance coverage and address rising health care costs, the White House said on Monday.

“There are always going to be some winners and some losers, but the people who might initially be losers have options,” Kate Baicker, a member of the White House Council of Economic Advisors, told reporters.

There are about 47 million people with no health insurance in a country of 300 million. Baicker said Bush’s tax proposal would result in “upwards of 3 million or more newly insured people.”

Bush plans to highlight the plan in Tuesday’s State of the Union speech to the U.S. Congress.

Bush is proposing to make health insurance premiums taxable income, with people who get employer-provided plans that cost more than $15,000 a year facing a tax hike if they do not get cheaper insurance, the White House said. Average family coverage offered by employers costs about $11,500 annually.

Anti-Bush T-Shirt Deemed ‘Security Threat’

Truthdig | Jan 22, 2007 


Allen Jasson and his dangerous T-shirt.
A traveler in Australia was stopped at an airport boarding gate when the attendant saw his T-shirt, which had an image of George W. Bush and the words “World’s #1 Terrorist.” Allen Jasson was told the shirt was offensive and a security threat and was asked to remove it. He didn’t, saying he would rather defend free speech than his airline fare.


The 55-year-old computer specialist, who lives in London, had encountered difficulties with the same T-shirt on an earlier Qantas flight in December.

After clearing the international security checks at Melbourne Airport, he reportedly approached the gate manager to congratulate him on the company’s new-found open-mindedness.

At that point, Mr Jasson was ordered to remove the T-shirt after being told it was a security threat and an item which might cause offence to other passengers.

Ray gun makes targets feel like they’re on fire

MSNBC | Jan 24, 2007 


The military’s Active Denial System, a non-lethal ray gun, shoots a beam of energy that makes people feel they are about to catch fire. Officials say it’s safe and humane, and that it could be used in Iraq to protect the U.S. military from insurgents and to save the lives of innocent Iraqis.

Oddly this story is already several years old, but apparently, they are trying to reinforce the conditioning to make us think that microwaving people saves lives and is for the good of humanity. They also claim it’s not in production yet, but the fact is it is already deployed in Iraq and is probably ready for use here in the US to control anti-war protesters, tax-resisters and others.


U.S. military interested in weapon that emits 130-degree, non-lethal beam

The military’s new weapon is a ray gun that shoots a beam that makes people feel as if they will catch fire.

The technology is supposed to be harmless — a non-lethal way to get enemies to drop their weapons.

Military officials say it could save the lives of innocent civilians and service members in places like Iraq and Afghanistan.

The weapon is not expected to go into production until at least 2010, but all branches of the military have expressed interest in it, officials said.

During the first media demonstration of the weapon Wednesday, airmen fired beams from a large dish antenna mounted atop a Humvee at people pretending to be rioters and acting out other scenarios U.S. troops might encounter.