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Maine revolts against digital U.S. ID card

Reuters | Jan 25, 2007 

Folks, there is an awful lot of horrible stuff happening in the world. Extremely evil power elites are attempting to dominate us through both deception and force, but don’t forget there are also good things happening. Good, courageous, intelligent people are waking up and resisting the New World Order, so we need to keep up the momentum, encourage and thank those who do the right things and focus on the positive as much as possible. As long as we continue in this direction, the elite scumbags will decline and topple like idols with feet of clay.


Maine lawmakers on Thursday became the first in the nation to demand repeal of a federal law tightening identification requirements for drivers’ licenses, a post-September 11 security measure that states say will cost them billions of dollars to administer.

Maine lawmakers passed a resolution urging repeal of the Real ID Act, which would create a national digital identification system by 2008. The lawmakers said it would cost Maine about $185 million, fail to boost security and put people at greater risk of identity theft.

Maine’s resolution is the strongest stand yet by a state against the law, which Congress passed in May 2004 and gave states three years to implement. Similar repeal measures are pending in eight other states.

“We cannot be spending millions of state dollars on an initiative that does more harm to our state than good,” said Maine’s House Majority leader Hannah Pingree, a Democrat, in a statement that called it a “massive unfunded federal mandate.”

Black Robot Attack Helicopters to be Used in Law Enforcement

UAV Focus | Jan 26, 2007 


TAG plans to utilize various firing and launch systems for law enforcement applications.

We see it could be used to deliver non-lethal loads, fire flash bangs, launch throw phones, fire or deliver grapple hooks and probably dozens of other tasks we haven’t thought of yet, said Peter Adler. Again, the idea is to take out the deadly risk for the personnel involved in the assault and SWAT teams and provide a very quick and accurate delivery anywhere on site regardless of angle, location or elevation. No ground based robot can do that and definitely not with the speed and efficiency of the helicopter.

TAG has announced a new recoilless technology development that is to be implemented on their portable unmanned helicopters. Tactical Aerospace Group has signed a Joint Commercialization Agreement with Recoilless Technologies International of Australia to develop a recoilless weapons package for their aircraft as part of ongoing UCAV weaponization programs. Initial efforts will be directed towards 7.62 armament with future attention towards other calibers, grenade launchers and other fire power that might be adapted or suitable for this aircraft.


TAG’s UAV helicopters are portable in a backpack

This new enhancement will add additional capabilities to the current 2.75″ missile project to ultimately provide the expeditionary and front line warfighter with a portable compact attack helicopter. Such a weapons package can provide a frontline first strike capability, especially for engaging in urban environments which are the typical new battlefield settings.

9/11 Cop Dies Just as His Son, Clinton’s Guest, Faces Bush

My Fox NY | Jan 23, 2007 


Former NYPD officer Cesar Borja died Jan. 23. He had been fighting a sever lung disease, which his family believes he contracted by working at Ground Zero. His son attended the President’s State of the Union.

How about putting this all together and understanding who the Enemy is — Do you know who the real Terrorists and Enemy Combatants are? Do you know who the true Villains are, who commit heinous crimes against the American people on a daily basis? They do indeed sit in the Whitehouse, Pratt House (CFR headquarters), the Congress and even in governors’ mansions. They sit in castles in Europe and on the boards of international banks and mega-corporations. More importantly, they preside over the lodges of Freemasonry, the Illuminati, the secret societies and other elite cults of power. They are the priests of power who make the decisions that are carried out daily by puppet governments around the world.

To the hypnotized masses, these people appear to be normal and decent, yet like many serial killers, they are hiding an extremely dark and evil side to their personalities, and they would be classified by criminologists as high-functioning psychopaths (if the criminologists knew who and what they really were). The fact is, they are members of an elite organized crime syndicate with ambitions for world domination, and as long as they get what they want, they don’t care one whit about who they have to kill.

Once people know the truth, they will have a choice to make. Either beat ’em or join ’em. Those who have courage will choose to beat ’em and those who are cowards will opt to join ’em. It is that simple. There are even those who, once they realize their own government carried out 9/11, will rationalize it and believe that it was all for the good of humanity and for our safety! You might be astounded to know this, but it is true. Just look at Robert Stinnett’s book “Day of Deceit” on the FDR administration’s role in setting up the Pearl Harbor attacks. Even though Mr Stinnett admits that it was really a government operation intended to get us into WWII (against tremendous opposition), he states that it was for the good of humanity and for our safety. He therefore is rationalizing that somehow, it was good that Franklin Delano Roosevelt (a high Freemason conspiring with another high Freemason Winston Churchill), deliberately staged the murder of 2390 Americans and allowed it to happen, carefully keeping all prior knoweldge and relevant intelligence from the commanders Kimmel and Short who were then made into scapegoats.

So here we are faced with the murder of 2973 people on 9/11 and the untold others who have fallen ill from respiratory illnesses and are dying as a result. Can anyone in their right mind say that this New York police officer’s death was for the good of humanity because somehow 9/11 was staged by the government to make the world a better place, to create a utopian New World Order? I sure hope not, but I know there are those would make that stretch and they can just go straight to hell because they are my enemies and they are the enemies of truth, goodness and the enemies of freedom itself.


“The villains are no longer the terrorists. The villains live in the White House and in Gracie Mansion.”

“9/11 is not over. It didn’t end in 2001. It is still affecting my father and numerous other first responders,” he said. “My father is an extreme example of what can happen and what may and will happen in the future.”

A former New York policeman died late Tuesday in a Manhattan hospital, just as his 21-year-old son prepared to appear at the State of the Union speech to symbolize the desperate health problems of his father and other sick Sept. 11 workers.

The former officer, Cesar Borja, 52, had been in intensive care, breathing through a tube, at Mount Sinai Medical Center, awaiting a lung transplant. Hospital spokeswoman Lauren Woods confirmed the death late Tuesday.

“He did pass on,” Woods said.

His son, college student Ceasar Borja Jr., was invited by Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y., to attend President Bush’s speech as a reminder to the president of workers who were stricken with a host of illnesses after exposure to toxic World Trade Center debris.

The younger Borja learned of his father’s death in a phone call while eating dinner around 6:30 p.m. He still planned to attend the speech.

Paramilitary Assault Teams Terrorizing America

Prison Planet | Jan 25, 2007  

Former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury under Reagan highlights disturbing use and abuse of SWAT teams that carry out over 40,000 raids a year on largely innocent and non-threatening people
Former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan administration Paul Craig Roberts joined Alex Jones yesterday to talk about his latest article which highlights the militarization of American police and how SWAT teams are being used to terrorize recreational drug users and innocent people.

Roberts’ article, The Empire Turns Its Guns on the Citizenry , cites a 2006 CATO report that warns against the out of control use and abuse of paramilitary police raids.

“There are now 17,000 local America police forces that are armed with rocket launchers, bazookas, heavy machine guns, all kinds of chemical sprays – in fact some of them have tanks, you have now local police departments that are equipped beyond the standard of American heavy infantry,” said Roberts.

“In recent years there have been 40,000 or more callouts of SWAT teams annually – that would be 110 times a day – have you read about 110 hostage or terrorist events every day last year?”

Roberts said that SWAT teams are so prevalent yet expensive to maintain, that they are increasingly being used to handle benign situations that wouldn’t cause one village cop any headaches, such as targeting recreational drug users who purchase small quantities of marijuana.

“They are serving routine warrants to people who pose no danger to the police or to the public,” said Roberts.

Institute Says British People Ready To Forget Freedom

Infowars.net | Jan 24, 2007  

All this can be summed up with the essence of Orwellian Doublethink expressed by those hypnotized automatons who say, “We have to give up our liberties to keep our freedom.”


Alleges that vast majority will accept total erosion of civil liberties in face of “terrorist threat”

The foremost social research institute in the United Kingdom has today revealed results of its annual ‘Social Attitudes’ survey that show an overwhelming majority of people in Britain are ready to accept ID cards, phone tapping, curfews, electronic tagging, the opening of private mail and extensions to detention without charge.

The Guardian reports the findings from the National Centre for Social Research , a not for profit organisation that conducts research for public bodies such as central government, universities and charitable organisations.

In a series of questions that ask whether certain measures are “a price worth paying” in order to to reduce the threat of terrorism, the survey (PDF) found the following:

• 81% think that following people suspected of involvement with terrorism, tapping their phones
and opening their mail is ‘a price worth paying’.

• 80% think that putting people suspected of involvement with terrorism under special rules –
which would mean that they could be electronically tagged, prevented from going to certain
places or prevented from leaving their homes at certain times – is ‘a price worth paying’.

• 79% think that allowing the police to detain people for more than a week or so without charge
if the police suspect them of involvement in terrorism is ‘a price worth paying’.

• 71% think that having compulsory identity cards for all adults is ‘a price worth paying’.

Scientists genetically modify animal clones to survive factory farming conditions

News Target | Jan 18, 2007  

The harsh conditions of factory farms have lead scientists to investigate ways to genetically modify the animals to be more complacent toward their surroundings, but experts warn such tampering could lead to “farmyard freaks.”
The fact that a U.S. cow has been recently cloned on a British farm has brought additional scrutiny to the issue. The impact of genetically modified and cloned animals is huge, according to Nottingham University applied bioethics professor Ben Mepham.

“The question of whether humanity should take it upon ourselves to alter animals by G.M., involving in many cases mixing the genes of different species — and sometimes those of human origin — is undoubtedly critical for many people,” said Mepham, a former Agriculture, Environment Biotechnology Commission member.

While genetically modifying the farm creatures into “animal zombies” might reduce the pain and stress of factory farming, Mepham said that fact did not immediately justify the process. He noted that, in the past, many cloning and genetic experiments on animals have lead to offspring that grow too quickly and have to be surgically removed from mothers.