CNN Poll: 82% Oppose North American Union

CNN | Jan 26, 2007


4 responses to “CNN Poll: 82% Oppose North American Union

  1. The people have spoken! We will boycott the highways and we will also resist the National ID cards and we will NEVER be microchipped!!

    YOu Illuminati scum have lost! You can never enslave humanity!
    When out collective minds work together we form a force to be reckoned with!

    Your magick has been exposed and revealed. Once a person’s mind is open we see right through your lies.

    The New World Order has fallen!
    Babylon the great has fallen!

  2. We no longer live in the matrix! We see the truth and now the people will take the power back!

    You secret societies DO NOT have the devine right to rule.

    You can never rule the dynamic free soul of a human being.

    We have seen your secrets and magick. We know what your symbols mean.

    We know who is at the top of the Illuminati pyramid!

    And we will resist you until the end!

    You have lost! Humanity has won!

  3. Do not support the North American Union or the Amero because both are tools of totalitarian domination by the government of the United States and will take away the civil liberties of the American, Mexican and Canadian citizens and will futher allow the domination of corporations over the control and domination of government. This is undemocratic, and not to mention absolutely corrupt! The Federal Reserve bank is also another tool of this corruption. My personal point is that Obama should have never been allowed to become President because he supports corruption and Ron Paul should have become inagurated.

  4. Ron Paul is Illuminati.

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