Nepal’s Maoists call on US to remove them from `terrorist’ list

Indian | Jan 28, 2007 

Maoists are by definition terrorists until they cease being Maoists and become law abiding citizens of the Republic of Nepal. But most of them will not do that because the foundation of Maoism is to create a totalitarian Maoist state in Nepal by whatever means necessary, including a Trojan Horse infiltration of the government (under UN auspices and blessing of course). They have used terror and intimidation to force the people of Nepal to submit and admit them into the government against the wishes of most intelligent Nepalese and those who have suffered at their hands. The “peace accord” was tantamount to the Munich agreement between Chamberlain and Hitler and soon enough, the people will know their true intentions.


Nepal’s former rebel Maoists have called on the United States to remove them from its list of foreign terrorist groups, accusing Washington of ignoring the country’s peace deal.

After signing the landmark deal last November renouncing violence after a decade of war and taking up seats in parliament, the Maoists say they are now an integral part of the new political landscape, reported Indian private news channel Zeenews here quoting Maoist spokesman Krishna Bahadur Mahara.

“We are not terrorists anymore in the eyes of the government,” Mahara said.

“The US is ignoring the new political developments that have occurred in our country. We request the US to change its old policy.” The former rebel movement is now registering fighters and weapons with the United Nations.

But US Ambassador to Nepal James Moriarty told journalists last week that the Maoists were likely to “cheat” in the registration process and urged them to disarm completely before being allowed into the government.

He also said the Maoists would “retain their private army” until later this year when the country is supposed to vote for a body that will redraw Nepal’s constitution.

“They will use that to create conditions in the election that are not free and fair,” Moriarty said.

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