Tom Cruise to be Worshipped Worldwide as the Christ of Scientology

Reuters | Jan 25, 2007 


BOW DOWN: A high-ranking Scientologist says Tom Cruise will one day be worshipped like Jesus.

Cruise will be ‘worshipped like Jesus’

Tom Cruise is the “Christ” of Scientology.

The actor, who is a devout follower of the bizarre sci-fi cult, has been hailed by leaders of the faith as the “chosen one” who will spread the word of the religion.

High-ranking Scientologist David Miscavige is convinced in years to come Cruise, 44, will be worshipped like Jesus all over the world as he becomes a prophet for the religion.

A source close to the actor is quoted by Britain’s The Sun newspaper as saying: “Tom has been told he is Scientology’s Christ-like figure. Just like Christ, he has been criticised for his views. But future generations will realise he was right, just like Jesus.”

Cruise, who is one of the top ranking Scientologists, joined the Church of Scientology in the mid-80s and his wife Katie Holmes has also converted the faith.

The religion’s founder, American science fiction writer L Ron Hubbard, claimed that extra terrestrial beings were sent to planet Earth by intergalactic ruler Xenu, who then blew up the aliens with hydrogen bombs in a volcano.

10 responses to “Tom Cruise to be Worshipped Worldwide as the Christ of Scientology

  1. I just threw up in my mouth a little. There is and always will be only one Jesus.

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  3. Lex Luther jnr

    I feel sorry for the cult followers of Sci’s L Ron Hubbard’s distorted views of Psychology.
    If this ‘church’ wishes to pursue status as a charity (obviously for monetary reasons) then surely every single organization involved in the betterment of ones self should qualify for such a status?
    For example the author of the book ‘How to win friends and influence people’ and its affiliated organization plus the many, many spin offs since that famous book, should equally apply for charitable status is the USA.
    I mean what is the difference between the many, many life coach’s organizations today and the ‘church/cult’ of Sci’s? Most life coach groups have a clear doctrine of understanding or faith of some sort, as the Sci’s do, so in a nutshell, I beseech all of you who run a similar business as the ‘Church/cult’ of Sci’s to apply for charitable status on the back of the USA granting this to the ‘Church/cult’ of Sci’s…. after all, let them prove that you are not able to qualify and then sue them.
    Much love in the one and only name Jesus Christ!

  4. Intelligent people read the books and materials of a religion instead of giving opinions based on … opinions.
    Wanna understand Christianity? Read the Bible. Wanna understand Judiasm? Read the Torah. Wanna understand Islam? Read the Koran. ‘Nuff said.

  5. ‘science fiction’ writer says it all…..fiction…….people can be so stupid when they’re hopeless.

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  7. as an ex- member of scientology I have been blacklisted worldwide in speaking about this group. I was being fast tracked for there central staff, here in australia, and upon walking into there headquaters I realised at a gutteral level that this was not for me. (I am only one of 2 people who have gotten out, with out a lawyer or deprogrammer.) Do not become involved with this group. They are dangerous. They have no heart!…for a deeper understanding of this group read Alister Crowley…SHOCKING.

  8. Damn right buddy! They are dangerous and wicked, basing their religion ultimately on the teachings of the “wickedest man in the world.” The process of clearing on up through the ranks is the process of eliminating basic natural human qualities and creating a bunch of soul-less robotic nazis who will do anything to defend the cult. Very sick people at the top. The lower members are just dupes, as with any cult.

  9. Maybe he will play Jesus really badly in a filmand people will remember him for that!
    He must have paid big dollars for that ego trip…lmao

  10. Well the religious engineers are always creating new religions for us to follow so it wouldn’t be too unlikely for a new Jesus Cruise to enter the ever-expanding pantheon of god-men. Check into William Sims Bainbridge of the National Science Foundation, who admitted he is a “religious engineer” creating new religions for the Star Trek age. He is s huge apologist for Scientology and the former Process Church. He is also a big fan of “Converging Technologies for Improving Human Performance” which is the program for re-engineering the human species into a bunch of cyborgs who will better serve the global totalitarian Union.

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