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Bush and Democrats all Smiles at Bipartisan Love-Fest

Sunday, February 4, 2007 


President Bush made a conciliatory political pilgrimage Saturday to an annual gathering full of newly empowered House Democrats and urged bipartisan action on a host of issues that could determine the success or failure of his last two years in the White House.

Bush’s 19-minute speech before about 175 members of Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s House caucus was received cordially and respectfully, if not enthusiastically, and left California’s Pelosi and her top deputies saying that on several big topics — U.S. energy self-sufficiency, global warming, economic competitiveness and immigration — they might be able to do business with the Republican president.

On the overriding issue of the Iraq war, however, Bush and his Democratic critics remained as far apart as ever.

“In order to do big things, we’re going to have to do it together,” Bush told the Democrats gathered at a gated resort in the historic town of Williamsburg, Va., about three hours from Washington.

The outreach from the president, whose entourage included his political counselor Karl Rove, was a sure indication that Bush realizes he is in a new political environment, with opposition Democrats in charge of the House after 12 years of Republican control and — by one vote — also the majority party in the Senate.

And because of the difference in their operating rules, it’s Pelosi’s House that is likely to be far more activist, pushing a Democratic agenda in which the president can be an active partner or a reactive force in opposition.

Responding to Pelosi’s repeated pledge that she will reverse years of partisan sniping and gridlock in Washington, the president said: “I agree, Madam Speaker, there’s a chance to show people that we can get beyond the politics of Washington, D.C.; that we’re able to treat each other with civility and at the same time, accomplish big goals.”

US Presidents & European Monarchs are the same family

Google Video

This video is just a bit of fun really, but it does show the remarkable similarities in the features of the faces of US Presidents and the UK Royal Family. It is a proven fact that virtually every US President throughout history and today are directly related to the Royal Families of Britain and Europe. Just go to Google or Wikipedia and have a look at the genealogies of these people and you’ll find that just 13 families are in power over the entire population of this planet.

What does that mean for you and me?… Well it means that you have absolutely no chance of becoming a president or a prime minister unless you are directly related to the Queen and/or you happen to be a high ranking member of the Freemasons, Bilderbergers or Trilateral Commission. Tony Blair and his “oppo-same” David Cameron are BOTH Freemasons and they are BOTH directly related to the Queen. Well, you know what they say….Keep it in the family!

Court-martial looms for war objector

Yahoo News | Feb 4, 2007 


U.S. Army 1st Lt. Ehren Watada speaks to reporters and supporters in Tacoma, Wash. in this June 7, 2006 file photo. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren, File)

Denied a chance to debate the legality of the Iraq war in court, an Army officer who refused to go to Iraq now goes to trial hoping to at least minimize the amount of time he could serve if convicted.

Anti-war activists consider 1st Lt. Ehren Watada a hero, but the Army accuses him of betraying his fellow soldiers.

The 28-year-old faces four years in prison if convicted on one count of missing movement and two counts of conduct unbecoming an officer for refusing to ship out with his unit, the 3rd Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division.

Watada has spoken out against U.S. military involvement in Iraq, calling it morally wrong and a breach of American law.

“As the order to take part in an illegal act is ultimately unlawful as well, I must as an officer of honor and integrity refuse that order,” Watada said in a video statement released at a June 7 news conference.

Despite having already been charged, he spoke out again in August, at a Veterans for Peace rally in Seattle.

“Though the American soldier wants to do right, the illegitimacy of the occupation itself, the policies of this administration, and the rules of engagement of desperate field commanders will ultimately force them to be party to war crime,” Watada said then.

British intelligence, secret police and SAS commandos practice for Beslan-style sieges

The Observer | Feb 4, 2007 

Keep in mind, that the Russian KGB carried out the Beslan massacre using those ruthless Spetsnaz[i] special forces. The bombs were placed in the school months prior to the incident and the entire terror operation was under the protection of police from the lowest to the highest levels. Very few of the “terrorists” actually were Chechnyan as most were Russian, who later fled the scene, swept away to safety in official vehicles before the real carnage began. Then the special forces came in with tanks and blasted the school with flame throwers, rockets and a barrage of bullets, taking out 186 children in the “liberation”.

The reporter Anna Politkovskaya attempted to get to the bottom of the incident and was drugged by the KGB to keep her quiet. Later, she was murdered. There have been several 9/11-style whitewash committees which always found the government to either be totally innocent or to have made “mistakes”. But it wasn’t a mistake. It was another psyop, just like the Moscow apartment bombing psyops which were exposed by Sergei Yushenkov and Alexander Litvinenko, both of whom were murdered as well. Each psyop has given KGB colonel Vlad Putin more and more power to control the the Russian people and reinstate Stalinist policies while ramping up the war in Chechnya. We have seen the same exact scenario played out by Putin’s soul-mate George Bush after 9/11, so I hope you are getting the overall picture here.


The intelligence services fear that Britain could be subject to a Beslan-style siege, with multiple hostages forced to plead for their lives on camera.

Whitehall sources have said that the threat is considered so credible that MI5, the police and the SAS have conducted at least two mock counter-terrorism exercises to work out how to deal with such an eventuality.

The last exercise, shortly before Christmas, took place at an RAF base near Chester. Five police forces were involved in an operation that envisaged an international conference being stormed by terrorists, who then held a group of children hostage in a creche wired with explosives.

Operation Northern Synergy saw a number of police chiefs assume the Gold Command – ultimate responsibility for co-ordinating the response. The commanders liaised with the government’s Cobra committee, which is activated during times of national crisis. In the scenario the terrorists were equipped with mobile phones and a satellite uplink that allowed them to beam pictures of the hostages on to television screens. The operation ended with a decision to send in the SAS.

WTC steel found at Ground Zero

AM New York | Feb 1, 2007 


A construction crew works on a service road on the western edge of ground zero, Wednesday, Jan. 31, 2007 in New York. Large steel columns from the trade center have been found beneath a service road on the World Trade Center site. The road is being searched for Sept. 11 human remains; nearly 300 bones have been discovered. The city plans a yearlong, $30 million search of the road and other areas in and around the trade center site. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)

Unlike the stacked columns, this steel appeared to be burned at one end.
Large steel columns from the fallen twin towers have been found beneath a service road that is being dug up at ground zero in the search for long-buried Sept. 11 remains, officials said Wednesday.

The surprising discovery of World Trade Center steel in the past week raises more questions about what was left at ground zero in the cleanup after the 2001 attacks and how the service road was created in the first place.

The steel, found during an ongoing dig for human remains that has yielded nearly 300 bones in the past three months, includes two heavy beams that were stacked horizontally in the landfill, as if moved and placed there, a person with direct knowledge of the discovery told The Associated Press. The person was not authorized to publicly discuss the findings and insisted on anonymity.

The discovery was confirmed by officials for the city and Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which owned the trade center.

The columns were about 18 feet long and perhaps 60 tons each. Officials believe the steel columns, located a week ago just 2 to 3 feet below the surface of the road, were deliberately set there at some point during the cleanup, perhaps to stabilize heavy machinery in use at the time.

Top secret army cell breaks terrorists

Telegraph | Feb 5, 2007 


The JSG was formed in the ’80s to tackle the IRA

Deep inside the heart of the “Green Zone”, the heavily fortified administrative compound in Baghdad, lies one of the most carefully guarded secrets of the war in Iraq. It is a cell from a small and anonymous British Army unit that goes by the deliberately meaningless name of the Joint Support Group (JSG), and it has proved to be one of the Coalition’s most effective and deadly weapons in the fight against terror.

Its members – servicemen and women of all ranks recruited from all three of the Armed Forces – are trained to turn hardened terrorists into coalition spies using methods developed on the mean streets of Ulster during the Troubles, when the Army managed to infiltrate the IRA at almost every level. Since war broke out in Iraq in 2003, they have been responsible for running dozens of Iraqi double agents.

Working alongside the Special Air Service and the American Delta Force as part of the Baghdad-based counter-terrorist unit known as Task Force Black, they have supplied intelligence that has saved hundreds of lives and resulted in some of the most notable successes against the myriad terror groups fighting in Iraq. Only last week, intelligence from the JSG is understood to have led to a series of successful operations against Sunni militia groups in southern Baghdad.

Information obtained by the unit is also understood to have inspired one of the most successful operations carried out by Task Force Black, in November 2005, when SAS snipers shot dead three suicide bombers.

During the Troubles, the JSG operated under the cover name of the Force Research Unit (FRU), which between the early 1980s and the late 1990s managed to penetrate the very heart of the IRA. By targeting and then “turning” members of the paramilitary organisation with a variety of “inducements” ranging from blackmail to bribes, the FRU operators developed agents at virtually every command level within the IRA.

The unit was renamed following the Stevens Inquiry into allegations of collusion between the security forces and protestant paramilitary groups