Nancy Pelosi Demands Big Private Jet

Corruption Chronicles | Feb 7, 2007 

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wants taxpayers to finance a lavish private jet large enough to ferry her and her entourage—including family members– from coast-to-coast without stopping.

Like all members of Congress, House speakers use commercial flights to travel but Pelosi claims she needs a private U.S. Air Force jet for security reasons, even during personal travel with her family and supporters. After the 2001 terrorist attacks, the House speaker was authorized to use a military jet for security reasons and former Speaker Dennis Hastert of Illinois used a small aircraft with 12 seats and five crew members.

Pelosi is demanding the Pentagon provide her with a fancy jet that includes 42 business class seats, a fully-enclosed state room, an entertainment center, a private bed, a state-of-the-art communications system and a crew of 16. The aircraft must be large enough to make the cross-country trip from Washington D.C. to her San Francisco home without stopping to refuel.

One congressman said Pelosi’s request is “an arrogance of office that just defies common sense” and other House colleagues called it the “flying Lincoln Bedroom” and “Pelosi One.”


8 responses to “Nancy Pelosi Demands Big Private Jet

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  2. Kathern Skamelka

    Take her jet away!

  3. Leave the jet. Just take HER away. Please

  4. Why don’t you people just shut up and accept the fact that we are making a better nation, hopefully a united North America that will be stronger than what we have now. And if you morons will grow up from swamp scum to at least the missing link in evolution you will realize that a United World is the only way for humans as a race to survive. For that to happen we need strong leadership and Pelosi is no exception. She truly believes in humanity and with the proper guidance we as a people will survive. So what if she needs aircraft at her disposal. Face it in order for her to accomplish her important role she must not be hampered. Stay off her back.

    President Obama was right when he said that the middle class when faced with hardship cling to guns and religion. That is the very thing we must eradicate. And we will because we are now in control and now that the census is in the White House no other party can ever win again. A very brilliant strategic move from a brilliant savior of America. If you value America then you must also support the suspension of term limits on the Presidency. We need Barrack Obama for at least the next 25 years or until the U.S. grows up and realizes that religion is an opiate that needs to be stamped out and we are doing that wonderfully in the Public Schools. And this insane clinging to some national pride must be eradicated in favor of a One People, One World approach. Only then can world peace be achieved.

On the topic of Public Schools, also if you give a crap about our country you will support the upcoming bills which makes any other form of education illegal including stupid homeschooling, charter schools and my gosh for sure stupid religious schools. All of those must be stopped and the people perpetrating those education crimes must be jailed or executed. 

Accept it, we have entered a new age. Yes we can! and yes we did.

  5. Well Randal, somewhere along the way, you turned against the American people and took up with the elites to form a new global dictatorship. That is the Soviet System you are talking about there and your words and attitudes are those of a frothing psychopath. You are not creating a “better nation” but a centralized global tyranny, so be honest about it. A “United World” is only kept united by force. That means you and your dictator masters must force dissenters to either give up their freedoms or face prison, camps or death just as they did in Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia. Now if you think that is good, then you are obviously a very disturbed individual. You and your evil masters intend to “stamp out” nationalism, sovereignty, religion, guns, homeschooling, free thought, free speech and kill anyone that gets in the way. To your view (and that of the elites whom you serve), “peace” is achieved when all opposition to their Fascist eugenics policies is eradicated through draconian measures and murder. You support evil, you are very evil and you are a liar. There is nothing good or humane in your system at all. Yours is a philosophy of monsters. In the end, the human spirit will rise up against tyranny as it always does.

  6. pjwalker: You just don’t get it do you. It is done! With the census now being captured in the White House no other party can ever win again, ever! And the reality is the majority of people in this country voted Barrack into power to correct the great evils here. He is just getting started and as soon as guns are gone and idiot blabbers like Rush Limbaugh are silenced with the great Fairness Doctrine then we will control education, we will control the census, we will control the media completely. Then people like you will see the light as we all know the american people are too cowardly and decadent to sacrifice anything anymore. So our path is clear with absolutely no resistance what so ever. I mean really, you know better than that, you know there was no resistance at all and the GOP actually gave the election to Barrack. Your stupid John McCain even defended Barrack on many occasions. Wake up, even the GOP is in favor of everything I have said here, they GAVE the election to Barrack. And will do so in the future. You don’t have the dedication or guts to get out on the street or go door to door like we do to register voters and help people to know which party to vote for. Face it you are a fraud and people like you are a fraud and you do not deserve to lay claim to any country. You sit back on your ass and stare stupidly into the TV drinking your beer and complaining about everything while we are out on the streets going door to door, knocking on thousands of doors changing America for the better. I myself have knocked on over one thousand doors and helped most all of those to know they needed to vote for change. And they did. What the hell did you do fraud. Nothing, you know that. You do not deserve anything so just sit back and drink you beer while we work hard investing 15-20 hours per week changing america. Hell you don’t even believe in investing 10 hours a year getting your ideas out so how can you criticize me. At least I am honest and hard working. You are a lazy couch potato and that guarantees the changes that are to come will not be met with any resistance at all.

    Stupid couch potato, I’ll bet you are a fat pig as well.

  7. Oh, and couch potato, within two years we will also have complete control of the courts. Something that I will applaud! Maybe we can reverse the Supreme Court on the so called 2nd amendment as it was never intended to allow private citizens to have guns. Only the military and police force which includes the citizen police force Barrack was talking about. I intend to be a leader in that to help enforce proper behavior that is needed in a new world free from nut cases like you.

  8. Randal,

    Limbaugh and your CFR puppet-president are on the same team playing the left and right against the middle. You are just a useful idiot fanatic with delusions of grandeur. “I will be a leader!” you cry. How pathetic you are. Your dream of global dictatorship will fail in the end.

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