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Maoists seize voter list, kidnap students

Kantipur Online | Feb 11, 2007 

Protesting that they were not included in the voters’ list collection task, Maoists seized all voters’ name list documents from Salyantar VDC of Dhading, Friday.

According to Chief of District Election Office Khagendra Ghimire, the Maoists barged into the all-party meeting and seized all essential documents.

However, he said that the office was trying to make the Maoists return the documents. Earlier, Maoists also disrupted voters’ list collection in Khalte, Pida and Jyamrung of the same district.

Meanwhile, Maoists captured a tenth-grader Laxmi Adhikari of Achane Higher Secondary School, Khahare VDC of Dhading on the eve of SLC exams.

According to Laxmi’s father Krishna Prasad Adhikari, Maoists took his daughter and other students towards district headquarters Dhadingbesi, to make them participate in the Maoist’s central level meeting at Kathmandu on February 13.

Meanwhile, Maoist leader Ram Bahadur Bhandari informed that he would give directions for the release of the students as forcible capturing was against the party’s rules and policies.

Big Brother Brain Scanners To Detect Pre-Crime

Infowars.net | Feb 9, 2007  


Watching, Listening, Shouting, Firing X-Rays and scanning your brain for thought crime

You think this headline is alarmist? Fine, don’t read anymore of this article, click here for the same story from today’s front page of the London Guardian which debates whether a ‘Minority Report’ era, where judgments are handed down before the law is broken on the strength of an incriminating brain scan, is ethical or not.

The technology is no longer science fiction. A team of neuroscientists has developed technology that allows them to look deep inside a person’s brain and read their intentions before they act.

During tests, researchers were able to successfully predict the intentions of multiple subjects with 70% accuracy by scanning their brains using a technique called functional magnetic imaging resonance.

The study revealed signatures of activity in a small part of the brain called the medial prefrontal cortex that changed when a person took a choice to do something before carrying out the action.

The researchers are already devising ways of deducing what patterns are associated with different thoughts.

According to the Guardian report, Professor Colin Blakemore, a neuroscientist and director of the Medical Research Council, said: “We shouldn’t go overboard about the power of these techniques at the moment, but what you can be absolutely sure of is that these will continue to roll out and we will have more and more ability to probe people’s intentions, minds, background thoughts, hopes and emotions.

So what happens when this becomes the next generation of CCTV? And more to the point, what happens if it stays at only 70% accuracy? Or worse still, what if certain emotions, such as depression or anger, lead a person to be categorized as a risk?

And what will be the punishment for pre-crime? With moves to “chemically castrate” sex offenders by eliminating their sexual desires, seriously being considered now, how far fetched is it to imagine a future thought criminal’s brain being “corrected” by eliminating the relevant desires or emotions picked up by a brain scan?

Global warming claims should be challenged

Rice Thresher | Feb 9, 2007 

“There are ominous signs that the Earth’s weather patterns have begun to change dramatically and that these changes may portend a drastic decline in food production — with serious political implications for just about every nation on Earth. … The central fact is that after three quarters of a century of extraordinarily mild conditions, the earth’s climate seems to be cooling down.”

These excerpts come from a 1975 Newsweek magazine article warning the American public about the certain onslaught of the disaster known as “global cooling.” Yes, in 1975 scientists predicted that barring a rapid response, global cooling would ruin harvest seasons, cause widespread droughts and foment other grave crises.

The New York Times aided in publicizing the threat with the headline “A Major Cooling Widely Considered to Be Inevitable.” Science News magazine also did its part in voicing the concerns of scientists with a cover story that asked, “The Ice Age Cometh?”

Fortunately for us, all of these reputable sources and scientists were wrong, and we are not on the cusp of a new ice age. But now these same experts have convinced themselves and the population that the exact opposite, global warming, is the crisis poised to destroy civilization. This threat is so certain that we should make large-scale changes in both national policy and personal habits in order to accommodate it. And we absolutely must not question it, or else we don’t believe in science and are only hastening our own demise in the name of big business.

Shouldn’t we question this? Or is the rule Question Authority, except when Al Gore says so? Especially when the current theory is so radically different from a widely believed theory in the recent past, don’t we owe it to ourselves to vet this global warming thing a bit more before we let it take over our lives?

Beslan school siege inquiry ‘a cover-up’

Sunday Herald | Feb 11, 2007

Keep in mind that Anna Politkovskaya, the leading journalist investigating Belsan, was first drugged by the KGB on her way to the scene then later murdered. MP Sergei Yushenkov and FSB agent Alexander Litvinenko were murdered for exposing the 1999 Moscow bombings. Now these two, Yuri Savelyev and Yuri Ivanov are literally risking their lives for contradicting the Kremlin’s official story of Beslan. I hope they come out of it alive.

The discrepancies between eye-witness accounts and the official story are monumental, same as 9/11. The motive was the same as ever: perpetual war abroad and police state powers at home. It is very simple and old as the hills. By now, everyone should know how it works.


MPs question official version of events

THE ONLY two non-Kremlin-aligned MPs to take part in Russia’s parliamentary inquiry into the 2004 Beslan school siege have broken their silence to denounce the investigation as a cover-up that did little more than go through the motions.

According to nationalist Yuri Savelyev, and Communist Yuri Ivanov, Russia’s worst post-Soviet act of terrorism was deliberately investigated poorly, in order not to undermine the Kremlin’s official version of events, an account that both men believe was fabricated.

In the aftermath of the tragedy, President Vladimir Putin promised the relatives of those who were killed that a painstaking official investigation would establish what really happened on September 1-3, 2004.

Some 333 people died in the siege, more than half of them children, when pro-Chechen terrorists took more than 1000 people hostage in a small school in southern Russia. Many of those who survived felt the Kremlin’s handling of the crisis was negligent and demanded a proper explanation.

Yet to survivors’ disbelief, the parliamentary investigation into the tragedy was quietly wound up at the end of last year after almost two years of work without a murmur.

According to the two whistle-blowing MPs, that inquiry was little more than a stage-managed PR exercise.

“It was nonsensical, shameless, and betrayed a complete lack of conscience,” said Ivanov, who added he and Savelyev had refused to sign off on the report because of their misgivings.

Ivanov claimed the investigation was warned not to call Putin as a witness and that the report was rushed through parliament “within 20 minutes”.

While it did criticise the action of local authorities on the scene, it generally shied away from questioning the way in which the siege was handled and focused instead on the guilt of the Chechen hostage-takers.

Both MPs said their work on the inquiry had prompted them to seriously question the official version of events.

They alleged that the siege’s bloody climax was not triggered by Chechen terrorists detonating explosives inside the school as the Kremlin claims, but by rocket-propelled grenades being fired at the school from an area under the control of Russian special forces.

Ivanov further contended that the grenades were fired on the direct orders of President Putin as a prelude to the storming of the school.

Savelyev, a member of the nationalist Rodina (Motherland) party, said his work on the panel had forced him to reassess what happened in Beslan.

“When I started work in October 2004 I sincerely believed that the terrorists had raped and killed hostages, blown up the school, and then shot fleeing women and children in the back.”

But he said now he had reached a very different conclusion. He said the panel did not turn up any substantive evidence to suggest that the terrorists had detonated explosives inside the school or that they had shot fleeing hostages in the back. Allegations of rape have also yet to be substantiated.

The two MPs also claimed that the authorities destroyed crucial evidence in the first few hours after the siege was broken. They accused the government of deliberately allowing a fire in the school to rage for almost two and a half hours before allowing the fire brigade to enter, in a calculated cover-up.

By the time the fire brigade did get access, the roof of the school gym had been totally destroyed and with it crucial evidence that the MPs believe would have shown that rocket-propelled grenades had been fired into the gym through the roof.

The Kremlin has dismissed the pair’s claims, insisting the parliamentary inquiry was “serious and unbiased.” However, local people in Beslan say they are more inclined to believe the two MPs than the Kremlin version.

“Evidently there are people keen to ensure that the truth about Beslan is never known,” said Ella Kesaeva of the Voice of Beslan pressure group, who lost her two nephews in the siege.

“But we will do everything we can to establish why our children and loved ones died and who was responsible for their deaths.”

Cosmic rays blamed for global warming

Sunday Telegraph | Feb 11, 2007 

First, let me say I do not accept every popular opinion of the week as it comes down the pike. I really don’t care if I am the last man standing who believes contrary to the accepted dogma, whatever it is. I reserve the right to question authority and so should you. Maybe the Earth is warming, but for how long? And from what causes? The fact is, the Earth has gone through innumerable climate changes since it first appeared in the universe. If it is warming now, you can bet that it will cool again soon enough despite what humans do on it. It’s like the local weather, just wait long enough and it will change, but on a global scale.

You have seen what the globalists do and you know what they want. They want total control and a global government. You know they are liars and ruthless killers who will let nothing stand in their way of creating a global Orwellian police state system. Obviously, global warming serves as another pretext to achieve that goal. It fits in with the modus operandi of the elite and is therefore highly suspect. Therefore, I reject this hysteria as manufactured with evil intent.

Watch. Soon the EU will pass a law stating that global-warming denial is a punishable offense. They have already passed a law against Euro-skepticism, against Holocaust denial (I don’t deny it, but people have the right to their opinions however wrong) and against picking wildflowers. Walking with iPods, driving with a cup of coffee, videotaping on a public sidewalk and tens of thousands of other “crimes” are going on the books. As I have said, scratching your bum will soon be classified as a crime, so you will not be able to say anything, do anything or think anything without fear of breaking some law. It is the very definition of Feudalism, Fascism, Communism and every other form of tyranny known to man with inconceivable totalitarianism on the way, all ramped up to the Nth degree.

Do not accept dogma whether it comes from politicians, priests or scientists. History has shown time and time again that these people cannot be trusted. Get in touch with and trust your own instincts. They do not lie.


Man-made climate change may be happening at a far slower rate than has been claimed, according to controversial new research.

Scientists say that cosmic rays from outer space play a far greater role in changing the Earth’s climate than global warming experts previously thought.

In a book, to be published this week, they claim that fluctuations in the number of cosmic rays hitting the atmosphere directly alter the amount of cloud covering the planet.
High levels of cloud cover blankets the Earth and reflects radiated heat from the Sun back out into space, causing the planet to cool.

Henrik Svensmark, a weather scientist at the Danish National Space Centre who led the team behind the research, believes that the planet is experiencing a natural period of low cloud cover due to fewer cosmic rays entering the atmosphere.

This, he says, is responsible for much of the global warming we are experiencing.

He claims carbon dioxide emissions due to human activity are having a smaller impact on climate change than scientists think. If he is correct, it could mean that mankind has more time to reduce our effect on the climate.

GPS Shoes Make Tracking Kids, Elderly Easier

Fox News | Feb 9, 2007 


Isaac Daniel shows sneakers he designed with a tiny Global Positioning System embedded in the shoe.

“We call it a second eye watching over you,” Daniel said.

 Isaac Daniel calls the tiny Global Positioning System chip he’s embedded into a line of sneakers “peace of mind.” He wishes his 8-year-old son had been wearing them when he got a call from his school in 2002 saying the boy was missing. The worried father hopped a flight to Atlanta from New York where he had been on business to find the incident had been a miscommunication and his son was safe.

Days later, the engineer started working on a prototype of Quantum Satellite Technology, a line of $325 to $350 adult sneakers that hit shelves next month. It promises to locate the wearer anywhere in the world with the press of a button. A children’s line will be out this summer.

“We call it a second eye watching over you,” Daniel said.

It’s the latest implementation of satellite-based navigation into everyday life — technology that can be found in everything from cell phones that help keep kids away from sexual predators to fitness watches that track heart rate and distance. Shoes aren’t as easy to lose, unlike phones, watches and bracelets.

Texas Vaccine Mandate Draws GOP Ire

CBS News | Feb 6, 2007 

Texas Republicans ask Gov. Perry to rescind vaccine mandate for cervical cancer virus

Several key Republicans urged Gov. Rick Perry on Monday to rescind his executive order making Texas the first state to require girls to be vaccinated against the sexually transmitted virus that causes cervical cancer.

Lawmakers should have been allowed to hear from doctors, scientists and patients before the state implemented such a sweeping mandate, said state Sen. Jane Nelson, chairwoman of the health and human services committee.

“This is not an emergency,” said Nelson, adding that she plans to ask Attorney General Greg Abbott for an opinion on the legality of Perry’s order. “It needs to be discussed and debated.”

Three other Republican lawmakers filed bills that would override the mandate, and several others were working on similar legislation.