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One in four doubt David Kelly killed himself

Dr David Kelly Blogspot.com | Feb 16, 2007 

23% ‘believe he didn’t’ and 39% ‘don’t know’ – so fewer than 40% actually think he committed suicide! – RT

NEARLY a quarter of all people questioned in a BBC poll do not believe former Government weapons inspector Dr David Kelly killed himself.

The poll for the corporation found that 23% of people believed Dr Kelly didn’t commit suicide, while 39% believed he did and 39% said they did not know.

Dr Kelly was found dead on July 18, 2003 after being named as the possible source of a BBC story on the Government’s Iraq weapons dossier.

An inquest was adjourned indefinitely while Lord Hutton held an inquiry. Oxfordshire coroner Nicholas Gardiner concluded in March 2004 that there were “no exceptional reasons” to justify reopening it.

The official account given by the Hutton Inquiry said that Dr Kelly committed suicide by cutting his left wrist. He had also taken an overdose of the painkiller Co-Proxamol.

The poll comes ahead of a three-part BBC Two series, The Conspiracy Files, starting on Sunday, investigating conspiracies into Dr Kelly’s death, the World Trade Centre attacks and the Oklahoma City bombing.

The programme on Dr Kelly, to be broadcast on Sunday, February 25, will examine in detail the hours leading up to and immediately after his death.

National Impeachment Movement Ignored by Corporate Media

Project Censored | Feb 16, 2007 

I just want to say that the primary reason to impeach the Illuminati Neofeudalist Trotskyite Communazi Neocon Bush Cabal Special Team in its entirety is for its orchestration of Operation 9/11. Treason is the reason. Treason and mass murder of our own people. That is a hell of a lot bigger crime when it comes to betraying and killing those you are bound by oath to protect. To those liberals who so arrogantly pooh-pooh the “conspiracy theory”, I ask you to go and look at the mounting evidence that WTC 7 was a perfectly controlled demolition. First, find several videos of the collapse from various angles and watch them several times. Watch as it plunges into the earth as if it were freefalling from the bottom down into a huge pit. There was no “pancaking” here. It was a classic textbook demolition. Go and research the videos that show workers and police officers warning people that the thing is about to be pulled down and watch Larry Silverstein, who has profited to the tune of some $7 billion from 9/11, how he gave the go ahead to “pull”. Ask then, why the corporate media has ignored this fact. Then go and figure out how it could have been wired in a matter of hours for demolition.  Then ask why the “progressive media” has largely ignored this fact of controlled demolition. It is high time they came out and admitted it is the truth. But even if they do, I fear they will use it to support their belief that America is bad and has to be controlled by the global government. In fact, often I wonder if this wasn’t the plan from the beginning, to gradually whip up the Left into demanding UN-control of our country through a process of defaming and destroying America’s image both at home and abroad using 9/11, the Iraq war and torture to achieve that end. Since the Rockefeller’s CFR controls both the Right and the Left in this country, and uses the Hegelian Dialectic to engineer societies, you can bet that is one of the possible intended scenarios.


50% of Americans said that President Bush should be impeached if he lied about the war in Iraq

If a national movement calling for the impeachment of the President is rapidly emerging and the corporate media are not covering it, is there really a national movement for the impeachment of the President?

Impeachment advocates are widely mobilizing in the U.S. Over 1,000 letters to the editors of major newspapers have been printed in the past six months asking for impeachment. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette letter writer George Matus says, “I am still enraged over unasked questions about exit polls, touch-screen voting, Iraq, the cost of the new Medicare…who formulated our energy policy, Jack Abramoff, the Downing Street Memos, and impeachment.” David Anderson in McMinnville, Oregon pens to the Oregonian, “Where are the members of our congressional delegation now in demanding the current president’s actions be investigated to see if impeachment or censure are appropriate actions?” William Dwyer’s letter in the Charleston Gazette says, “Congress will never have the courage to start the impeachment process without a groundswell of outrage from the people.”

City councils, boards of supervisors, and local and state level Democrat central committees have voted for impeachment. Arcata, California voted for impeachment on January 6. The City and County of San Francisco, voted Yes on February 28. The Sonoma County Democrat Central Committee (CA) voted for Impeachment on March 16. The townships of Newfane, Brookfield, Dummerston, Marlboro and Putney in Vermont all voted for impeachment the first week of March. The New Mexico State Democrat party convention rallied on March 18 for the ”impeachment of George Bush and his lawful removal from office.” The national Green Party called for impeachment on January 3. Op-ed writers at the St. Petersburg Times, Newsday, Yale Daily News, Barrons, Detroit Free Press, and the Boston Globe have called for impeachment. The San Francisco Bay Guardian (1/25/06) The Nation (1/30/06) and Harpers (3/06) published cover articles calling for impeachment. As of March 16, thirty-two US House of Representatives have signed on as co-sponsors to House Resolution 635, which would create a Select Committee to look into the grounds for recommending President Bush’s impeachment.

Polls show that nearly a majority of Americans favor impeachment. In October of 2005, Public Affairs Research found that 50% of Americans said that President Bush should be impeached if he lied about the war in Iraq. A Zogby International poll from early November 2005 found that 53% of Americans say, “If President Bush did not tell the truth about his reasons for going to war with Iraq, Congress should consider holding him accountable through impeachment.” A March 16, 2006 poll by American Research Group showed that 42% of Americans favored impeaching Bush.

US activist pushes ‘terror-free’ gas

Yahoo News | Feb 15, 2007 


The first “terror-free” gas station was inaugurated this week in Omaha, Nebraska aiming to send a message to Middle Eastern oil producers thought to sponsor terrorism.

The station in the central US state greets customers with large “terror-free” signs and the pumps proudly proclaim that the oil being drawn is “terror-free premium” or “terror-free super.”

Messages plastered inside the station’s convenience store drive home the message that it only sells oil from Canada and the United States and supports the war on terror.

“We know that when we go to the pumps we are sending our hard-earned dollars to a part of the world that wishes to destroy us,” Joe Kaufman, who is behind the “Terror-Free Oil Initiative” (TFO) which runs the station, told AFP.

The TFO logo combines the twin towers of the New York City World Trade Center, the Pentagon in Washington, and designations for United Airlines flight 93 and three other aircraft which were hijacked and crashed into those buildings in the September 11, 2001 attacks on the United States.

“We created this initiative to make a statement to those gasoline companies that purchase their crude oil in the Middle East, that we as Americans are sick and tired of financing our own demise,” Kaufman said.



Terror-Free Oil: Saudi Arabia is NOT Our Friend!

EU anti-hate law sparks debate on Nazi and Soviet crimes

EU Observer | Feb 16, 2007  

They have already moved on from the fact that you face prison for suggesting the EU is not a good thing. EU-skepticism, holocaust denial and now disseminating “hate literature” or even just trivializing war crimes are all to be imprisonable offenses (up to three years!) under these deliberately vague laws that will cast a wide net across Europe stifling free speech. The fact is, this is a totalitarian regime pretending to right the wrongs of other totalitarian regimes. It is absolutely ludicrous and the height of hubris and hypocrisy. But that is the New World Order. Meet the New Boss, same as the Old Boss.

We better not be fooled again.


With Germany reviving its proposal on EU-wide minimum sentences for incitement to racial hatred and genocide denial, some EU states are taking a firm anti-communist stance demanding that totalitarian regimes become part of the bill’s scope.

Estonia, Poland and Slovenia – all carrying the burden of a communist past – demand that denial of the crimes of totalitarian regimes, including communism, should be explicitly mentioned in the text, with one EU diplomat saying “the aim is to achieve morally equal treatment of the crimes of the Nazis and communism.”

But even the camp of post-communist countries is divided over the issue, with, for example, Slovak justice minister Stefan Harabin saying “we cannot place the two [fascism and communism] on the same level.”

According to diplomats, some EU capitals favour the idea of having a separate proposal on political crimes, as the current German proposal is linked to hatred based on race, colour, religion, descent or national or ethic origin.

German justice minister Brigitte Zypries, speaking on behalf of Germany’s presidency of the EU, was reluctant to reveal details of Thursday’s debate which saw no real progress on the issue as yet.

But she said that “all EU states want to give a strong signal of being ready to combat racism and xenophobia” adding there is unanimous support for “a legal instrument” to be put in place.

The current draft proposal outlines two groups of acts that should be punishable by one to three years’ of imprisonment throughout the 27-nation bloc.

The first group of offences includes “publicly inciting to violence or hatred, even by dissemination or distribution of tracts, pictures or other materials”.

The second one prohibits “publicly condoning, denying or grossly trivialising crimes of genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes and crimes defined by the Tribunal of Nuremberg” which means an indirect reference to the Holocaust.

“Incitement to discrimination” has been removed from the scope of the package, the German EU presidency’s paper states.

According to German justice minister “not any act of racism and xenophobia is a criminal act” stressing the importance of “respect for freedom of expression.”

The German initiative has also seen the Poles attempt to add-on a clause saying that using the phrase “Polish death camps” in the media should be banned, as it suggests Poles, not German Nazis, built and ran the camps on occupied Polish land.

“If one talks about Polish camps it’s a serious deformation [of the facts],” Polish deputy justice minister Andrzej Duda told Rzeczpospolita after the 15 February meeting.

The Polish embassy in Washington made an official complaint to the White House over use of the phrase by CNN and the Associated Press on 13 February.

Earlier EU proposals on how to harmonise sentences for hate crimes were rejected twice in 2003 and 2005, due to national differences over the scope of freedom of speech and historical perception.

In Estonia, a draft new law permitting the demolition of Soviet monuments in the country – including the iconic Bronze Soldier in the capital – has seen Moscow accuse Tallinn of neo-fascism and threaten sanctions against the small EU state.

Patients, doctors staying away from implantable RFID chips

ZDnet India | Feb 13, 2007 

Putting RFID chips into people’s arms is, it turns out, not a booming business.

VeriChip, which has created a system for putting RFID chips into humans for medical-record tracking, held an initial public offering on Friday, and the company’s stock has been struggling ever since. The stock is currently trading at around $6.15. The company released 3.1 million shares in the IPO for $6.50 a share.

Part of the problem is likely the lackluster sales for the company’s most famous product.

Only 222 medical patients in total have opted to get RFID chips from VeriChip implanted as of the end of 2006, according to documents filed by the company with the Securities and Exchange Commission as part of its initial public offering. It’s a modest number, the company says, and revenue for these systems is far below projections.

“To date, we have only generated approximately $0.1 million in revenue ($100,000) from sales of the microchip inserter kits, significantly less than we had projected at the beginning of 2006. We may never achieve market acceptance or more than nominal or modest sales of this system,” the company stated.

The slow sales will likely hearten the many critics of the company. When the company first began touting the technology nearly three years ago, it was criticized by civil libertarians, who saw the chips as a gateway to privacy erosion, and by religious consumers some of whom said that implantable chips were the mark of the beast.

In its SEC filing, the company stated that many patients are probably unwilling to get chipped, the company said, and doctors have likely been reluctant to discuss the procedure with clients. Privacy issues and bad publicity have also been factors.

RFID ‘Powder’ – Microscopic RFID Tags Could Track Protesters

Technovelgy | Feb 15, 2007 

These devices could also be used to identify and track people. For example, suppose you participated in some sort of protest or other organized activity. If police agencies sprinkled these tags around, every individual could be tracked and later identified at leisure, with powerful enough tag scanners.

The world’s smallest and thinnest RFID tags were introduced yesterday by Hitachi. Tiny miracles of miniaturization, these RFID chips (Radio Frequency IDentification chips) measure just 0.05 x 0.05 millimeters.

The previous record-holder, the Hitachi mu-chip, is just 0.4 x 0.4 millimeters. Take a look at the size of the mu-chip RFID tag on a human fingertip.


(Hitachi mu-chip tiny RFID tag)

Now, compare that with the new RFID tags. The “powder type” tags are some sixty times smaller.


(Powder RFID chips next to a human hair)

The new RFID chips have a 128-bit ROM for storing a unique 38 digit number, like their predecessor. Hitachi used semiconductor miniaturization technology and electron beams to write data on the chip substrates to achieve the new, smaller size.

Hitachi’s mu-chips are already in production; they were used to prevent ticket forgery at last year’s Aichi international technology exposition. RFID ‘powder,’ on the other hand, is so much smaller that it can easily be incorporated into thin paper, like that used in paper currency and gift certificates.

Science fiction fans will have a field day with this new technology. In his 1998 novel Distraction, Bruce Sterling referred to bugged money:

They always played poker with European cash. There was American cash around, flimsy plastic stuff, but most people wouldn’t take American cash anymore. It was hard to take American cash seriously when it was no longer convertible outside U.S. borders. Besides, all the bigger bills were bugged.

These tiny RFID tags could be worked into any product; combined with RFID readers built into doorways, theft of consumer goods would be practically impossible.

These devices could also be used to identify and track people. For example, suppose you participated in some sort of protest or other organized activity. If police agencies sprinkled these tags around, every individual could be tracked and later identified at leisure, with powerful enough tag scanners.

To put it in the context of popular culture, see the picture below, which was taken from the 1996 movie Mission Impossible. One of the IMF operatives places a tracking tag on the shoulder of a computer programmer. Pretty clunky-looking tag…


(Tracking and ID tag from Mission Impossible movie)

Billions Squandered in Iraq

Guardian | Feb 16, 2007  

Noting that auditors still have $300 billion of Iraq spending to review, Waxman said the total amount of waste, fraud and abuse “could be astronomical.”

About $10 billion has been squandered by the U.S. government on Iraq reconstruction aid because of contractor overcharges and unsupported expenses, and federal investigators warned Thursday that significantly more taxpayer money is at risk.

The three top auditors overseeing work in Iraq told a House committee their review of $57 billion in Iraq contracts found that Defense and State department officials condoned or allowed repeated work delays, bloated expenses and payments for shoddy work or work never done.

More than one in six dollars charged by U.S. contractors were questionable or unsupported, nearly triple the amount of waste the Government Accountability Office estimated last fall.

“There is no accountability,” said David M. Walker, who heads the auditing arm of Congress. “Organizations charged with overseeing contracts are not held accountable. Contractors are not held accountable. The individuals responsible are not held accountable.”