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Stay-away fathers shamed by pizza

BBC | March 26, 2007


The posters arrive tacked on to the top of the pizza box

Child support authorities in the US are hoping to track down stay-away fathers who refuse to pay child maintenance by posting their details on pizza boxes.

Pizza restaurants in one Ohio county have begun plastering their delivery boxes with posters shaming the 10 “most wanted” absentee fathers.

Three pizzerias have so far signed up to the scheme, which has successfully identified one reluctant debtor.

US child support agencies are owed more than $100bn (£51bn) in back payments.

Cynthia Brown, executive director of the Butler County Child Enforcement Agency, had the idea for the poster delivery while she was ordering pizza herself one night.

“It suddenly dawned on me that most people running from the law don’t eat out, they order pizza,” she said.

Now customers receiving pizzas from the three participating restaurants find their dinner arrives with some reading material, detailing local child support defaulters.

The poster, which is produced by Ms Brown’s agency, showcases the 10 alleged worst offenders, and is changed twice a year.

Karen Willis, whose restaurant is one of the three distributing the posters, said she had heard no complaints from customers.

“Some customers joke about it and say they’re glad they aren’t on it. Most seem to think it’s a good idea,” she said.

But advocates for fathers’ rights did criticise the scheme, telling the Associated Press there are many reasons why someone could end up owing child support.

Widespread public shaming could also leave children devastated, said Michael McCormick, of the American Coalition for Fathers and Children.

“Think how children feel to see a parent on a wanted poster and know their friends might see it,” he said.

But Cynthia Brown stood by the scheme: “We are just trying to help the kids who have a right to be supported,” she said.

9/11 Truthers Confront Alan ‘Mengele’ Dershowitz

Prison Planet | Mar 22, 2007


Brainwashed fake Christians & Israeli-firsters scream and boo

Activists from the Philly 9/11 Truth organization confronted arch-Neo-Con and torture advocate Alan ‘Mengele’ Dershowitz at a speaking event last week, causing his fake Christian Israeli-first vulture audience to boo and throw their toys out of the pram, shortly before security were called to drag the dissenters out of the building for the crime of asking a question.

Dershowitz was top of the bill for the kool-aid drinkers who attended the “Global Terrorism: The New World War” event at the University of Pennsylvania.

The video begins with Dershowitz pimping for more wars for Israel, to which a brainwashed woman, most probably indoctrinated and terrified by the phantom menace of ‘Islamofascism’, slavishly repeats the word “amen” like she’s at a Heaven’s Gate cult seminar.

What follows is a perfect example of how people who don’t have the truth on their side resort to bullying and intimidation to shut down reasoned debate, as the speaker is cat-called, harangued and booed for simply pointing out that governments throughout history have engaged in false flag terror events to realize political agendas. The audience grow shrill at the temerity of having their warped orthodoxy challenged and revert to toddler tactics by engaging in screaming fits and demanding security thugs eject this thought criminal.

After stuttering through a garbled ramble about the vaunted authority of the 9/11 Commission, appointed by Bush and staffed by compromised whitewash aficionados , Dershowitz caves to the clamor of his maniacal devotees and orders security to intervene.

The kind of people who attend these events, where media darling Neo-Cons are paid obscene amounts of cash to projectile vomit their establishment propaganda during extra-curricular hours, if not because they are forced to or they are protesting the aforementioned war whores, are fake Christians and Israeli-firsters who believe they’re all going to be raptured up into heaven when the Islamic hordes descend to destroy the earth.

In reality, they have about as much in common with Jesus as with Charlie Manson, and their putrid act of cheerleading for the architects of empire makes them complicit in the global genocide that goes with it.

They associate their power with ideologues like Dershowitz, so anyone daring to de-throne their monkey king, as is witnessed in this video, receives a decidedly hostile response.

UK has 1% of world’s population but 20% of its CCTV cameras

“The technotronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values.”

– Zbigniew Brzezinski, CFR member and founding member of the Trilateral Commission, and National Security Advisor to five presidents.

Daily Mail | Mar 26, 2007


The cameras and other surveillance technologies are not there for your safety. They are there merely to control you. They represent the antithesis of freedom which is tyranny. The only question is, do you want to be free or do you agree to be a slave or a robot? If you choose to be a slave, then you have sold your soul to the dark side and well, go ahead and reap the consequences of your conscious decision which will be nothing but terror and suffering. On the other hand, if you choose to be a fully conscious, fully responsible human being, you will reject tyranny in all it’s forms and fight for your freedom. In that case, you will rise up, reclaim your soul and your dignity. You will sleep better at night, and you will stand tall and proud. Which do you prefer?

Experts have called for a halt in the spread of CCTV cameras.

Britain is now being watched by a staggering 4.2million – one for every 14 people and a fifth of the cameras in the entire world.

The Royal Academy of Engineering also warned that lives could be put at risk by the lurch towards a ‘big brother’ society in which the Government and even supermarkets hold huge amounts of personal information on us.

It said any system was vulnerable to abuse – including bribery of staff and computer hackers gaining access.

The Government’s planned Children’s Database, for example, which will contain the names and addresses of children considered vulnerable or ‘at risk’, could open the door for paedophiles to target them.

The academy said our identities, eating habits, health and vulnerability could all be compromised and abused.

This could include details being sold or leaked of whether a woman has had an abortion or a person’s HIV status.

Supermarkets, which keep records of a shopper’s purchases each week using

The use of face recognition technology would allow the authorities to pinpoint a person’s exact localoyalty cards, could pass information about unhealthy eaters to the NHS or life insurance companies.

One of the report’s authors, Professor Nigel Gilbert, said the number of CCTV cameras in Britain is so large that the installation of any more should be halted until the need for them is proven. The average Londoner may be monitored by up to 300 every day.

Britain relies on the cameras far more than other countries, accounting for 20 per cent of all such technology used across the world, despite having just one per cent of the globe’s population.

Professor Gilbert said that, as digital technology improved, there would be no barrier to storing camera images indefinitely.

The use of face-recognition technology would allow the authorities to pinpoint a person’s exact location at any given time.

The report added that the Government’s plans for storing vast amounts of data on computer databases and microchips posed a huge risk to the public.

The NHS computer system to store patient records, which is currently costing billions to develop, could also jeopardise a person’s lifestyle or employment prospects if information leaked out.

The report says examples could include DNA data showing that the presumed father of a child could not be.

The academy also said biometric data stored on radio frequency microchips on the Government’s new passports – the technology which will be used for ID cards – could be ‘eavesdropped’.

The microchips, which the Daily Mail has revealed can be read from a distance of several feet, could be hijacked by fraudsters – giving them access to names, addresses and other personal details – and even terrorists.

The report said that, in the future, extremists could construct a bomb which would be detonated only when a certain passport, or a passport of a particular nationality, was nearby.

The bomb would wait to be activated by information on the passport’s electronic chip, which gives out a radio signal.

On supermarkets, the experts say there is no reason why firms such as Tesco or Sainsbury’s need a person’s name to issue them with a loyalty card.

The report says: “It is not entirely absurd to imagine that supermarkets’ loyalty card data might one day be used by the Government to identify people who ignored advice to eat healthily or who drank too much, so that they could be given a lower priority for NHS treatment”.

Professor Gilbert added: “We have supermarkets collecting data on our shopping habits and also offering life insurance services.

“What will they be able to do in 20 years’ time, knowing how many doughnuts we have bought?”

The document follows a recent study from the Government’s privacy watchdog, the Information Commissioner, which warned that Britain was becoming a ‘surveillance society’.

Commissioner Richard Thomas said excessive use of CCTV and other information-gathering was creating a climate of suspicion.

Shami Chakrabarti, director of human rights group Liberty, said: “This report sends a clear warning to public and private sectors with their insatiable appetite for our personal information.

“The desire for a little bit of privacy is part of being human and the nation’s dignity should not be for sale. Smart politicians and businessmen take note.”

Alcohol ‘should be considered a Class A drug’ say experts

Daily Mail | Mar 22, 2007

Alcohol is so dangerous to health that it should be considered a class A drugs, experts have warned.

The amount of physical and social harm caused by drink means it should be ranked alongside class A drugs such as heroin and cocaine, it is claimed.

Cigarettes would end up as class B – like amphetamines and barbiturates, according to a new league table.

But cannabis would remain ranked as class C, which critics have blamed for sending the wrong message to young people and boosting misuse.

British experts have drawn up a new ‘rational scale’ of harm caused by legal and illegal drugs following criticism that the existing system is not scientifically based.

The current UK Misuse of Drugs Act segregates drugs into three classes – A,B and C – that are intended to reflect the dangers of each drug, with class A being most harmful and class C being least harmful.

But a report published in The Lancet medical journal claims this system is “arbitrary” and non-scientific.

It proposes a league table of 20 harmful substances that puts the “socially accepted” drugs of alcohol and tobacco in a similar category to street drugs.

Alcohol was ranked 4th and tobacco 9th – just behind heroin and cocaine in first and second place. They were judged more harmful than cannabis – ranked 11th – and substantially more dangerous than the class A drug Ecstasy which was ranked 18th.

The team behind the report, which included forensic, police and medical experts, said Ecstasy was the cause of death for only a few ‘unfortunate’ people each year, compared with thousands dying of drink-related problems.