Kucinich Seeks To Ban Hand Guns In America

WTAM Cleveland | Apr 20, 2007


Gun bans don’t stop gun violence in the western world. Look at the UK which has the most explosive gun crime rate in the entire world while the average citizen there isn’t allowed to own so much as a can of pepper-spray or even carry a knife. We could go to the Chinese system of course where guns, free speech, freedom of religion and freedom of assembly are pretty much banned, where you will be sent to a labor camp for expressing dissent and tortured at will. If that is the system you want, then go along with Kucinich who has proposed the Orwellian “Department of Peace” whose “Peace Patrols” will be to going door to door confiscating weapons and taking out anyone who believes in the 2nd Amendment. Remember that “Peace”, according to the globalists, is a situation where resistance against the global dictatorship is pacified.


Congressman drafting legislation to make owning a hand gun illegal.

Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich wants to ban hand guns in America.

Kucinich is currently drafting legislation that would ban the purchase, sale, transfer or possession of hand guns by civilians. A gun buy-back provision will be included in the bill.

Kucinich announced this move in the aftermath of Monday’s deadly shooting at Virginia Tech.

Kucinich noted in a speech to congress that about 32 people die each day in America due to hand gun related incidents. 33 died at VT.

Kucinich says it’s becoming “painfully obvious” that the easy availability of handguns constituents a growing national crisis of public health and safety, one that he says calls for a powerful, wide-ranging response from congress.

He says the level of violence in our society constitutes a national emergency.

Already this Congress, Kucinich has introduced HR 808, legislation to establish a Department of Peace and Nonviolence. It would address the issue of domestic violence, gang violence, and violence in the schools, which is reflected in the current homicide rates.

Kucinich notes recent studies that indicate many killers had histories of mental illness. He says the lack of parity for mental health care remains one of the most serious deficiencies in healthcare in the United States.

Kucinich has also proposed HR 676, Medicare for all. It would establish a universal not-for-profit healthcare system, which would provide full and comprehensive mental healthcare.


The British called – They want their guns back

Total firearms ban in the UK sees gun crime soaring by 35%
That represents an average of 27 offences involving firearms every day in England and Wales, with guns fired in nearly a quarter of cases.

Gun Control’s Twisted Outcome
Restricting firearms has helped make England more crime-ridden than the U.S.

Numerous articles on gun-rights and the evolving Commu-Fascist police state

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  1. Even if they do band handguns there will still be illegal sells. But realy, what happened to the right to bare arms!?

  2. How about no to gun control and yes to criminal

  3. The right to bear arms was intended for the soul purpose of defending the people from their own government. A government that wants to oppress it’s people will first take away your right to descent (freedom of speech) and then your ability to revolt (the god given right of every oppressed person). The US Government has taken leaps and bounds to control freedom of speech at every turn over the past 3 decades, and has time after time taken pot shots at the only threat to their absolute, self-propagating autonomous authority, the right for EVERY American to own and bear against his oppressor weapons of the day(Ie; semi and fully automatic weapons, tanks, howitzers, etc…

  4. If all guns are banned then only the criminals will have guns. How is that a step in the right direction? Banning the means of violence will only force the violent to find another way to do what they are going to do no matter what you do. And with a ban on all my guns how am i supposed to defend myself?

  5. Im living in Canada…..only criminal have guns here! I dont need a gun to defend myself and im not scare. Here, only smart criminal are able to get a gun because this is illegal. Generaly, smart people dont use a guns for any reason.

  6. You aren’t very smart either, Frankly speaking.

  7. Very simple. If they make a law in the US to even so much as register guns, (the 1st step of confiscation), simply refuse to do it. What are they going to do? Kick down doors of 200 million gun owners? Simple math would reveal that even an army of 2 million, (which is more than all military & police combined) if they run ito 1 “unfriendly” house-hold out of every 100, would run out of men before the guns got confiscated. Refuse to register or turn them in, and they’ll be left scratching their heads, saying “gee, that didn’t work, now what do we do?”

  8. The 2nd ammendment is there simply to remind the bastards in power who the boss REALLY is.

  9. Your talking crap. The uk doesnt have the worst gun crime rate. there arent any guns allowed!
    Get it right

  10. That’s right Artic66, there are no guns allowed to the common ordinary citizen, but they are allowed to drug gangs and common criminals.

    Gun Control’s Twisted Outcome
    Restricting firearms has helped make England more crime-ridden than the U.S.

    Just admit you are against the average citizen having the right to defend themselves as they see fit. For that, you are just another government-worshipping twit.

  11. all those gun rights advocates are being paid by the rich gun lobbies in the US who have big big commerical interests in selling guns.

    just admit it, you are pathetic sell-outs to the gun lobby. shameful.

  12. Just admit it comrade. You don’t want Americans to have the means to defend themselves. You are a sell-out to Big Nanny State Government.

    Shame on you.

  13. Great. Accept money from the poweful and rich US gun manufacturers and pretend to fight for “rights”. Only idiots will believe you. So you work for the big corporate interests. That makes your site a joke and a big lie.

  14. By supporting gun rights, you are supporting the large commerical interests of the rich and poweful gun manufacturers.
    Who wouldn’t be suspicious?
    Your site seems to be just a big joke and one big LIE.

  15. You are such an idiot, a useful liberal idiot for the Bush family in fact. This site is one of only a small handful of sites that are telling the truth against a giant storm of lies and propaganda from both the left and the right. You are obviously with the Left, but since you are too stupid to realize the Left and the Right are controlled by the same elite, and that our freedom is in deep peril, you support Kucinich on gun-control and probably on global warming as well. Great, just great.

    You people are lunatics with absolutely no brains whatsoever. Keep drinking the fluoridated water and the aspartame cocktails.

    Sick of you assholes.

  16. Violence is rarely the answer, especially when people are not aware of who the real enemy of humanity is. Violent revolution, 9 times out of 10 is going to just lead to a new form of tyranny. Nepal is the perfect example of that going from a feudal fascist state to a Maoist state. In fact, the Maoist state will be even more tyrannical.

    The main reason to be armed is to protect one’s family and property from attack by either common criminals or a tyrannical government. It is better to shoot it out with the government than to submit to being rounded up into concentration camps or lined up before execution pits as has happened all over the world throughout the 20th century and is still happening in places like Burma, North Korea, China and soon in Nepal I fear.

    A government that launched preemptive wars, tortures human beings in secret prisons, surveils its own citizens and systematically attempts to strip them of their rights is a galloping tyranny, no matter what the controlled prostitute media propaganda says. So people do have the right to defend themselves from such evil whenever it is deemed by them to be necessary. If they are coming to steal your children and put them into foster homes to be raped, then there is no doubt in my mind what I would do to them.

    Wake up people. No matter if it is a right wing or a left wing dictatorship, or some synthesis if the two, then they are going to try to disarm the public so that they can crush them and do whatever the hell they want with the people they rule over. You have to keep your right to defend yourself. It is just common sense. If they take that right away, take it back by force if necessary.


    hey DISGUSTING you are disgustingly ignorant. Sorry but this country was given the Bill of Rights for a reason and the government is doing everything in their power to take those rights away. The point is if they can take away one right, what is going to stop them from taking away the next one and the next. Shit! they already can for that matter, and that should make you angry if you are a patriot!!! You know what the irony is of this whole deal. Is that some of these government officials think they are helping the public, when all they are doing is setting us up for failure. The whole point is Americans were given the right to bear arms for a reason and the government wants to disarm us for that very same reason. If you do not know what that reason is then go read a history book, please. They do not want us to protect ourselves, and you might ask protection from what? Figure out and read more links attached to this website fool… Why else would they try to take a rifle away from a hunter who only uses his gun for gaming. Cause in all reality if a criminal wants a gun for evil purposes he will figure out a way to acquire that gun. There is no stopping people from buying gun illegally, if anything the illegal market would profit even more. It is not about the gun manufactures because they will continue to make guns until it illegal to manufacture guns. The bottom line is that there is something brewing in this country and if it means taking away an Americans rights to do something than we have BIG problems coming. You might as well bend over and take it cause someone is looking to fuck you over. In all honesty it is already happening if you have not noticed, and alias disgusting, I don’t know if you know much.

    DISGUSTING the way you commented on this wall seems to be that of a very, VERY misinformed person. To me it seems that you got your information from the movie WAR Inc. You are the type of person that we need to help. I am not saying that you are wrong but you are very ignorant and misguided in your information. Do your own research and see what else is being written not in the control of mass media. Don’t believe any of it but just be aware about the media and the what-ifs. Dig deeper because in every headline there is a bigger story that is not being disclosed fully, there is always an extra source with more information out there, hidden or ready to be unveiled. Time and patience will bring truth if you have the will to work on finding truth.

    You should think different about your comment that this site is a bunch of lies. I am not saying it is all truth either but what I am saying is that there is some credible information here. Only fools think this shit could be lies, or very controlled people or just plainly stated idiots. I am sure you are one of the people that think there is no inflation and the economy is doing fine at the moment. hahaha, and if you are good luck in the coming years. If someone with a big gun maybe an AK or M-16 comes knocking on your door saying leave your house and get in the van you better do so because you have no other options at that point.

    So do yourself a favor and stop being DISGUSTINGLY ignorant. After you open your eyes to more “lies” then talk to me.


    JW I feel you on your comments above!

    I can just here the elites saying, “G-golly guys I did not expect these ‘salves’ to be this smart. How did they miss the ‘dumb down’ propaganda”

    I only hope we can make it to the point of a successful revolution. If the people “wake up and smell the shit” that is going on around them. Now when I say revolution I am not calling for violence but just a change in systematic policy or Government for that matter. It is time to bounce the GOP out of office. Yet history will show us what that really means. Every hundred years a country needs to balance itself with a revolution and I think one is stirring right now.

    The GOP know is too and they are scared themselves because they do not want their plans and hidden agendas to be spoiled. They worked so hard in screwing previous generations that they think they got it under control, and I sure hope they are wrong. We need to spread a peaceful word quickly because America is changing and it is changing quickly.

  19. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=yTq2NEUlhDE&feature=related

    Strange thing this, i’d just posted this video on my blog uk1884.
    Giving the title of USA don’t trust your government keep your weapons.
    Violent crime has rocketed yet in their wisdom the government remove the police off the streets.
    We’d love to be armed. but today i guess we’d turn them on Westminster!
    Too many Fabian communist both in our government and yours’
    Ban- Ban -Ban first your arms then free speech.
    We accept that the UK is now a police state.
    All we need now is a state of emergency under some pretext of terrorism and then we have the pack .
    The EUSSR are about to bring in laws regarding bloggers….
    We don’t toe their line and therefore must be stopped freedom of thought and speech must end.
    sharia laws i guess…will eventually be the order of the day!!

  20. Fantastic video! Thanks for that, I have posted it. Makes you want to wring the necks of these dirty treasonous politicians and bureaucrats, in self-defense of course.

  21. I’ve been around guns my entire life, never once have I seen one jump up and hurt anyone, now the nanny state politicians want to take our guns under the pretext of protecting us from us, Mike Huckabee made a great statement when he was campaigning he was questioned on gun control He cited the number of people who died from doctor malpractice and the number exceeded gun deaths and he asked the question why are we not banning doctors??? Ok now to my point (one of many) the 2nd amendment was created with the thought of arming the public to form a militia (a well regulated militia being necessary to a free state) this militia was to protect the people from, other nations, indians, and other threats to the states, now this militia was also volunteer so the public would need guns to for this militia, we actually have it backwards but I am a huge 2nd amendment supporter and the day they ban guns is the day I report my stolen and I encourage others to do the same and if a department of peace person comes knocking at the door they will get a large skillet to the head maybe then they will also consider banning skillets.

    Fight on Patriots, there is no amendment more important than the other and all are equally in danger of being stripped away!

  22. Huckabee is right on that one, but like 99.9% of politicians, he only gives you half the truth and will make promises he will not keep.

    I have questioned the use and ownership of firearms because I think we should all try to question our own assumptions about things. I have really thought it through and to tell the truth, there is nothing more reasonable, sane and sensible than to own some guns, be well-trained in their use and be ready to use them for either hunting, sport or self-defense.

    One reason it is sensible is because a gun is an equalizer. A small woman or an elderly man or even a tough young man who is injured or ill can use guns to defend themselves should the need arise. Without that option available, you are basically screwed when the thugs enter your home. At that point they can do whatever they want to you and your family, be it rape, assault, torture, murder, robbery or whatever. It is just silly to make yourself so vulnerable and it is such a confidence booster to know that you have something at hand, should the need arise, that you can use to effectively protect yourself. Are there risks? Of course there are, but they are insignificant compared to getting behind the wheel of two tons of screaming metal hurtling down the freeway or for that matter walking into a doctor’s office where you will most likely be given surguries or drugs that are usually inappropriate, that will shorten your life and probably ruin you financially.

    I just want to also say that using a gun for self-defense is cleaner, simpler, more powerful as a deterrant and even more civilized and compassionate than other ways such as using knives, swords, baseball bats etc.

    Think if you only had knives and swords to defend yourself with. First, you would need to be highly trained and in top condition to be able to use them effectively to stop a powerful man coming at you. Secondly, you are already at a severe disadvantage if the bad guy has a gun. Third, if you think about it, I would say most people have no desire to start stabbing, slashing, or hacking at another human being. It is just a horrifying way to defend oneself, not to mention messy. Same with using blunt instruments for bashing. Of course, you might have to resort to these methods in the event of a surprise attack or home invasion, but if you pull out a 9mm pistol or a shotgun and point it at someones face, you are then in control. Unless he is completely insane or on drugs, he will follow your orders and either leave you alone or wait for help to arrive, whatever your choice is.

    Normal, sane people do not want to harm another human being. It is the last thing they want to do, but it is such good, decent, gentle people who must generate enough dignity and courage to defend their own lives and those of others. I don’t want to see such people weeded out of the human genetic pool. If that happens, we will become another species altogether, perhaps a homo psychopathicus. Without guns, or at least the option to own them, we are all screwed. And I agree, maybe it is better to report them stolen, bury them, get them any old way you can and keep it quiet, because you know the tyrannical fascist trend is toward confiscation as has been done all over the planet.

  23. Yorkielass, What wisdom you display. You are right about every aspect of the issue. When they take your self defense away next will be your constitutiopnal rights. ALL OF THEM! Wake up and smell the gunpowder. UK and AUSS. are both gun free zones and guess what more gun violence after the ban than before.

  24. Another point, The UN is trying to get all members to ban small arms. Well lets look around a bit. How about IRAQ, Darfar, all of the countries where gun rights do not exist. Look at what happens. Ak-47s for the bad guys. Who ends up dead from guns.

  25. Dear Disgusted: Your comments can be directed at any “industry” Are alcohol brewers “evil” because beer costs money? Are knife makers “evil” for same reason. I guess guns would be ok if they were handed out free then? BTW most gun manufacurers in U.S. are small to medium operations. Saying guns are bad just because they have economic value shows how stupid anti-gun arguments are.

  26. The right to defend your own life is literally the last line of defense. Once that is taken away, you have lost the war. You become nothing more than a domesticated animal, ie a sheep bleating over the telephone to Emergency Services, “Ba-aah, Ba-a-ah. There’s a big evil man coming in my door! He’s got a gun! Hurry! Ba-a-a-a-a-aa! Ba-a-a-a-a…” *BLAM!!* “ugh…….”.

  27. people want 2 ban guns because of crime…why dont they punish the criminals instead of slapping them on the wrist an sending them home?the laws are made for the criminals,instead of law abiding citizens.

  28. These mass murder events happen around the world. Not all involve schools or guns. In Japan a worker rented a truck, drove into a crowd, then stabbed seventeen killing seven.

    The more likely cause of sudden violence is Subliminal Distraction exposure. SD causes a believed to be harmless episode. Most victims recover with no treatment.

  29. Michael (UK)

    Absolute nonsense, the statistics from all over the world prove that the tighter the gun control a nation has the less deaths due to guns occur.

    The UK on average has about 80 deaths per year due to guns with a 60m population. The USA has around 13,000 with a population of 290m.

    More than 70% of gun crime in the UK is with the use of air propelled or even replica guns. Remember in the UK even carrying a gun is “gun crime”.

  30. That video was stupid.
    The hunting ban had nothing to do with oppression or freedom. It was to do with the pointless killing of defenseless animals.
    Also how will legaliseing guns stop gun crime?
    The police carry guns and a few criminals do. If guns were leagalised then everyone would have one. Then all it would take is an argument to get out of hand and some one gets shot.
    Look at America-
    In America most people killed by guns wern’t kill by a crazed, drugged up mugger as the picture above suggests but instead in demestic disputs by a neigbour, friend or partner.
    Also in the modern world if a governmment oppresses its people what is a handful of untrained, uncoordinated citizens going to against the national army? It would be a blood bath. In to days world a well organised union is a bigger threat to a tyrannical regime than armed citizens.
    The unions is what brought down the Soviets in europe not freedom fighters.

  31. btw-
    Most brits don’t want guns or hunting to be legalised, only the posh upper class do.
    Watch the video, do you honestly think most brits have that accent any more?

  32. Most Brits are brainwashed socialist sheep without a clue, following the herd to the slaughterhouse.

    The “collapse of Communism” was merely a feinting maneuver. The goal on both the Soviet (see Perestroika Deception) side and the TransAtlantic side (see Reece Committee Report) was to gradually unify the Soviet system with the West in a synthesis is Communism and Fascism. This is the system in China which is considered to be the “model state” according to the UN.

    The New World Order is a plan to track, trace, monitor, tag, soften up, sicken, fatten up and dumb down humanity, and ultimately to depopulate the planet as they bring in Global dictatorship. That is what you are supporting.

    The right to own guns (or any other weapon of choice) is one of the first to go in any tyranny, feudal, fascist, communist, you name it. After that, all the other rights fall one by one. A person has a right to defend himself from SWAT teams and Urban Warfare commando units kicking down his door, or any other common criminal thug for that matter. If you do not have the option to defend yourself, then all you are left with is to cower under the covers holding nothing but your phone, hoping either God or “the authorities” will help you.

    Your so-called freedoms are being destroyed one by one. The government lies to you on a daily basis. Things keep getting worse and worse and it is all because disgusting idiots like you trust in and worship the government.

  33. Ur parinoided mate- see a doctor

  34. If there is a new world order aiming to “depopulate” the world it is clearly failing badly

  35. You are either sick in the head or you are just another NWO minion playing games. Probably both.

  36. Soz mate, didn’t mean to piss u off. Actually i have never heard of the NWO.
    I get sum of the stuff ur talking about i just don’t agree with it.

  37. Soz mate didn’t mean to piss you off.
    Acctually i have never heard of the NWO.
    I get sum of the stuff u mean about defending ur self, i just dont agree with it.

  38. I know what the hell is going on and either you are completely clueless or you are some kind of agent. It has to be one or the other. There are over 5000 articles contained in this blog, laying out every one of the vast array of aspects that the New World Order minions are setting up. If you can just sit there and pooh-pooh and ignore it and say it’s just my paranoid fantasy, then there is something very seriously wrong with you.

  39. Relax, ok im not having a go at u

  40. If you have any kind of soul, some level of sincere desire for the truth, you will look into this New World Order and how to protect yourself and your loved ones from it.

    I am giving you a chance at it.

    Go to the categories. Pick any category and delve into it for awhile.

    Go to the links:

    See the Alternative News links and see that I am not the only one talking about the NWO.

    Go to Illuminati Research links and study who exactly is behind the NWO.

    Go to the Solutions links and the Resistance category and see what other people are trying to do about it.

    If you are a decent bloke as you pretend to be, then you will have to admit I was right and you were misinformed.

  41. “Most Brits are brainwashed socialist sheep without a clue, following the herd to the slaughterhouse. ”
    Well it’s the Americans that are killing each other at a record rate, over 4 times the amoiunt 9/11 every year. Still that’s your problem, I certainly don’t want to talk you out of it.

    “The “collapse of Communism” was merely a feinting maneuver. ”

    Interesting comment, however the same people that ran Communism in Eastern Europe now control the USA. They are called Zionists. Research it for yourself.

  42. The British population are absolutely a bunch of sheep, they think the government knows what’s best for them. They are descendants of the cowards who let King George III reign, everyone who had balls opposed the government and left to America. In the days of the Anglo Saxons, if you didn’t carry a sword, you were a slave. The same is true today, if you do not own a weapon you are a slave, waiting to be taken control of. If you like being a slave, go ahead and oppose the 2nd amendment, but I urge you to study history and find out what happens to conformist cowards.

  43. Right on the money. Feudalism=Slavery. And people are so mentally enslaved that they don’t even know they are ruled by feudal overlords, both in England and the US, but especially in England where Big Brother originated.

  44. ok a couple of things, correct me if I’m wrong, Didnt Hitler take away all the guns before killing all those people?!?!?! Oh and ya go buy an ak 47 I just got one, those are great got 2 30 round clips

  45. The Liberals love Uncle Adolf. After all, he was a pro-gun-control vegan for family planning (friends with Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood) and he was kind to animals.

  46. I just saw “Zeitgeist: Addendum”. I strongly recommend watching it on google video under that title. Youtube has continuously removed the video off of their site for no reason but to obstruct justice. It is 2hrs long and in full remastered quality on google video. Respond please.

  47. I had a sick feeling after watching it. It seems to be another form of controlled opposition to channel resistance into the area of domed utopian eco-city complexes and world government under a cashless system. None of which will you be free to opt out of to do your own thing. I frankly agree about the religion aspect, but I just see it as more social engineering. People must gradually and organically learn what reality is, not be led along a utopian engineering plan. When I watched the people dropping all their religious paraphenalia, it looked like they were dropping one form of conditioning for another.

  48. Governments only have power because the people give it to them. With out it they have nothing. Personaly I think that they there everyone should be allowed to own a gun if they wanted criminals are going to do what they want regardless of the law. Thatis why they are criminals. There should be more effort in to teaching conflict resoloution and the apropreate use and application of use of firearms than more laws to stop people from owning them. Some one in a fight that would have shot someone if they had a gun would usualy just stabb them insted. Like you would have to with a child you need to teach people just saying NO just leaves you with the reply why?

  49. I have used a gun to defend myself. Because of guns I am not a victim, and I protected the ones I love.

    We need to educate about gun safety, perhaps add some limitations, and make more of an effort to get guns away from criminals and individuals with anger problems.

    An outright ban is a terrible idea that lacks compromise, logic, and empathy.

    (Thanks for allowing unregistered comments, I see lots of blogs that throw around their right of free speech while denying it to others.)

  50. I am glad you were able to make a real life example of the value of firearms ownership. I agree generally, but it concerns me when people talk about restricting gun ownership from people with so-called anger-management problems. That is a very slippery slope that can very easily be exploited by the runaway State and is being exploited against the very people who should have the right to own guns: veterans. You know, the ones the government uses as canon-fodder in their immoral and unconstitutional wars and then get spit on when they finally get home, minus a limb or two. Those guys are the very first to be singled out with “anger problems” and it is those guys that need to be armed the most when and if the shit hits the fan.

    Every restriction is just another stepping stone towards general confiscation and that is exactly where it is going. Don’t even think about more restrictions because there are already far too many.

  51. Now you american citizens are PATHETIC. at least 50% of you are so DUMB as to vote that imbecile idiot Bush back into a second term.
    And what good was your “right to bear arms” while this mobster and his thugs stole from you BIGTIME, crashed the global economy and fought 2 wars under the pretense to defend “democracy”. Who took up his arms when the patriot act was established? What has to happen to wake you guys up? Why have arms if the bearer is a TV-dumbed down macdonalds-fed idiot? arms or not – the US government has long outwitted its “voters”.

  52. Hey Sam,
    It was real easy to vote for Bush. He was running against a moron BOTH times. The only stealing I’m seeing was because of a bunch of yahoo’s in Congress that WOULDN’T oversee Freddie and Fannie. The majority of those folks just happen to be Democrats. Jeez, that whole mess was started in the late 70’s by Jimmy Carter. By the way, I ain’t eatin’ at McDonalds.

  53. 45 cal solution

    look at history the first thing Hitler did was to confiscate guns . then he marched the Jews to the ovens .

    you keep saying gun crime crime is crime .and when Ky. past Thar concealed Carry law all crime went down in that state . when any one could have a gun the balls of the criminals get smaller .

    when it comes right down to it the government should issue a gun and amow to every citizen but that would give the power back to the people .

    when it is a crime to have guns only criminals will have gun and the biggest criminals are in Washington. Thar called politicians!!!

  54. ~ one point continues to get lost in all the BS debates ~ the right to bear arms was written in stone to help make sure ‘the people’ could protect themselves from the guberment ~ that’s not just a funny line from a movie, it is the truth ~

  55. God the shit that these agents are spewing around on our websites. The straw men that they create is on the verge of stupendous.

    A armed public is a safe public, the 1800s proved that. The propaganda that is on tv about the ‘wild west’ is shit. They make it appear there where shoot outs everyday.

    The opposite was true. No one messed with anyone really, for they knew they would be defending their lives if they did.

    Any one who cant see the need for arms is either an disinformation agent, or in need of a better education. Considering these things (among others) are not taught in our schools today I will look over many of the ignorant comments that we all see all over the net.

    The disinformation agents should know they have a bullet with their name on it, signed by this Rancher in Texas with love!

    In the coming Civil War; like all Civil Wars, the line will be in the sand, and we know the tell tell signs of a traitor now dont we.

    Keep up your good work here on the site, and may you continue to prepare for the day that awaits us all soon.

    Peace and Love. But make time to train for the coming war!

  56. Abhinav Leekha

    me really fedup from my relatives, i wanna kill them can u guide me what can i do. my contact number is +91-9896400303

  57. Everybody gets fed up with life from time to time, but you need a decompression valve to let your mind settle down. The best thing to do is do some walking, sitting, thinking, contemplating out in nature away from others as often as you can to help get your head clear. Then also get your priorities straight and focus on achieving your goals. Point is to stop obsessing.

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  59. Honestly you can take my gun from my dead cold hands.

  60. Any cop, soldier or private mercenary who can even think about taking your gun from you is nothing but a lowlife thug and a traitor. Never give them any credence. They have no authority over you.

  61. Hitler was a socialist. Believed in big government. Instituted nanny-state policies to protect the citizenry. Serfs were forbidden swords and cross bows by the nobility who provided protection through such “laws” as “noblesse oblige.”
    It is a shame that our congress (and sadly our president) are so ready, willing and (with our continued electoral support) able to take this great country down the path of dissipation and degeneration. Spending us into poverty and recreating a two class system, the elite (nobility) and everyone else (serfs, great unwashed, use your imagination). And with that two-class system comes the elimination of the rights that we have so loved for 200+ years.
    We are the only country founded on the basis of the rights belong to the people. They are not privileges allowed by the government. But with congressional seats being among the safest of jobs and an electorate being mis-led, mis-guided and mis-informed by an acquiescent and fawning far-left liberal press/media establishment we are finding ourselves ever the more oppressed by those who are supposed to be OUR servants- the politicians.
    Isn’t it interesting how people enter politics as middle class (see our President-elect) and in a few short years are wealthy far beyond the norm (see our president elect). These are not public servants but parasites stealing the nation blind and stealing votes (Franken, the gubernatorial race in Washington State(?), etc) when they can’t get enough honestly. All because “we, the people” accept a miserable public education system, are seduced by petty carnal pleasures (TV, movies, etc) and pretty much pay no attention to what is going on around us.
    First they came for the Jews, I am not Jewish, so I didn’t really care. Then they came for the gypsies. I have no gypsy blood, so I paid no heed. Then they took away the Catholics. I am not a Catholic, so it made no difference to me. Then they came for me and there was no one to help me but the “liberals”, who only help themselves.


  63. Yes, but we must never get too used to the idea. We should be like peaceful, yet vigilant farmers making our livings, prepared to bear arms against enemy invaders to protect our way of life, and then immediately go back again after the fighting is done, glad to have it over with, glad to get back home to the business of living life in peace. That’s the point of it, otherwise, if we get too used to the idea of killing, we become like the enemy criminals, thus the whole purpose of bearing arms to safeguard freedom is defeated.

  64. I support every individual’s right to own weapons of any kind. But i think that should come with the condition that the owners be required to know how to use them. Tony Marten is not in jail because he shot someone, he is there because he killed someone. If he lacked he skill to disable without killing then he should be required to stick to weapons more suited to his abilities. Competent intelligent people have every right to own whatever weapon they want, but should only take as much power as they can handle.
    That’s why I don’t own any guns. A crossbow is easier to handle and does not require registration or any legal formalities.

    I would rather see a gun in the hands of a sociopath than in the hands of a moron.

    That being said. I strongly advocate putting a tranquilizer gun in every home in America. They are safe effective and any idiot can use one.

  65. Tony Marten is in prison because he defended his life against two sociopaths who broke into his home in the dead of night. The suggestion that he did not know what he was doing because he didn’t shoot to “just hurt a little”, or “just scare”, “disable” or wound is ludicrous and shows the ignorance of who ever says or believes it.
    Crossbows are very deadly weapons and the lords of old forbade serfs from having them in their possession. The English have become a superficial and feeble-minded lot who have allowed an incompetent government to take control of their lives. An incompetent government and the criminal element- pretty much the same things.

  66. Right on Noah. When two men, including and especially young men, enter your home without your permission, you don’t know if they are there to rob you, rape your wife, abduct your kids, torture you or kill you. You only know that they are there with bad intent.

    Though in a perfect world, you might have the chance to choose whether to deter, wound (stop) or kill, such a situation where you are suddenly confronted by a couple of thugs in close quarters doesn’t give you much time to make such choices and so you just react. That’s the real world. I have never faced such a situation before in my home, but I know I can’t guarantee what I would end up doing (or not doing) to them. Just the thought of a home invasion boils my blood, so whoever it is, and whatever they get, they have it coming. If every home was guarded with guns by MEN like Mr Marten, you can bet that home invasions would drop down to a tiny few every now and then by only the dumbest, craziest and most desperate of criminals. Inside your own home, you ARE the law when it comes to criminal breaking and entering.

  67. Well said there PJ. Many of our states have adopted the castle doctrine, allowing the use of lethal force by a homeowner (including apartment dwellers) inside their own homes. Despite what the anti-gun crowd has crowed this has not led to an increase in shootings.
    It is a shame that the Brits have lost their right to self defense and in consequence, their right to life itself. I do believe that that is where our (most recent and current) government wants to take us.

  68. Yes, they are (so they think) stripping us of every single right we have, including the most primal and basic right to self-preservation. Who would do such a thing to other human beings? Who would even try? The answer is this is a war on humanity, a war OF terror, by the aristocratic elites to get total control over us. This is neofeudalism. That’s all it is. True, the state governments of the US are the last bastions of freedom in the entire world. I would not dispute that for one second, but the US federal government is an entirely different animal, one whose gaping jaws are snapping at our rear ends. I have looked at every way to change it, as so many others have, but I do not believe it can be changed from the course that it is on unless the states secede from it and dump it in the Potomac where it belongs. Governments were not intended to exist and persist for all eternity. When they exceed their limits, when they become tyrannical, then they are to be abolished.

  69. “such a situation where you are suddenly confronted by a couple of thugs in close quarters doesn’t give you much time to make such choices and so you just react.”

    This is exactly my point. Using a gun for self defense takes allot of discipline. Not everyone has that. When you loose your head, you make mistakes. Mistakes you may regret, like hitting the wrong person. I only mentioned a crossbow, because having only one shot forces you to stop and think. I do not think the government should regulate weapons, i only mean to point out that gun owners need to realize that when a gun is drawn by anyone other than a trained professional, it is almost certain that someone is going to die. When you pick up a gun you are making a conscious decision to kill.

    My job has put me in life or death struggles with armed opponents several times, usually in countries with far less forgiving legal systems then ours. So believe me when i say, you are far safer with a good blackjack or a set of knuckles. Guns raise the stakes, make people desperate. As the art of war says, if you back an enemy into a corner from witch there is no escape they will lash out with the ferocity of desperation. It may be someone you care about that is on the receiving end.

  70. As for, our rights being stripped away one by one. In most countries this is being done by the government. Unfortunately it is so much worse here in the US. Our rights and freedoms are not being taken away by some faceless bureaucracy. It is the winy little pussies that complain about everything. That’s what makes this so shitty. the rest of the world is being oppressed by tyrannical dictators. We are binge oppressed by soccer moms who think their problems are the only things that matter. We are having our freedoms slowly reasoned away. First things were censored because they were indecent. People went along with it because it made sense. Then day to day activities were made illegal, or restricted, because it was safer for the children. Again people went along with it because the arguments made sense. Now we have the health movement and the war on terror. We always have an excuse for castrating ourselves.
    When all is said and done we are loosing our freedoms because of human nature. Those who wish to complain always speak the loudest. And politicians, seeking to please the people, do what they are told. The simple fact is no one fights to stay the same. people fight for change. If people have their rights. they are unlikely to pay any attention to politics. So our rights are stripped away, because by the time we take notice and protect them it is too late.

  71. ChrisG,

    What you say is only partially true and sounds like spin to me. There is an agenda called the New World Order designed by the super-elites and the high-level technocrats to strip us of rights and institute global government. It ain’t soccer moms or welfare moms for that matter. They just go along with the NWO. They don’t set it up. The one who oppress us have names like Rockefeller, Strong, Windsor, Rothschild, Ratzinger, Turner, Gates, Buffet, Beatrix, Bush, Juan Carlos, Brzezinski, Ford, Haass, Kissinger, Wolfowitz, Desmarais, Blair, Thatcher, Habsburg, D’Estaing, Solana, Papandreou, Barroso, Bernanke, Geithner, Soros, Heinz, Festing…and there are many hundreds of others.

    Losing our freedoms doesn’t make sense to anybody with half a brain. Many aren’t even aware of the fact, but are gradually waking up to it.

    So bottom line is, I guessed you were just passing disinfo since you came out with your brass-knuckles/bow and arrow BS. Now I’m convinced that you are playing games here, so go try fooling people on another blog.

  72. It is all too true that we are being undermined. Not just by wimpy little complainers who want to bring everyone down to whatever level they are at but also by the government enablers who see such a “crapping down” of our society as the way to keep their jobs- government jobs with government permanence and benefits. Public education has become little more than the teaching of the simplest of skill sets with the heaviest overlay of liberal leftist propaganda imaginable. Our children are literally brainwashed in public school and taught to be little socialists. They are both taught to hate our government as evil, but also to revere and vote for those who will enlarge the government. Taught to hate Wal-Mart because it is so big (although they continue to shop there. How stupid are they?) but then to love government as it grows bigger.

    Our politicians are mostly easily corruptible or pre-corrupted hacks who go to Washington, realize what a cushy job “Representative” or “Senator” (like in ancient Rome) and will then do any reprehensible thing, sell out their constituents and their country in a heartbeat, to curry favor with the Soros’ and Heinz’ of the world. People whose wealth has them so powerful and insulated that I do not think even nuclear war would likely harm them.

    We. The United States. We are the ONLY country in the history of the world to have a government whose power presumably derives from the people. A bottom-up government. Every other nation in history has a government that grants “rights,” really privileges, to the citizenry. The scariest of OUR rights are free speech and the right to bear arms. These are the rights currently most under attack. Free speech is attacked by by the assuming under it every expression imaginable, turning free speech into a meaningless babble. By using “free speech” to censor and limit religious expression. Our rights derive from the people because they are God-Given. Free Speech is being used as a hammer to batter free expression of religious belief and eliminate God from our lives. In order to bring America down first they must eliminate our identity as Americans and one of the bonds that bind us as Americans is a belief in God.

    And of course the elimination of our ability to protect our own lives from the criminal element, including government thugs, by disarming us is paramount. If, when, they come for our guns, if so few of us still have them, and they come with overwhelming force, we are finished. If they aren’t sure who is armed, and they think too may of us are (and we are) they will be far more circumspect. Kind of like they are being today.

    And of course once we are all disarmed the government will be responsible for protecting us individually. Just like in Britain. And if we try to protect ourselves we will find ourselves in prison with the very scum we were keeping out of our homes yesterday. Laws and their application will become draconian. Government thugs will enforce them in kangaroo courts (they’ll call it ‘martial law’) and instant public executions will serve to keep the peons (that would be you and me) in line. Way too dark a vision? Never happen here? Hey! We are the last place on Earth where it is either not happening or well on its way to.

  73. Actually guns have been illegal in the uk for a good long time. So owning a good crossbow is fairly common among those who need the security of a weapon. There is no BS about it.

    and yes loosing our freedoms did make sense, at the time when taken individually. it wasn’t until the patriot act that our rights started to be eliminated in big chunks. Before they were taken away one at a time for seemingly good reasons.
    It made perfect sense when it became illegal to ride a bike without a helmet. It was safer. It made perfect sense when it became illegal to smoke in bars, It was unhealthy for the employees.
    Also bear in mind that the average IQ is 100, anything below 110 is pretty dumb. That means most of this country is pretty gullible.

    And by all means the people who start these imbecilic movements to cut off our own rights, are being manipulated by people smarter and more powerful than they were. It just makes it all the more undignified that we as a people are manipulated into doing it ourselves. at least in the old days of feudal society the lords had the decency to take away peoples rights by open force, and they were usually upfront about being greedy heartless bastards. This modern manipulation is undignified and very hard to fight. The people want to rise up. But whom do they fight.
    Lets say we do have an open revolt and kill every member of the families you listed, how can we be sure we got them all. Or that they were the right ones, they may just be puppets for the true NWO.
    Only a mass scale restructuring of society at every level could work. And just doing it would not be enough. The process would have to be repeated every so often to prevent corruption.

    Really it is just better to do what i’m gonna do: abandon ship. I’m gonna save up a ton of money and move to some little country no one cares about. Buy a house in the middle of nowhere, and do whatever the hell i want where no one is around to tell me i can’t. I truly think the world may be beyond fixing at this point. If anyone has a better plan let me know.

  74. Actually our founding fathers thought that a revolution of sorts every couple decades would be in order. At least Jefferson did.

    As for all those laws infringing on individual liberty to “make things safer”??!! isn’t rthat what nearly ALL the laws are about? The nanny-state steps in to make things safer/better because we, the people are too darned stupid to take care of ourselves. Because we don’t know how to handle lawn-darts safely. Because we can’t ride bikes (motorized and otherwise) safely. Because we can’t drive, cook, shoot, speak or crap without Nanny-state there to protect us. From ourselves.

  75. exactly. They have us right where they want us. Everyone knows some stupid friend or acquaintance who actually did whatever dumb thing the legislators claim the laws will prevent. That is why some little part of you wants to agree with them. They don’t have to fool everyone just half of that 10% that votes. That is why it works. There are always just enough scared or angry people to take advantage of.

  76. Where is that nanny-state when I’m sitting in a public toilet and look over at the industrial sized roller of extra-narrow sand paper and realize that there are only four squares left? Where is it when I really need it? When I need several pages of their most recent legislation?

  77. Here’s six hundred pages of Patriot Act. Hope that helps do the job…

    In fact, I move that we make it the law of the land to install Patriot Act toilet paper in every public toilet.

  78. Thank you. I also have all of Fannie and Freddie’s bad paper so I and the rest of the universe are set for life. Somebody has promised to bring several truck fleets of bail-out legislation as well.
    Just hope that the ink doesn’t run like the politicians do, away from the responsibility for what they have done.

  79. Oh they will keep running away from the truth all the way to their graves. That is the one thing you can count on with them. They do all this because they are beholden to the NWO agenda, made their oaths to the various secret orders and shadow government organs all tied in with the foundations, think-tanks, banks and corporations. This is the Brotherhood we are dealing with. They don’t make mistakes, so it isn’t that they are covering up screw-ups. They are covering up something much bigger, the elephant in the middle of the room that is never, ever spoken of in the mainstream media. That’s the NWO, Matrix system, whatever you want to call it.

    Oh and we’ll never run out of TP material, that’s for sure.

  80. So now the UK is technically bankrupt. That means the government won’t be able to pay the cops, who in turn will not be there to defend you if indeed that was ever their intention. Police, you remember, are really there to defend society, not to defend the individual.

    So now there is not a single reason for the bad guys to pay you any respect at all. Hope you feel good about that. Shouldn’t have voted for the lefties, should you?

  81. The agenda was never to protect the people. It has always been to control the people toward a pre-determined end. What the government gives, the government takes away when it suits them. They have or could have plenty of money for extra police but that isn’t the agenda. The agenda is the Big Brother Stasi Society wherein you are monitored on the vast interlocking control grid system 24/7 and you are policed by Stasi snitches and even your own brainwashed children. That is just one part of the New World Order agenda, but it is one of the worst parts of it. And it has nothing to do with right or left because both sides politically are controlled by the same elites at the top.

  82. There is no difference between communists and nazis, socialists and collectivists and fascistii.

    The USA was the only country where the governments power arose from the the citizenry. Now that is changing as we, the people, become enthralled to the government.

    Dennis Kucinich is an idiot!

  83. i live in the uk
    i’ve never seen a handgun in my entire life.
    i’ve only ever seen shotguns and rifles belonging to farmers.

    but what i also know
    is in my country.
    gun crime is no where near as bad as in your country

    but hey, what do i care.
    you amerifags want your guns.
    Keep your guns.

  84. /re/b/turd: No one here insulted you or your piddling little country so don’t start. You have no idea (other than what you read in yiour “tabloids”. At least you have the sense not top even consider calling them “newspapers”, I’ll give you that) about crime, gun or otherwise here. In your country where you are not even allowed the ‘luxury’ of self-defense, where you have NO RIGHTS, only privileges allowed by your suicidally corrupt governors, you have become mincing little bloody worms. You hold your featureless faces upto the light of government and and hope for a sprinkling of offal and not a hungry Robin.
    Ity would appear from the “news” and the statements of your own countrymen that gun crime, in fact all crimes against persons, has become a huge problem. That you have pitiably never seen a handgun in your life is pathetic. On the other hand my guess is that you have help plenty of men’s “guns” in your hand without flinching.

  85. Proud American

    I want to say this to the British people reading this blog: We cannot expect you to understand what taking away our 2nd amendment right means to the people here in the United States of America. All you hear is the information you get from your mass media resources, which is most likely filled with propaganda, about how the United States of America is. Unless you have lived in the United States of America your entire life with all of the liberties and freedoms that our great country was founded on, there can be no way for you to understand the impact of something like this.

    Our entire government was formed with the intent that it is for the people run by the people. So when the government tries to take freedoms away from us, it is rather upsetting. America is a great place to live. It is the longest lasting government in the history of the world and for good reason.

    The founding fathers did not just throw the government together and hoped that it would work. They knew what they were doing all along. They had tried and been apart of different types of government and found them not to work. So they came up with the government we have known for the last 232 years. With all of the freedoms and liberties. As well as checks and balances. So when people come along and try to distort and take away our most basic rights as Americans it is very upsetting. We have our basic 10 amendments that grant us those most basic rights as individuals. Number 2 on the list is the Right to Bear Arms. It was put as the 2nd amendment for a reason. To provide the people of the United States of America the right to defend themselves, their homes and their families.

    I am proud to live in this country. I don’t know where all this gun crime information you British people get comes from. There are now more guns in the United States of America than ever before. Crimes committed with guns are steadily deceasing to the lowest levels in the last 20 years. (I will let you do the math with that one, more guns+less gun crimes=?) So don’t tell me from several thousand miles away in a different country that having guns is a problem in my country. I live here and know that guns are not a problem at all. I have never heard a gun shot fired that wasn’t for the purpose of hunting in all my life.

    So, think before you speak about what you do not know!

  86. I would like to throw my 2c behind what “Proud American” just wrote. We have virtually no news from the media about crime in England. Only crime in Chicago (an American city picked at random) or other American cities makes the news here because that is the agenda being promulgated. I am sure that in Britain it is the same and violent crime in America (committed by criminals, don’t forget) makes the headlines. But, as noted above, here in the USA we have five times your population and 200 times your firearms. We also have more people licensed to carry firearms concealed than ever before and less gun crime as a result.
    Don’t forget that criminals prefer what they think are easy targets. If a criminal thinks that you are unarmed he is more likely to attack you, be it with a gun or a club. If he believes that you are armed he will leave you alone. In England not only does he believe you are unarmed he knows that if you try to fight back and defend yourself the government will provide him compensation, support a lawsuit against you and throw you in jail. Then he can go to your house, rape your children, kill your spouse and steal your goods if he hasn’t already been awarded them by the state.

  87. The trouble with the people in the U.S.A. today is the FACT that, they are so stupid, they don’t even know how to go about protecting their freedoms. As a testimony to what I’m talking about and this theme, the word “bear” as to “bear” arms, isn’t even known by the following cited author/contributor to this web-page (&/or bulletin board).

    ” Steven // January 17, 2008 at 1:34 pm

    Even if they do band handguns there will still be illegal sells. But realy, what happened to the right to bare arms!?”

  88. Re: “David Wells”.
    I cannot find your reference anywhere on this page. I can’t even find a January 17 posting or anyone using “Steven” posting here. making up stuff is really a no no, you know.

  89. Michael, i will agree whole heartedly that in countries that completely ban firearms, firearms related deaths do decline. Here’s the problem. They don’t disappear and the other homicides jump up to match or over take the original death rate. Also the over all violent crime rate sky-rockets.

    If getting rid of guns was the answer would 0 guns allowed to citizen equal 0 gun deaths? Yet in no country on earth is athere a 0 gun homicide rate.

  90. i am a soldier in the us army and i have seen first hand that guns arent the ones killing, they dont have a mind, people kill people. whether it be by a gun, rpg, knife, hand grenade, beating to death, rocks, etc people will always find a way to kill one another. its just life. so stop trying to stop the inevitable it will never work and just accept the reality of things and protect yourself accordingly. TAKING AWAY A CITIZENS RIGHTS IS NEVER A STEP IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION

  91. You cling to your guns like they are your salvation. How pathetic.

    Saying that the UK has a higher crime rate apart fom murder and rape is hilarious to be frank. Guns are used primarily for murder and rape. So basically, the result of gun control in the UK is fewer crimes involving guns. Which makes sense.

    No-one in the UK is for a relaxation of gun laws, and we look on with disgust as your students and young people blow each other apart with not one of the many gun control advocates being listened to.

    Maybe it would be better if the writer of this article kept his nose out of the domestic affairs of a foreign country he knows nothing about.

  92. Henry Ford: Are you a fool? This article has a video of Brits who are marching for the privilege of arming themselves with guns. Did you not see it, refuse to acknowledge it or simply deny those folks exist?

    Guns are not used primarily for rape. Sexual organs are. Wake up! Guns are not primarily used for murder. They prevent more than they are involved in. Statisticians have proven that.

    Yes. In the UK a smaller % of crimes are committed with guns. You prefer clubs and knives… your preference. Many of your fellow citizens are not spineless hypocrites who prefer the chance to protect themselves to the surety of being victimized.

    The reliance upon a government (any government) for one’s personal safety can only be (slightly) counted on in an authoritarian state. Is that wher5e you want to live. Not merely a nanny-state but a dictatorial one.

    Maybe it would be better if snotty nosed socialist apologists didn’t so want to subject their fellow citizens to their own personal desires. And express their ignorant beliefs without even looking out their windows to see what is really going on.

    Don’t tread on me!

  93. I’m always amazed how many brainwashed idiots there are who actually believe that giving up their rights will make them safer! Anybody who is willing to give up their freedom in exchange for a promise of safety deserves neither freedom nor safety.

  94. Of course, that’s true, but in England, they just gave up all their rights to defend themselves which is bloody stupid really, especially since the streets are now overrun with armed thugs including government goons who can gun you down in a tube station and get away with it. Self-preservation is the most fundamental right of all and to give it up is suicide.

  95. So what if some people if not most people decide to support large commercial business that manufacture and sell guns. That’s up to them and they also help bring money into the country for the little that they do keeps things circulating and stop trying to take the rights away from people who most of them are hardworking people not mentioning the ones who live in the inner city and dont do anything and get free money and welfare checks for doing nothing ANYWAYS its the peoples rights to own weapons,freedom of speech or what ever. Stop trying to take that right away from people because your scared that something might happen. Taking away guns is not going to solve anything not to mention it would waste TONS and TONS of tax payers money to ship them you need warrants to search peoples houses one they outlaw them there are still 270 million guns in the us circulation right now that’s not an easy number to get rid of and they will never completely diminish so stop trying to take guns away it wont solve anything.

  96. kbhall4america

    I’ve read some of these comments, but I’m a slow reader and the overall theme is the same. I wont mention names as I reply and so you know where I come from, I am a member of the Virginia Citizen’s Defense League (VCDL) and our slogan is “Defending Your Right To Defend Yourself”. Yes we all are very pro-gun.

    Many of you don’t fully understand the 2nd amendment. It was NOT given to us and it is NOT a government gift. The “Bill of Rights” IS a statement of facts so the government would know it’s boundaries and limitations. The several states would not ratify the Constitution until it contained this Bill of Rights. (New Hampshire, the “Live Free or Die” state, was the last holdout.)

    The first phrase of the 2nd amendment states “A well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State”. It does not say “State Militia” or “Well regultaed State Militia”. This phrase means that it is universally recognized that militias are necessary to provide security and peace for a state.

    Well regulated simply means it shall not be comprised of criminals, drunkards or other persons of questionable character. You can’t be a well regulated drunk. The state militia as we know it today, would be the National Guard, but this is not required. Any militia can be formed for the security of a free state, private or government run.

    The next phrase “the right of the people” seems to be the most confusing. the same phrase appears in the 1st, 4th, 9th amendments as well as other places in the constitution. We universally accept the right of free speach, freedom of religeon, freedom from unlawful search and seisure as individual rights, but many try to argue that this doesn’t mean the same in the second amendment. If you think that, then you are WRONG. IT IS an individual right just the same as the others.

    “to keep and bear arms” This should be simple enough but I’ll explain it anyway. To keep means to own. Anybody confused on what ownership means? To bear means to wear. She bore (bear) a yellow ribbon, she wore (wear) a yellow ribbon. to bear something is the same as to wear something on or about the person. If you are charged with possession of (insert whatever) than you are being accused of bearing that item.
    You bear your clothes, your wearing your clothes. You bear your briefcase, your carrying your briefcase. To keep and bear means to own and carry.

    Arms. What is arms? Arms are anything that can be used as a weapon for defense or agression. An armory is a place where arms are stored. A call to arms is a call for the people to gather arms for some purpose. Arms can be guns, knives, bows, swords, tanks, missles, mortars, landmines, crossbows, grenades, rockets, etc.
    The founding fathers did not specify arms for a reason and that reason was 1:) no citizen could be “outgunned” and therefore oppressed by the government, and 2:) citizens were allowed any means necessary to defend or overthrow a tyrannical government or from other evildooers.

    “shall not be infringed.” Everyone should know the definition of infringed! Any law that bans, limits, restricts, taxes, requires registration or permits, in any way whatsoever IS an infringement on thew second amendment.

    There are three major reasons for the 2nd most important amendment to be added to the constitution.

    1. A way for citizens to follow the course of action outlined in the Declaration of Indepedence to ensure a government of the people, by the people, for the people.

    2. A way for the people to keep a limit on the power of government (checks and balances of power).

    3. A way for the people to defend themselves from the evils of mankind or the perils of nature.

    I hope this clarifies some of the misconceptions but I know many will not agree. To better understand the Declaration and the Constitution you must also read the other documents leading up to and the debates leading up to the final draft of those sacred documents.

    It is a fact that crime rates soar higher in areas of stricter gun laws than in more gun friendly places. See FBI reports for the last several decades. See Austrailia, Canada, UK, California, NYC, Chicago, New Jersey, Maryland. and so on.

    Fight the Good Fight!!!

  97. O.K.

    Here we go. Let’s take another statistic, since our anti-gun folks are so enamored by them.

    1. On average 560,000 +/- people die
    in the U.S. each year from cancer.

    2. That’s roughly 1, 534 per day.

    3. 80% of cancer is preventable by
    regulating the things that cause
    it. Like certain manufacturing

    4. When you do the math, that’s
    +/- 1,227 deaths per day that
    could be prevented.

    5. That’s 97.4 % higher than the
    inflated gun death estimate.

    6. Does Mr. Kucinich propose also
    that we pass a bill banning
    cancer? How about heart
    disease, which is the #1 killer
    of Americans…..?

    7. Criminals do not buy their guns
    at a store.

    8. They are not subject
    to background checks.

    9. No law will prevent criminals
    from buying/selling/trading guns
    to each other.

    10. You take the guns out of the
    hands of the law-abiding citizens,
    and gun crimes will triple within
    6 months in America’s cities.

    11. This has already happend in the
    United Kingdom.

    It’s time to wake up and take back America. The least experienced of us can no longer be allowed to govern the rest of us. Thomas Jefferson said it best……

    —-“God forbid we should ever be twenty years without such a rebellion.
    The people cannot be all, and always, well informed. The part which is
    wrong will be discontented, in proportion to the importance of the facts
    they misconceive. If they remain quiet under such misconceptions,
    it is lethargy, the forerunner of death to the public liberty. …
    And what country can preserve its liberties, if it’s rulers are not
    warned from time to time, that this people preserve the spirit of
    resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as
    to the facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost
    in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from
    time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants.

  98. very well said kb, james, et al

  99. this my first time to this site and iam very sorry i have missed out . the founding fathers coming back to life in some of the replies. this very refreshing and gives me hope. that i will not hang alone as[ if we dont hang together we serently hang apart]. and for the none gun believers my right to owne a gun or guns is the same as you not wanting to they are granted in the constitution .i will never ask you to give up your right . dont ask me to give up mine and for the gutless uk if it wasnt for america and our guns and our alsome markmenship of them yall would be nazis not much diference than what yall are know but you do have internet .[ a well regulated milita beeing neseccary to free state, the right of the people to keep and beare arms show not be infringed] . thank you for leting me vent . the first amendment gives me the right to do so but no amendment is forceing you to listen yet.

  100. darren,

    The first amendment does not “give” you the right to speak, it only acknowledges the obvious. Same goes for all the Bill of Rights. The government does not give us anything. We give it it’s power and we can take it away at any time we please. All the constitution is there for is to restrict the government itself, not the people who are free to live as they please. Therefore, when such government abuses the people it is there to serve, it is their right to alter or abolish it. Common sense.

  101. if thy ban on guns .one day there wiil be gang war alll the criminal with all hi tec gun and police with soowrds catspult fuck ur ass

  102. pjwalker911
    you are correct the point i was trying to make was in the U.S. the 2nd amendment secures our right to keep and beare arms. as the 1st secures the freedom of speech . and as far as we can take the power from the goverment that is only if we get rid of the lifers in there now.and that power is given to us in voting smartly but .the decleration of independece gives the moral and legall right to take it by revolution if necessary in a time of terine hope it dont come to that. i like your passion we share the same passion for liberty and freedom. as do alot on this blog. GOD and GLOCK help us all

  103. Thanks for saying so Darren. It may well turn into a violent revolt and we should think about that, but at least I would prefer that it did not because it would be catastrophic. Hope you will stick around, poke around in the archives and links sections for further info and also in the issues and activism section for battles to fight.

  104. The bill of rights enumerates the rights. It does not bestow them.

  105. A very important distinction Noah.

  106. Absolutely pj. We are born (at least in the USA) with these rights. In fact we, the USA, say that ALL MEN (& women), wherever they are born, have these rights because they are endowed by The Creator (at conception?) and are not giftings, offers or privileges from governments or other men. WE say that they are self evident. And all that we need to do is to defend them from those who would take them from us and despoil our freedom.

  107. why is it that libs or marcses which ever you prefer to me there is no difference. protect murders but murder the unborn? sorry that thought popted in my head. protecting every right is important as yall all know but telling some is hard. we are coming on a time that none of us have experienced. alot of people you and i both know are going to sufer. and i have tried to tell good friends but they are clueless. lets prepare for the worse and hope for the best . and learn from our mistakes freedom is hard to hang on to and easy to vote away.

  108. It’s just common sense really. Do I have a right to defend myself from an attacker? That is actually a stupid question isn’t it? If someone comes at you with a baseball bat, there is no thinking about it. You instinctively raise your arms to deflect the blow. If someone starts shooting, you immediately duck and cover, looking for the direction of the attack. And if you had a gun, you have the option to stop the attack. It isn’t even a matter of intellectual argument. Self-defense, survival instinct, is built into our bodies. Therefore it is more of an appropriate instinct, intellectually claimed as a right, yet superceding all intellectual constructs since it is inborn, innate. But knowing that a powerful attacker can use superior physical strength or technological force against us, we simply elect to level the playing field by arming ourselves with weapons of our choosing. Why not? And where does one draw the line? If they take guns away, people will resort to knives. If they take away the knives or long blades like swords, people will resort to using farm and gardening implements like the Okinawans did after being disarmed by the Japanese Samurai. Naturally, they found a way to defend themselves. We will alway seek out ways to defend ourselves, knowing that those who seek to disarm us are our enemies. And that isn’t all they do to us. They rob us, they poison us, they try to brainwash us with their propaganda and all this is because they are at war with us, though they never admit it because it is a covert war on humanity using military tactics to conquer through stealth. Therefore, we have every right to fight against their wicked laws, keeping in mind that the elite who expound on gun-control are themselves protected by armed bodyguards. And you know that even if they did take all the guns, they would surely have their own private stock of them. The bastards.

  109. Never give up your guns, that will only make you helpless in front of your fascist government and criminals. What made America a great country in the first place was the constitution that confirmed the right to own guns, freedom of speech, and religious freedom. But your country has been infiltrated by Romanists who abhor all of the aforementioned unalianable rights.

    They will take away everything from you if you let them, just like here in Finland. We’ve had two school massacres within a year, and there’s already talks about banning handguns. The fucking morons think the government will protect us. Our government is a bunch of spineless lackeys for the Holy Roman European Union, so our country is not really protestant anymore. Because that’s what the reformation was really all about, freedom, whether you are religious or not.

    I’m not a Bible believing Christian myself but it’s absolutely vital to make a distinction between protestantism and Catholicism. What freedom is to (real) protestantism, fascism is to Catholicism. Like Civilta Cattolica put it, “FASCISM is the regime that CORRESPONDS MOST CLOSELY to the concepts of the CHURCH OF ROME.” America was exclusively protestant at first but now even the Supreme Court is predominantly Catholic. Gee, I wonder why things have gone so much for the worse there.

  110. coco: Yes. Did the government defend the victims of those school massacres? No! If it did not defend them before why should we believe it will defend against such acts in the future? I suspect that Finland already has a law against committing massacres on school grounds. Yes? If it had a law arming, training and requiring teachers teachers to defend their flocks like shepherds rather than behaving like sheep these attacks would never occur. Murderous cowards go where the killing is easy, not dangerous to themselves.

    pj: Absolutely. If a gang (or even two or one) come after me with baseball bats putting up my arms only gets them broken first. Nor can I be expected to either carry a bat with me at all times (they are so inconvenient) or be ready to abandon my wife or children no matter how fast I can scurry away. And scurrying isn’t always an option. As we get older we become, like the very young (think abortion), more victim like in appearance. Frail, failing eyesight and hearing, a step or two slower, weaker and more fragile. Predators (read “criminals”) have recognized this for ever aand tend to try to cut-out, isolate and victimize older individuals. Does anyone really expect a 75 y/o to physically battle a younger, armed (with knife or club) attacker? Will the government provide armed bodyguards for all citizens who require or request one? The answer of course is NO. The government cannot protect with laws and will not protect with treasure. The only protection is the good will of fellow citizens and one’s own strong arm. Not necessarily in that order.
    Our founding fathers knew this and codified our rights so everyone would know them for what they are. God given rights, not man given. Therefore they cannot be taken by man. They may only be given up.

  111. Rev Reggie Jackson

    These gun control devils will not be successful in taking every American’s guns!! I would take a good guess that only 20% of Americans who own guns will actually surrender them!! They will have to take the other 80% by force!! Which will probably mean that at least 32 million to 40 million Americans will keep their guns!! And that is a great force to be reckonned with!!

  112. They took all the guns from the Brits. They never put up much of a fight did they? I really wonder if Americans would hang on to their guns or not, or just meekly surrender them to the scary Iraq vets on steroids in black skimasks posing as law enforcement. Time will tell I guess.

  113. Coming from Australia our gun laws were dramatically changed after the Port Arthur Massacre that saw 35 people dead. Following a buy-back system by our government we now have one of the lowest rates of gun related crime incidents in the Western World. In 2001 only 4.1% of total Australian fatalities were fire arm related (a 47% decrease since 1991), the majority of these being suicide. Just a thought.

  114. Peace,

    Well that’s just bullshit mate.

    Britain, Australia top U.S. in violent crime
    Rates Down Under increase despite strict gun-control measures
    Australia led the list with more than 30 percent of its population victimized.

    Port Arthur was just another psyop like Dunblane and the many school shootings in the US and Europe all used to justify gun bans. How are the people going to defend themselves from government goon squads when they go full-on Fascist? The answer is they will just go silently to the death camps without any means to defend themselves.

    You are a creep. Are you a Freemason or a member of Her Majesty’s government by chance?

  115. What “Peace” is expressing may be that he thinks that only gun-violence is important and that it may have diminished. Looking at GB and watching them now debate whether to outlaw butter knives as dangerous weapons we see what it comes down to.

    Criminals will use whatever they can to gain an advantage, and knowing that their victim will be unable to defend him/herself allows them to safely rely on clubs, knives and just pure size or numbers.

    The gun is the only weapon that an elderly person can use safely to defend himself. Anything else requires close proximity and physical contact. Here in the SA in those states that allow for concealed carry the level of violent crime has dropped and those citizens who do carry have the lowest crime rates of all. They also make themselves and their fellow citizens a lot (statistically significant) safer.

    A few week ago a 60+ y/o gentleman in my area had his store broken into for the fourth or fifth time in six months. After he thought the criminals had gone he went down to check but they were waiting for him, attacked him and knocked him down. He reached into his pocket, got his little S&W .38 and fired through the fabric, the bullet going through the closest attacker (who was kicking him) and lodging in the second. This halted the assault, killing the first and severely wounding the second. Lucky shot? Yes! But it saved his life.

    This is what American criminals have to watch out for. In fact prison inmates say that they are more afraid of armed citizens than the po0lice. The police have to give a warning and read them their rights. The citizen has the right and ability to just go ahead and use his weapon.

    We do not want armed bands of criminals beating up and killing our fellow citizens here in America. Let them go to our fellow English speaking nations to do that.

  116. That5 should be “here in the USA….”

  117. Morning typing…..

    “That5” should be “That”….

  118. Noah,

    This is the whole point. A society that respects the right to self-defense is going to be a more peaceful orderly and moral society simply because criminals, drug-addicts etc are going to know that whoever they try to violate is very possibly going to kill them if they try. But in an unarmed society like England, where self-defense is frowned upon and even punished, the yobs, hooligans, gangsters, thugs, and the cops themselves can ride roughshod over any citizen of their choosing because they literally have no means of self-defense. They aren’t even allowed to carry pepper-spray for cryin out loud. So the system is rigged for the cops, for the criminals against the citizen. That is how it is set up, to enslave the majority of honest hard-working people.

  119. The Founding Fathers recognized that a society that has abrogated the right to self defense is a society of slaves just waiting for orders.

  120. The American people are slaves and don’t even know it. Over half their income goes to taxes (including hidden taxes, state and local), and another large chunk goes to the ever-increasing inflation tax as the dollar plummets us into debter penury. Nobody really owns anything either (if your debt exceeds your assets, you don’t really own anything, you are in the hole) except the very wealthy, and the boob-tube presents us with a fantastic Disneyland version of the world that has absolutely nothing to do with reality. You can thank the big media tycoons and their whores on the idiot sitcoms, degenerate reality shows and media propaganda stations for creating an alternate reality that does nothing but dumb down and degrade the society. This is what is called psychological warfare and it is aimed at the general population of the world, but especially at Americans.

    If you really want to know what kind of people actually run Washington and the military, who make the laws and profit off us from monopoly business, who look the other way as the Mafia controls all the ports and shipping (why doesn’t the media report on that once in awhile huh?), then here you go:

    Secret Societies & The Military – 1of13

    Kay Griggs
    [Their god is] the Brotherhood. It’s very German, it has Masonic leanings. They’re all Masons. This Brotherhood — Opus Dei — they’re the Mob. The Marine Corps are the hit men. They’re mercenaries. They’ll work for anybody. They’ll switch hats. My husband said it’s no big deal. I’ll go work for the State Department.

    This comes from a lady who knows the secret absolutely corrupt government from the inside having been in all the top social circles. Keep in mind, none of this is ever even hinted at by the controlled ENEMY media, and when you watch them talking to you as though they were your friends, think again. These media whores are the ENEMY, make no mistake. When you see their faces, point and shout “Enemy soldier!” because that is exactly what they are, psyops officers working for the NWO against the people. They would never, ever tell you the truth in a million years because they are heavily vetted out, and no doubt have sworn blood oaths of loyalty to the Masonic Matrix. That is how they can go sit in at the Bilderberg meetings and never breath a word of even its very existence to you and I.

    Anyone who puts their faith in such evil masterminds, who thinks for one second that they want to “keep us safe” is a total idiot.

  121. Public education has gone to the dogs too. I just saw a headline where a local high school proclaimed itself “safe!” That’s its claim to fame, it’s the safest school in the district. That means they have caught the fewest perps and spotted the fewest crimes in the halls. PITIFUL!!

    The children who graduate from these cess pools know nothing more (or at least have been taught and indoctrinated in nothing more) than socialist/liberal one-world propaganda while being surrounded by pornography in the guise of free speech and fear in the guise of ‘protection’.

  122. Yeah those same “safe” schools are force-vaccinating the children full of toxins and feeding them junk and GMO “food” setting them up for mental and physical disease. Kids are fed such a load of garbage indoctrination and programming from every angle, on every level…it’s just criminal, no it’s beyond criminal, just plain evil.

  123. There you go again, PJ with all this trash about evil. There is no evil there is only disharmony. Within two years we will also have complete control of the courts. Something that I will applaud! We can reverse the Supreme Court on the so called 2nd amendment as it was never intended to allow private citizens to have guns. Only the military and police force which includes the citizen police force Barrack was talking about. I intend to be a leader in that to help enforce proper behavior that is needed in a new world free from nut cases like you. Face it americans like you are cowards and you will provide little resistance to the change that is so badly needed in our country. We now control education, we control the mainline media, soon we will control all media with the Fairness Doctrine and we will rid america of the real evil, all firearms from citizens. You silly couch potatoes, you complain and complain and yet you do nothing. You guarantee that every change our great leader Barrack Obama wants will become reality. Our country will finally be rid of the evil of religion, the evil of firearms in the wrong hands, from excessive travel and movement which wastes our resources and promotes global warming. The jails will be empty as criminals will simply be put to a humane sleep and our society will not have to go through any of the turmoil it is now going through.

    Global Warming: a real threat. Proposals which should become law in about two years will require that citizens apply for permits to travel beyond a 100 mile radius. They will have to justify this unnecessary waste of resources and thus will help to reverse the real threat of global warming.

  124. You know after reading some of this trash I really have come to believe what Pelosi was saying about the need for a Constitutional Convention to throw out the old outdated Constitution and substitute it with a more updated Euro version. And I sure will be happy when the police force shuts down sites like this that only perpetuates hatred and evil. I suppose you are a f****ing homophobe as well right?

  125. Listen to this nutcase Randal. “There is no evil” he says. Rape, murder, assassinations, eugenics, torture, psychological operations, Orwellian Big Brother, genocide, the organized crime, looting of the public, terror-psyops, the global warming hoax, perpetual war-profiteering, police state tyranny, concentration camps, child-abuse, etc etc aren’t evil according to him. Nobody is doing anything wrong. But if you are against all of this evil, then you are crazy and need to be eliminated to make way for “the New Age”. See how that works? Fascinating.

    Look, we gotta hand it to you. You, the power-mad psychopaths, already control education (indoctrination), the media (propaganda) and all the rest of it. Yes we know you are a powerful psychopathic group of elitist assholes with incredible hubris and amoral agendas for absolute power. We have recognized the problem and we are preparing for the worst. But you Randal, when your masters are finished using you, will be purged just like the SA in Nazi Germany and the Bolsheviks in Stalin’s paranoid dictatorship. Just remember that for future reference.


    For your viewing pleasure, here’s what New World Order nutcase Randal had to say on the subject of “Nancy Pelosi Demands Big Private Jet”:

    “Why don’t you people just shut up and accept the fact that we are making a better nation, hopefully a united North America that will be stronger than what we have now. And if you morons will grow up from swamp scum to at least the missing link in evolution you will realize that a United World is the only way for humans as a race to survive. For that to happen we need strong leadership and Pelosi is no exception. She truly believes in humanity and with the proper guidance we as a people will survive. So what if she needs aircraft at her disposal. Face it in order for her to accomplish her important role she must not be hampered. Stay off her back.

    President Obama was right when he said that the middle class when faced with hardship cling to guns and religion. That is the very thing we must eradicate. And we will because we are now in control and now that the census is in the White House no other party can ever win again. A very brilliant strategic move from a brilliant savior of America. If you value America then you must also support the suspension of term limits on the Presidency. We need Barrack Obama for at least the next 25 years or until the U.S. grows up and realizes that religion is an opiate that needs to be stamped out and we are doing that wonderfully in the Public Schools. And this insane clinging to some national pride must be eradicated in favor of a One People, One World approach. Only then can world peace be achieved.

On the topic of Public Schools, also if you give a crap about our country you will support the upcoming bills which makes any other form of education illegal including stupid homeschooling, charter schools and my gosh for sure stupid religious schools. All of those must be stopped and the people perpetrating those education crimes must be jailed or executed. 

Accept it, we have entered a new age. Yes we can! and yes we did.


    Pretty unbelievable and shocking, but this is what they are being taught in the Obama Youth re-education centers apparently.

  126. PJ, PJ, why are you shocked? You failed and people like you failed, it is time to step aside and let someone intelligent like Barrack Obama who was elected by the majority, reign now. Your time is past, your ways are old. The only World that should exist is where no pain exists, no suffering, no war. All of that goes away with One People, One World. For those who become sick, rather than being a burden to their families or society we now have very painless ways of permanent sleep, why do you wish to put people through such pain? Let them go, let them end the pain. No elderly and feeble, no criminals, no war, just peace. What is so wrong with that. You even reveal yourself as one of us when you call Christians cultists. After all they are the only force that is a threat to us. That is why you are such a help to us. continue to deride them for the phonies they are. Admit it, you are one of us.

  127. On the topic of criminals: don’t you know how expensive it is to maintain prisons? What a terrible burden it is on the populace. It is a far kinder thing to help people who are dis-harmonious is to help them go to sleep. They will be happier and the populace will be happier, no criminals ever. No need for expensive jails or prisons.

  128. “Look, we gotta hand it to you. You, the power-mad psychopaths, already control education (indoctrination), the media (propaganda) and all the rest of it. Yes we know you are a powerful psychopathic group of elitist assholes with incredible hubris and amoral agendas for absolute power.”

    And yet we thank you for being a lazy ass watching TV and staying off the streets while we are knocking on doors and doing the real work to help the real america. You continue to complain, we will continue to work. And soon silly sites like yours will be silenced.

  129. This Randal character is a real doozy. Look what he says to “Author explores forced sterilization”:

    “Look, as Atheists we know that life has no value so the best approach to society is to weed out all those who do not meet a standard for harmonious World membership. The Spartans knew that and each baby was evaluated at birth and threw over a cliff if it was determined that the baby did not meet the standard. Hitler got all his ideas from this and Sadam Hussein patterned his government after Hitlers. Eugenics is an old and effective way to purify the genetic pool. Barrack Obama will be sure to help in this matter. And also, there will be a permanent sleep center on every corner so that the elderly, the sick and substandard can painlessly end their own torment of disharmony. Also, there will be no crime or criminals as all those who do not fit the standard will be painlessly and humanely put to peaceful sleep. This will be a kind and helpful thing to do. This is also why Christians need to be terminated soon as they are the only real threat to our agenda.”


    He is one of the most out and out Commu-Nazis I have ever seen. He is a real nihilist and he really believes this stuff. Well Albert Pike did say they would “unleash the nihilists” and well, here is one for you. A textbook case in fact.

    A couple questions Randal. Can I ask how old you are and where you got all these eugenics ideas from?

  130. And let me make one thing clear. Randal, you are for the ObamaNation, eugenics, gun-confiscation, website shutdowns, concentration death camps, global dictatorship and all the horrors of the New World Order. You readily admit all of this. You are therefore a maladjusted sociopathic miscreant with no morals or human feeling. You remind me of the Maoist Red Guards of the Cultural Revolution or the Hitler Youth fanatics. As far as I am concerned, you are a piece of crap and I don’t care what happens to you.

    I on the other hand am a normal, sane individual who is for freedom, who sees life as sacred, who has values and who exposes evil such as you and your masters and your agenda for a New World Order. That is the essential difference between us.

    In any case, all your bluster and bullshit have no effect on me, so you are wasting your time.

  131. Randal!! Great parody. Laying it on a tad thick with the nazi-harkening phraseology and one world, borg-ish ‘you will be assimilated’ hokum.

    Very funny. Thank you for lighteneing things up.

    Your satire sadly states things as the Obamanites would have them and the robotic expression of those things is the way they want to mold our minds.

  132. “A couple questions Randal. Can I ask how old you are and where you got all these eugenics ideas from?”

    I am 20 and I have started my PhD in Sociology and Public Policy from the University. Not that this is any concern for you. The main issue is that pain, suffering and war needs to end now. People of hate need to end, disharmony needs to end. Soon thanks to Our Obama and our Democrat Congressional control all these goals will be achieved very, very soon as long as we can keep those Christians silent. That should not really be a problem though as government controls them too with the threat of yanking their non-profit status. As long as they keep their religion in four walls then we are OK. Our schools will eliminate them through attrition and convincing the children how stupid their parents beliefs are.

  133. Randal: You are beautiful. A well considered and near perfect spokes-person (see, I am being p.c. and not sexist) for Obamunnisn.

    So. What “University” are you entering you politicized prodigy, you. You are correct of course that the One-World Planetary government will eliminate war, replacing it with police actions as necessary.

    I would suggest that staking out shooting ranges it will be easy to pick up incorrigibles as they are leaving, after they used up all their ammunition. Good luck with that.

  134. Randal,

    You know it’s almost hard for me to believe that anyone would really believe the things you are saying, but you do seem serious. You didn’t answer my questions though. Where did you pick up your Nazi eugenics and Communist ideology from? Did you get it in the last few years at the university, or before that from your parents?

    And why, if life is nothing to you, why then do you supposedly want “pain, suffering and war needs to end”? Anyway, didn’t you know that most of the “pain and suffering” is caused by the same power-mad elites who are behind your Dear Leader Obama?

  135. pj…. Think the satire of Daffy Duck goosestepping and spouting nazi/commie ideology. Randal is a satire. A burlesque. Someone who has donned a clown mask and is spouting what are, in fact, the ideals of the left, couched in the terminology that they dare not use.

  136. Noah,

    Randal is so over the top that maybe you are right, but for what purpose would someone pretend to be a raging commie-nazi fanatic? Just for college kicks or something else? He seems to be what he says he is, that is a student at Pacific Union College. So I would tend to rule out him being an agent. Either he is a true-believing heavily indoctrinated wild-eyed fanatic on the edge of reality, or he is just playing a hoax. That seems to be the choice here.

  137. pj-

    Why not?

    Perhaps that is his way demonstrating the ultimate abhorrent absurdity of the radical left.

    His manner of mocking. I’ve been known to do the same.

  138. Well I guess we’ll see…I do know I have been attacked now on about a weekly basis by apparent extreme radicals of every kind, right wing, left wing, theocratic, monarchist, you name it, who all seem hellbent on making me say or do something incriminating. None of them have succeeded.

  139. And keep it that way.

    You’ll notice that i manage to get my points across in a friendly and disarming manner. (They are much less dangerous once disarmed.) I never need to stoop to insult or hyperbole when putting those a-hs in their place.

    Ooops, a PI term. I shouldn’t be referring to libs as a-hs. I apologize.

  140. ” he is, that is a student at Pacific Union College.”

    Ha! Fooled you. Student at U.C. Berkley.

    I control the vertical, I control the horizontal and I control what IP address you see.

  141. And yes, I am a computer nerd also.

  142. We are not impressed.

  143. You’re an idiot also.

  144. Let us not forget. The BORG are computer nerds.

  145. Hey pj- How’d you go about getting that avatar. I’ve been contributing by the pound and all I’ve got is that white shadow.

  146. Thank you to Michael UK and Peace for providing some intelligent, statistically backed arguments..not just some half crazed, conspiracy theory filled rant. I’m quite certain that they have been the only sensible contributions to this entire debate. In fact I’m not entirely sure that this qualifies as a debate, rather an opportunity for horrifyingly stupid and arrogant Americans to prove just how horrifyingly stupid and arrogant they really are, once again.

  147. And thank you, “peter”, for your inane comment as well.

    The world needs more folks like you, self-fulfilling-victims to keep criminals focused and governments growing (close to the same thing).

    Please, please wear a sign so the criminals will know you are unarmed and easy prey. It has worked in the UK and Australia (where everyone is) and it will work in whatever pitiful little place you live.

    This is not a debate. There have been no “statistically backed arguments” arising from those who would turn us all into sheep. The “half crazed if only everybody would treat every body else nice” rant does not fly my friend.

    You are most clearly, sir, not an American and have no sense, experience or knowledge of what Freedom is nor what Rights are. You sound like a ‘liberal’ free thinking theorist who thinks he knows what is best for everyone else and wishes, real, real hard, that he could impose his own sense or “the rightness of things” on everyone who disagrees with him or simply doesn’t have the same world view.

    peter: You sir, are no man. Now go back to momma who will keep you safe until you are hung by her apron strings.

  148. Noah correct, I am not a man, I am a female. Are you as sexist as you are ignorant? My sense of freedom stems from the knowledge that when I enter the public arena not all citizens are crazed gun toting ‘independent free thinkers’ like yourself. Further more most of us ‘self fulfilling victims’ are happy remaining a non threat to the majority of my country whom don’t carry guns. That is until we enter America..where apparently everyone is out to shoot everyone else. Carrying a gun in America is clearly the only path for survival. Oh and that last sentence, that’s sarcasm.

  149. You are clearly the sexist, then, for adopting both a traditional male name and putting it in lower case you demonstrate your anti-male tendencies. It also demonstrates your psychological problems as you immediately project your own problems onto the first person who calls you out on your benighted opinons.

    Your personal insults are typical of the close minded and frail thinking of the frightened victim who will readily blame her protector for the criminal acts of… actual criminals.

    Thank heavens you are not an American so we don’t have to worry about your mis-guided vote. Too bad you are also not free and shameful that you are so small minded. Stop with the gratuitous insults already.

    And now that I know that you ARE momma: Be careful of apron string entanglements.

  150. peter
    stay the hell out of the U.S. we carry guns because we can and it evens out the saging of our pants of the extra ammothat we are carring on the other side.you know what gets me other countrys think we the average citizen cares we dont. if you dont like me careing a gun our like the U.S. having the GOD giving right to have them. come and get them or shut the HELL up. but always remember we are always here to protect yall from the bully down the street. and plz peter dont hang ur self on the strings that would brake my heart.A WELL REGULATED MILTIA ,BEING NESSARY TO FREEDOM OF A FREE STATE, THE RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE TO KEEP AND BARE ARMS SHAW NOT BE INFRINGED. and the freedom of people like bleeding heart libs like peter.

  151. thank you darren: That does express gthe anger we Americans feel when people from other nations start “piling on” trying to change our ways and our laws to be reflections of their own.

    One of the things that has made America great for over two hundred years is that it is NOT like anyplace else. For instance Europeans did not come to America to see our quaint little ways… they came here to settle and become us. They left their stultifying and often suffocating lands to live and breathe free.

    We are not the trigger happy idiots portrayed but, historically at least, have been responsible individualists. That has made this the greatest country in the history of the world. (Rome and China in its hey-day were at best regional powers.)

    Another point that darren makes is that yes, over the century past it has been the USA that has come to the aid of Europe in its darkest hour and has provided the muscle and spine necessary to defeat evil in the form of naziism and communism. We have saved Europe, (and more recently Iraq), et al, not because we are crazy but because our tradition of freedom and our “habit” of being highly familiar with fiirearms has given us, as a nation, that edge necessary when it comes to defending freedom here and abroad.

    Infact we are so good at it that even when poorly led we can achieve our goals.

    Sadly we, as a nation apparently, in the form of our current leaders have come to believe that freedom and all that goes with it is somehow a natural state, one that will persist without our constant vigilance and readiness.

    And so there are those among us who advocate disarming the citizenry (constitution be damned!) and taking up the Euro-socialist model of economy and Euro-populist model of government. There are those who think defending oneself, one’s nation or one’s ideals from attack is passe. There are those who think that peaceful, calm dialogue can take the place of overwhelming force in the face of aggression.

    Those people are wrong. They are wrong in what they believe. They are wrong in what they hope to achieve. And most importantly they are wrong in thinking that is what the American people want. They fooled some of us last year….

    WE won’t be fooled again!!

    peter, et al, don’t fool yourselves.
    You can’t be free to think your dilettantish thoughts without those ‘rough men’ on the borders defending your right to do so.
    The USA has been your ‘rough man’ for two centuries.
    Don’t try to change him.

  152. What is truly funny is how many who are agianst gun ownership for personal protection, are surrounded by armed body guards.

    Maybe they can put their money were their mouths are and give up their own armed security, before telling others they have no right to have a gun for protection.

  153. Thank you Heather. One presumes that you are a woman.

    Hear this “peteress”? A real woman who is not hiding behind sexual anonymity to gain supposed legitimacy for her statements.

  154. Absolutely. We are living in a bad movie about a bunch of psychopathic bad guys who took over the world and now they’re coming for the guns, while they get to keep theirs. But that has been the way it was in every tyranny since the Romans and before.

  155. When I was a small child I watched “westerns” on TV. I thought that the six-shooter was pretty much the ne plus ultra of weaponry. Everyone had one. Except for women and the unlucky farmer who got gunned down in the first reel. And of course the guy in the bar who got goaded into a fight with the professional gunslinger.
    Of course I have since learned a good long gun is a far more effective weapon. If we were to be asked to give up those little handguns is there any reason to believe that we could replace them with long guns?
    Can you picture that? Citizens armed with rifles defending the peace throughout the nation. Just going about their business, but ever ready to defend themselves and their fellow citizens from crime and the government.

  156. Hell I’m not THAT old yet and I can remember grade-school kids walking around the streets with hunting rifles, even bringing them to school for show and tell. There were never any accidents or school shooting rampages. It was normal as apple pie. That’s how free it was in the 60s and even more so before that. Jefferson recommended all young men carry a rifle with them everywhere they went as a good form of recreation and manly cultivation. Oh, I forgot, that isn’t PC anymore.

  157. PCs are PC today and twittering is the new form of living. Playing Madden Football 2009 on your hand held device has taken the place of playing real football on a field or empty lot. Faux life has taken the place of real life.

  158. The bottom line is, if you are willing to die fighting for your belief, they cannot defeat you.
    So, never surrender; never retreat. We can never defeat the raghead crazies because they are eager to die for their faith. But we can convert them if we convince them that their faith is false; their messiah a pedophile, liar, robber, rapist and murderer. If we fail, they will kill us all.

  159. Humorous attempt at neocon spin Al, but the true patriots and freedom fighters know the real threat against freedom is within the tyrannical government itself. Try selling your wares someplace else.

  160. Actually one sure way of defeating them is killing them where they live and breed.

  161. “PJ”, what a cute little name for a cuddly, itsy-bitsy King Baby.
    Yes, tiny mite, there really are “raghead crazies” within as well as without our government.
    You may not have lifted your tiny little head to see, but one of them is the president of the United States Nighty-night!

  162. Al’s right, we know.

  163. Why do we care so much about gun violence ? When we don’t even care that we kill over 300,000 babies a day for abortion but we don’t care about that because they don’t kill them with gun they use knives so thats way better wright. Better check your motives because if you want to stop the killing your going to have to ban abortion then you will stop half of the deaths in the world.

  164. “We” do not care about gun violence. I would guess that most gun owners are conservative and care about gun safety and proper usage. “Liberals” care about what they call ‘gun violence’ but their focus is not on the violence but on the gun. They do not want other people to have guns because guns are part and parcel of the freedom(s) that they do not want to share.

    If they can disarm then it will be easier to shut up and shut down those who disagree with them.

    Yes. Abortion is the biggest killer in the USA today. Liberals support abortion because it a) allows them to have their ‘free sex’ fantasies and b) results in the very high level of removal of (one of their own political groups) blacks and the poor. Read their heroine-philosopher Margaret Sanger’s writings and you will see her desire to eliminate blacks from the gene pool. By eliminating these poorer peolple there is more for the elite liberals to parcel among themselves. Their idea of eliminating poverty has become the elimination of the poor.

    So they focus on “gun violence” to both disarm their political opponents and distract their political stooges from the real issues of murder and mayhem such as the destruction of the family and abortion.

  165. Ok. Seriously. I have a couple of questions.

    1. Considering you can be arrested just for saying you want to harm the president, AND considering that the 2nd amendment was written about 200 years ago with the fear of tyranny hanging over the writers heads, do you really think that your “right” to form a militia and rise up against the government is sensible or practical? Seriously, you have to agree that the “revolution” wouldn’t last long against a Marines Sp Ops Battalion.

    2. Why all the talk about “when the criminals come for me, I’ll be ready”? Here are some numbers:
    2005: 789 accidental gun deaths (plus another 14,500 accidental injuries)
    2006: 154 justifiable homicides by private citizens
    It kind of seems that, as a country, we’d be safer with NO guns. I’m no mathmatician, but no guns would have left us 635 on the plus side.
    Please don’t say that there “should have been more justifiable homicides but the liberal courts blah blah blah” unless you can provide 635 examples.
    3. Where are the criminals getting their guns? Is there some illegal factory somewhere producing illegal guns? Or are they merely buying legally produced guns illegally? Wouldn’t it stand to reason that no more production would raise the price of illegal guns substantially? Maybe so much that a 13 year old couldn’t save his lunch money and buy one?

    I don’t mean to come across disrespectfully, it’s just that a lot of the reasons we “need” guns sound hollow to me. Any well thought out response would be appreciated.

  166. Warren- some answers:
    1) I believe that it is quite naive to think that we have no more worries about tyranny. That said the Second Amendment is a RIGHT and not a privilege. You are speaking of giving up a RIGHT here. And for what end? Because you think that it is somehow outmoded? What about barracking troops in your home? Never happen anyway. Let’s not over burden our laws with RIGHTs that will never again be needed. The Second Amendment has nothing to do with militias per se. It has to do with self-defense, hunting and whatever else one wishes to do with a gun legally.
    2) How many crimes, including homicide, were prevented by citizens with guns? Many thousands if you care to check the statistics. Rapes, murders, home invasions, car jackings, and the list goes on, prevented by armed citizens. How many lives were saved or simply not destroyed through the intervention of the armed citizen? And how many more went unreported or even un -noticed when the criminal became aware that his “victim” was armed?
    Simple stats showing the number of deaths are irrelevant. Do not forget that the Supreme Court has decided that it is not the duty of the police to protect the citizens, only to investigate the tragedy afterwards.
    Finally most gunshot victims do not die.
    But what about cars. More people are killed by cars (or infections received in a hospital, for that matter) every year than die from gunshot wounds. Does that mean that private ownership of cars should be eliminated in favor of public transportation? Fair and balanced? You decide.
    3) Criminals get their guns mostly by stealing them. The same way they get their get-away cars and everything else they use in the commission of crimes.
    If our current gun laws were actually assiduously applied instead of honored in the breach your mythical 13 y-o wouldn’t be going hungry to purchase one illegally.
    (There are illegal factories throughout Pakistan, Afghanistan and similar “other-world” nations where excellent replicas of everything from Colt .45 autos to AK-47s and M-16s are hand made by individual gunsmiths. )
    No more production would simply mean America’s means to defend herself would be dependent on other nations factories for her small arms.

    As a final note we had a recent incident where the use of a firearm saved the life of an elderly store owner from attack by three robbers. They had him down and were stomping him to death when he got off the shot that saved his life. One doesn’t need a gun to kill another.

  167. Noah, you write
    “The Second Amendment has nothing to do with militias per se. It has to do with self-defense, hunting and whatever else one wishes to do with a gun legally.”
    You may believe that your right to own a gun allows you to do all of those things, but please explain to me where in the 2nd Amendment hunting is mentioned. Are you aware that the 2nd amendment only exists as a compromise between two political parties? One thought the army should be disbanded in times of peace. The other said “We need the army all the time, if you’re that worried about tyranny, keep your militias together also.” That’s all. No hunting, no “whatever you want”. And I’m not even saying that tyranny will NEVER happen. I’m saying if it did, you guys are doomed with or without your guns. Gonna take on the armed forces? You’ve wathced “Taps” too many times.

    I don’t know where you got your statistic that “thousands” of crimes were prevented by citizens with guns. But assuming you are right, how many? 5,000? 20,000? Compared to the over 100,000 gun deaths and injuries every year, I’m not impressed.

    The car argument is weak. The purpose of a car is to transport. The purpose of a gun is to wound and kill. Silly.

    “Criminals get their guns mostly by stealing them” Right! Who are they going to steal them from if people aren’t allowed to own them?!?

    I’d have a lot more respect for you guys if you just said “I like guns and I want them” instead of hiding behind your 2nd amendment rights. Look at all the rights to privacy(remember those inalienable rights??) that were taken away for the sake of fighting terrorism? What are you doing about that, Mr. Patriot? How many people died on 9/11? How many die every year from guns? I think we can swallow giving up a few more “rights”.

    If you’re that worried about criminals with guns, move to a safer neighborhood.

  168. Warren: It is cowardly and uninformed people like yourself. Those who begin losing their tempers as soon as they are called on the “facts” that they make up to defend their specious arguments, that so endanger our nation.

    I never mentioned fighting our military, mentioned hunting only in passing as it was so ubiquitous in the late 1700s, and you suddenly show your true colors and willingness, heck, wantingness to enlarge our government and deny us our rights. Which other rights are you ready to throw under the bus there guy?

    What 100,000+ gun deaths? What rights did you lose (apart from the fake right to privacy in airports) did you lose with the Patriot Act? You began by asking three fairly rational questions. Now you are ranting. Mr. Traitor- ready to trade other peoples rights for your political beliefs.

    You are setting up straw men and not even knocking them down.

  169. “Warren” has his “facts” wrong.We are commanded to “love one another as I have loved you”; and He loved us all the way to the cross. So, on pain of damnation,(He saves, Heb.5.9, those who obey Him), we must love, protect if we love those who need protection. In threatening situations a firearm, “the old equalizer”, is essential to success. Deterence is more common than execution; but, either way, the innocent victim to be goes free; which is the object of the intervention. Moving to a better neighborhood is a sad, sick, puerile substitute for obedience to the Divine commandment.

    Those too cowardly to confront and destroy evil deserve to shake with their fears and to shiver in their anxieties. The Lord hates evil, Heb.1.9, and came to destroy the works of the devil, IJn.3.8. We are to imitate Him, Eph.5.1. If you will not protect your “loved ones”, you do not really love them. Stop “blowing smoke”; and use some Gun Smoke.

  170. “Move to a better neighborhood” is a puerile thing to say in the first place and meant to be inflammatory.

    Liberal speaks with forked tongue.

  171. Noah:
    I apologize. I suppose I did start ranting a bit. A bad response to what I saw as avoiding my questions. Perhaps I just did not state them clearly enough.
    Your response to mentioning hunting was not off-hand as you claim. It was one of 2 specific points that you tied into the 2nd amendment in an attempt to distance it from militias. Please go back and read your own words.
    I ask you again, if, hypothetically speaking, guns were banned, wouldn’t it stand to reason that the 500.000 guns that are stolen every year would be much harder to come by? And that the “street price” for illegal guns would then skyrocket? So perhaps eveyone who wanted a gun to commit a crime would no longer find it as easy to acquire?

    Listen, you sound like an intelligent person. I am merely looking for an intelligent answer. I am sure you are aware of tragedies like Columbine and Virginia Tech, not to mention kids who find their dad’s gun and accidentally shoot their sister. Add in the guys who lose their temper and shoot their wife. Also people who think they hear an intruder and shoot their kid. The list goes on. I don’t understand why we need to maintain a right that causes so much harm. I simply don’t believe that someone who wants to rob me is thinking beforehand “I hope he doesn’t have a gun.” Violence is a part of many of these people’s lives. They deal with others with guns on a daily basis. I don’t think the deterrent factor is what you think it is.

    The fact is, as civilization changes, our “rights” change. Whether it’s the Patriot Act (much more than airport security-warrantless wiretaps and imprisonment with no charge), the “re-settling” of Japanese-Americans during WW2, or even prohibition. Considering all the harm guns cause-you have to admit they do-what is SO important about maintaining this particular right. I don’t see it.

    White tiger:
    I didn’t understand a word.

  172. Warren: Yes. I did throw in “hunting” and I did so with fore-thought. I know (and knew) that it is not mentioned in the 2d-A but it was the most common use of firearms in the era. Consider it a throwaway. The real point is that the second amendment is an individual right. The Bill of Rights pronounces specific, individual rights. Rights that the government is not SUPPOSED to infringe.

    Most gun laws that do infringe came as a result of racism/elitism where the “upper” classes and supposed “ubermenschen” simply wanted to keep weapons out of the hands of the folks they wished to repress.

    I believe you are way off in saying that “rights” change as “civilization” changes. Arte we in fact more civilized today that we were in 1800? Technologically we are more advanced but technology alone isn’t civilization.

    We have sky-high abortion rates, divorce rates and violent crime compared to 1800. Official government corruption in ways that were unknown in 1800. Are we really morally and ethically more civilized? Not really. We fought a great war that abolished slavery in our country that has set an example for the rest of the world, an example quite too often honored in the negative.

    Yes, certainly there are tragedies as a result of gun violence. No one would deny that. But do you blame the gun for the illegal behaviorpeople do with it? People are killed with hammers and swords and and paring knives as well. The point is that unless you can ban human nature you really can’t eliminate violence.

    The firearm, in particular the handgun, is truly a “great equalizer”. You say that you doubt that a criminal is thinking “I hope that my victim won’t have a gun.” Well. Massad Ayoob, a well known and highly respected self-defense expert and law officer interviewed criminals in jail. To a man they were more concerned about the possibility of a victim being armed than the police. They would certainly avoid a person they knew to be armed. Statistics across the country show that in those states and jurisdictions where, for instance, concealed carry has been allowed the violent crime rate, the crimes against persons, have gone down. There was either no change or a concurrent rise to the rates for crimes against property (such as burglary). This would seem to indicate that the felons were still felonious, just avoiding danger.

    None of this effects the determined mass-murderer, deranged stalker or psychopath. But taking the guns out of the hands of the citizens, making self-defense impossible (could you protect yourself from three punks with baseball bats without a gun?) for individuals, particularly the old, weak and women (all prime targets) seems quite counter productive.

    It is very scary to read that a person as smart as you appear to be is willing to begin surrendering his(?) RIGHTS for a perceived possible safety. Which rights are next?

    We would not have these tragedies if we were better grounded in principle and morality. We are a very frightened and confused society and in that chaos lie the reasons behind our violence.

    Who was it who said that those who give up their rights for safety shall have neither?

  173. To Warren:
    Your response,”I didn’t understand a word you said”, makes my point.
    You are feeling, not thinking. A firearm is an object, not a person. It is neither good or bad, but may be used for either purpose.
    25,000 are killed by drunkdrivers every year. Shall we ban: alcohol, cars, roads?
    You should cite your sources of statistics, which are in error.
    You have no way to effectively defend yourself or your loved ones without a firearmHow do you know whether you will be the victim of a home invasion, rape, torture, murder? Without easy access to a loaded firearm and the knowhow and will to use it you may find yourself watching while your loved ones are molested, tortured and killed. If you really love them, you will not let it happen to them.
    We shoot badguys because we have a duty, in love, to protect the innocent from the evilYou know that, whatever your lack of religious training, because it is part of “the law written on the heart”. God hates evil and the Lord came to destroy the works of the devil. We, lacking His omnipotence, may need to utilize firearms to destroy evil.
    Finally, most of mankind choose to be evil, and stand selfcondemned, Mt.7.13-14. The odds, therefore, are heavy against you, and you need to be prepared to act. If the Manson gang storms through your door and you cannot reach for your gun, you will shortly wish you had never been born. Promise.

  174. Noah:
    Just to clear up. I never said we were becoming MORE civilized, only that it changes. I should have said “society”. In fact, my point was the degeneration of society neccesitates we re-examine the right of everyone to own a gun.

    Also,as far as hammers and what-not being used to kill people, it takes a different person, in my opinion, to kill someone with a lead pipe by bashing their skull in than it does to pull a trigger from 50 ft away.
    I’m almost 40 years old. I’ve lived in good neighboorhoods and bad, in cities and in the country, and never once have I found myself in a situation where I needed a gun to protect myself. Perhaps if I had, I would think differently, but…
    Thanks for talking with me. I appreciate it.

    White tiger:
    1. As per your remark on the difference between cars and guns, I addressed that. That’s a ridiculous argument.
    2. Anyone who defends gun rights while simultaneously quoting gospel about punishing evil-doers only re-enforces every negative stereotype that people like me can dream up. Keep playing “Doom” and pretending you’re Charles Bronson and leave the rest to those who aren’t quite as unbalanced.

  175. white tiger
    One more thing, my stats come from the CDC


    Don’t waste your paranoid responses of conspiracy on me, it’ll fall on deaf ears.

    and the U.S. Deptof Justice

  176. Warren:
    If you believe that society is degenerating how can you also speak of giving up the right to self defense? That’s like purposely not wearing a raincoat because it IS raining. It makes no sense to me. On the other hand it is your RIGHT to not carry or own a gun and I have no problem with you exercising YOUR right. Why do you have a problem with me exercising mine?

    I would go further and say that anyone who wants to deny other people’s rights (to them) is a danger to our nation. Which rights are to be stripped and which are to remain and to what degree? Does ‘free speech’ end at your lips? Think it but don’t say it? Whisper but don’t speak aloud?

    It6 appears that you do not have a problem with law abiding citizens owning guns (“my point was the degeneration of society neccesitates we re-examine the right of everyone to own a gun.”) only criminals and psychopaths. Yes? Well we have laws against the criminal use and possession of guns (and the insane too). Except that those penalties are invariably the ones plea-bargained away first. Richmond (Virginia) has been enforcing the federal and local gun laws fully for years (“Project Exile”) and has seen a huge drop in criminal use of firearms. That is because the criminals know that if they use a gun in a crime they will be fully prosecuted for it, adding significantly to their time. It hasn’t diminished crime, but it has gun crime.

    Most gun crime/murders in the USA do not take place at 50 foot distances. They are in your face and arms length. Close enough for being bashed with a pipe or stabbed. You are naive to think that criminals would be averse to using clubs and knives. In fact it would be more likely that they would actually have to use one because they aren’t as intimidating in getting the victim to respond.

  177. To Warren:
    Oh,oh! The classic King Baby threat!
    “If you don’t agree with my wrongheaded notions(behavior), I’ll become even more pathetic and disgusting than I already am.. and it will be all your fault and then I’ll go out into the garden and eat worms and die.. and then you’ll be sorry”!

    No, Warren, we won’t. Not even a little bit.

    Let me guess that you are: young, inexperienced, a secular humanist and to the far political left? You have had it too easy, and have no idea what life is like for most folks. The saying, “liberals are conservatives who haven’t been mugged yet “,may apply to you. The issue we are discussing is not academic. You are relating to the fictions of movies and TV. If you had experiential knowledge of those situations in which guns save decent people from bozos your outlook would be more mature and correct. But only if you really care about others.
    If you can’t really feel for their fright, their loss, their pain then there is no hope for you.
    Because you are ignorant of the realities you have a perverted view of them.
    I served in law enforcement in Los Angeles for fortytwo years and can assure you that crooks want victims; not adversaries. If you are obviously prepared to defend yourself, the perp will always move on. He wants the money, the dope or whatever; not a couple of slugs in his gut. How many armed robberies took place in the USA in this past year? If everyone of those victims had been armed, probably only a miniscule percentage would have occurred.
    I hope you don’t have to learn the truth on this matter from having a gun or knife stuck up your nose. Finally, it is silly to think that criminals will obey a no-guns law while they obey no other law. And if guns were miraculously not available, clubs, knives, stun guns, etc. still would be. Criminalizing firearm possession by responsible citizens is an incentive to criminality because it removes the chief deterrent; the high cost getting blown away by an armed potential victim.

  178. I would just add that I do not hunt. Hunting is one of the many things one can do with a firearm. That is all. The Second Amendment guarantees the RIGHT to do any darn lawful thing you want to, with a gun, if you are an American citizen in America.

  179. Noahs got it going on.

  180. white tiger:

    In my posts, I have given my age, as well as mentioned the bad neighborhoods and cities I have lived in. This is in addition to your comparing cars and guns after I discussed that analogy. If you are not going to read what I write, don’t respond to it.

    For the record, I have had a gun pointed at me, point blank, up against my gut. Being broad daylight, I correctly surmised that this person wouldn’t shoot me. I pretended to fumble for my money until he got scared and left. I did not need a gun. In fact, the result may have been quite different if I had pulled out a weapon. I’m not unfamiliar with the “evil’ in the world. I also don’t feel I am Travis Bickle and it is my responsibility to rid the world of it.
    Be God’s avenging angel if you must, but your zealotry is scary and I would prefer to take my chances with the criminals than be in the path of your “righteousness”.

  181. Warren: Yoiu have mentioned your age, 40, which is two years less than white tiger has been serving his community in law enforcement. If I were you I would bow to his greater experience, if nothing else, and not insult him. It is his job to put himself in danger on a daily basis. If you suppose he is not very, very good at recognizing danger you are playing the fool.

    Your “performance” in fumbling for your money was awesomely stupid. You surmised wrong that in daylight you would not be shot. It is most likely that it was a toy gun that was shoved in your gut because a real one would have most likely gone off. You are applying your limited experience and personal values to a class of pseudo-citizens, CRIMINALS!, who do not share them.

    Incidentally it would be foolish to “go for your gun” in the situation that you describe so it would have ended the same had you been armed and known what you were doping.
    On the other hand were you armed and the least bit knowledgeable you would have been paying a lot more attention to your surroundings. People who carry are very careful as they do not want to find (or put) themselves in c0mpromising positions such as you found yourself. Even that simple state of heightened awareness and attention tips criminals off and they tend to stay away. Most people walk around half asleep mooning over their next or last date or thinking about TV shows or whatever, effectively sleep walking through the day and criminals count on such behavior to catch their victims unaware.

    Your experience was unique and you were extremely lucky. I hope you reported it.

  182. Oh. One more thing.

    The car-gun analogy is a good one. The only place it falls short is in that driving a car is a privilege licensed by the state- owning and carrying a firearm is a RIGHT guaranteed by the founding documents of our country (and by G-D)!

  183. To Warren:
    Your experiential account is not true. I won’t tell you how I know that, because I will not teach you how to deceive. And you are not in a position to dictate what I, or anyone, may respond to.You live, little one, in a make-believe world, ignorant of the sad fact that most folks are evil, which is why, Mt.7.13-14, the Lord said they will end up in Hell. You have not confronted this sad fact in any meaningful way, which is why your attitude is emasculatory.
    Let me try this: We are commanded, on pain of damnation, to love one another,Lk.10.25-37. If you see me being victimized you are required to come to my assistance. You cannot seriously suppose you would be both safer and more effective in doing so without a gun. Please don’t think you understand the criminal mind, because you haven’t got a clue. In our business we experience your mindset frequently. After twenty minutes in a tank with a group of gangbangers that attitude changes remarkably. Because, perhaps for the very first time in his life, the dilletante is disciplined, brutalized, intimidated, dominated, exploited, probably raped repeatedly, and forced to perform various perverted acts. Then. too late, he becomes a believer. He has not been bright enough to learn from precept; he had to experience the horror to understand his need for selfdefense.
    The notion, “Oh, that couldn’t happen to me”, is immature denial of reality.
    You sneer at Bronsonitis. But the facts are that such goes on a gazillion times daily, across the nation. learn the hard way, if you must. If you do, and survive, you will think very differently. I pray the time will never come when, begging your assailant to kill you and end your agony, you will recollect how different things might have been had you had a gun in your pocket and the will and knowhow to use it. Noah is right on. You probably hold police in contempt, but maybe you can take direction from him.

  184. Ashurbanipal

    I’d like to see someone take my guns when I add an AK and a Benelli M4 to my arsenal. Purely for self defense and sport purposes, mind you.

  185. Do you really think that someone in a tie is going to come to your door, demand your gun(s) and offer a receipt?

    My hope is that no one from my local law enforcement agency will comply with the demand. I am actually expecting the equivalent of ACORN in uniform, poorly trained but comparatively heavily armed 0bamilitia to be designated to that purpose. Perhaps a dozen men with automatic weapons backed up by a .50-cal mounted on a (no, not a Toyota) GMC or Chrysler truck (if they are still being made at all).

  186. white tiger:

    you write:
    “Your experiential account is not true. I won’t tell you how I know that, because I will not teach you how to deceive.”

    If you are referring to me having a gun pointed at me, it IS true. If anything, I have downplayed my experience dealing with criminals and bad neighboorhoods. I couldn’t care less what the voices in your head tell you, it only reinforces my belief that you are insane.

    I do not hold police in contempt. I applaud people that do such a dangerous job for such little reward. Some police worry me, however. The ones that abuse their position. Ones that, having been traumatized by the experience of being immersed in the worst of the worst, begin to rationalize that they are above the law; that suspects are less than human and it is the police’s God-given duty to judge evil and carry out sentencing. That worries me, indeed.

  187. Uh, Warren: Where DID you get these ideas? Yopu are sounding like the theme of a bad TV show. In the real world THOSE individuals are only a very very tiny percentage of the population you are talking about.

    It seems that you are more afraid of the very rare “bad cop” than the very real criminal.

  188. white tiger

    Coochynik forgot to take his meds again!
    When the asylum paroled him they made him promise to take the big red one before each meal and the little yellow one after.
    But he says his promise is not binding because he is a politician.
    Well, kinda-sorta; in the last election he got four votes, not counting his mom.
    Besides he has to see his shrink everyday at two, and remembering all that and the pills, too, is, well, just too much for a King Baby.

    Dennypoo is going out for the team this year, too!
    No, not football, with all those violent brutes!
    He is fourth in line for the assistant manager of the girls junior varsity crochet and quilting squad. And is his mom ever proud!
    If you were his parent, wouldn’t you just glory in his manliness?

  189. Jake Kirkup

    I am not for a ban in guns!
    Everybody should have the right to bear arms!
    Removing the right to bear arms from the people is like making them slaves, unable to have anything to give them equality to the government! America’s constitution is based on the belief that everyone should be equal, I don’t see anyone being equal if not everyone has the right to bear arms!
    It was citizens owning guns which allowed the American Revolution to take place; it was the shot of a gun which signalled it!
    Without guns, most people are unable to defend themselves or their family and property.
    Nobody should be allowed to remove the right to bear arms from the people!

  190. your gun is registered right?well they will come for it in the night while you sleep,It happened to me by local police.once they see you are a 2nd ammendment believer you get a red sticker on you mailbox from the postmaster.that means the black helicopter comes the next time just before martial laws are put into place. FEMA CAMPS you will go.i seen hal turner video about prison rail carts like they put the jews in .6 miles outside NYC.& Youtubes FEMA coffins for americans.click on the helicopter and watch

  191. 0bama brown shirts?

  192. Some people want to keep their gun for their own protection or hunting food or collection or other good reason. I don’t have any gun myself because I got a feeling that one day all guns will be ban in America no question ask because they want to make it “Peace” in a good ways, but in my conscience, it is not TRUE! They will make all American Fool enough to giving away their guns. Once all army, police, FBI or anyone who work for government/federal – they will have POWER enough to demand you, POWER enough to make you to obey their wishes, POWER enough than you think. It is hard to believe, but believe it… Also, whoever vote for Obama – you will wish that you should NEVER vote for him in first place. Or maybe he suppose to lose the vote for becoming as United State of America President , but he will still WIN no matter what… He have “THE VOICE” to brainwash people to believe in him, to make people take his word for grant “YES WE CAN!”, but it is all LIE! LIE! LIE! Go Ahead and I Dare you to watch this site http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eAaQNACwaLw
    If it is not working then go on http://www.youtube.com and type in search “The Obama’s Deception”

    Oh also, I would suggest you to buy bow and arrow because it is not part of gun. Only way to protection yourself and hunting for food, too. So think about it… Thank for reading it and I hope you will watch this film and spread out to your friends, families, or even strangers.

  193. I support the right to own and carry guns (to some extent. I doubt explosives would be safe in the hands of civilians, or in basements… Imagine what kind of accident could happen if your neighbor filled his basement with hand grenades, missiles and C4… Scary).

    Anyway, I just wanted to say a few things, I hope I will be helpful tu supporting gun rights.

    First of all, you all need to know that I grew up thinking owning guns was dangerous. I was taught that gun bans were a good thing for the safety of everybody. But then, around 16, I started to change my mind about all this. I realized that the cops were not likely to be around if I would be mugged or assaulted. I figured out that, while guns may cause a few tragic accidental deaths, they probably saved a lot more lives.
    And anyway, we “don’t mind” people driving cars, or building swimming pool in their backyards. If you’d ever ask someone “shouldn’t we ban cars and swimming pools? They kill people!”, then the answer you would get would be “yeah, but you can’t deprive yourself of everything, you have to live a bit!”.

    Sorry, but guns save lives. If it’s ok to drive cars, it should be ok to own guns. Seems logical to me.

    But then comes in the whole issue about criminals getting guns. Some people say that criminals buy guns legally, or get guns that were bought legally. I agree on the second point: most guns were at one point bought legally. But do we really want criminals to come at us with knives, hatchets, axes, baseball bats…? They would be dangerous for us too this way. And what is stopping a criminal from knocking a cop unconscious and stealing his gun?

    In a fight with knives or any other melee weapons, the strongest wins.
    But if you own a gun, and a burglar breaks in your house with a gun, you have several advantages over him:
    – You know the house, he does not.
    – You can ambush him.
    That won’t help you if you fight hand to hand, unless if you can jump on the guy from behind and snap his neck…

    Of course, the best thing would be to lock yourself up in a room and wait for the cops, but:
    – If you have several kids sleeping in separate rooms, it could be hard to wake them up and make them run to another room.
    – Even if you lock yourself up, the criminal could still force the door and break in the room where you are, and you’ll end up fighting hand to hand.

    Now, what about public places?
    I think the most deterrent thing is the fact that many people are armed. Try to draw a gun in public and start shooting, and you’ll likely get hit by 20 bullets before you kill 2 people. But if everyone is armed with knives, you can walk up to someone in the street and stab them silently, and run away before anybody notices.

    That convinced me we are better off with guns than without.

    So that’s for my personal story. The reason I explained all this is because I want to show everyone that I was not “brainwashed” into supporting guns. I changed my mind on my own. I never had any close relatives who supported gun rights, and I have only spoken a few times to people who do. I got my opinions from my common sense, not from social pressure.

    But what I want to say here is this: some of you guys give an awful image to gun rights supporters. I read some people just calling anyone who disagrees with gun rights “agents” or whatever. Seriously, drop the paranoia, ok?

    Many people support gun control because they honestly believe it is the best way to be safe. I should know, I was part of them and my relatives are like that. But by being hostile to them you won’t convince them that your position is right, and that is what you should try to do: get their support. You say the population is brainwashed, but when you see a “brainwashed” person, instead of showing them the truth you insult them and turn hostile on them. I’m especially addressing this to pjwalker911, but he is not the only one concerned.
    You just make things worse. When I was reading your comments I was starting to think that maybe the NRA and like are just a bunch of paranoid extremists.
    Turning hostile on those who disagree with you is one of the way I identify extremists. I’m not saying you are, but you have a good start.
    Most people who support gun ban honestly believe it is a good thing, so try convincing them, it will do us more good. If you won’t, if you’d rather bash people because it’s easier, just fuck off. No offense intended, but you really aren’t helping by acting like that.

    Another thing I don’t like too much here: lot’s of complaints, few solutions. It’s nice to make a list of problems, but if you won’t offer a solution it’s pointless. What should people do to make things better? What can I do? I read we need to “wake up” and “smell the shit”, but seriously, what should we do exactly? It would be very helpful if you could give us some solutions… I am suspecting this website is just another attempt at causing mass panic, because pointing at problems without giving solutions is a favorite tactic of those who try to cause mass panic.

    Maybe some people won’t like my message and will take issue at it. Maybe they will be offended. I don’t care, I said what I had to: the truth.
    You support a good cause, but you don’t do it so well. I hope you will all use my comment here to improve the way you support gun rights. I hope this message won’t get deleted. In the name of free speech and the support of gun rights, I dare you to keep this message here and learn whatever can be learned from it.

    Anyway, good luck with your work… I hope one day we will come up with a system where the government is serving the people, and not the other way around. There’s a lot to do, but we have all we need to win. We just need to use it properly. Our greatest strength is the fact that the people are the majority, politicians are just a few. But we still must learn to act together, to fight side to side against our common enemy.

    Whether we support gun rights or gun control, we all want the same things. We just disagree on the way to get them. And while we fight each other, some people take advantage of the situation and rise above us while pushing us down.

    I’ll finish with this:
    If banning guns is the solution to being safe, removing guns from law abiding citizens is not the way to start. There are other things that could (should) be done first.

  194. What we find with those who are the biggest proponents of gun control is their own knee-jerk reaction(s) to anything having to do with guns. Their vilification of guns and gun owners and their readiness to limit the gun owners rights in favor of what(?) …disarmament. They have made themselves enemies of gun owners through their own words and all too often actions. Gun possession in the USA is a fundamental right of every citizen and these people (anti-gunners) are trying to deprive their fellow citizens of their rights. So rhetoric soars.

    The Supreme Court of the USA has declared that it is NOT the job of the police to prevent a crime from occurring, only to apprehend the criminal after it has been committed. This is not too terrible in regard to crimes against property but crimes against persons (assault, battery, murder, rape, et al) it is a pretty important distinction. Everyone has the right to self defense and as you point out, the handgun is the great equalizer. A 200 pound man with a club is a lot more dangerous than the 120 pound woman with a club. But give them both guns and they are equal. Give her a gun and she wins (presuming adequate knowledge on how to use it), but she won’t need to. She can safely go on her way.

    I’m glad that you’re on our side “ahem”. You have clearly given the issue a l,ot of thought and hope that you can change the minds of your family as well. I too grew up in what would today be considered as a “progressive” minded home and while the issue never came up I do know the only gun we had was a broken down (meaning ‘in pieces’- it worked when put together) .45 auto my father brought back from WW2 and there was only one bullet. Go figure.

  195. guns r good. england is bad. communists are fags.

  196. Obama’s supreme court nominee, Sonia Sotomayor had a telling exchange with, I believe, Senator Tom Coburn in the (hopefully [ha ha] not) confirmation hearings. He asked her if she believed that Americans, human beings, have the right to self defense. The right to protect yourself if assaulted. The right to hit back. She feigned a lack of comprehension of the question. She talked around it. She did not, would not understand whatever could the senator mean. The words “self defense” were outside her understanding. SHE DOES NOT BELIEVE IN A RIGHT TO SELF DEFENSE!! She refuses to grant a distinction to self protection. This is a scary, scary choice from a dangerous demagogue.

  197. This is just part of an overall internationalist movement to strip humans of their innate rights, to reduce us to the level of cockroaches who can be exterminated at will by governments. Read the articles on the toxic vaccines which they are about to inject into billions worldwide. So my point is, she is just a symptom of a much bigger disease. We live in a Matrix system that has existed for really thousands of years, that has only gotten more global and intensified its tyrannical designs over time. Anyone who looks to the Federal Government to fix problems or to try and reform it is a fool. It is a monster with big teeth, many heads and many tentacles reaching around the globe and must be utterly abolished in order to retain freedom.

  198. I can well understand why they want to ban guns in America, just type into your google, Jane Bergermister Journalist, or Eanrcrane.com. press enter and read some of the correspondence. I think it may encourage you to keep your gun close to you.

  199. Keep an eye on the New World Order, W.H.O World Health Organisation, and Food & Agriculture Organisation, F.A.O If GM crops dont sort you out, Viruses made to cut World population will, they denigh everything but read some of the proof that Jane Bergermeister has writen about, she had the sack from her job ?
    was she that near to the truth, read for yourself and decide. Ian r Crane .com has also come up with some very interesting evidents, very interesting evidents, Monsanto and GM Crops
    want the growing of Organic Crops Stopped, so they can profit selling seeds, But they are Genetically Modified Seeds, Myself I dont like them playing around with Nature.

  200. Keep an eye on the New World Order, W.H.O World Health Organisation, and Food & Agriculture Organisation, F.A.O If GM crops dont sort you out, Viruses made to cut World population will, they denigh everything but read some of the proof that Jane Bergermeister has writen about, she had the sack from her job ?
    was she that near to the truth, read for yourself and decide. Ian r Crane .com has also come up with some very interesting evidents, Monsanto and GM Crops
    want the growing of Organic Crops Stopped, so they can profit selling seeds, But they are Genetically Modified Seeds, Myself I dont like them playing around with Nature.

  201. You will need your guns to stand up for your “illegal” organic gardens, and the right to drink “illegal” natural raw milk which is an essential to a healthy immune system used in every society from Africa to India and the Steppes of Asia to Europe and now the Americas. There is a reason milk has been consumed by all peoples, but we are fed processed milk that does nothing for our immune systems, even discouraged from drinking milk at all in preference for chemically laced sodas and BPA/Fluoride contaminated water and other beverages. And we are fed GM garbage which not only has less nutritional value but actually acts as a toxin to alter our genetic structure causing cancers. This is all scientifically verified. This is all part of the depopulation program and if people want to survive and thrive with healthy bodies intact they have to get off all this crap and get into natural living and health practices all on the way to being outlawed through the big pharma medical mafia establishment and the Codex Alimentarius. So guns and gardens go hand in hand! Never forget it folks.

  202. Google search for eanrcrane.com came up zip.

    ianrcrane.com appears to be a sales site for some Brit conspiracy populist.

    If you want to defend the Constitution then remember that elections mean something and your vote counts!! Pay attention.

    B00bama told us everything he was going to do and by golly, he’s doing it!

    Idiots like Buckley the younger said “yes, he says that (whatever insanity that is) but he can’t possibly mean it.” Then supported B00bama. Here was this guy telling us what he would do and leaders of the supposed opposition were simply denying that he meant it. Well folks- he meant it!!

    So when the next election comes around pay attention to the candidates. To what they say, what they do and what they’ve done. Don’t vote for some anti-freedom liar who tells you that he’s pro-freedom. Look at his record and if he doesn’t have one then look at where he gets his support and who he hangs out with. Where has he come from? That will give you an idea about where he’ll be taking you.

    So-called blue dog democrats are LIBERAL DEMOCRATS wearing a veneer of conservatism. Just the words, Not the deeds. RINO republicans like Collins, Snowe and Graham are phonies. PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT THEY DO not what they say.

    So that’s what you can do come the next election cycle. And in the meantime educate yourself and others as best you can.

  203. That Jane Burgermeister stuff is unsettling, especially the links….

  204. Guys your all fucking retarded just shove a dick down all your grand moms throats and die..

  205. Wally:
    I think you meant: “Guys. You’re all fucking retarded. Just shove a dick down all your Grand Moms’ throats and die….”
    Is that correct?

  206. As they come to take away my handguns – I will blow them away with my Shotgun!

  207. Im 20 years old, Im just a kid, but I know my rights, freedoms and my responsibilities as an American. I own firearms just like most of you, I watch fox news every night, and I pay darn close atention to whats going on with gun laws. What some of you socialist say (most of which are from Canada) is exactly the kind of mindset thats crippleing this nation, why you seem to think its any of your business what I use to defend my property, that ive worked for, and also my family is beyond me, but I will tell you this, if I catch you a 64th of an inch on my property and I feel thretened, and I promise you I will, I will terminate you on sight using the freedom given to me by God and the founders of this nation with a huge smile on my face :) Then I’ll go to bed and sleep a little better knowing theres one less socialist, freedom crushing bastard out there. Have a good day guys….and clean your guns:)

  208. Dennis Kucinich can have my gun! Im happy to stick it in his mouth if he wants it so badly.

    Otherwise, he and his liberal idiot supporters will just have to sit down and cry. They are completely outnumbered and outgunned by REAL Americans that do not agree with their communist ideals.

    Perhaps Dennis Kucinich should move to China where he would find happiness in an anti-gun environment.

  209. This is over a year old. So who is Dennis Kucinich?

  210. Q: Who is Dennis Kucinich?

    A: Who is Dennis Kucinich?

    I guess that his plan didnt work out so well. :)

  211. Kucinich isn’t even Kucinich anymore.
    Maybe he has been hijacked by a UFO.

  212. An armed society is a polite society.

  213. Good defences make good neighbors…

  214. gun has never make problem but people do… so i think it doesn’t matter that you have gun control or not if someone is not on the right mine have any kind of weapon an innocence people still can get hurt.

  215. this problem won’t happen if we all care for each other, if we can stop our anger, and i think we still have lot of ” if” to think about how we can stop this violence ..

  216. back in 1973 he was the mayor of Cleveland the democrats keep this fool around to show the whole world there is someone to the left of Obama, he gave the National Socialist White Peoples party a permit to march and hold a rally downtown, he figured the counter protesters (read Communists), would be able to jump them, when he was told there were 300 of them marching he was at a ribbon cutting ceremony and set his hair on fire. complete with screaming and running around like a dammed fool, The Nazis rallied, Kucinich was to stupid to realize that the latvian songfest was in town, The nazis left, the reds not used to that much firepower from the right began holding a demonstration (they never need a permit) at the same site, when they began to explain the virtues of a soviet style government to the Latvians, the Latvians kicked their asses and rioted, 20,000 of them. took the police hours to restore order. i notice kucinih and these other gun control pukes never get around to disarming all their private and government bodyguards, as a person who has had a relative murdered by this subhuman wave of filth pouring into this nation, I would be all for an armed revolution.

  217. I guess we’ll see what happens when they try to “postpone” the elections in 2010 (or 2012). 0bummer is trying to create his own para-military policing department and declaring martial law or some sort of ‘state of emergency’ would not be beyond him. Nor, for that matter, would be giving the vote to criminals, prisoners and illegal aliens.

  218. The real problem with Kucinich is the American voter. This reprehensible far-left anti-American was elected by the citizens of his district, over and over. This is not his fault. It is the fault of the miserable public school system. We see the results of this system everyday, in every way.

    News about another horror that occurs, ranging from students being up while they are being bussed to where their pervert teachers sexually predate them. Then they leave the drug filled halls of non-education, declared to be adults and invited to vote for people for whom they only have knowledge based on some lying TV (or small-word print magazine) news stories.

    I don’t blame the politicians. I blame the schools that produced the voters that vote for them.

  219. you are all ass holes showing these one sided picture and reports. this is bathetic making up or over exagertating gun control laws. you don’t need a AK-47 to protect your family just one or two hand guns. And the second amendment is very unclear what it means. And besides for all you red necks a gun doesn’t make you dick look bigger or make you cool OK. Get a Life

  220. Hey Chris: Get an education.

  221. I’ll second that …
    chris is the typical example of a narrow minded moron who relies solely on childish rants to try and impose his narrow-minded beliefs.

  222. Narrow and shallow. Like a small pin.

  223. chase spencer

    ok guns are related to alot of death but hell in that case why dont we just outlaw cars to over 40,000 thousand people die each year from car accidents its esitmated someone dies every 12 min and chris i own just about 20 guns but the funny thing is i wouldnt use them to protect my family i would just take care of it myself with my fist i use guns for hunting and shooting guns are not the problem people. its the corrupt government that are the problem i mean its just ridiculous all the scared people that eat up everything the goverment tell them cause they believe the first thing that there told. America is not ran by the people its ran by the rich people who have no worries and dont know anything about anything. Call me an anarchist or radical i dont care america would be better if there was a way to have it ran by the average person tha wouldnt get power hungry. but there going to take away guns they might as well burn the constitution cause there walkin all over it as it is and chris if owning guns makes me a redneck then im damn proud to be one.

  224. chase spencer

    and yes ik this topic is very old but there are still people tryin to ban gun its not a dying controversie

  225. If you would defend your family with your fists rather than your guns all I can say is good luck to your family. They’ll desperately need all they can get.

  226. Some gun quotes for the thoughtful and the easily entertained:

    . . .

    A Canadian is sort of like an American, but without the gun.

    – Anonymous

    Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.

    – Mao Tse-Tung

    Remember the first rule of gunfighting… “have a gun.”

    – Jeff Cooper

    The end move in politics is always to pick up a gun.

    – R. Buckminster Fuller

    You can get much farther with a kind word and a gun than you can with a kind word alone.

    – Al Capone

    You can’t go to a negotiating table pointing a gun, but you’ve got to keep it over your shoulder.

    – Joe Slovo

    A woman who demands further gun control legislation is like a chicken who roots for Colonel Sanders.

    – Larry Elder

    All you need for a movie is a gun and a girl.

    – Jean-Luc Godard

    All you need for happiness is a good gun, a good horse, and a good wife.

    – Daniel Boone

    There are hundreds of millions of gun owners in this country, and not one of them will have an accident today. The only misuse of guns comes in environments where there are drugs, alcohol, bad parents, and undisciplined children. Period.

    – Ted Nugent

    War can only be abolished through war, and in order to get rid of the gun it is necessary to take up the gun.

    – Mao Zedong

    Force and mind are opposites; morality ends where a gun begins.

    – Ayn Rand (a Ron Paul hero)

    Gun bans disarm victims, putting them at the mercy of murderers or terrorists who think nothing of breaking the gun laws.

    – Michael Badnarik

    Gun control means being able to hit your target. If I have a ‘hot button’ issue, this is definitely it. Don’t even think about taking my guns. My rights are not negotiable, and I am totally unwilling to compromise when it comes to the Second Amendment.

    – Michael Badnarik

    I don’t believe gun owners have rights.

    – Sarah Brady

    I don’t care if I fall as long as someone else picks up my gun and keeps on shooting.

    – Che Guevara

    I finally bought a gun because I said if I’m going to get it, I’m taking somebody with me.

    – Gary Lockwood

    I grew up in a tough neighborhood and we used to say you can get further with a kind word and a gun than just a kind word.

    – David Mamet

    I had a gun and I had to run and shoot, which is not easy.

    – Jimmy Fallon

    I have a very strict gun control policy: if there’s a gun around, I want to be in control of it.

    – Clint Eastwood

    I just want everyone to know that 20,000 gun laws in the United States are unconstitutional. They infringe on your right to protect your life, the lives of your loved ones, and your property.

    – Michael Badnarik

    I knew one thing: as soon as anyone said you didn’t need a gun, you’d better take one along that worked.

    – Raymond Chandler

    I’d stop in the middle of a gun fight and sing a song.

    – Ken Curtis

    I’ve never been arrested. I’ve been stopped, searched and had a gun put to my head by the Chicago cops.

    – Tim Meadows

    I’ve never played a character where I’ve had so much fun on the physical end. I don’t want to say I like it too much but it’s fun having a gun on you and getting to manhandle men.

    – Charlotte Ross

    If you can keep playing tennis when somebody is shooting a gun down the street, that’s concentration.

    – Serena Williams

    If you talk to any of my Democratic colleagues who lost that year, they would tell that gun control was one of the major contributory factors in the loss of their seats.

    – John Dingell

    One man with a gun can control 100 without one.

    – Vladimir Lenin

    . . .

    Ain’t it d’ truth?

  227. Dennisgetabrain

    We should ban drugs, drunk driving, and prostitution then we’d get rid of a lot of crime! Oh wait, we do have a ban on those things and it still happens. Banning guns only disarms law abiding citizens which makes criminals a lot more bold. If you want more rapes, vote gun control. If you want more murders, then vote gun control. Dennis you’re a tool and your reward is waiting for you in hell.

  228. guns rock

  229. “Rock and road….”

  230. olabanji mamukuyomi

    i love NDA, infact i wish to be an army since i am young but now is too late.

  231. olabanji: I do not know what the NDA is. But no one here is talking about being in an army. We are discussing our right to our own arms.

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