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Queen Elizabeth to Visit Va. Tech students, paying carbon offset for trip

Time | Apr 25, 2007

Queen Elizabeth II will pay tribute to the victims of the Virginia Tech shootings when she visits the U.S. state next week, Buckingham Palace said Tuesday.

Though it was not immediately clear what sort of ceremony will be held, a trip to the campus in Blacksburg, Va., was ruled out, a palace spokeswoman said on condition of anonymity in line with royal rules. A student at the university killed 32 people and himself at the campus on April 16.

“As the queen is visiting so shortly after the tragedy, it is important that it be recognized,” the spokeswoman said. “It’s a significant and terrible tragedy.”

The queen is traveling to the United States to mark the 400th anniversary of Jamestown, the first permanent English settlement in America.

Her journey to the United States will be her fifth in 50 years — but it will be first in which the carbon dioxide released by the trip will be offset by a donation to an environmental organization, the palace said.

Army of garbage can police snitches to enforce penalty quotas on public

Daily Mail | Apr 28, 2007
An army of wardens will enforce the rigorous rules which go with fortnightly rubbish collections.

The Bin Police will have powers to slap £100 on-the-spot fines on householders who put out rubbish too early or leave their bin lids open.

And they will be set quotas for handing out penalties – raising fears that they will behave like the notorious cowboy car-clamping gangs loathed by motorists.

The wardens are the latest development in the drive to wipe out weekly rubbish collections which inspired the Daily Mail’s Great Bin Revolt.

David Miliband’s Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has already laid the groundwork for council rubbish collection to be handed to non-elected quangos which are bound to seek fortnightly collections as this would cut costs.

Yesterday it was revealed that Defra gave councils the go-ahead to set up their own wheelie-bin police in “guidance on the use of fixed-penalty notices for environmental enforcement” smuggled out last month.

As has become usual with key Whitehall moves in the growing controversy over rubbish collections, no public announcement was made.

The Bin Police will wear uniforms and operate in the same way as traffic wardens – but there are no rules to prevent councils hiring illtrained and unsuitable individuals for the job.

The Defra guidelines say that bin wardens must be trained in the law and how to deal with uncooperative or violent householders. But a training course set up by the department itself lasts no more than four days.

Mr Miliband’s guidelines set out that a council can ask police community support officers to do the job “or it could authorise contracted external staff to undertake the work on its behalf”.

Defra recommends that wardens should have passed criminal records checks. But there are no firm rules to insist that these are made.

The guidelines say: “An authority might want to set targets for the number of fixed-penalty notices that it issues for a particular offence in a given year.”

They add that councils can use the money raised from fines to pay their wardens.

“Revenue raised will often be an income stream for the service that generates it.”

The legal basis for bin wardens was laid down in the 2005 Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act, which gave councils powers to slap fixed-penalty fines on those who break environmental laws.

The Act – brought in to coincide with the abandonment of weekly rubbish collections by nearly 150 councils covering a third of the population – said fines of typically £100 should be applied to those littering, spraying graffiti or allowing their dog to foul the pavement.

In law, littering includes putting out household rubbish at the wrong time or place. And the onthe-spot fines can also be applied to householders who break the 1990 Environmental Protection Act, which sets £100 fines for misuse of “waste receptacles”.

The £100 on-the-spot fines faced by those breaking the rules are higher than the £80 given to shoplifters.

Hugh McKinney of the National Family Campaign said: “There are no rules here to stop councils using cowboy bin police.

“The victims of this proposal will often be families with young children who have more rubbish than anyone else and who will be the easiest to find and pick on.”

Today’s Anti-Smoking Purge Is Borrowed From The Nazis

Prison Planet | Apr 25, 2007

Smoking is certainly a very unhealthy thing to do and the tobacco companies make billions off the suffering and death of millions of addicted smokers every year, but if governments really wanted to do something about it, they would invest in smoking education and cessation programs and they would move to at least stop tobacco companies from increasing nicotine levels in their products and mixing in all kinds of toxic addictives (as they also allow in foods for that matter). But you see very little of this. Instead, it is the user who is attacked rather than the pusher, same as with most drugs, legal or illegal.

Whether it is socialism, communism, fascism, feudalism, military junta, organized crime, theocratic rule or any other of the many faces of tyranny in the world, the message is always: “You belong to the State. You are a slave. You do what WE say, or else.” There is no freedom in that and in this world, access to undistorted information and education on smoking and how to avoid addiction or sucessfully and permanently get off the addiction is hard to come by. If it was easy, then you would not see over a billion smokers worldwide who just keep on smoking, not because they enjoy it, but because they don’t have the slightest idea as to how to stop doing it.

So what does the UK government invest in? Plain-clothes Stasi tattle-tale patrols who sit in bars and restaurants, waiting to catch the evil smoker lighting one up. Yeah, it’s true and they are hiring thousands of these little snitches to spy on people. Then you know, while they are waiting to catch a smoking criminal, they have to have something else to do in the meantime. Yeah, that’s right, they are going to be watching you non-smokers to see if you tied your laces properly, or how many sheets of toilet paper you used (well, it’s to fight global warming you know) or to profile you as a potential terrorist or thought-criminal with the wrong political opinions.

So the point is I guess if you like fascism or communism, then go ahead and support ANTI-SMOKER campaigns.


Smoking is healthier than fascism

A wealth of overlooked yet frightening literature concerning the Nazi crusade against smoking provides a clear parallel to contemporary developments and an alarming warning that state restriction of personal habits is the pre-cursor to dictatorship.

Beginning in the early 1930’s, as part of the Nazi agenda for racial purity, Hitler spearheaded a national campaign to ban smoking in all public buildings, and denounced the practice as a betrayal of the fascist drive for bodily purity.

“Brother national socialist, do you know that our Führer is against smoking and think that every German is responsible to the whole people for all his deeds and emissions, and does not have the right to damage his body with drugs?” stated one magazine.

As I wrote earlier this year , “The regulation of the personal habit of smoking, including new legislative moves in San Francisco to ban cigarettes in private homes, and its enforcement by an eager cadre of state snoops and snitches, represents nothing more than a move on behalf of big brother towards the complete subjugation and shackling of the individual.”

Read these shocking parallels and compare them to the endless lecturing we are forced to endure today about our personal lifestyle choices by the state and their propaganda arm, the mass media.

– The Nazis banned tobacco advertising and financed huge public relations campaigns to propagandize people into giving up smoking.


– The Nazis banned smoking in government offices, civic transport, university campuses, rest homes, post offices, many restaurants and bars, hospital grounds and workplaces, and Hitler gave awards to associates who quit the habit.

– A ban on smoking in private vehicles was called for.

– The Nazi Reich Health Office warned that smoking caused impotence and produced posters depicting smoking as a dirty habit of Jews, Gypsies, blacks, intellectuals and Indians.

– Nazi lobbyists lectured terrified children in schools on the horrors of racial impurity as a result of smoking.

– The term “passive smoking” (Passivrauchen) was coined by the Nazi Anti-Tobacco League. Its author, Fritz Lickint, offered no supporting evidence to claim that smokers poisoned everyone around them, while also stating that drinking coffee caused cancer.

– Hitler was an ardent vegetarian and did not smoke or drink after the age of 30, even accrediting the rise of fascism to his success in kicking the habit. He forbade anyone from smoking in a room he might enter. Fellow fascist leaders Mussolini, Napoleon and Franco also detested smoking.

– The Nazi anti-smoking crusade was unleashed with the help of manufactured junk science on behalf of the medical and health establishment, one such example being that smoking caused “spontaneous abortions” in pregnant women.

– Hitler attempted to price out smoking for Germans, levying huge taxes on cigarettes.

– Despite the Nazi propaganda crusade against smoking, tobacco sales increased in Germany, leading some history professors to hypothesize that smoking was an act of cultural resistance against fascism, until the late 1930’s after smoking was banned in most public buildings and tobacco sales rapidly declined.


Another Nazi anti-smoking propaganda poster depicts a jackboot kicking a cigarette, a cigar and a pipe.

What conclusions can we draw from these parallels? Either the Nazis were benign really cared about everyone’s health or they used the specter of anti-smoking to exert massive control over people’s lives and scale back basic freedoms, getting a foot in the door for the political dictatorship that was to follow.

Similarly today, either the same elite that advocate “mass culling” of the majority of the world’s population really do care about public health and well-being or they are using the excuse of the anti-smoking drive to condition us to accept state regulation over every aspect of our personal lives.

It’s all about control, it’s all about letting you know who the bosses are. If the government can regulate personal habits and behavior, what’s next? If the state is so concerned about our good health as they would have you believe, why not use the latest scientific advancements to remove that nasty aggressive gene that causes so much unhappiness? Well, you’re causing those around you distress and harming their health so why not? Are your political opinions a mental illness? Are they harming society? Perhaps we should ban certain types of “free” speech that is offensive to others.

You see where this is all heading – how long before our wall mounted personal x-ray body scanners are accompanied by special smoke detectors that inform on you to the local Stasi if you dare to light up?

We live in a paranoid world overpopulated by ninnying jellyfish who dare not dip their toe in the water in case there’s a law against it, it might upset someone, or it might be bad for their health.

Many people will read this article having lost loved ones as a result of smoking. Please don’t have a knee jerk emotional reaction, try to understand that the point I’m making – smoking is unhealthy but it is healthier than fascism and government regulation of personal habits leads to dictatorship.

The fact that the very language and policies that we are now bombarded with as a justification for state regulation of our personal lifestyle choices are directly lifted from Nazi policies for racial hygiene from the 1930’s should alarm us all and act as a wake up call to the true agenda behind today’s anti-smoking purge.

Chinese make first artificial snowfall

Telegraph | Apr 20, 2007

Authorities have already promised to use rain-seeding before the Olympics to clear the often gloomy August skies for the opening ceremony.

China claimed yesterday to have caused a snowfall for the first time as part of its increasingly ambitious attempts to control the weather.

Officials in the meteorological bureau in Tibet said they had used “rain-seeding” techniques to trigger a snowfall over the city of Nagqu last week.

“This proves it’s possible for humans to change the weather on the world’s highest plateau,” said Yu Zhongshui. The bureau said it had produced just under half an inch of snow at a height of 15,000ft.

Mr Yu said the experiment was conducted in the hope it would lead to alleviating drought on the northern Tibetan plateau, whose grasslands are turning brown as global warming melts and drains its permafrost.

The government also hopes that the project will benefit the great river systems of China. The Yellow, Yangtse, Salween, Mekong and Brahmaputra rivers all rise in Tibet, and the effects of damming and over-extraction for agriculture are beginning to threaten water supplies to major cities.

China is the world’s largest practitioner of rain-seeding, a controversial procedure that involves releasing silver iodide as a catalyst into clouds either by aircraft or by firing cannon shells into them. It employs 37,000 people on the programme, which it uses to trigger rainfall principally to maximise water supply in the drought-prone north of the country, although in Beijing it is often said to be part of attempts to ensure a blue sky for major events.

Authorities have already promised to use rain-seeding before the Olympics to clear the often gloomy August skies for the opening ceremony.

With five private jets, Travolta still lectures on global warming

Okay, here is the crux of the issue: the elite New World Order terrorists — you know, the guys who took total control of the media, orchestrated Operation 9/11, lied us into a perpetual war, sold out our sovereignty to the North American Union (and the Brits’ sovereignty into the EU), keep the borders wide open, sent our jobs overeas, established a global Orwellian police state control grid, ripped off American taxpayers by the trillions, then pose as our saviors — these wise-guys decided to pull another big scam on us called Global Warming to create a global tax, force us to live with less, and herd us into global government.

Now, the problem isn’t that New World Order minions like John Travolta and Al Gore have carbon footprints 100 times bigger than the rest of us. I personally don’t care how many planes Travolta flies in. He can fly all he wants as far as I am concerned because it is not a question of carbon since it is already proven that human carbon production has very little to do with global warming, that it is merely a solar cycle and nothing to get freaked out about.

The problem here is that these creeps sit there producing more carbon than you and I could ever dream of producing while they tell us to cut back, do with less, “do your part” and all this kind of BS. And they do it because of the reasons I cited, not to help the environment. If they really wanted to help the environment, they would urge us to boycott GMO crops (causing one of the worst environmental catastrophes of all!), support local organic farming, block fluoridation of water and yes, to use more alternative energy to cut air pollution which is a health concern, not a warming concern. Now if they put it this way, then I would be all for them, but they have an ulterior motive and bascially everything that comes out of their mouths is a lie.

This is neofuedalism. Don’t buy into it. And if you still believe or just aren’t too sure about Global Warming, then I suggest you read the 300 articles on the subject you will find in the Global Warming Hoax category of my archives. That should straighten it out for you once and for all.



Happy landings: John Travolta’s plane collection parked at his home in Florida

Daily Mail | March 30, 2007

His serious aviation habit means he is hardly the best person to lecture others on the environment. But John Travolta went ahead and did it anyway.

The 53-year-old actor, a passionate pilot, encouraged his fans to “do their bit” to tackle global warming. But although he readily admitted: “I fly jets”, he failed to mention he actually owns five, along with his own private runway.

Clocking up at least 30,000 flying miles in the past 12 months means he has produced an estimated 800 tons of carbon emissions – nearly 100 times the average Briton’s tally.

Travolta made his comments this week at the British premiere of his movie, Wild Hogs.

He spoke of the importance of helping the environment by using “alternative methods of fuel” – after driving down the red carpet on a Harley Davidson.

Travolta, a Scientologist, claimed the solution to global warming could be found in outer space and blamed his hefty flying mileage on the nature of the movie business.

But his appointment as a “serving ambassador” for the Australian airline Qantas doesn’t seem to have much to do with the movies. Nor does a recent, two-month round-the-world flying trip.

“It [global warming] is a very valid issue,” Travolta declared. “I’m wondering if we need to think about other planets and dome cities.

“Everyone can do their bit. But I don’t know if it’s not too late already. We have to think about alternative methods of fuel.

“I’m probably not the best candidate to ask about global warming because I fly jets.

“I use them as a business tool though, as others do. I think it’s part of this industry – otherwise I couldn’t be here doing this and I wouldn’t be here now.”

Travolta’s five private planes – a customised £2million Boeing 707, three Gulfstream jets and a Lear jet – are kept at the bottom of his garden in the US next to a private runway.

Indeed, such is his enthusiasm for flying, he persuaded his wife, actress Kelly Preston, to name their son Jett when he was born 14 years ago.

Five years ago he piloted his own Boeing 707 on a 13- city “Spirit of Friendship Tour” for Qantas, taking in Los Angeles, Auckland, Sydney, Singapore, Tokyo, London, Paris and New York and amassing over 35,000 flying miles.

More recently, a gruelling promotional schedule for his two latest projects, Hairspray and Wild Hogs, has seen him fly extensively over the past year.

This includes a country-wide tour of the US and a visit to Canada as well as this week’s appearance in Leicester Square.

Such prolific mileage means that, over the past 12 months, he has accumulated around 800 tonnes of carbon emissions.

According to a recent study by the government-funded Carbon Trust, this means he boasts a carbon “footprint” nearly 100 times that of the average Briton, who is responsible for 10.92 tons of Co2, from his flights alone.

One of the world’s leading climate change businesses, the Carbon Neutral Company, has written to Travolta, suggesting ways he could reduce these alarming levels.

He has yet to respond to their advice. Environmental groups were quick to criticise Travolta for “discrediting the cause”.

John Buckley, managing director-of CarbonFootprint.com, said: “John Travolta has such a high-profile celebrity status, so what he says carries an extraordinary amount of weight.

“So it is such a shame when someone of his standing is so outspoken about green issues, yet fails to practise what he preaches.

“Unfortunately someone of his standing ends up discrediting the cause itself, because he is saying people should protect the environment on one hand, yet travelling on a private plane on the other.

“Green issues are serious and should be treated as such.

“It is vital for celebrities to toe the line when they speak out in support of it.”

Video: Larry Silverstein’s Mafia Thugs Accost 9/11 Truthers in NY

Watch in amazement as Larry Silverstein’s dumb fat-head thugs come down to harrass, slander and intimidate heroic 9/11 Truthers from http://www.wearechange.org/ and http://www.ny911truth.org/

One fat-head says something like, “Yeah da Boss, Mr Silverstein, he don’t like yooz comin aroun’ here, soz yooz gots to go. Jus biznis, nutn poisonal.” The biggest fat-head of them all, right out of central casting for the Sopranos, enjoys his job obviously, making threats and false accusations of terrorism and giggling like a total jibbering moron “duh, maybe yooz got a bomb in yooz backpack dere, duh maybe yooz iz a terrorist, huh huh huh! somebody’s goin ta jail, somebody’s goin ta jail, nyah, nyah, nyah, nya! nyah! huh huh huh huh!” and he is a moron because he doesn’t realize that he is going to get a big fat lawsuit slapped on him and he is being exposed nationwide as a stupid little puke who should get on his knees and beg forgiveness for having served the New World Order. Oh there is more, so just give this a watch and be amazed at the mafia tactics of Silverstein’s thugs.



Sick And Tired Of Being Lectured By Global Warming Hypocrites

Prison Planet | April 27, 2007

Private jet flying, CO2 belching, bags made by slaves in China transported thousands of miles buying, bulb banning, Al Gore worshipping morons wagging their finger at me when I don’t even drive a car get under my skin

Ninnying fatuous self-important morons who demand that everyone else make sacrifices in the name of mother earth while they zoom around in CO2 belching private jets and lavish themselves in heated swimming pools are hypocrites but perhaps we should be grateful that their frothing absurdities are causing the man-made global warming cult to lose whatever credibility it has left.

Last week, singer Sheryl Crow demanded that we all use one square of toilet paper per bathroom visit to help save the planet. Shortly after these ridiculous comments, the Smoking Gun website uncovered documents showing Crow’s touring requirements, which include three tractor trailers, four buses and six cars. I don’t even drive a car, so to be lectured about what I can and can’t do is a bit rich coming from someone whose “carbon footprint” is bigger than King Kong’s treads.

At the British premiere of his movie Wild Hogs, actor John Travolta urged everyone to “do their bit” to fight global warming, warning that “We have to think about alternative methods of fuel.”


I fly commercial perhaps once every two years for a brief holiday. Travolta has five private jets parked in his runway (pictured above) , has produced an estimated 800 tons of carbon emissions, 100 times more than the average person in the last year, is a “serving ambassador” for the Australian airline Qantas and named his son Jett as a tribute to his love of flying. So when Travolta lectures me about “doing my bit” forgive me for taking it with a pinch of salt.

Al Gore is the messiah for the climate change fanatics and his error-strewn polemic An Inconvenient Truth , has been dispatched to every British school on orders of the Blair government, so that kids may be forcefully brainwashed into accepting that man-made global warming is as much a reality as the surveillance cameras, metal detectors and biometric scanning for lunches that they have to endure as part of their “education.”

Gore’s 20 room private mansion uses 20 times the national U.S. average of gas and electricity , as Gore lavishes himself in his heated swimming pool while poor people and the middle class await the onslaught of carbon taxes to eviscerate any disposable income they have left.

Gore is behind the spectacle of the Live-8 style Live Earth concerts that will take place in numerous cities around the world on July 7 to raise awareness about climate change. The performers who will be showcased at these concerts include people like Madonna, who owns at least 6 gas-guzzling cars including a Mercedes Maybach, two Range Rovers, Audi A8s and a Mini Cooper S.

According to a report , last year “Madonna flew as many as 100 technicians, dancers, backing singers, managers and family members on a 56-date world tour in private jets and commercial airliners.” The singer’s Confessions tour produced 440 tonnes of CO2 in four months of last year.

Other acts, including rock group Red Hot Chili Peppers, all use private jets yet are set to throw their stardom behind an effort to propagandize the notion that we are producing too many carbon emissions.

This will all be eagerly lapped up by the majority of Britons, who are zealously supportive of government programs that punish people who don’t jump on the climate bandwagon. Fines for putting rubbish in the wrong colored trash can are now commonplace, as state spies roam around leafy suburbs searching through people’s bins for evidence of dastardly “enviro-crimes” while tiny cameras are placed inside bean cans to catch potential villains.

The exact level of idiocy these morons embrace was underscored perfectly yesterday when throngs of them queued up outside a London supermarket from 3am to buy “eco-friendly” bags that have become the latest must-have fashion item and another ego trinket for them to grandstand and revel in the pomp that they are saving Mother Earth.

In reality, the bags were made by slaves in China and transported thousands of miles by CO2 belching jet planes . But let’s not concern ourselves about that – as long as we can feel good about ourselves while wagging our finger in judgment at anyone who uses those dirty old plastic bags that’s all that matters.

These kind of simpletons are also behind the move to completely criminalize the ownership of incandescent light bulbs, despite the fact that their precious “energy saving light bulbs” are loaded with toxic waste that’s already banned under EU regulations. They also contain deadly Mercury which will end up in our land fills and our water supply once use of the new CFL bulbs becomes mandatory.

If you still believe in the notion of man-made global warming, then you should be very concerned about the fact that the leading proponents of the theory are all giant hypocrites espousing outlandish and radical measures to combat climate change while fearmongering about doomsday scenarios that will befall us unless we all drastically reduce our carbon footprints, while their own carbon footprints dwarf the average person’s by a hundred times or more.

The result of this will be that the mantra of man-made global warming will begin to look increasingly inane and it will eventually lose steam. People with an ounce of common sense will see through the fact that a natural cycle of warming that occurs every few hundred years does not mean the end of the world, and that hysteria is deliberately being whipped up on behalf of governments in order to grease the skids for draconian taxation and control measures that won’t even do anything to combat man-made global warming even if it was real, but will do everything to aid the construction of the prison planet that the elite have planned all along.

Meanwhile, real environmental issues like genetically modified garbage poisoning our very food supply, the disappearance of huge swathes of the bee populations across the world, deforestation and toxic waste dumping, all get buried while global warming monopolizes the attention of the phony environmental movement.

No doubt there’ll be several responses to this article accusing me of denying that the planet is heating up and saying I’m on the payroll of the oil companies. For those people, I would like to remind you of the fact that it was none other than Peter Sutherland, the chairman of British Petroleum, who rallied his fellow elitists at the Trilateral Commission meeting last month , to exploit the hysteria of global warming in order to impose a standardized carbon tax, a measure that will create artificial scarcity and, just like peak oil, raise prices, reaping billions in profits for oil industry moguls at the very top of the ladder.