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Bill Clinton Ponders a Role as First Gentleman

New York Times | May 10, 2007

Bill Clinton and his spouse are getting ready to take their turn back in the Whitehouse again. To them and their propaganda minister Rupert Murdoch, it is already a done deal, in the bag.

If you include Bush Sr’s powerful and influential position as VP during the Reagan (who was Bush’s puppet) years beginning in 1981, and if you take it for granted that Hillary Clinton will be in office for two terms from 2009 to 2017, you will realize that by then, just two families will have ruled the Whitehouse for at least 36 years.

That’s more than three and a half decades in power.

Now, even if you believe they are at odds with each other, this should begin to make you wonder if there is really any such thing as a real choice when it involves the highest positions in the US government. But the fact is, there is no essential difference between them. It’s just one long, fake Hegelian tag-team match, tacking our ship of state alternately to the Right and to the Left, on a zigzag course straght to Hell.

They vacation together, Barbara Bush (who some speculate is the moon-child of Aleister Crowley) calls Bill Clinton (who some speculate is the moon-child of Winthrop Rockefeller) “my son”, they are part of the Rockefeller elite inner circle, members of Skull and Bones, Bilderberg, Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations, all ruling over us like kings and queens and they do indeed have close connections to European royalty. In fact, with the Queen’s recent pompous visit to Washington, greeted ecstatically by throngs of gushing psycho-phants, some have suggested this throws the doors open for monarchy in the United States. Well, the truth is, it is already a covert monarchy and they might try to make it an overtly feudal system if we let them. They have waged war on the middle class, destroyed our economic independence, opened up the borders to a flood of illegal immigration and drugs, systematically chipped away at our constitutional rights and sovereignty, merged us with Mexico and the EU, set up an militarized Orwellian police state, engaged in state-terror and involved us in bloody wars that nobody in their right minds really wanted. And the list just goes on and on.

Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton … Who Needs Elections?

Mo Rocca on The Bushes and Clintons as the Royal House of Republicrats

How much more do we have to take before we turn against them and drive them out of power? The only solution is a gathering storm of grassroots activism to back Congressman Ron Paul who is the only candidate that can beat Hillary Clinton next year and break this cycle once and for all. He is the only person who can take the helm and steer us away from this neofeudal disaster. He is the only candidate you can vote for because you actually believe in him, rather than voting for a lesser of evils.

Please go to http://www.ronpaul2008.com/ and support him. If you are poor, send him ten bucks. If you are doing okay, send him $100. And if you are well off, send him $1000 or more. That is what he needs more than anything else and his success will our success.


Bill Clinton plans to be a first gentleman for the 21st century: a post-modern, post-ego presidential spouse who does not earn an income of his own, but rather pays the bills from family savings and does what he can to help the missus down in the Oval Office.

“I’ve tried to get in a position where, you know, I — I won’t — I’ll be able to do what she did when I was president — that is, I don’t want to spend any time making a living,” Mr. Clinton said in an interview on CNN late Tuesday, when asked about his activities if Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton wins the presidency in 2008.

“I hope I will have saved enough by then, if she is elected, that we can just, you know, pay our bills and — I’d like to keep our two homes, our home in Washington, our home in Chappaqua,” Mr. Clinton added. “And otherwise, I’d like to devote whatever time she wants to whatever she wants me to do, and I should be able to have probably two to three days a week to do in the foundation. I certainly hope so.”

Mrs. Clinton has been fairly explicit that she will keep Mr. Clinton busy if she becomes president, saying he could become “ambassador to the world” — with the William J. Clinton Foundation and missions to improve ties with other nations and tackle foreign policy hot spots.

A non-earning Mr. Clinton would be a big change for the couple, but it would also reduce apparent or actual conflicts of interest if she was president and he had decided instead to remain in a money-making position.

Mr. Clinton gives dozens of paid speeches a year, mostly to corporations and philanthropic groups in North America and Europe, typically earning from $100,000 to $200,000 per speech. He earned more than $30 million in speaking fees from 2001 to 2005, according to his wife’s Senate ethics reports.

He has been an adviser to a family of funds run by the Yucaipa Companies, a California private equity firm controlled by a friend, the billionaire Ronald W. Burkle. Under terms described by Mr. Clinton’s aides and Mr. Burkle, Mr. Clinton stands to earn tens of millions of dollars from the arrangement over time, depending on the funds’ growth.