Capitol Hill Blue Joins the Establishment to Bash Ron Paul

Capitol Hill Blue | May 19, 2007

Capitol Hill Blue never impressed me, so this sleazy attack on Ron Paul comes as no surprise. We will see the establishment picking up steam to further smear, slander and otherwise malign Congressman Paul in every way possible short of killing him, which I am sure they would also like to do. They do this because they have no facts or moral authority to put forth any sort of rational rebuttal to his factual statements. But Ron Paul is an inspired man of principle whose time has finally come. He is rising up on the wings of Providence and on the shoulders of We the People to take him to the Whitehouse in 2008. And he WILL succeed and nothing can stop him!

These trying times have cried out for a Braveheart to step forward to thwart the evil that infests Washington DC (District of Corruption). Ron Paul has answered the call and now is the time to stand beside him in this hour of desperation. We are literally facing the gnashing maws of a hydra-headed Beast frothing at the mouth(s) in rage at the impudence of such a mere mortal who would dare stand up to their monopoly on power. And it is exciting to see! Ha ha ha!

Ah but this Beast is just a mirage, a paper tiger that we can beat once We The People unite, focus on it and expose its weaknesses.

You establishment creeps out there better be scared, because the People are comin after you! Yer goin down! We have seen enough of your treason, treachery, murder, tyranny, terror tactics, corruption, deception and plunder. There is going to be a reckoning and a furious vengence will rain down upon your heads!


Ron Paul’s propaganda posse and spam squad

Subverting the ‘Net to promote a fringe candidate


Ron Paul’s propaganda posse is working overtime, generating emails wanting to know why news web sites like Capitol Hill Blue are not wasting more of our valuable space and bandwidth on a political joke that doesn’t stand a chance in hell of winning the GOP nomination for President, much less the general election.

They should remember the old Chinese proverb about being careful what you wish for. Even among the extremes of the GOP, Ron Paul’s extremism and the sleazy tactics of his followers fail any reasonable smell test.

This is not Paul’s first try at the White House. He ran for the Presidency in 1988 as the Libertarian candidate for President and received a whopping 0.47 percent of the vote (less than one half of one percent).

This time around, Paul hovers between zero and 1 percent in public opinion polls – which translates as the bottom of the heap among the crowded GOP field of candidates. Paul is no stranger to losing. He lost his first campaign for Congress in his home state of Texas, then won a special election for a vacant seat before losing his re-election bid and then coming back and winning again. Then over-ambition seized his political agenda and he ran, unsuccessfully, against Texas GOP Senator Phil Gramm in the 1984 primary. He returned to Congress in the 1996 elections.

Paul’s political record is a study in contradictions as well as an addiction to populist causes. He claims to support limited role of government but advocates government regulation of abortions. He claims to support serious campaign reform but accepts most of his campaign contributions from outside his home district and his FEC reports show heavy support from fatcat political ideologues and special interest groups.

At best he is a fringe candidate and, like fringe candidates on both sides of the political spectrum he attracts political zealots who ignore his many faults and argue passionately with claims that exaggerate his positions and his chances.

An organized campaign by Paul followers following the GOP candidates ‘debate spammed an MSNBC poll and his campaign faithful use those skewed results to trumpet a popularity that doesn’t exist. Real public opinion polls taken immediately following the debate show no bump in his popularity and he remains mired at 1 percent.

The dishonest tactics of Paul’s supporters are so off-the-wall that even conservative web sites and bloggers see through their smokescreens.Some web sites have removed Ron Paul’s name from their online polls after they caught the always small number of Paul’s supporters spamming the votes by using different computers and different IP addresses to vote more than once.


2 responses to “Capitol Hill Blue Joins the Establishment to Bash Ron Paul

  1. Doug Thompson and CHB have zero credibility and any blogger that ever quotes anything they say, whether a story or even a subsequent retraction risks being tainted by the association. This particular story is not unique. Thompson frequently apologizes for, corrects, or simply disappears stories he presents at CHB as facts, always blaming co-workers or untraceable sources. Eric at Classical Values did a great series on Doug Thompson and CHB a year ago, concluding:

    “I’m getting a bit tired of Capitol Hill Blue. It’s an unreliable web site which I’d never read before July 16, and I think it’s staffed by sock puppets… is it possible that reasonable people might be able to agree that regardless of who or what it is, or how, or why it originated, Capitol Hill Blue has been so thoroughly discredited, that it should not be relied on by anyone, anywhere, ever again?”

    It is a great read.

    I am speaking from experience, as I quoted DT in a post where he claims that GWB said the Constitution was “A god damn piece of paper” in a meeting. CHB has subsequently retracted, “disappeared”, and restored that story on their site. I corrected my piece but left it out there with the correction and links to Eric’s story as a cautionary tale for other bloggers.

    CHB is a very odd duck, made worse by their claims to be a journalistic site and hold themselves to a higher journalistic standard than a blog.

  2. Yes, thanks for that. I had always suspected the “piece of paper” story was BS, even though it is obviously Bush’s true attitude. Whoever reads this ought to forward

    A piece of paper.

    to as I am, just to make sure it gets into Alex Jone’s database because recently, he was still using that I think.

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