So Who Is Gordon Brown? Blair and New Labour on Steroids | May 17, 2007

Gordon Brown celebrates, what he calls, a “New World Order” (ie Global Government) numerous times referring to what “somebody” said back in 1990. That “somebody” was none other than George Herbert Walker Bush.


Many might not have noticed but Britain has a new Prime Minister. It was announced yesterday that Gordon Brown will enter number 10 uncontested.

Recently, as he senses power coming his way, Brown has been making speeches announcing the coming of a new world order and triumphing the virtues of globalization.

The British people have long had it drilled into their minds that the Prime Minister after Tony Blair will be Gordon Brown. It has been widely reported by every major media outlet for years and is well known within government that the pair had established a “working assumption” that would enable Mr Brown to take over the reins. A television drama was even made about the so called “deal” made between the two before Blair became Prime Minister.

The deal has now been done. The current chancellor of the Exchequer, Brown has been the financial brainpower behind the New Labour agenda since it was kick started by globalist connections in the early 1990s. He is and always has been personally determined to be Prime Minister of Britain though, many believe every decision he has taken as chancellor has been with his prime ministerial ambition in mind.

As a young politician Brown was a staunch Socialist within the Scottish Labour party. When John Smith became leader of the Labour Party shortly before his premature death, he appointed Brown as Shadow Chancellor. Smith was a member of the steering committee, the inner core of the Bilderberg Group. He got Gordon Brown invited to the 1991 Bilderberg meeting where he was effectively groomed along with Blair as the next big thing in British politics. Incidentally this was the same meeting at which Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton was in attendance, he became President a matter of months later.

Brown has also, as far back as 1998 been listed in the “Global Leaders group” at the World Economic forum (otherwise known as the DAVOS group) . He has often been touted for high ranking IMF positions.

Brown was a traditional Labour figure, the economic spokesman who doesn’t¹t know much about economics. He took on an advisor – Ed Balls, a Financial Times leader writer – an ideologist for globalization, in effect – who learned his economic trade at Harvard. Balls is a regular Bilderberg attendee, his name can be found on the attendance lists almost every year since 2001. Brown soon started going to New England regularly for his summer holidays and became a true believer in the the neo-liberal line from Harvard – Globalization, the Washington consensus.

Brown’s Bilderberg connections were most recently highlighted by Norman Baker, MP for Lewes, who officially requested that Gordon Brown provide details of Bilderberg meetings he has attended.

Brown’s takeover from Blair has been in effect for the last two years. He began concentrating less on his role as chancellor and more on over all policy a long time ago. Recent major speeches have seen Brown demonstrating his “personal commitment” to tough anti-terrorism laws and methods to reduce crime and make the country safer.

Brown has called for police to be allowed to hold terrorist suspects for longer than 28 days, a move that was rejected by Parliament in 2005. He has also championed the Big brother state, suggesting that biometric technology be implemented in banks and supermarkets, and that it made sense to extend the use of the technology into the public sector for use in an ID scheme.

Brown even quoted George Orwell, to equate these authoritarian ideas with the struggle for freedom: “writing in the thirties, at democracy’s darkest hour in Europe, when the threat was fascism, “the thing that I saw in your face no power can disinherit, no bomb that ever burst shatters the crystal spirit”.

Brown has continually equated 7/7 with 9/11 as historical turning points, even though on 7/7 the attack in London was on a very small scale with only 52 fatalities.

In perhaps the most hypocritical fashion you can imagine, though continuing the Blair like use of newspeak and spin, the next Prime minister is also heavily drawing on British heritage, defence of hard earned freedom and dignified British military history. Yet he is doing so in order to tout prison without trial, biometrics, ID cards and citizen databases.

As Chancellor Brown has introduced more forms of taxation in Britain than anyone who has gone before him, often by stealth. Interest rates have sky rocketed under Brown and continue to rise.

Last month it was revealed that Brown disregarded advice from the Bank of England before he sold off more than half the country’s gold reserves at the bottom of the market. Since then the price has almost trebled, meaning the decision cost British taxpayers an estimated $4.8 billion.

Brown has long been in the pocket of the globalists and has pledged to overhaul the IMF, the World Bank and the UN into a new order through which the “final goal must be to offer a global new deal”.

Columnist Brendan O’Neill sums up the shift from Blair to Brown and the turn in British politics quite neatly,

“Brown wants to go a step further than Blair in ratcheting up fear of an overblown terror threat and reorganising British politics and society around suspicion and security. In short, he plans to apply the accountant’s instinctive caution to life, liberty and politics in the twenty-first century, which is likely to make even the Blair era look like a hotbed of political principle.”


7 responses to “So Who Is Gordon Brown? Blair and New Labour on Steroids

  1. I’ve been saying the same for two years.
    The problem I believe will be getting rid of these so called leaders, as there are so many people in Britain dependant on government payments of one sort or another, who is going to cut of the hand that feeds them.
    I am really angry and afraid for the future. These politicians have sold us into the thrall of a foreign power (the EU) for their own personal and political gain.
    If anyone is interested enough I have a personal web site paid for by myself with oceans of information on the failings of the EU and how it is ruling our lives. The address is

  2. Yes, every person in every country needs to recognize the unfortunate fact that a cabal of globalists and their puppet minions are implementing a plan of totalitarian global dictatorship. Next, they need to realize the fact that the only way out of this is to reestablish national sovereignty and the rights of the individual. Doing these two key things will stop the globalists, but we need to elect leaders who have these clear goals in mind.

    Look, the world, meaning the average people in every country, want freedom, peace and prosperity. They have no interest in supporting a dictatorship of any kind (unless they have been hoodwinked into it), they do not want war and they want to have the opportunity to improve their lives without government interferance.

    We all want to live peaceably with our neighbors, but we do not want to all live in the same house. That is what is called a commune situation, which is the essence of a communistic system of enforced togetherness. Another word for it is a prison-planet system of total control.

    What if someone wants to back out of the EU and live freely and independently? Well, it’s like the mafia. Once you are in, there is almost no going back without danger to your life.

    Well folks, we are all pretty much already in the global dictatorship right now. In a way, it is already too late, but the good news is that it is not written in stone and all empires eventually are crushed and buried in the sands of time. The bad news is that it will get worse before it gets better and we will all have to fight for our freedom which means we will have to risk our fortunes, our comfort and our very lives to do it.

    I do believe an enlightenment is coming in an equal measure of resistance to the New World Order. We have to all get on board this train of freedom and cooperation to make the world a better place, and it will be.

    I am very hopeful because from the American side, we have our heroic leader Ron Paul rising to the occasion. He alone, with our help, can roll back the New World Order as far as it is being run through our country, our resources and people. When that happens, I believe the rest of the world will benefit and follow suit, but if you beat us to it, all the better.

    Good luck to the EuroSceptics out there! We love ya!


  3. I pray the Christians are ready to lay down and die for lucifers re-vived Roman emperal “New World Order”, just like their fellow christians before them, when they were thrown to the lions and torn apart. Bush too has plans for his fellow Christians, except only in the end will they realize it will be for their souls and not their freedoms.
    America’s Christians are so blind to the truth they couldn’t pick out the devil if it was standing on their church steps.

    A classic case of new labour double talk, is that British puppet Alex Salmond the Scottish leader of the SNP is heavily funded by Britain, the scottish parliamentry building is paid for by British taxpayers, and he is much assisted by Britain as is the Welsh and Irish nationalist parties, even putting IRA killers and bombers into power.
    Strange then that Alex Salmond of the SNP is a joly good chap, yet we are told the similar BNP is a racist and unpleasnt political party ,
    very telling this on New Labour policy, the hate crime wars on Iraq and support of the palestinian genocide, exposes New Labour as the most racist and warlike party since Churchill.

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  6. Gordon brown is an satan worshipping lunatic who is hell bent on turning the world into a Police State where people will be clamoring for freedom as all rights will be taken away in order for the Illuminati’s ultimate desire for world slavery. That IS the “New World Order”.

  7. Couldn’t put it any better myself. Problem is most people never even heard of the Illuminati, and many of those who have heard of it just snicker thinking its a “conspiracy theory”. We are in a very small minority and we need to wake more people up as fast as possible.

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