Activists Confront Giuliani Over 9/11 Collapse

We Are | May 29, 2007

Why does Giuliani use the word “implode” rather than “collapse”? “Implosion” implies demolition, an internal explosion, and has nothing to do with freefall collapses. In my opinion, this just indicates another slip of the tongue similar to Silverstein’s “pull it”, Bush’s “saw the first plane hit” and Rumsfeld’s comments about Flight 93 being “shot down”.


Truth Squad Confronts Giuliani: Denies Being Warned of WTC Collapse

(This is Luke Rudowski, Sabrina Rivera, Matt Lepacek and Tom Foti confronting Rudy Giuliani about the events of 9-11 as covered by WNBC 4. This is currently running as a clickable front page news story on the WNBC 4 home page. Also being discussed at length on the Alex Jones radio show with interviews of Luke, Sabrina, and Tom. Make sure to leave some comments in the comments section available on the video page. Kudos to Luke, Sabrina, Matt and Tom!

Click to see video

An activist asks the former NYC mayor, “How do you sleep at night?”

Now here is Giuliani saying that he did get a forewarning on 9/11



We Are

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