Gangs of Iraq: military quietly enlisting thousands of active gang members


STRAIGHT OUTTA BAGHDAD (Photo by David Harry Stewart)

A ghost army of gangbangers presents a terrifying challenge for the military. It is “setting the stage for a disaster,” says one longtime military advisor

Lax enlistment standards have inadvertently allowed known members of the Crips, Bloods, Latin Kings, and various white supremacist groups to join the military

With the unintended help of the U.S. Army, the Gangster Disciples are extending their reach worldwide

Radar | Jun 8, 2007

Gangs of Iraq

By Seamus McGraw

Desperate to shore up its flagging ranks, the military is quietly enlisting thousands of active gang members and shipping them to Iraq. Will a brutal murder finally wake up the Pentagon?

He was groggy, thirsty, and in terrible pain. His bowels and kidneys felt like they were about to explode. Faint bruises, some the size of a soldier’s fist, others the size of a military-issue combat boot, were already forming on Sergeant Juwan Johnson’s skin. A trickle of blood oozed from the corner of his mouth.

It was almost a miracle he was able to stand, some of the soldiers who were with him that night would later recall. They were amazed he still had the blue bandanna clutched tightly in his fist. Things had gotten out of hand.

Only a few guys were supposed to be beating him—maybe three or four, definitely no more than six. They were men Johnson knew and trusted, soldiers he had fought with in Iraq. The beating was only supposed to go on for a minute or so. After all, they weren’t trying to kill him. They were trying to make him one of their own.

All he had to do was hold onto the blue rag and silently suffer through the slaps and kicks and punches. When it was over, he would become an official member of the Gangster Disciples, a man with connections all over the United States. Hell, all over the world.

But something had gone awry on that summer night at the Kaiserslautern Army Base in Germany. It seemed like everybody in that secluded pavilion, a grill house not far from the barracks, had taken turns pummeling the small young sergeant from Baltimore. In the frenzy, no one even knew for sure how long the assault had lasted.

When it was over, Johnson still held the gang’s “colors” in his hand. He had made it through, bloodied but still breathing. Back in Baltimore, when he played for the Carver Vocational-Technical High School football team, the five foot, three inch running back used to deflect hits from guys twice his size. He’d certainly survived worse torture during his 15 months in Iraq. He had a Purple Heart to prove it, earned after a Humvee he was riding in took a hit from a mortar, tossing him onto an Iraqi street and injuring his back.

Compared to that, this was nothing. Besides, Johnson had been looking forward to his “jumping in,” the initiation rite of the Chicago-based gang. He hadn’t mentioned it to his wife, of course. Pregnant with their first child, she was obsessively fixing up the house; in just two weeks, he was due for a discharge. All he told her was that he was thinking about joining the Masons.

He hadn’t mentioned the gang to his mother either. He could only imagine how she would react. After all, she had pressed him to join the Army as a way of escaping the drugs and gangs of his famously tough neighborhood. He never would have been able to convince her that the Gangster Disciples were anything but street thugs. But he knew them as a much more sophisticated operation, one that offered him the kinds of rewards the Army had promised but failed to deliver.

Johnson figured he’d be fine with a little bit of sleep. He began swaying woozily as he shuffled to his barracks, and a couple of his buddies ran over and held him up. He told them he was all right, but they insisted. After tossing him in the shower, they stretched his battered body out on his bunk. Then they went out to a local club.

The next morning, on July 4, 2005, Sergeant Juwan Johnson, a decorated Iraq War vet and full-fledged member of the Gangster Disciples, was found dead from internal injuries. He was 25.


A few months later an autopsy ruled that Johnson had died of “multiple blunt-force trauma.” But the initial military police report detected “no signs of foul play.” For nearly one year, the death of Sergeant Johnson was a mystery to his distraught family. It wasn’t until May 2006, five months after the Army papered the base with fliers offering a $25,000 reward (later upped to $50,000) for information leading to an arrest and conviction in the case, that investigators acknowledged a gang connection.

Ten months lapsed before the first suspect was charged. Since then, five soldiers have been charged in the case, according to a U.S. Army spokesperson. Only one of them, Specialist Bobby Morrissette—a friend who served alongside Johnson throughout his deployment overseas—has been slated to stand trial.

But according to gang experts, including one who has been called to testify, the real mystery is why it took the Army so long to accept that Johnson was the victim of a growing epidemic of gang violence that has infected all branches of the armed services. Lax enlistment standards have inadvertently allowed thousands of gang members to join the military, including young men who belong to the Crips, Bloods, Latin Kings, and various white supremacist groups. But no gang has infiltrated the armed forces as deeply as the Gangster Disciples, a 100,000-member Chicago-based syndicate that has been linked to an assortment of crimes ranging from murder to mortgage fraud.

“There’s no doubt about it—the Gangster Disciples are the biggest [gang] in the Army,” says Chicago Police Lieutenant Robert Stasch, who has spent 30 years tracking the group’s rise from a handful of street-corner hoodlums to what he calls “the most sophisticated criminal enterprise in the United States.”

Founded three decades ago by Larry Hoover, the Gangster Disciples have worked to burnish their image, says Stasch. They have courted politicians and sought to enhance their legitimacy. At one point Hoover changed the group’s name to “Growth and Development” and tried to portray himself as the leader of a community organization. According to Stasch, “They even set up a political action committee?…?that would actually go to various cities and states, and even to the federal level, in an attempt to get gang-friendly legislation enacted.”

Now, with the unintended help of the U.S. Army, the gang is extending its reach worldwide. According to a Chicago Sun-Times article last year, Gangster Disciple graffiti has been spotted all over Iraq. The gang’s initials and main symbol, the six-pointed star, have been tagged on concrete blast barriers, armored vehicles, and even remote firebase guard shacks. In an astonishing study of just three Army bases over the past four years, a Department of Defense detective identified more than 300 active gang members. Some experts estimate that up to 2 percent of the soldiers on active duty—perhaps as many as 20,000—have sworn allegiance to one gang or another.


Gangs controlled by Freemasonry at the top (continously updated)

Latin Kings masonic occult symbols: pentagram, pyramid & all-seeing eye, cane (play on Cain), moon & pentagram of magic, crossed tridents (play on skull and bones and papal keys), crown (of the Templar crown and cross), carnuto salute to lucifer, etc.

Latin Kings crown symbol also just happens to form the compass & square of Freemasonry. Just a coincidence of course.

Gang Conscious
Now over the past year I’ve been studying secret society symbolism and found that they either consciously or subconsciously have a big influence on the american street gangs. (From: )

Do the Illuminati run the Street Gangs?

Hip Hop & Freemasonry: The New Age & Military Agenda – 1/3

Hip Hop & Freemasonry: The New Age & Military Agenda – 2/3

Hip Hop & Freemasonry: The New Age & Military Agenda – 3/3

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Security concerns have led to the creation in the ‘Ndrangheta of a secret society within the secret society: La Santa. Membership in the Santa is only known to other members. Contrary to the code, it allowed bosses to establish close connections with state representatives, even to the extent that some were affiliated with the Santa. These connections were often established through the Freemasonry, which the santisti – breaking another rule of the traditional code – were allowed to join.

La Santa
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
La Santa is a secret society within the ‘Ndrangheta, a criminal organisation in Calabria (Italy). The name probably derives from the shortening of mamma santissima. In mafia slang, the expression is used to refer to mafia chiefs. Mamma santissima literally means “most holy mother” and refers to the Virgin Mary, who is regarded as the protector of the ‘Ndrangheta. The Santa was originally set up as an exclusive body restricted to 33 people.

Masonic Gang Symbols

Gangster Disciples use the so-called “Star of David” which is the ancient hexagram occult symbol. Using number symbolism common in the occult, 7=G and 4=D stand for Gangster Disciples (From: Street Gang Symbols — Chicago Based or Influenced)

The Triad-Freemasonry Connection = Li & Merovingian Bloodlines
The Triads, the criminal-secret society organization I work for is known for its notoriety and obnoxious as well as seductive if not perverted tricks into getting even the Freemasons and the Green Dragon Society under its umbrella of influence. The Triads, like any other criminal organization in the world of organized crime has connections with two major forces that tie the link between Asia and America; as well as their respective hidden, invisible leaderships together and connects the dots of the Illuminati and its powerful cabal of Elitists and Bureaucrats.

Grand Master Guiseppi Mazzini 33° Founder of Italian Freemasonry, Revolutionary Terrorist Leader, Sicilian Gangster and Mafia Founder

La Cosa Nostra mafia was founded by freemason Mazzini, and IS masonic

The Mafia and Freemasonry
You must conceal all crimes of your brother Masons…and should you be summoned as a witness against a brother Mason be always sure to shield him…It may be perjury to do this, it is true, but you’re keeping your obligations.

Freemasonry and mafia in EU institutional corruption

Do the Illuminati run the Street Gangs? Pt. 2.5

Operation Hiram: Italian Freemasonry and the Mafia
P2 (Propaganda Due) is the most famous example of Freemasonic conspiracy in Italy, but there is a book by Peter T. Schneider which goes into specific details on Italian Masonry’s history of collusion with the Mafia.

Antonino Calderone (Catania, October 24, 1935) is a Sicilian Mafioso who turned state witness (pentito) in 1987 after his arrest in 1986.

Calderone also talked about the links of Cosa Nostra with law enforcement, freemasonry, judges and politicians in Catania and the Italian government. “We in Catania, when we had a problem with the judiciary, we would turn to the local Masonic head. We knew that many magistrates were lodge members and that, thanks to the local chief, we could even interfere with ongoing criminal proceedings,” Calderone said.

(more to come….)

82 responses to “Gangs of Iraq: military quietly enlisting thousands of active gang members

  1. There have always been gang members and supremacist groups (not all of them are white; as exhibited by the Nation of Islam pack of whackos, and besides why whould the Aryan Nation goober-heads have all the fun of terrorizing the rest of us trying to just get through the day?) in the military.

    They were there in the 70’s and 80’s when I served and it doesn’t suprise me they are there today. And the military justice system’s blundering responses don’t suprise me either.

  2. Knife@Yourthroat

    It isnt simply the demographix of the damn thing it is the raw knowledge and experienced garnerred from the military. Tactics on an advanced level, strategy, sniper fire, str8 discipline and organization. Top that with youthful zeal and hunger the good ole American way and soon U have well trained weaponized guerilla gangs, hit teams, mercs(urban), MAYBE the resistance to the current downward trend in social rights, freedoms and liberties. Hell Build a militia today that mirrors the ones in the mid-west. This is a winfall in a abstract resistance sort of way, it seems like they keep training the minorities here to be able to destroy the ‘majority’ high time We wake up. A well trained force could insure the survival of a rightious presidency representing the people protected by the citizenry(trained urban personel). Besides, Black water shouldnt reep the no-bid contracts because the lack competition. A, see You new members in the compounds in the dirtay dirtay, time to train, get here!

  3. Knife@Yourthroat

    It isnt simply the demographix of the damn thing it is the raw knowledge and experienced garnerred from the military. Tactics on an advanced level, strategy, sniper fire, str8 discipline and organization. Top that with youthful zeal and hunger the good ole American way and soon U have well trained weaponized guerilla gangs, hit teams, mercs(urban), MAYBE the resistance to the current downward trend in social rights, freedoms and liberties. Hell Build a militia today that mirrors the ones in the mid-west. This is a winfall in a abstract resistance sort of way, it seems like they keep training the minorities here to be able to destroy the ‘majority’ high time We wake up. A well trained force could insure the survival of a rightious presidency representing the people protected by the citizenry(trained urban personel). Besides, Black water shouldnt reep the no-bid contracts because the lack competition. A, see You new members in the compounds in the dirtay dirtay, time to train, get here!
    Peace Love Light
    to all the
    Mindful Soulwarriors

  4. They want to destroy Iraq and it’s people, I don’t know of any better way of doing this than sending in murders and metally unstable maniacs, and that’s exactly what they are doing. It’s hard to find people without remorse or empathy in great numbers.

    What kind of people did you expect to join the military for such a ilegal mass slauther anyway?

  5. I’m sure what they call “white supremacists” are just white people who vocalize what a lot of us feel, it should not be a stigma to be pro white culture just as some are pro black, mexican etc

  6. Patriot Militia

    Jews did 911 and all world wars
    Name the jackals of war.

  7. If you’re a white racially aware person and you’re in the military, keep your head low. Your number one goal should be to return alive. Never mind killing for Israel. You owe nothing to the liars in Washington.

  8. Interesting post. I had heard about this phenomenon nearly a year ago. Actually this has been going on for quite some time now in the military. The purposes for the military are to meet recruitment goals. The purposes for the gang members are two-fold: 1) join the military as a rite of passage, so to speak … and … 2) to gain valuable experience in the art of combat (hand-to-hand combat & weapons training).

    The problem is that these thugs are prone to committing greater acts of violence in Iraq (against civilians or anyone else they hate for that matter) … and … they are also likely to do the same when they come home.

    Here are some related articles:

  9. Israel is a fascist state. No more wars for Israel.

  10. They just tossed that “white supremacist’ bullcrap in to the story to be Politically Correct.

  11. Sending over the dregs of the American slums to torture and murder the people under their iron heel – all for the glory of Greater Israel.

  12. The situation in the military simply is mirroring the same problems that exist in society and culture anyway. Society has problems with drugs and gangs and it is inevitable that some of that will spill over into the military. Unfortunate, and one that the military should deal with ruthlessly wherever it appears.

  13. Hell, that’s a great idea. Talk about killing two birds with one stone. Get rid of violent gangs here and send them over to kill violent gangs in Iraq. What is the matter with the logic? PERFECT!! THE DIRTY 20,000. BEAUTIFUL!

  14. Give some hard thinking about the possibility of our corrupt government enlisting these murderers (meaning the ones in the Army)for the sole purpose of having them destroy we Americans. Think about it—-government can bring marshal law and then send the Army (gangsters) in to kill us. Most of our “normal” soldiers would never think of shooting people in this country; but, these Army gangsters would have no problem whatsoever of shooting us if we did not agree with the government.

  15. No offense, but this story appears to be intended to bring up “your blogging flanks,” yes?

  16. military trained gang members against police,,, potential turkey shooot…

  17. nocellsphonesinthehive

    7. How can u’all believe such negative propaganda
    did u suck up too much corn sweetners in your sugar poptarts or heated asphartame beverages & did your brain become overloaded by too much data downloaded into your programable ipod jelleddruginduced or dija
    wallow in grease from dirty imported fast food additive hormonal irridated burgers sponsored by the dfa. Gangs inda military what a good idea they have stragic street smarts, survival skills honed from living on the edge & in ghettos of the USA. hope their allegience is to usa like they did in the WWII when the mob, gansta helped american forces in Europe, Africa, middle east, asia wina higher goal then ipod some musica down into da brain of a new programable robic non functioning non biological drone like u’ll. Then they them gansta guys cancome back & go to business college, become managers booting out absente landlords, feeding kids, providing daycare & changing

  18. mullah cimoc

    mullah cimoc say this nothing compare with make all ameriki woman the slut who take the LBT (low back tattoo) and sex all the man even the gang member.

  19. paolo honorificas

    Scary but interesting writing though not as scary as the above comments.

  20. rationalpsychic

    Six comments and we already have de-evolution. The veneer is looking mighty thin today.

  21. I was a member of the USMC from 72-75 . No real gangster stuff at 29 Palms where I was. We were to into dopin and partining. Pendleton was another story though. I was in A company 7th Engineers detatched from Pendleton so I had to go down ther sometimes. It was totally different. Barracks were very segregated and there were white and black gangs. The Latinos usually hung with the whiteboys although not always depending on where they were comin from..

  22. Lee Robertson

    Gangs in the military.. Nothing new.. The Nation of Islam folks were all over the 82nd Airborne when I was in.. That was 1985-1994.. So the race mix is more of a spread.. joy… Anyway, all in all, this is an investment that will pay back the USofA big time in a short time..

    These kids, and that is exactly what most of them are; are going to get legal military training, apply this in Iraq and Afgan and then come back and give the local law enforcement a run for their money..

  23. Looking4Truth

    There has been no authenticated incidents of the Nation of Islam being involved in gang warfare to my knowledge. Care to fill us in a bit? What did you experience?

  24. Robert Buchanan

    This is hardly a surprise. The military has been inadvertently facilitating criminal behavior among overseas troops for decades. Why not enlist from gangs and supremacist groups? Their thuggish behavior and methods aren’t terribly different from what most foreigners in U.S.-occupied nations expect from U.S. military personnel.


    I’m not so sure. I agree that certain elements of mainstream culture tend to demonize pro-white sentiments and ideologies, regardless of whether or not they’re benign. However, supremacist movements like the Aryan Nations, the Hammerskins, the Canadian Heritage Alliance, Volksfront, Imperium Europa, the National Alliance, ect. are repressive organizations that are prone to violent criminality and run primarily by oafish, dogmatic lunatics.


    I recommend immediate psychiatric treatment. You’re welcome.

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  26. Interesting comments on this blog post.

    The biggest worry for me is that these gang members come back to the US with military training in warfare combat and weapons. Considering the fact that many gangs and groups will probably eventually start doig what Al Queda is doing, we may have a big problem on our hands here in the good ole US of A. We think our liberties are being taken away now… just wait.

    Talk about something that no one is talking about.

  27. Looking4Truth

    I’d love to hear more about your military experiences with various gangs in the military. I spoke with several associates who have served in Desert Storm I and the current campaigns and they were somewhat surprised that I wasn’t fully aware. We all “know” that the White Separatists have an active element within the military as well as Latino separatists (Reconquistas), but I was NOT aware of organized Black gangs within the ranks of the US military. The six-pointed star [of David al-Roy] symbol being painted in an subdued Arab nation speaks volumes on several fronts but I digress.

    When all of these mind-numbed individuals who may have been predisposed to violence return home what in God’s name will be the result? Jobs are difficult to find now… Will they be recruited into the local and state police?? Or will they take their experiences and share it with others who have no respect for Life, Liberty and Property.

    The “blowback” will turn this nation upside down.

  28. I think that what we need here is not more military, gangs, force, etc. We need some moral understanding on both sites and something they can agree on. The Way to Happiness has met with quite a bit of success on this in Isreal and in Indonesia.

  29. FYI:

    The Way to Happiness book was written by L. Ron Hubbard, founder of Scientology, who claimed he had received the mantle of “The Beast” from Aleister Crowley.

    This institution, The Way to Happiness Foundation International, is undoubtedly a gateway into the Church of Scientology.


  30. How come no one has made the comment that the Gangster Disciples’ “initials and main symbol, the six-pointed star” is the same as that illegal and terrorist state of Israel’s? I hope there is no connection here.

  31. what’s the difference between these gangbangers and the gangbangers of wall street, the IMF, world bank, white house, the congress and senate, the eu, nbc, cbs, cnn, fox, nypd, lapd, nopd et cetera et cetera
    do a body count and see who is really banging

    we’re still relying on the enemy to define us
    “He is your enemy. Let me tell you, you wouldn’t be in this country if some enemy hadn’t kidnapped you and brought you here. On the other hand, some of you think you came here on the Mayflower.”

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  34. If you are a Christian and have doubted weather or not you should be in the military let this be a warning to you. The army and most the people in it look to satisfy there own flesh. I know this because I spent 17 years doing the same thing in the army. I have now gotten out because I believe that the army is as much in the the world as anything else. There are some Christian who will try and justify there religious flesh by saying “there are wars in the bible so it must be ok”. Some of those Christians are the very ones who have elected some of the politicians that have gotten us into this unrighteous war with Iraq. Make no mistake I believe what the terrorist did on 911 was WRONG, but two wrongs don’t make it right, and I am sorry for the young Christian men and women who have lost there lives believing that they were serving God and country only to find out they were serving man and his selfish ambitions. Remember Christian bothers and sisters it is not the ones who will hurt your bodies you should be afraid of, but it is the ones who can take your soul you should stay far from. There is grace so keep your eyes on Jesus the true king.

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  37. To John K who asked… “How come no one has made the comment that the Gangster Disciples’ “initials and main symbol, the six-pointed star” is the same as that illegal and terrorist state of Israel’s? I hope there is no connection here”.

    John, check this article out. That 6-pointed star may not be what everyone thinks! …
    Have a good one…Ron

  38. first I think that a way to chamnnel the kind of feelings living on the edge, commaradarie , are certainly anatural for the army . The propensity for violence well seems like a draw desirable in a soldier to a certain extent if you want to win wars but given that this is one to win the hearts and minds… maybe inappropriate however in all it seems inevitable and logical that the sins perpetrated over there almost should come back to roost at home.

  39. Larry Glick

    “Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer!” (famous words of Adolph Hitler)

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  42. Who writes this BULLSHIT??? Gang members joining the military…ha ha ha ha ha. Is the public so dumb as to accept this nonsense? These are the continued LIES to get the public distracted. Imagine…a government conccocts a massive LIE about another nation having WMD and the imminent threat of war from that same nation. Truth is soon found out that there was never and WMD and the LIE was only so the aggravating nation could have an excuse to attack the other nation for its oil. While all of this is going on scholars, researchers, film makers, investigators etc etc have all researched and found out that EVERYTHIG given as a reason to attack: WMD, Dictators, Tyrrany, Women’s Rights, Human Rights, Democracy etc etc was a LIE. Mean time estimates of minimum of 600,000 thousand to as much as over ONE MILLION innocent people have died in the attacked sovereign UN nation due to these LIES and yet the pathertically small brained people of the so called great nation are so retarded that they can not see that this new LIE is only to try and distract away from the crimminality of what has been done by making it seem as though the killing its nation’s military has done was not because of the military and their wanton depravity…NO…it was the supposed gangmembers who are responsible for these things…Give me a God Damned break

    Given this kind of mentality in the great nation, the only thing that can benefit it is its total destruction…I will have to pray for that to happen.

  43. Your “leaders” are not. They are your enemies.

  44. JackieBaron

    According to Dave the Infidel Sage:

    “The situation in the military simply is mirroring the same problems that exist in society and culture anyway. Society has problems with drugs and gangs and it is inevitable that some of that will spill over into the military.”

    Dave , I have news for you. It’s NOT inevitable that it will spill over into the military no more so than it’s inevitable that it will spill over into the medical profession or the teaching profession or any other position of responsibility. These scum are being ALLOWED to join the armed forces because the recruiters are under such pressure to fill the numbers. Nobody wants to enlist anymore because there’s a war on. They might have wanted to enlist if they thought they’d have a cushy 4 year number in Paderborn what with 3 hots and a cot, punching up a few locals and getting away with it and getting a bit of cash for some egg-shell painting college course. But now the Army is letting practically anybody in….drug users, high school dropouts, petty criminals, some recruiters have even been exposed for trying to force enlist mentally retarded kids. You saw that they are now trying to even get illegal aliens into the service. Scraping the end of the barrel with street thugs, klansmen and neo-nazis is definitely all they can get right now but it still shouldn’t be allowed!!!

  45. rationalvoice

    It is truly disappointing how narrow-minded some people are once they get an opinion gelled in their mind. At no point in the article was there a message, overt or implied, that the gang members are responsible for the deaths of innocents in Iraq.

    Regardless of whether or not you agree whether we should be in Iraq, the fact that the military has become a training ground (and possible a recruiting arena) for organized gangs should be a cause for concern. And whether or not there is an active war going on does not change the fact that this is some of the best combat training available, and it would appear that there is a strong possibility this training will be utilized against law enforcement and law-abiding citizens once they are discharged from the military. Add to this the facts that many police departments are already outgunned and underprepared to deal with the weaponry currently being used by criminals, and it is easy to see how bad things COULD get.

    Law Enforcement has practically come out and said, many times, that they simply CANNOT protect citizens from crime, but can only enforce the law and bring those who violate the law to justice. So imagine a well-armed, military trained gang “unit” staging an assault on a house in your neighborhood, or attacking a police unit responding to the report of a crime at the same moment you happen to be driving by with your children in the car.

  46. This is scary stuff and is not supposed to happen this way. We all need to learn how to live together, without fighting and hatred.

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  50. actually in the army

    wow. you people believe anything.

  51. Wow, you people are ridiculous. I especially love the one that makes the claim that no ordinary and sane person would ever join the military and try and do good deeds? WE ARE ALL MURDERERS AND BABY KILLERS AND LOVE KILLING ANYTHING THAT ISN’T AN AMERICAN. Wow, you all are simply ridiculous. I am glad you are not the majority.

  52. For the record, I know that the majority of military men and women are good ordinary folks who have compassion for others. They strive to behave in the most moral way possible given the situation they are thrown into.

    However, that doesn’t mean they know what is happening to them or the reasons why they are put in the positions they are in. But that is a whole gigantic debate in itself.

    The unfortunate thing is that military personnel are under orders and generally accept those orders unquestioningly. In the worst cases, that means they can do some heinous things like Mi Lai and Haditha. In some cases, they will act alone without either good judgment or moral compass. Thus many innocent people die as a result. In point of fact, from an objective point of view, the entire war in Iraq is a horrible tragedy in which at least a million have died, the result of an evil agenda known as the New World Order.

    I beg you to look into it with an open mind.

  53. Vetting those losers (Gangster Disciples…originally called Satan’s Disciples) into our military is just plain foolish. Chicago is already under threat from the Folks; a nation comprised of punks and thugs. No honor exists in the Folks. Folks down!

  54. Our vision is Growth & Development reaching to every corner of this world. Where we will become a power beyond boundaries and measures. 7.4.14 All is one!

  55. i love this i triedto send it to my brother

  56. Amor de rey 2 my brothers serving there country & 4 all u pussys 2 scared 2 get into the military, all these young men & women from these NATIONS not gangs by the way are already strong,proud,loyal people!!!! They just happened 2 grow up in a nieghborhood unlike yours!!! I am a LATIN KING..I have a brother in the marines who holds his CROWN high and serves his country!! u should look deeper into the shit u spray on line!!! We are men,women,children,mothers,brothers,sons,ECT…. we just stand for more than what u do!!! KING LOVE 360

  57. North American Union mercenaries killing and maiming a million dirt-poor Iraqis for the New World Order and loyal only to their particular gang ain’t American patriotism. Has nothin to do with that. So don’t misrepresent the truth. Freemasonry controls both the gangs at the top where they enter the lodges, the military which recruits officers into the lodges and the cops who are brought into the lodges through the FOP. Bottom line is you are ALL controlled by the same masonic bosses. The masonic CIA and the masonic mafia makes sure your drugs are allowed in so you can sell them to the kids on the streets. And your masonic overlords at the top of the gang make the real profits while your own people at the bottom take the bullets and the bars up the ass. Great life you got there “King”.

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  59. Jay z is the biggest Freemason of them all and the most dangerous

  60. PJ, your last comment above is dead on. I couldn’t have said it better myself. Does the public ever question where the drugs come from in the first place? It certainly dosen’t come from the kids. Of course it’s the CIA.

  61. The problem with the Military is there is no discipline anymore…The military will take anyone they can get. Once these wars end, gang members and fat people are going to be the first to get the boot, and they can forget about joining.

  62. To that King guy- the only thing you stand for is that your dad left you when you were a child and you didnt have an adult male figure to set your ass straight so you turned to gang members to guide you in your youth. Its sad really and people feel sorry for you, some understand.

  63. use your mind think for yourself!

  64. That’s what I always say. You can’t get to the truth unless you think freely and as objectively as possible.

  65. Adrian Peirson

    Alex Jones hass stuff on this too over at

  66. Excellent testimony,Stickman…KEEP THE FAITH!!

  67. That Guy….I agree with you.

  68. Ok tell me

    Half of you are no more then dork’s living either

    A) At home with Mom

    B) At home in your mom’s basement

    C) Amongst other dorks in their mom’s basement

    To the kid that dissed The Latin King I can tell of your comment alone your just a suburban punk who is a tough guy behind a Key board and nothing else, you know that Good Guy who want to be though…..No!

    The realist shit I have seen in this thread are the two army members and the gang member’s that posted.

    Yes people The GD’s are the largest black gang in the Chicago area, but you would be two if you were the first (Like that to the Crip’s and Blood’s) and if you came from the city with Al Capone resided and make his legacy.

    Now what most of you don’t know and refuse to look at (No I mean it you really refuse to look at it) gangs like anything else has Good and Bad people who do good and bad things. Since most of you despise gang’s let me use something your more comfortable with

    When Cops do anything good you never hear shit about it, rather its saving a life, running into a burning home to get a cat for that little boy who just lost his mom, or protects that gang member from getting beat by corrupt cop’s, you will never hear about it

    But the very first second that cop is in a shooting and someone die’s, someone is beat down, tasered you fuck’s get a rush and run tell all.

    Yo and to this NWO shit, please loook a New world is going to come regardless if its for the good or bad is up to you make your own world you retarded fuck’s and stop following propaganda so much and get a life out side of teh internet you fuck’s

  69. No,Im not a sububan kid who hides behind a keyboard because I dont have a life….I didnt make any comments on gangs.

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  71. no surprise but very disappointing

  72. Ashurbanipal

    welll… I guess its time to go pick up that AK i’ve been looking at

  73. I agree with metadave about what kind of people do you expect to join the military. I know some decent people in the military, but I can also see why ruthless killers, and violent people would be drawn to join the U.S. military. It gives you a free pass to kill, beat, and torment people. And there is a bonus. You also get paid for it. Of course, you will probably never get charged with any crime you commit in Iraq either. The problem is, Americans are too brain washed into supporting their troops that they never stop to acknowledge that a good fraction of the troops actually do a lot of criminal acts.

  74. Well part of it is that they have been trained and bred over the last 40 years or so since Viet Nam to be violent, sadistic, cruel and brutal by a corrupt culture and government. This is deliberate, just as the Nazis and Japanese were trained in WWII. It just took another six decades for the US to catch up. Americans during the 1940s were just absolutely shocked to hear of the incredible atrocities committed by enemy forces and the thought of Americans torturing prisoners was unthinkable. Not to whitewash, because Americans were never pure as the driven snow, but most Americans just didn’t behave that way. Now however, we aren’t too surprised or shocked anymore to see our own military doing similar things. So these are cultural changes, a transformation of the US military into a brutal killing machine with no real purpose (or so it appears) other than creating suffering for other people in distant lands, and eventually at home where inevitably, we will see this kind of treatment meted out on American citizens.

  75. It all works FOR the puppetmasters. The Dogs [of war] patrol the decaying streets of the world at the behest of there Hivemaster Generals. There really is no way to fight fire but by fire, which seems to be the logical conclusion plan. Be “down” with reality, be ready to be un-made. Even our thoughts are being programmed for the coming holocausts especially futility which is about right. no no no it aint me babe, it aint me yer lookin for babe…Who are you preaching to? Notice how they dont listen? To overcome disinfo you must reach the deepest level of your own premature beliefs and you wont. And unless your audience is self[ego]conscious you can be assured they will mishear your words to justify whe subliminal thought system the puppet masters control through their money-power glamor schools. fugitaboutit.

  76. L1lL4dyKlepto

    Todays gangters are usually men and women looking to live for a cause and die for a cause. They live by the most important rule in life that is LOYALTY! No matter what happens they are our communities best defense when it comes to protecting our America and neighborhoods from a corupt goverment and sometimes rival gang acts of violenc. If you were to ask me the reall biggest gang is the ARMY itself and Police Forces that are commiting acts of brutality and coruption exsists on a large scale from our home turf all the way to our Military in action overseas. What is the difference form the gang mentality that already exsists within the ARMY and Police from other gangs. Really it boils down to what we as a people precieve to be true. I support any man or women that is willing to die for our country to allow the rights we have so little of today! & when all else fails for me or for those of that can truley relate to todays society I will always have my homies! Ready to put it down anyday to protect eachother, our families, our neighborhoods, our people and our nation! 1 Love 4 Life

  77. One thing the military might be doing is getting these individuals signed up and injected with plenty of sterilizing, feminizing, carcinogenic vaccines

    so if they do return alive they will be sterile, effeminate more than likely unemployed, psychologically disturbed, sterile and about 2 years from a cancer of the prostate,
    at the least,
    debilitating respiratory illness from the depleted uranium exposure at the worst.

    These men and women, if they come back at all will return sick, sterile and abandoned


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  81. Shiites in Iran,Iraq,and Syria after their governments are abandoned will wander off into regions ruled by Sharia Law. Corrupt central authorities will be replaced by assemblies of mediators elected by local communities. Lastly, Saudi-Yemeni Arabia will become a Theocratic paradise whose wealth will be divided between Shiites and Sunnis. This new new world order will be a giant step towards peace in the Middle-East.

  82. jennifer Chen

    This is the reason the jews try to create hate between blacks and whites-they want the blacks and hispanics who can fight-on their side against the whites-Jews want a repeat of the slaughter of 66 million white Christians in Russia by the Bolshevik jews-then the jews will turn on the blacks and hispanics and kill them as well-the jews think no one will be left but the most obedient violent psychopaths who will be completely in their control-to eventually be turned into robots via technology-the plans of insane idiots don’t always turn out the way they think. The jews think if it worked once it will work again-they don’t have a clue about karmic consequences-that they have no control now-what they did to 66 million Christian civilians-was their control-now the jews will pay the consequences of that choice-they will see the tables turn against the jews themselves-and these gang members will eventually do what they want to do-guided by a strong sense of right and wrong-they were made into what superficially appears to be psychopaths=gangs-by poverty-trauma-etc. They are just ‘surviving’-not true psychopaths-the true psychopaths are genetic-the jews-who are just born that way-not the result of any environmental conditions. What you do to others-returns to you-but not to the insane-the jews just go in circles-thinking if it worked before it will work again. They are not capable of any original ideas-not creative at all-and their penchant for destruction-is their final undoing when it returns to them as evil always does.

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