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“UFO’s” In Sacred Works Of Art Not All That They Initially Appear To Be

UFO Digest | Jul 18, 2007

I must admit I was a little disappointed at the mundane and all together explicable nature of the apparent UFO’s in the sacred works of art which I researched. I’ve always believed (as I’m sure many others have, and still do) that in the pictures I’ve referenced there were undeniable UFO’s, unfortunately I no longer believe that is the case

The, “Annunciation with St. Emidius” (1486) Artist: Carlo Crivelli (c. 1435 1495 – Italian Renaissance Painter) Currently displayed at, National Gallery, London.

by Michael Naisbitt

Now, nearly everyone who has a basic knowledge of UFO’s and UFO related phenomenon has some knowledge of the purported UFO’s which are visible in works of art from throughout the ages.

This was originally to be dedicated to that exact subject; however upon researching the subject thoroughly it quickly became apparent that these UFO’s are not all that they initially appear to be.

This is especially true with the majority of paintings which depict religious events or have religious connotations. There are still some artworks where the apparent UFO connection is impossible to deny, but the majority of the ones that I had previously believed were UFO’s can (and hopefully will) be explained!!

The Annunciation (pictured) is one of the artworks that was a major disappointment, at least as far as I was concerned. As you can see from the picture, it would appear to depict a UFO shooting some sort of beam of light onto the crown which adorns the head of the Virgin Mary.

Now there are a couple of things that are worth noting with this painting, not least of all that it appears to show a classic UFO shape.

The other point is that the majority of images on the internet are crops of the same image. The reason this is important is that it’s not possible to clearly discern what the UFO is intended to portray. In fact if you zoom in on most of the current copies of the same image, it certainly does appear to be a UFO.

It’s important to understand that the Annunciation refers to the Immaculate Conception, i.e. the virgin birth when the Holy Spirit, “Touched,” the Virgin Mary.

LUKE: Chapter 1, verses 26-38:

26 In her sixth month the angel Gabriel was sent forth from God to a city of Gal´i·lee named Nazareth, 27 to a virgin promised in marriage to a man named Joseph of David’s house; and the name of the virgin was Mary. 28 And when he went in before her he said: “Good day, highly favored one, God is with you.”

29 But she was deeply disturbed at the saying and began to reason out what sort of greeting this might be. 30 So the angel said to her: “Have no fear, Mary, for you have found favor with God; 31 and, look! you will conceive in your womb and give birth to a son, and you are to call his name Jesus.

32 This one will be great and will be called Son of the Most High; and God will give him the throne of David his father, 33 and he will rule as king over the house of Jacob forever, and there will be no end of his kingdom.”

34 But Mary said to the angel: “How is this to be, since I am having no intercourse with a man?” 35 In answer the angel said to her: “Holy spirit will come upon you, and power of the Most High will overshadow you. For that reason also what is born will be called holy, God’s Son.


New celeb trend: ankle alcohol monitors

Dallas Morning News | Jul 28, 2007


Acress Michelle Rodriguez shows off her bracelet, on which she wrote “1984” and “Orwell” in protest.

Lindsay Lohan and her handlers had hoped to keep her sobriety going with a special ankle bracelet that monitored her alcohol intake through her perspiration.

Instead, the technology – ordered by Los Angeles County authorities and used by other celebrities trying to go straight – just helped chronicle her fall off the wagon.

The 21-year-old actress was arrested Tuesday after the mother of one of Ms. Lohan’s assistants dialed 911 to report that she was chased by Ms. Lohan in her SUV. The assistant had quit her job just hours before, police said.

Police said the actress failed an alcohol breath test when they stopped her at 1:35 a.m. Her arrest came only two weeks after she left a rehabilitation facility in Malibu, Calif., following a DUI-related crash in Beverly Hills.

Since then, she had been seen around town and in paparazzi photos wearing the ankle bracelet, a high-tech device known as a Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor. It measures alcohol content emitted through perspiration in the skin and relays the information to authorities or, in this case, her attorney, Blair Berk.

Ms. Berk, one of Hollywood’s top criminal attorneys, said she monitored Ms. Lohan’s ankle bracelet’s alcohol level regularly.

“Unfortunately, late yesterday I was informed that Lindsay had relapsed,” Ms. Berk said Tuesday. “Addiction is a terrible and vicious disease.”

Other stars have worn the devices under court orders. But Ms. Lohan voluntarily wore hers.

Since being launched in 2003, the ankle bracelets have helped keep 40,000 drinkers on the wagon, frequently as a condition of parole or probation for alcohol offenders, according to the Colorado-based manufacturer, Alcohol Monitoring Systems.

“We can’t comment on or confirm any particular client. But if you have confirmation that someone is on an alcohol-monitoring bracelet, it would be ours,” spokeswoman Kathleen Brown said a week before Ms. Lohan’s latest arrest.

Most of the 43 states that have SCRAM programs require the offender to pay a $50 to $100 installation fee and a $10 to $12 daily monitoring fee.

Former state District Judge Vickers Cunningham asked Dallas-based Recovery Healthcare to start providing and monitoring the devices in 2003. The device is often too expensive for tight probation office budgets, so he had his defendants pay Recovery Healthcare themselves.

“I’ve been on the bench 11 years, and this is the best criminal justice tool I’ve ever had,” Judge Cunningham said in 2005, shortly before he resigned to run for Dallas County district attorney, a race he lost.

But there is some debate about whether the bracelets really are effective, especially for those who have relapsed again and again. Critics say the bracelets won’t prevent another offense; they just create a historic record of events.

“They don’t prevent a person drinking and driving and endangering others,” said Rebecca Lonergan, a University of Southern California law professor and former prosecutor.
Lohan not alone

Lindsay Lohan isn’t the only celebrity to sport a SCRAM bracelet in public.

Tracy Morgan of 30 Rock wore one in early June while hosting the Guy’s Choice Awards for Spike TV. He pleaded guilty to drunken driving in New York in February, a year after pleading no contest to the same charge in Los Angeles.

Michelle Rodriguez wore one during New York’s Fashion Week in February. The former Lost star, who was charged with drunken driving in Los Angeles and Hawaii, derided it on her Web site as “a VCR Dog Tag.”

Eve was ordered to wear one for 45 days after pleading no contest June 28 to driving with a blood-alcohol level above the legal limit. The rapper-actress was arrested in April in Los Angeles.

Gingrich predicts Clinton-Obama ticket

And guess what? The Neocons are paving the way for it whether you want to believe it or not. These traitors are all on the same team folks (CFR vs the American People). Do not kid yourselves. Murdoch is supporting Hillary now. The Bushes and the Clintons have been in bed together for decades and they are on their way to a 28 year (or 36 year depending on how you view Bush Sr’s Reagan years) Bush/Clinton dynasty.


AP | Jul 29, 2007


“Okay now, my Neocon brethren, they did it for us in 2000, so it’s time to suck it up and take a dive for comrade Hillary in 2008. Whadya say boys? How bout one more for the New World Order.”

WASHINGTON – Democrats will nominate Hillary Rodham Clinton for president in 2008 and Barack Obama will be her running mate, former Republican House Speaker Newt Gingrich predicts.

The GOP will have three “formidable” choices in Mitt Romney, Rudy Giuliani and Fred Thompson, said Gingrich, who is considering whether to get into the race.

Gingrich is ruling out John McCain’s chances among the Republican contenders.

The Arizona senator “has taken positions so deeply at odds with his party’s base that I don’t see how he can get the nomination,” Gingrich said Sunday in a broadcast interview.

Gingrich said he had dinner recently with Thompson, the former Tennessee senator and actor who has set up a political committee that allows him to raise money for a presidential bid. An official launch is likely in September, after the Labor Day holiday.

Gingrich said he expects Thompson will enter what is shaping up as a competitive race for the GOP nomination against Romney, a former Massachusetts governor, and Giuliani, a former New York City mayor.

“I think that either Mayor Giuliani or Governor Romney or Senator Thompson would be a very formidable opponent for what I expect will be a Clinton-Obama ticket, and I think that there’s a possibility that will work,” Gingrich said.

In the fall, Gingrich might decide to jump in, depending on how the Republican candidates are faring against Clinton, the New York senator.

“If there is a vacuum and if there’s a real need for somebody to be prepared to debate Senator Clinton, then I would consider running. I think we’ll know that in October,” Gingrich said.

“But these three are serious people,” Gingrich said, referring to Romney, Giuliani and Thompson. “They’re working very hard. And if they can fill the vacuum, I don’t feel any great need to run.”

Gingrich spoke on “Fox News Sunday.”

Schwarzenegger invited to UN meeting on global warming

Since Schwarzenegger can’t run for president, is he just skipping over it and going for UN Secretary General instead like his Nazi buddy Kurt Waldheim? He has said that he admired dictators and wanted to rule the world and the UN does plan to assume global governance by 2012. Perfect time for him to slip right into steering the whole world into absolute despotism. Watch him.

And notice how the UN is linking the terror hoax and the global warming hoax as the two main pillars justifying their drive for world government hegemony. That way they control both the left and the right and if you can’t understand how this Hegelian manipulation works by now, I don’t know what else to tell you. Lord knows I have tried!


Associated Press | Jul 27, 2007


Calif. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, right, and United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, left, smile during a news conference at Echelon Corp. headquarters in San Jose, Calif., Friday, July 27, 2007. Echelon Corp. is a California business that has developed technology that may help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

SAN JOSE, California: California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on Friday accepted an invitation from U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to discuss the state’s environmental policies at a United Nations conference in September.

Schwarzenegger told reporters he would attend during a news conference in which the two dignitaries briefly discussed their shared commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption.

“Global warming is beyond debate,” Ban said. “What’s missing is political will and political leadership.”

Ban has made climate change a top priority of his tenure as secretary-general and he lauded Schwarzenegger for pushing California to tackle the issue. Ban said he hopes to motivate heads of state to do the same at the Sept. 24 U.N. meeting in New York.

Last year, Schwarzenegger signed legislation that made California the first U.S. state to impose a cap on greenhouse gas emissions.

In the absence of national laws to address global warming in the U.S., a growing number of municipal and state governments — including New Jersey, Hawaii, and New York City — have followed suit, bypassing Washington by adopting their own legislation.

Ban extended the invitation after the two toured Echelon Corp., a San Jose-based company that provides energy-efficient networking technologies for residential, commercial, and public electrical equipment.

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The Great Global Warming Swindle


Glenn Beck w. Great Global Warming Swindle Producer Durkin
The Great Global Warming Swindle producer Martin Durkin appears on Glenn Beck to discuss global warming hysteria and defend charges that his documentary contains major misrepresentations.

For The Great Global Warming Swindle Parts 1 through 8

Global Warming Doomsday Called Off


The myth of dangerous human-caused climate change (PDF file)
By ROBERT M CARTER, Australasian Institute of Mining & Metallurgy, “New Leaders” conference, Brisbane, May 2-3, 2007 “Let’s be clear: the work of science has nothing whatever to do with consensus. Consensus is the business of politics. Science, on the contrary, requires only one investigator who happens to be right, which means that he or she has results that are verifiable by reference to the real world. In science consensus is irrelevant. What is relevant is reproducible results. The greatest scientists in history are great precisely because they broke with the consensus …”


Robert M. Carter – Bio

Sex for the motherland: “Putin Youth” encouraged to procreate at camp


Sinister: Millions of young Russians at a youth camp discerningly similar to the Hitler Youth

Daily Mail | Jul 29, 2007


Remember the mammoths, say the clean-cut organisers at the youth camp’s mass wedding. “They became extinct because they did not have enough sex. That must not happen to Russia”.

Obediently, couples move to a special section of dormitory tents arranged in a heart-shape and called the Love Oasis, where they can start procreating for the motherland.

With its relentlessly upbeat tone, bizarre ideas and tight control, it sounds like a weird indoctrination session for a phoney religious cult.

But this organisation – known as “Nashi”, meaning “Ours” – is youth movement run by Vladimir Putin’s Kremlin that has become a central part of Russian political life.

Nashi’s annual camp, 200 miles outside Moscow, is attended by 10,000 uniformed youngsters and involves two weeks of lectures and physical fitness.

Attendance is monitored via compulsory electronic badges and anyone who misses three events is expelled. So are drinkers; alcohol is banned. But sex is encouraged, and condoms are nowhere on sale.

Bizarrely, young women are encouraged to hand in thongs and other skimpy underwear – supposedly a cause of sterility – and given more wholesome and substantial undergarments.

Twenty-five couples marry at the start of the camp’s first week and ten more at the start of the second. These mass weddings, the ultimate expression of devotion to the motherland, are legal and conducted by a civil official.

Attempting to raise Russia’s dismally low birthrate even by eccentric-seeming means might be understandable. Certainly, the country’s demographic outlook is dire. The hard-drinking, hardsmoking and disease-ridden population is set to plunge by a million a year in the next decade.

But the real aim of the youth camp – and the 100,000-strong movement behind it – is not to improve Russia’s demographic profile, but to attack democracy.

Under Mr Putin, Russia is sliding into fascism, with state control of the economy, media, politics and society becoming increasingly heavy-handed. And Nashi, along with other similar youth movements, such as ‘Young Guard’, and ‘Young Russia’, is in the forefront of the charge.

At the start, it was all too easy to mock. I attended an early event run by its predecessor, ‘Walking together’, in the heart of Moscow in 2000. A motley collection of youngsters were collecting ‘unpatriotic’ works of fiction for destruction.

It was sinister in theory, recalling the Nazis’ book-burning in the 1930s, but it was laughable in practice. There was no sign of ordinary members of the public handing in books (the copies piled on the pavement had been brought by the organisers).

Once the television cameras had left, the event organisers admitted that they were not really volunteers, but being paid by “sponsors”. The idea that Russia’s anarchic, apathetic youth would ever be attracted into a disciplined mass movement in support of their president – what critics called a “Putinjugend”, recalling the “Hitlerjugend” (German for “Hitler Youth”) – seemed fanciful.

How wrong we were. Life for young people in Russia without connections is a mixture of inadequate and corrupt education, and a choice of boring dead-end jobs. Like the Hitler Youth and the Soviet Union’s Young Pioneers, Nashi and its allied movements offer not just excitement, friendship and a sense of purpose – but a leg up in life, too.

Nashi’s senior officials – known, in an eerie echo of the Soviet era, as “Commissars” – get free places at top universities. Thereafter, they can expect good jobs in politics or business – which in Russia nowadays, under the Kremlin’s crony capitalism, are increasingly the same thing.

Nashi and similar outfits are the Kremlin’s first line of defence against its greatest fear: real democracy. Like the sheep chanting “Four legs good, two legs bad” in George Orwell’s Animal Farm, they can intimidate through noise and numbers.

Nashi supporters drown out protests by Russia’s feeble and divided democratic opposition and use violence to drive them off the streets.

The group’s leaders insist that the only connection to officialdom is loyalty to the president. If so, they seem remarkably well-informed.

In July 2006, the British ambassador, Sir Anthony Brenton, infuriated the Kremlin by attending an opposition meeting. For months afterwards, he was noisily harassed by groups of Nashi supporters demanding that he “apologise”. With uncanny accuracy, the hooligans knew his movements in advance – a sign of official tip-offs.

Even when Nashi flagrantly breaks the law, the authorities do not intervene. After Estonia enraged Russia by moving a Sovietera war memorial in April, Nashi led the blockade of Estonia’s Moscow embassy. It daubed the building with graffiti, blasted it with Stalinera military music, ripped down the Estonian flag and attacked a visiting ambassador’s car. The Moscow police, who normally stamp ruthlessly on public protest, stood by.

Nashi fits perfectly into the Kremlin’s newly-minted ideology of “Sovereign democracy”. This is not the mind-numbing jargon of Marxism-Leninism, but a lightweight collection of cliches and slogans promoting Russia’s supposed unique political and spiritual culture.

It is strongly reminiscent of the Tsarist era slogan: “Autocracy, Orthodoxy and Nationality”.

The similarities to both the Soviet and Tsarist eras are striking. Communist ideologues once spent much of their time explaining why their party deserved its monopoly of power, even though the promised utopia seemed indefinitely delayed.

Today, the Kremlin’s ideology chief Vladislav Surkov is trying to explain why questioning the crooks and spooks who run Russia is not just mistaken, but treacherous.

Yet, by comparison with other outfits, Nashi looks relatively civilised. Its racism and prejudice is implied, but not trumpeted. Other pro-Kremlin youth groups are hounding gays and foreigners off the streets of Moscow. Mestnye [The Locals] recently distributed leaflets urging Muscovites to boycott non-Russian cab drivers.

These showed a young blonde Russian refusing a ride from a swarthy, beetle-browed taxi driver, under the slogan: “We’re not going the same way.”

Such unofficial xenophobia matches the official stance. On April 1, a decree explicitly backed by Mr Putin banned foreigners from trading in Russia’s retail markets. By some estimates, 12m people are working illegally in Russia.

Those who hoped that Russia’s first post-totalitarian generation would be liberal, have been dissapointed. Although explicit support for extremist and racist groups is in the low single figures, support for racist sentiments is mushrooming.

Slogans such as “Russia for the Russians” now attract the support of half of the population. Echoing Kremlin propaganda, Nashi denounced Estonians as “fascist”, for daring to say that they find Nazi and Soviet memorials equally repugnant. But, in truth, it is in Russia that fascism is all too evident.

The Kremlin sees no role for a democratic opposition, denouncing its leaders as stooges and traitors. Sadly, most Russians agree: a recent poll showed that a majority believed that opposition parties should not be allowed to take power.

Just as the Nazis in 1930s rewrote Germany’s history, the Putin Kremlin is rewriting Russia’s. It has rehaabilitated Stalin, the greatest massmurderer of the 20th century. And it is demonising Boris Yeltsin, Russia’s first democratically-elected president. That he destroyed totalitarianism is ignored. Instead, he is denounced for his “weak” pro-Western policies.

While distorting its own history, the Kremlin denounces other countries. Mr Putin was quick to blame Britain’s “colonial mentality” for our government’s request that Russia try to find a legal means of extraditing Andrei Lugovoi, the prime suspect in the murder of Alexander Litvinenko.

Yet the truth is that Britain, like most Western countries, flagellates itself for the crimes of the past. Indeed, British schoolchildren rarely learn anything positive about their country’s empire. And, if Mr Putin has his way, Russian pupils will learn nothing bad about the Soviet empire, which was far bloodier, more brutal – and more recent.

A new guide for history teachers – explicitly endorsed by Mr Putin – brushes off Stalin’s crimes. It describes him as “the most successful leader of the USSR”. But it skates over the colossal human cost – 25m people were shot and starved in the cause of communism.

“Political repression was used to mobilise not only rank-and-file citizens but also the ruling elite,” it says. In other words, Stalin wanted to make the country strong, so he may have been a bit harsh at times. At any time since the collapse of Soviet totalitarianism in the late 1980s, that would have seemed a nauseating whitewash. Now, it is treated as bald historical fact.

If Stalin made mistakes, so what? Lots of people make mistakes.

“Problematic pages in our history exist,” Mr Putin said last week. But: “we have less than some countries. And ours are not as terrible as those of some others.” He compared the Great Terror of 1937, when 700,000 people were murdered in a purge by Stalin’s secret police, to the atom bomb on Hiroshima.

The comparison is preposterous. A strong argument can be made that by ending the war quickly, the atom bombs saved countless lives.

Franklin D Roosevelt and Harry Truman-may have failed to realise that nuclear weapons would one day endanger humanity’s survival. But, unlike Stalin, they were not genocidal maniacs.

As the new cold war deepens, Mr Putin echoes, consciously or unconsciously, the favourite weapon of Soviet propagandists in the last one.

Asked about Afghanistan, they would cite Vietnam. Castigated for the plight of Soviet Jews, they would complain with treacly sincerity about discrimination against American blacks. Every blot on the Soviet record was matched by something, real or imagined, that the West had done.

But the contrasts even then were absurd. When the American administration blundered into Vietnam, hundreds of thousands of people protested in the heart of Washington. When eight extraordinarily brave Soviet dissidents tried to demonstrate in Red Square against the invasion of Czechoslovakia, in 1968, they were instantly arrested and spent many years in labour camps.

For the east European countries with first-hand experience of Stalinist terror, the Kremlin’s rewriting of history could hardly be more scary. Not only does Russia see no reason to apologise for their suffering under Kremlin rule, it now sees the collapse of communism not as a time of liberation, but as an era of pitiable weakness.

Russia barely commemorates even the damage it did to itself, let alone the appalling suffering inflicted on other people. Nashi is both a symptom of the way Russia is going – and a means of entrenching the drift to fascism.

Terrifyingly, the revived Soviet view of history is now widely held in Russia. A poll this week of Russian teenagers showed that a majority believe that Stalin did more good things than bad.

If tens of thousands of uniformed German youngsters were marching across Germany in support of an authoritarian Fuhrer, baiting foreigners and praising Hitler, alarm bells would be jangling all across Europe. So why aren’t they ringing about Nashi?

Close-Range M-16 Bullets Cut Down Tillman

Army: Evidence Did Not Match Up With ‘The Scenario As Described’


WXII-12 | Jul 27, 2007

SAN FRANCISCO — New details are emerging about the death of NFL player turned Army Ranger Pat Tillman.

He was killed in Afghanistan in 2004 and his death was eventually blamed on friendly fire. But documents obtained by The Associated Press show Army medical examiners concluded that evidence did not match up with “the scenario as described.”

The doctors, whose names were blacked out, said bullet holes in Tillman’s head show he was cut down by an M-16 rifle fired from about 10 yards away. The doctors tried without success to get a criminal probe launched.

The documents also showed Tillman snapped at a panicky comrade and told him to stop “sniveling.” And Army attorneys sent e-mails congratulating each other for keeping criminal investigators at bay.

Ultimately, the Army did conduct a criminal investigation and concluded his death was a friendly-fire accident.

The report, issued in March, said in part, “Our review found that Cpl. Tillman’s chain of command made critical errors in reporting Cpl. Tillman’s death and in assigning investigative jurisdiction in the days following his death, and bears ultimate responsibility for the inaccuracies, missunderstandings, and perceptions of concealment that led to our review. Those errors, in part, contributed to omissions and inadequacies in the three investigations that followed Cpl. Tillman’s death. Additionally, we concluded that Army officials failed to properly update family members when an investigation was initiated into Corporal Tillman’s death and that the justification for his Silver Star contained inaccuracies.”

The report also said that Tillman’s family members were not told of the true cause of Tillman’s death until 35 days after he was killed, and that officers also knew that Tillman was likely killed by friendly fire before his funeral but declined to make the information public. Even so, the military said there was no evidence of a cover-up.

President George W. Bush didn’t learn that Tillman was killed by friendly fire until well after the funeral, the White House said.

Army Spc. Bryan O’Neal told a House committee in April that he “was ordered not to tell” Tillman’s brother that the former football star had been mistakenly killed by fellow U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan. Kevin Tillman was in a convoy behind his brother when the incident happened, but didn’t see it.

O’Neal said the order came from the battalion commander who oversaw Tillman’s platoon.

Military officials said Thursday that Army Secretary Peter Geren is expected to recommend that a retired three-star general be demoted for his role in providing the misleading information about Tillman’s death.

Lt. Gen. Philip Kensinger is one of seven high-ranking Army officers expected to get official reprimands for making critical errors in reporting the circumstances of Tillman’s death.

The Bush-Clinton Dynasty in charge of America for 28 consecutive years?

Note: Before being selected as president, Bush Sr spent eight years in the Whitehouse as vice president where he was arguably the real power behind the throne. If you add that to his term as president, Bill Clinton’s two terms, Bush Jr’s two terms, and Hillary’s projected two terms, the total number of years of Wall Street’s Bush/Clinton tag team tyranny goes up to 36 years, approaching Castro’s illustrious record of 40 years as dictator.

And note in the video, that Hillary never addresses the issue brought up to her, followed by a gust of rhetorical hot air from Obama, reminding me of the Tim Russert interviews with Bush and Kerry on their memberships in Skull and Bones. They are all bought-and-paid-for masters at evasive tactics and denial endlessly duping the muddle-headed sheeplike masses.

Kudos though go to Senator Mike Gravel for at least trying to inject some truth into this circus.



Red Ice Creations | Jul 25, 2007

By Henrik Palmgren

There was one decent question (from the selected ones) at the CNN/YouTube democratic “debates”. The question was for Hillary Clinton, she didn’t answer, but Senator Mike Gravel did.

(See the clip below)

Question for Hillary Clinton:

“With Bush (Sr), Clinton (Bill) and Bush (Jr) again serving as the last three presidents, how would electing you, a Clinton constitute the type of change in Washington so many people in the heartland are yearning for and what your campaign has been talking about? I was also wondering if any of the other candidates have a problem with the same two families being in charge of the executive branch of government for 28 consecutive years if Hillary Clinton where to potentially to be elected and then re-elected.”

Hillary doesn’t address the topic, instead recoils to some Bush Bashing and then jokes away the fact that the election was stolen in 2000 by Bush. (Everybody Laughs!)

The only one addressing the question was Senator Mike Gravel:

“The Democratic Party used to stand for the ordinary working man but the Clinton’s and the DLC sold out the Democratic Party to Wall street. Look at where all the money is being raised right now: for Hillary, Obama and Edwards. It’s the hedge funds, it’s wall street bankers, it’s the people who brought you what you have today! Please Wake up! Just look at the New York Times of the 17th of July that analyses where the money is coming from, it comes the Bankers on Wall street and of course hedge funds which is code for Bankers on Wall street and their Lock, Stock, & Barrel in their pockets.”

In an effort to end the dead silence on stage and in the audience, Obama steers it away and goes off on a tangent about cynicism while the producer cut’s to footage of Mike Gravel.

Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton … Who Needs Elections?
Mo Rocca on The Bushes and Clintons as the Royal House of Republicrats

Wall Street Plot to Remove FDR Was a Ruse

Red Ice Creations | Jul 29, 2007


By Henry Makow Ph.D.

The story that Wall Street tycoons planned to overthrow FDR in 1933 is still making the rounds in 2007.

Last week, the BBC  named “Dubya’s” grandfather, Prescott Bush as one of the conspirators.

Clearly, the Illuminati bankers staged the “planned coup” to give FDR credibility as champion of the common man and Wall Street’s nemesis. As I will show, they routinely used such tricks to build up their Presidential puppet.

The NWO apparently still considers Roosevelt and his model of Big Government as a propaganda asset. Fascism prefers the facade of socialism as we have seen in the case of both Communism and Nazism.

The conspirators (members of the “American Liberty League”) approached retired Major General Smedley Butler to use 500,000 veterans to remove FDR and become a Mussolini-like figure himself.

Smedley Butler was the LAST man you would ask if you were serious about such a coup. However, if you wanted someone to expose your coup ( as he did; thought it “smacked of treason,”) Butler was definitely the “go-to” person.

The most decorated Marine in history; Gen. Smedley Butler recently had been forced to resign by Herbert Hoover calling Mussolini a “mad dog” and warning that his fascist cohorts “were about to break loose in Europe.” Butler refused to retract his remarks and thus became a national hero overnight.

Nor was Butler fond of Wall Street, stating the bankers used the US army as “gangsters for capitalism” — thugs and debt collectors:

“Looking back on it, I feel that I could have given Al Capone a few hints,” Butler said. “The best he could do was .. operate his racket in three districts. I operated on three continents.”  (“War is a Racket” 1933)

“There was definitely something crazy about the whole affair,” remarked Curt Gentry. “Butler who had gained prominence for speaking out against fascism, being asked to become an American Duce.” (J. Edgar Hoover, p.203)

Nevertheless, Gentry and most other historians accepted the tale, indicating that they function as highly paid flacks.

The story received its widest currency in Jules Archer’s book “The Plot to Seize the White House” (1973). Judging from Archer’s other works, he is either the Illuminati’s best propagandist or biggest dupe (or both.)

His other subjects include such “defenders of the people” as: Trotsky, Mao Tse Tung; Chou En Lai; and Ho Chi Minh. He has also penned books about such spontaneous popular  movements as feminism, civil rights and environmentalism.

Who Was FDR?

For the answer, we are indebted to a book by a courageous honest, public-spirited New York doctor, Emmanuel Josephson: “The Strange Death of Franklin D. Roosevelt” (1948).

FDR was the scion of two Illuminati families, the Delanos and the Roosevelts. He was related to a dozen US Presidents: four on the Roosevelt side and eight on the Delano side. He was a third cousin of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth.

These families have some Jewish antecedents but they also have Dutch, German, Swedish and principally English blood. FDR’s mother’s father, Warren Delano made a sizeable fortune in the opium trade. His father James Roosevelt was Vice President of a railway and director of several companies.

FDR was a spoiled brat who could always change the rules to suit his whims. He was tutored privately, and failed law school but was allowed to enter the bar anyway. He never held a real job. In the 1920’s, he helped float some stock market scams. As Governor and later President, he was extremely suggestible, evasive and shifty. Louis Howe created his public persona and did his thinking for him. He was FDR’s “alter and wiser ego.” (102)

FDR had a small army of speechwriters and sometimes there were screw-ups. For his Democratic nomination acceptance in 1932, he was handed two speeches with diametrically opposed views and read them both. (157)

After his attack of encephalomyelitis, the Rockefellers gave him a health spa at Warm Springs, Georgia. They subsequently funnelled millions of dollars to FDR in the guise of contributions to his “foundation” to help the sick. Dr. Josephson found that the institution did not accept charity cases. (118-ff)

In Josephson’s words, “Roosevelt was magnificently bribed to run for office. By the end of 1930, some $700,000 was poured into the coffers of the Foundation …[FDR] was the pathetic puppet of conspirators scheming the destruction of democracy and the establishment of an American monarchy.” (95, 124)

In return, the US Treasury under FDR spent hundreds of millions bribing Saudi King Ibn Saud and building oil infrastructure in Saudi Arabia to benefit Standard Oil. (262-263)

Josephson said the basic doctrines of the Rockefeller Empire are “feudalistic monarchic government” … “monopoly of every necessity of life and of national existence, and absolute dictatorship…” (86-87)

The rich must “divide and rule”: ” The people must be dealt with not as Americans but as minorities set at each other’s throats, labor vs. Capital, Black vs. White, Catholic vs. protestant, Christian vs. Jew for e.g.” (87) He could have added male vs. female and gay vs. straight.

Feigned Opposition From Wall Street

Rich degenerate inbreeds running for President naturally pretend to defend the public good. Naturally their banker sponsors are willing to feign displeasure and opposition.

FDR learned the game from his cousin Theodore Roosevelt who pretended to be a “trustbuster,” while remaining a creation of the trusts.

The contributors to FDR’s 1932 campaign include a Who’s Who of the US business elite, the same people who supposedly tried to overthrow him a year later: Hearst, Rockefeller, Morgan, Baruch, Du Pont, Astor.

In 1933, a group of “publicity men” advised that Fascism was becoming unpopular in America and FDR could score points by opposing the Nazis. “They suggested that Hearst and his publications launch a sham attack on Roosevelt and at the same time pretend to support Nazism and Fascism, thus throwing the Anti-Nazis and Anti-Fascists in the Roosevelt camp.” (167)

“As the perverters  of public opinion expected, the gullible public raged at Hearst and flocked to the standards of Roosevelt, blind to the fact that he was giving them another of the same brand of dictatorship.” (167)

The antagonism was an utter sham. Hearst employed FDR’s son Elliot, and his daughter and her husband! Similarly the public enmity of the munitions manufacturing Duponts was also a sham. Ethel Dupont married FDR Jr. !

“The Liberty League was then set up for the ostensible purpose of attacking Roosevelt and fighting his re-election. This served to throw the entire pacifist vote into Roosevelt’s camp and helped reassure his re-election.” (169)

Clearly the “Fascist Coup” was another clever ploy invented by the “publicity men.”


Curtis Dall was a banker and FDR’s son-in-law. He portrays the President not as a leader but as a “quarterback” with little actual power. The “coaching staff” consisted of a coterie of handlers (“advisers” like Louis Howe, Bernard Baruch and Harry Hopkins) who represented the international banking cartel. For Dall, FDR ultimately was a traitor manipulated by “World Money” and motivated by conceit and personal ambition.

The 1933 Fascist Coup is indicative of the trouble the elite takes to manipulate the public. No President (until George W. Bush) did more to take America down the road to tyranny.

Today we have to take attacks on George W Bush with a grain of salt. They are designed to drive the public into the open arms of Hilary Clinton or Barak Obama. In fact, much of the conflict in the world may be central banker created and controlled.

Psychic Norwegian princess launches school to contact angels

The princess, who still officially represents the Royal Family at various events, has named her new venture after “one of the oldest goddesses in the Middle East,” Astarte, and its website is registered at her home address in Lommedalen, just west of Oslo. The telephone number listed is that for the Royal Palace in Oslo.

Aftenposten | Jul 25, 2007

Princess claims clairvoyant powers, aims to share them


Princess Märtha Louise uses her royal title on Astarte Education’s web site

Norway’s Princess Märtha Louise, daughter of King Harald and Queen Sonja, has emerged as a clairvoyant, and is launching an alternative school aimed at training students to contact angels. Officials at the Royal Palace won’t comment on the princess’ latest business venture.

Princess Märtha Louise claimed to have “seen the light” in 2002, when she married author Ari Behn in a lavish royal wedding at the cathedral in Trondheim.

The princess’ business partner has publicly confirmed the training program, which is billed as a means of “getting in touch with your own truths” through “readings, healing, crystals and hands-on treatment.”

The princess, who still officially represents the Royal Family at various events, has named her new venture after “one of the oldest goddesses in the Middle East,” Astarte, and its website is registered at her home address in Lommedalen, just west of Oslo. The telephone number listed is that for the Royal Palace in Oslo.

Even though use of the palace’s phone number implies the business is indirectly supported by the Royal Palace, palace officials won’t comment on it.

“The palace never expresses itself on the princess’ private business ventures,” said a tight-lipped Sven Gjeruldsen, information adviser on the palace staff. He referred further questions to the contact information on Astarte’s web site.

The princess wrote on her school’s new website, Astarte Education, that she’s “always been interested in alternative treatment programs,” suggesting she’s had psychic abilities since she was a little girl.

The princess has launched Astarte Education with a friend, Elisabeth Samnøy, who describes herself on the website as a former ship mechanic who also attended a holistic academy.

“After that I have been in a process where angels and their frequency opened contact with the divine in my heart,” Samnøy wrote.


Astarte Education

Princess draws more flak

Aftenposten | Jul 25, 2007

Princess Märtha Louise’s latest business venture, which she says can teach people how to communicate with angels, has sparked anything but purely angelic reaction. Princess Märtha Louise, who claims she’s clairvoyant, has incurred the wrath of many with her plans to launch courses in alternative therapy. Others think she’s brave to follow her beliefs.

Officials ranging from the state director of health, to a top politician to religious figures are blasting the princess for alleged offenses ranging from exploiting her position to misusing her physiotherapy training.

Dr Bernt Rognlien, one of Norway’s leading figures within alternative medicine, thinks the princess’ course is more religious in nature than health-related.

“The way I read her web site, this is a spiritual and religious offer, not something that can heal the sick,” he said, adding that he’s not sure the princess realizes that she can appear to be proselytizing when she uses religious terminology about angels and goddesses.

A religious historian at Norway’s technical university NTNU, Asbjørn Dyrendal, said he thinks the princess’ venture is embarrassing.

“I think this must be embarrassing for the royal couple (Martha Louise’s parents, King Harald and Queen Sonja) because they belong to a generation where this type of religion was viewed as eccentric,” Dyrendal said. “But this is, of course, a family that’s used to eccentric relatives within European royalty, so they may think it’s normal for their daughter to charge fees to make contact with angels.”

A survey conducted by newspaper VG, meanwhile, suggests that four out of 10 Norwegians agree with the princess that humans can have supernatural powers, and that it’s possible to communicate with angels.


Norwegian Monarchy Gaining Power and Influence

A new debate about form of government to arise in 2014 with a revision of the Constitution…

Aftenposten | Jun 13, 2007


King Harald, member of the Order of the Garter and the Order of the Seraphim

A professor of political science argues that Norway’s royal family, far from being more approachable, is in fact regaining lost power and influence. Trond Nordby, professor of political science at the University of Oslo, argued in a feature in Aftenposten on Wednesday that the royals are … living fabulously on their annuity and exerting steadily more political influence. “A new debate about form of government will arise. It should come in 2014 with the revision of the Constitution,” Michelsen said.


The Order of the Seraphim

This Order is exclusive to Sweden and I find this interesting since Seraphim is Hebrew for a class of Angel (the highest one). I think that this further strengthens the evidence for a Hebrew/Kabbalistic connection to Sweden. Elaborating upon the Christian celestial hierarchy that was created by Pseudo-Dionysius the Areopagite, the expanding modern literature of angelology has assigned many names to the unnamed seraphim.

• Seraphiel
• Metatron
• Lucifer
• Satan
• Asmodeus
• Astaroth
• Samael

So is the Order of the Seraphim really the Order of the fallen angels? ______________________________________


Ritual at the Temple of Astarte

Order of the Temple of Astarte
We are first and foremost a working lodge. Our Emphasis is on doing magick – and by that we mean good old fashoined wizardry: summoning spirits to visible appearance in the Dark Mirror and bringing down Gods, Goddesses and Angels to illuminate our crystal orb so that we can communicate with them. We use powerfull hypnotic techniques….

Founder Carroll “Poke” Runyon describes himself as a “Gentleman of the Old School” which he defines as: “One who recites classical poetry to heartless beauties while wrestling alligators.” He has lived out his Neo-Romantic philosophy as a Captain in the Green Berets, a student of Ninjutsu, a blue-water sailor, scuba diver, and a ceremonial magician. In 1980 Runyon received his Master’s Degree in cultural anthropology from California State University at Northridge, specializing in Magick. After graduate school he went through all the degrees of Freemasonry in both the Scottish and York Rites. Carroll Runyon has served as an officer in three active Golden Dawn temples. He is also the author of Secrets of the Golden Dawn Cypher Manuscript and Seasonal Rites of Baal and Astarte while acting as editor of The Seventh Ray.


References on the Goddess Astarte


Astarte — The Lady of the Beasts.

Along with Lilith she is one of the principle Elohim (this Hebrew plural word means goddesses and gods, though translated as God by biblical revisionists for the past 2,000 years) of the Semites of Phoenicia. Consort to Baal, she is here depicted with two foals in ecstatic dance, her typically upraised arms grasping serpents. She was the Great Goddess, all-powerful, creating-preserving-destroying, an embodiment of Mother Nature. Also known as Ashtoroth, in some poses she is identical with images of Kali, while in her role of virgin she is an ancient prototype of Mary.

Across Northern Africa, each town had its own version of the Astarte mother goddess. Carthage became the most unique. In Carthage, she was called Tanit. Female statues in the temple show women holding their breasts. She gains a new symbol of her own, very similar to the Egyptian ankh. Her counterpart became Baal Hammon. According to all historical records and also to archeological findings, this particular Tanit and Baal cult did practice human sacrifice. Children were sacrificed in the temple to Baal Hammon. Parents willingly did this and during the human sacrifice of their child, they were not to weap, nor shed a tear. A tomb in Carthage dating to 200 BC also suggest that Tanit was a separate deity from Astarte. The tomb says that the statue was erected for “Astarte and Tanit of Libano.”

Astarte (Greek) Greek form of the Syro-Phoenician goddess Ashtoreth, female counterpart of Baal. The Assyrian and Babylonian form was Ishtar, in Syria Atargates, in Phrygia Cybele, in the Bible Ashtoreth, and in North Africa Tanith or Dido. She was intimately connected in the Chaldean form of her worship with the planet Venus. She corresponds to the Egyptian Isis or Hathor, Greek Aphrodite, and Norse Freya


Astaroth’s Sigil: The clusters of three dots at the points of the star of her sigil are extremely ancient and denote her high spiritual rank.

Astaroth is a very ancient Goddess. She has been with humanity, as have Satan and Beelzebub, since the beginning. Astaroth is Beelzebub’s granddaughter. Her parents are Ningal and Nanna. She counsels humans who are close to Satan and actively working for him. She obtains friendship of those in power and represents luxury and ease. Astaroth was also the Babylonian Goddess, Ishtar. Babylonian scriptures called her the “Light of the World,” “Goddess of Goddesses,” and “Bestower of Strength.”


The “Ishtar Gate,” built approximately 575 BCE was the main entrance into Babylon.

Easter (originally known as “Ashtar”) was stolen from her by the Christians.

It’s the 1930s All Over Again: Why Socialism vs Fascism is a False Choice | Jul 28, 2007


It’s the 1930s All Over Again

by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

Jittery stock markets, an economy drunk on credit, and politicians calling for varieties of dictatorship: what a sense of déjà vu! Let us recall that the world went bonkers for about ten years way back when. The stock market crashed in 1929, thanks to the Federal Reserve, and with it fell the last remnants of the old liberal ideology that government should leave society and economy alone to flourish. After the federal Great Depression hit, there was a general air in the United States and Europe that freedom hadn’t worked. What we needed were strong leaders to manage and plan economies and societies.

And how they were worshipped. On the other side of the world, there were Stalin and Hitler and Mussolini, but in the United States we weren’t in very good shape either. Here we had FDR, who imagined himself capable of astonishing feats of price setting and economy boosting. Of course he used old-fashioned tricks: printing money and threatening people with guns. It was nothing but the ancient despotism brought back in pseudo-scientific garb.

Things didn’t really return to normal until after the war. These “great men” of history keeled over eventually, but look what they left: welfare states, inflationary banking systems, high taxes, massive debt, mandates on business, and regimes with a penchant for meddling at the slightest sign of trouble. They had their way even if their absurd posturing became unfashionable later.

It’s strange to go back and read opinion pieces from those times. It’s as if everyone just assumed that we had to have either fascism or socialism, and that the one option to be ruled out was laissez-faire. People like Mises and Hayek had to fight tooth and nail to get a hearing. The Americans had some journalists who seemed to understand, but they were few and far between.

So what was the excuse for such a shabby period in ideological history? Why did the world go crazy? It was the Great Depression, or so says the usual explanation. People were suffering and looking for answers. They turned to a Strongman to bail them out. There was a fashion for scientific planning, and the suffering economy (caused by the government, of course) seemed to bolster the rationale.

All of which brings me to a strange observation: when it comes to politics, we aren’t that much better off today. It’s true that we don’t have people running for office in ridiculous military suits. They don’t scream at us or give sappy fireside chats or purport to be the embodiment of the social mind. The tune is slightly changed, but the notes and rhythms are the same.

Have you listened carefully to what the Democrats are proposing in the lead-up to the presidential election? It’s just about as disgusting as anything heard in the 1930s: endless government programs to solve all human ills. It’s as if they can’t think in any other way, as if their whole worldview would collapse if they took notice of the fact that government can’t do anything right.

But it also seems like they are living on another planet. The stock market has a long way to fall before it reaches anything we could call low. Mortgage interest rates are creeping along at the lowest possible rates. Unemployment is close to 4%, which is lower than even Keynesians of old could imagine in their wildest dreams.

The private sector is creating a miracle a day, even as the stuff that government attempts is failing left and right. The bureaucracies are as wasteful and useless as they’ve ever been, spending is already insanely high, debt is skyrocketing, and there’s no way that any American believes himself to be under-taxed.

The Democrats, meanwhile, go about their merry business as if the public schools were a model for all of society. Oh, and let us not forget their brilliant idea of shutting down the industrial economy and human prosperity so the government can plan the weather 100 years from now. We can only hope that there are enough serious people left to put a stop to this harebrained idea.

But before we get carried away about the Democrats, let’s say a few words about the bloodthirsty Republicans, who think of war not as something to regret, but rather the very moral life of the nation. For them, justice equals Guantánamo Bay, and public policy means a new war every month, and vast subsidies to the military-industrial complex and such other Republican-friendly firms as the big pharmaceutical companies. Sure, they pay lip service to free enterprise, but it’s just a slogan to them, unleashed whenever they fear that they are losing support among the bourgeois merchant class.

So there we have it. Our times are good, and yet we face a choice between two forms of central planning. They are varieties of socialism and fascism, but not overtly: they disguise their ideological convictions so that we won’t recognize that they and their ilk have certain predecessors in the history of political economy.

Into this mix steps Ron Paul, with a message that has stunned millions. He says again and again that government is not the way out. And even though his political life is nothing short of heroic, he doesn’t believe that his candidacy is about him and his personal ambitions. He talks of Bastiat, Hazlitt, Mises, Hayek, and Rothbard – in public campaign speeches. And let no one believe that this is just rhetoric. Take a look at his voting record if you doubt it. Even the New York Times is amazed to discover that there is a principled man in politics.

It is impressive how crowds are hard pressed to disagree with him. How much good is he doing? It is impossible to exaggerate it. He provides hope when we need it most. You see, the American economy may look good on the surface but underneath, the foundation is cracking. The debt is unsustainable. Savings are nearly nonexistent. Money supply creation is getting scary. The paper-money economy can’t last and won’t last. One senses that the slightest change could cause unforeseen wreckage.

What would happen should the bottom fall out? Scary thought. We need ever more public spokesmen for our cause. In many ways, the Mises Institute bears a heavy burden as the world’s leading institutional voice for peace and economic liberty. So does And we are working in every way possible to make sure that the flame of freedom is not extinguished, even in the face of legions of charlatans and power-mongers. Even though the politics of our times is as dark as ever, there are bright lights on the horizon.