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Ron Paul rapidly closing in on GOP frontrunners with 12%

Lew Rockwell | Jul 1, 2007

Ron Paul at 12%

Here are the strawpoll results from the conservative California Republican Assembly:

Fred Thompson (25%)
Duncan Hunter (19%)
Mitt Romney (19%)
Ron Paul (12%)
Tom Tancredo (8%)
Newt Gingrich (7%)
Rudy Guiliani (7%)
Sam Brownbeck (3%)
Mike Huckabee (0%)
Tommy Thompson (0%)


Ron Paul overshadows GOP forum in Iowa

Desmoines Register | Jul 1, 2007

The establishment whores in the Republican Party are terrified of Ron Paul because he is a constitutionalist patriot and they are a bunch of corrupt yellow-bellied bottom-feeding globalist dirtbags. In fact, when the Neocon gangsters banned Dr. Paul in Iowa, they did him a huge favor allowing him to stand out more prominently than ever. Their despicable strategies will not work and Ron Paul’s clout and straw-poll percentage just keeps on increasing, much to their chagrin. It is just perfect cosmic justice in action and I love it.


Paul, uninvited to GOP forum, attracts a loyal flock for rally


Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul, a U.S. representative from Texas, drew more than 600 people to his Des Moines rally Saturday. He was excluded from a GOP forum.

His call for an immediate end to the Iraq war elicits his event’s loudest reaction.


Outsider Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul headlined a raucous campaign rally Saturday after a multi-candidate GOP forum in Des Moines to which the Texas congressman was not invited.

An audience of more than 600 [actually 1000 – PW] GOP activists turned out for the Paul event, held in Hy-Vee Hall next door to where six candidates addressed a subdued crowd of much the same size earlier.

Congressman Ron Paul speaks after neocon’s forum

Congressman Ron Paul, a GOP presidential candidate, speaks to more than 600 supporters June 30 after the Iowans for Tax Relief/Iowa Christian Alliance forum in Des Moines.

“Today we want to celebrate and we want to be very positive,” Paul said. “We’re here to talk about life and liberty, and quite frankly they are inseparable.”

Paul has built a loyal following of people attracted to the politician’s libertarian stance on constitutional rights and opposition to the war in Iraq.

But organizers for the forum, held by Iowans for Tax Relief and the Iowa Christian Alliance, left Paul out of their lineup, citing his lack of campaign organization in Iowa.

The decision sparked loud protests from Paul supporters and prompted his campaign staff to plan its own rally.

During Paul’s rally, he proposed getting rid of the Internal Revenue Service, Selective Service, income tax and the Federal Reserve, and withdrawing from the United Nations.

He received cheers from the audience of Iowans and supporters from other states after each point. The loudest reception came during his call for an immediate end to the war in Iraq.

“The policy of nonintervention is the policy of the founding fathers,” said Paul, who was one of the few Republicans who voted against the 2002 resolution authorizing the invasion of Iraq. “Republicans would do well if they changed their position in this regard.”

Donna Otoya and friend Warren Narron drove from Kansas City, Mo., to attend Paul’s event. They were among about 25 people holding Paul campaign signs in the Iowa Events Center’s parking lot before the event.

“I came because he’s hope for America,” Otoya said. “Ron Paul stands for true constitutional values, and he’s our best hope to save America from what’s happening.”

Ron Paul Iowa talk overshadows Republican forum next door

Ron Paul 2008 | Jul 1, 2007

The establishment whores in the Republican Party are terrified of Ron Paul because he is a constitutionalist patriot and they are a bunch of corrupt yellow-bellied bottom-feeding globalist dirtbags. In fact, when the Neocon gangsters banned Dr. Paul in Iowa, they did him a huge favor allowing him to stand out more prominently than ever. Their despicable strategies will not work and Ron Paul’s clout just keeps on increasing, much to their chagrin. It is just perfect cosmic justice in action and I love it.


Ron Paul Speaks to 1,000 in Iowa


Dr. Paul’s event singlehandedly outdrew the other forum and its six participating candidates by several hundred attendees.

DES MOINES, IOWA – Presidential candidate Ron Paul held a rally today celebrating life and liberty at the Hy-Vee Hall in Des Moines, Iowa. The event was held immediately after and next door to a Republican candidates forum sponsored by the Iowa Christian Alliance and Iowans for Tax Relief.

Dr. Paul was the only GOP candidate excluded from the forum, so his campaign organized an event of its own. Despite being planned in less than a week, Dr. Paul’s event singlehandedly outdrew the other forum and its six participating candidates by several hundred attendees. [1000 enthusiastic supporters to their paltry and subdued 600 which equals a mere 100 per candidate – PW]

Congressman Ron Paul speaks after neocon’s forum

Congressman Ron Paul, a GOP presidential candidate, speaks to 1000 supporters June 30 after the Iowans for Tax Relief/Iowa Christian Alliance forum in Des Moines.  

“Today, Ron Paul demonstrated how deeply his message of freedom and limited government is resonating across the nation,” said campaign manager Lew Moore.

Dr. Paul, addressing a packed room, received thunderous applause many times and as well as several standing ovations. Observers believe that this event was the biggest rally for a Republican candidate in Iowa during this campaign cycle.

“Ron Paul has generated more grassroots excitement and support than any other candidate in the race,” continued Moore. “The campaign is building on this momentum around the country as we drive toward the nomination.”

Ex-CIA Man Exposes Hysteria Of Car “Bomb” Terror

Prison Planet | July 1, 2007

London car bombs would not have killed anyone, government using terrorist tactics by hyping fear to morph society

by Paul Joseph Watson

Countering the frothing rabid hysteria that is being whipped up by a fervent media in response to three failed car “bomb” attacks in the last few days in the UK, ex-CIA agent Larry Johnson joined Keith Olbermann to underscore the truth behind the madness – that the so-called bombs were primitive at best and would not have killed anybody.

Watch the video below.

In the immediate aftermath of the discovery of a Mercedes parked outside a London night club containing up to 60 litres of petrol and a similar second vehicle, authorities claimed that the bombs would have caused “carnage” had they been detonated, killing hundreds of people.

A burning Jeep that was driven into a terminal building at Glasgow Airport yesterday was also believed to contain petrol, but failed to explode beyond simply burning out the interior of the vehicle.

The truth about the “deadly” car bombs that led to airports and other transit systems being closed across the country as well as the UK terror threat level being raised to critical is that they displayed an almost laughable level of proficiency and would not have killed anyone.

“This is not one of the truck bombs or car bombs we see going off in Iraq – what’s really striking about this today is that you had two non-bombs in London when we had at least five bombs in Baghdad in which U.S. soldiers were killed in one of those so I think it’s just out of proportion – this was an incendiary, this was not a high explosive,” said Johnson.

Johnson said that had the gas been ignited properly, there would have been a loud boom that would have split the tank but that no projectiles would have even exited the vehicle.

“If someone was within 20, 30 feet of it they would have ear damage but not much more,” said Johnson.

Johnson contrasted how the media glaze over deadly car bombings in Iraq which occur every day “And then you have a non-event in London and we’re going to battle quarters and beginning to give the hairy eyeball to every Muslim.”

Olbermann called the terrorists, “the graduating Al-Qaeda bomb squad that need remedial work” while attacking the concept that we’re fighting them in Iraq so as to not have to fight them over here.”

He also called out the so-called counter-terrorism experts who have hyped this non-event on television to enhance the profile of the counter-terror companies that they head up.

As Johnson outlines, fewer than 50,000 people worldwide have died as a result of terror attacks since the 60’s, and as we recently highlighted, accident causing deer, swimming pools and peanut allergies have all proven more deadly than international terrorism.

The true extent of the damage that could have been caused by these recent attacks pales in comparison to the overblown exaggerated hype that the authorities have claimed and that the media has willingly parroted.

Similar attacks were a staple of the 60’s and 70’s but the government and the media downplayed them because they were of minimal threat to anyone and to hype such non-events was handing a propaganda victory to the terrorists.

Since the very definition of terrorism is to influence government policy not by the attack itself but by hyping fear of new attacks, the government of Gordon Brown is engaging in terrorism by strongly intimating that fresh attacks are inevitable.

Brown came to power with an agenda to push through new anti-terror laws including wiretaps being admissible in court and extending the 28-day detention without charge law to 90 days. Though such proposals failed under Blair and Brown was expecting a fight to get them passed, expect them to breeze through Parliament with little opposition following the outright panic that has been generated as a result of recent events.

The smoking ban is just getting started. Could your home be next?

London Independent | Jul 1, 2007

Smoking is bad for you and I am against it. It is a horrible addiction that takes five million lives per year worldwide due to heart attacks, cancers and other maladies. It is a massive health crisis and a crime against humanity. However, using the State to criminalize addicted citizens is not the way to fix the problem.

I am not suggesting that the government should ban the sale of tobacco because I believe in free-market principles. But you will notice that this socialist government does little to stop the sale of tobacco products even though they could do that if they wanted to. Instead of going after the dealers, their entire attention is on going after the nicotine addicts with a heavy hand. This is just another example of the State going in and trampling the freedoms and privacy of the individual. They even ticket people for smoking in their own cars as well as for eating sandwiches or drinking coffee. So those who cheer the government on are in fact surrendering their own freedoms in the process and that is how the elite use democractic mob rule to vote away rights in the name of safety.

Education is the only way to eradicate smoking, which means creating widespread knowledge of the dangers, how to prevent the addiction and how to get free of it. Even hard-core committed smokers could be persuaded to stop this way if they learn that the only reason they smoke is because they are addicts. But using these draconian measures only ensures that they will continue to light up really as an act of civil disobedience and defiance. Thus the government is actually entrenching the problem instead of stopping it. It is really that simple. The problem can only be abated gradually and organically at the grassroots level through education without trampling on people’s freedoms. Again, they are doing very little of this (despite their claims) and instead (believe it or not) hiring thousands of literal Stasi informants to watch people in restaurants, bars and other public places and this just drives the problem further and further underground because as you will see, the sales of tobacco products have not dropped at all despite this heavy-handed crackdown. Think about that one! And think real hard about it.

Next, you will have Stasi informants running around following you around town, watching you in your own home, peeping in your windows. This is real hard-core tyranny folks, not much different from either Stasi East Germany or the Nazi Reich. Even Hitler himself couldn’t conceive of these draconian measures, much less bring himself to carry them out. Think about it!



Going for smoke: Today’s ban is just the start. Could your home be next?

by Jonathan Owen

The man behind the ban on smoking in pubs and enclosed public spaces hasn’t finished yet. He wants to extend prohibition to private homes.

From today, smokers will have to huddle outside in the rain like miserable outcasts because cigarettes have been banned from almost every enclosed public space. But the war is far from over: even in victory the enemies of nicotine intend to show no mercy, fining companies that let their employees drop butts and even hunting down addicts to their own homes.

The Government’s top smoking adviser is calling for a new government tobacco task force that can identify anyone who still dares to puff away in apparent privacy and persuade, cajole or bully them into quitting. “We can apply powerful social pressure on parents not to smoke in the house. It must be completely taboo for parents to smoke indoors when there are children present,” said Professor Robert West of University College London. “We’re talking about thousands of children whose health is adversely affected by passive smoking.”

Today the air will be clean in many English public places for the first time. The biggest smoking ban anywhere in the world will affect 3.7 million businesses, including 200,000 pubs, bars and restaurants. Those who have never lit up will be free at last from the risks of passive smoking, as England experiences a social revolution of the kind enjoyed by Scotland, Ireland and Wales before it. But in every revolution there are losers – and this time the miserable ones will be those who have failed or refuse to give up, despite the hugely expensive campaigns and legislation aimed at getting them to do so.

Segregated as never before, forced outside and reviled, pro-smoking advocates can barely contain their fury at what is happening. “The Government has manufactured a climate of fear about the effects of passive smoking and used it to justify draconian legislation out of all proportion to the actual risk,” said Simon Clark, director of the smokers’ rights group Forest. He warns that there is increasing anger over “institutionalised bullying” and that if smokers are penalised further, the Government is going to have a serious revolt on its hands. “The more smokers are told what to do, the more they will reach for their fags in defiance.”

But they will not even be able to retreat to the living room if Professor West gets his way. The man behind the NHS’s stop smoking campaign is urging ministers to take the hardest of lines. “Society has to wake up to this problem and deal with it,” he said.

Every year 17,000 under-fives are admitted to hospital suffering from the effects of passive smoking. And of the 12,000 deaths from the same cause each year, only 500 are from exposure to smoke in the workplace. Respiratory diseases such as asthma and pneumonia are far more common in children who have a parent who smokes. They are three times more likely to develop lung cancer in later life than children of non-smokers.

“The jury is still out on whether more will stop smoking at home,” said Professor West, who is not convinced by the Department of Health’s hope of a knock-on effect. “My own view is that the ban will make little difference one way or the other.”

Dr Douglas Bettcher, director of the World Health Organisation’s Tobacco Free Initiative, told The Independent on Sunday: “There is no doubt that breathing second-hand tobacco smoke is very dangerous to your health. It causes cancer and other diseases that might lead to death. We know that there is no safe level of human exposure to second-hand tobacco smoke.”

A confidential government briefing document obtained by the IoS states that provisions are already in place for extending the ban to outdoor areas: “The Health Act 2006 does include powers to make non-enclosed places smoke free if there is a significant risk that people there might be exposed to significant quantities of smoke.”

Ministers are believed to be considering a range of options to reduce the number of smokers. These include testing pregnant women for carbon monoxide levels and referring smokers for treatment, as well as introducing stop-smoking clinics in schools. Parents who buy cigarettes for young children and allow them to smoke in the home are expected to be given extra parenting help as part of the Government’s scheme to target help at families where children are at risk of a poor home life.

Some Primary Care Trusts around the country have already started “smoke-free home” schemes where parents are encouraged to quit smoking for the sake of their children’s health. But supporters warn that cuts to anti-smoking programmes have created a postcode lottery of provision.

A recent Populus poll found that 91 per cent of people supported a ban on smoking near children, and 62 per cent thought there should be a ban on smoking while driving.

Fears that the ban on smoking in public places will lead to crowds of office workers huddling in doorways dropping thousands of cigarette butts have prompted ministers to prepare to impose tough new littering penalties.

From today pubs, clubs and restaurants can be required to provide bins for cigarette butts and clean them up. The Government is also planning to change the law so that employers can be fined if they fail to stop workers dropping cigarette ends on the street.

And despite this being a day of rejoicing for them, anti-smoking campaigners are still calling for a massive increase in funding for tobacco control programmes, paid for by putting up the taxes on smoking yet further. They estimate that £250m a year is needed.

Action on Smoking and Health (Ash) wants a ban on tobacco products being displayed in shops or sold in vending machines. It also wants an end to brand names, logos and colours so that all cigarettes are sold in the same kind of packaging – an idea that the tobacco industry, predictably, opposes fiercely.

The Department of Health is, however, finalising proposals for the introduction of graphic picture warnings on tobacco packs, which are expected to come into force next year. Ministers are also considering placing information on where to get support to quit smoking on packs. Officials are looking into a ban on the display of tobacco products behind shop counters. The age at which cigarettes can be bought legally will rise from 16 to 18 this autumn. The move will be accompanied by a nationwide advertising campaign that will target teenagers.

A Department of Health spokesperson said: “In line with other countries, we expect smoke-free legislation to increase the number of smoke-free homes, as awareness of the risks of second-hand smoke is raised. We will take stock after 1 July and look at what further action is needed on tobacco control.”

Martin Dockerell, Ash spokesman, said: “Around one in four adults smoke and that number is falling but only very slowly – around 0.4 per cent per year. We’ve seen in other countries how easy it is to allow smoking rates to creep back upwards. Any sense in the Department of Health that the smoking box has been ticked would be a disaster.”

Although the ban in England has been motivated by concerns over the dangers of second-hand smoke to non-smokers, a bitter debate continues over the scientific evidence. Tobacco companies dispute the claims of medical experts such as the WHO and US Surgeon General who say that second-hand smoke kills and that there is no safe level of exposure. Imperial Tobacco is unmoved by the concerns, stating that “a ban on smoking in public places cannot be justified on health grounds”.

But in an effort to go on enjoying the profits of one of the world’s most lucrative industries, worth an estimated $400m (£200m) globally, behind the scenes tobacco companies are racing to develop a range of smokeless nicotine products in anticipation of even greater restrictions to come.

England is the last part of the UK to bring in a smoking ban. It follows Scotland, which banned smoking last April, and Northern Ireland and Wales, where bans began earlier this year. In Scotland and Ireland, doomsday predictions of the negative effects on business have yet to materialise. Instead, restaurants and pubs have invested millions in transforming traditional beer gardens into open-air smoking dens, with people puffing away under parasols and outdoor heaters. In Ireland, a study of bar workers before and after the introduction of the ban in 2004 revealed a reduction of more than 80 per cent in “particulate matter” caused by tobacco smoke. In Scotland, which banned smoking in public places more than a year ago, the Scottish Licensed Trade Association claims there has been a 20 per cent drop in sales and some bar staff have lost jobs. But in a country where 19 per cent of 15-year-olds smoke and an average of 13,000 Scots die every year from tobacco-related illnesses, the ban is regarded as having brought the biggest change to everyday life for decades. In both countries, though, the expected decline in smoking has yet to happen.

International opposition to smoking continues to grow. Britain is supporting new proposals from the World Health Organisation at a meeting in Bangkok tomorrow. More than 140 countries that have already signed up to an international treaty on tobacco control will be asked to ban all smoking in public indoor places like the UK, as well as pressure people – particularly parents – not to smoke at home.

Smoking causes more than 100,000 deaths in the UK each year and costs the NHS about £1.7bn annually. In anticipation of a surge in smokers wanting to stop, £56m has been allocated for stop-smoking programmes this year. Meanwhile, the market for nicotine replacement therapy products is worth more than £100m, a 40 per cent increase since 2002, according to research analysts Mintel.

The Department of Health estimates that less than 10 per cent of England’s 10 million smokers will quit. But the latest statistics, for April to December 2006, show that the number of smokers that managed to quit actually fell by 10 per cent last year – 188,000 compared to 208,878 for the same period in 2005. Even so, the Government says that it is on track to reach its target of reducing smoking to 21 per cent of the population by 2010.

Despite all this, Chris Ogden, director of the Tobacco Manufacturers’ Association, remains confident his product will survive: “The predicted ‘meltdown’ in tobacco sales [in Scotland and Ireland] has not materialised,” he said. “Smokers adapt to the new rules and after an initial dip in consumption, sales volumes recover.”

NBC news: Chemtrails over California

NBC news: Chemtrails over California

You Tube | Jul 1, 2007

As far as I know, there are only three possible motives behind chemtrailing:

1. Biological/Chemical warfare on the American people

2. Weather modification (either to slow global warming or even to increase it for crisis-creation)

3. HAARP radio-wave experimentation: for atmospheric, geological or even for social engineering

I have yet to see much that is conclusive about this phenomena other than the increased levels of chemical and mineral compounds (such as aluminum and barium) in the soil and water. In addition, there have been reports of odd sticky subtances floating down from the sky which could be biologicals. The only thing for sure is that the government (which isn’t OUR government, but a tool of the globalist elite mafia, their henchmen in Con-gress and their whores in the media) isn’t about to tell us the truth and will continue to obfuscate and lie to us about this until they are brought down, locked up behind bars and constitutional government is reinstated. I pray from the depth of my soul that this can happen soon.