Order of the Eastern Star — I’m not worthy!

easternstarStill the rumors persist about the Eastern Stars being a secret society and even some extremists think they participate in occult practices. What I found was, as in any organization, there are certain things you learn after you join.



Gladwin County Record | Jul 31, 2007

by Rick Sigsby


Donna Bierlein and Sue Phenix with the Eastern Star Emblem

Some of you might remember the movie or Saturday Night Live skit called Wayne’s World back in the 1990’s. A classic line uttered from the participants, Garth and Wayne was “We’re not worthy. We’re not worthy.”

So whom might I check with to find out if I was worthy? Donna Bierlein, the current Worthy Matron and Susan Phenix, Past Matron of the Gladwin White Clover Chapter #84, Order of the Eastern Star, that’s who.

You also might recall that a month ago I did a column on the Gladwin Masonic Lodge #397 and what some people think is a ‘secret’ fraternity called the Masons. I soon discovered after that column came out there are people who think the Eastern Stars are also some kind of cult. As I found out with the Masons – wrong!

Actually, the Order of the Eastern Star is the largest fraternal organization in the world that both men and women can join. There are approximately 10,000 chapters with over 1 million members under the General Grand Chapter, which oversees the ‘Stars’ worldwide.

The Grand Chapter system oversees the local chapters and both Donna and Susan have served as state committee members. Susan has also served as an officer (the Grand Warder) at the state level. The White Clover Chapter #84, which as in the case of a Mason Lodge number, indicates in 1891 Gladwin established the 84th chapter in Michigan.

The Order of the Eastern Star was started in 1850 by a lawyer/educator named Robert Morris, a Freemason from Boston. The organization was created to give the entire family a social purpose with similar but separate association with the principles of the Masonic Temple.

For a man to belong to the Stars he must be a member in good standing with the Masons and a woman member must have a Masonic affiliation. I’d write out the list of ways to qualify but let’s just say there are 19 different ways to make that connection.

Still the rumors persist about the Eastern Stars being a secret society and even some extremists think they participate in occult practices. What I found was, as in any organization, there are certain things you learn after you join.

So my mission was to start my own “Mythbusters” investigation. Despite the fact that I probably could be bribed with several of the Stars great meat pasties, which they make as a fundraiser three times a year, I tried to be impartial. And the fact that they offered me an opportunity to read the entire Eastern Star Ritual Book right up front made me very suspicious.

These ladies were either “throw him off with kindness” crafty or not very secretive. Actually I discovered they were both.

ROR: Sometimes the Eastern Star is referred to as the female Masons. What exactly is the Order of the Eastern Star organization?

Susan: The Eastern Star is a charitable organization with both men and women. Both the Masons and Eastern Star are very family oriented and place an emphasis on family involvement.

Donna: Because the Masons are exclusively for men, the founder Robert Morris felt it was important to have an organization that included women. The ritual book has the five stories of the heroines of the bible, which are the fundamentals and principles of our organization.

ROR: Was it originally a women’s organization?

Susan: No, women have always been the leaders of the Eastern Star through the Worthy Grand Matron at the state level and local chapter’s Worthy Matron but men have been included from the beginning as long as they are Masons in good standing.

ROR: There are the five points in your organization symbol. Can you tell me the names, colors and symbols they represent?

Donna: The names of each point (heroine) are Adah, Ruth, Esther, Martha and Electa. Each one represents the beliefs that Eastern Star is based on.

Susan: They were each assigned a color to distinguish themselves and a symbol that represents their story. Adah the daughter, her symbol is the sword and veil: she was slain by the sword and she lifted her veil so her father could see her. Ruth the widow, a sheaf of wheat; she gathered food by gleaning the wheat. Esther the wife is a crown and sceptor; she was a queen and saved her people. Martha the sister is a broken column, which represents no one can be bigger than life. And Electa the mother is the cup; that represents charity and hospitality.

ROR: As in the Masons, there seems to be a feeling there are secrets in the Eastern Star. How do you answer the questions about the organization being secretive?

Donna: We do have words that can be used to identify a sister or brother within the organization, which you learn after you’ve joined but those really aren’t secrets.

Susan: You receive exclusive or privileged information that makes our organization special to belong to, as with any fraternal group.

ROR: Do you consider the Eastern Star a religious organization?

Donna: There are no religious restrictions other than believing in a supreme being. Personal beliefs can differ as in the Christians, Muslims or Jews but all are welcome.

ROR: How long has the Gladwin Easter Star chapter been chartered and why is it called the White Clover chapter?

Susan: We were chartered in 1891 as the 84th chapter in Michigan.

Donna: As far as our chapter being called White Clover, we don’t know why (laughing). I’ve researched and can’t find out why. There must have been a reason but we just don’t know what it was. And just to clarify one misunderstanding from your previous column on the Masons, your column implied the Masons purchased the Presbyterian Church in 1902. In fact, the Eastern Stars purchased the church. Also the Masons sit in the East and we stand in the East.

ROR: Well, I’m glad for the chance to set Off The Record straight. How many members did the Eastern Star chapter have in its peak years and what is the current membership?

Donna: We had real good attendance until the late 1990’s with the membership at 154. As of last October, the membership was 71.

ROR: The Beaverton Eastern Stars merged with the Coleman chapter quite a while ago. Why didn’t they join the White Clover chapter?

Donna: They merged with Coleman in the 1995-96 year.

Susan: The primary reason they went to Coleman was the time factor, getting it done in time. We were dark (not conducting meetings) in July and August and they wanted the transfer completed before October. Coleman at that time stayed open in the summer months.

ROR: What charities do the Eastern Stars support?

Susan: Locally we support the Special Olympics, Gladwin skate park, PTO, the Hospice duck race; we give scholarships to local students, the Heart and Diabetes associations, and the affiliate youth organizations like Rainbow Girls, Job’s Daughters and the Order of DeMolay.

Donna: We don’t turn down very many.

ROR: What do Stars do for fun?

Donna: We have a great time working together on various projects. You saw us yesterday making those meat pasties. We were managing to have fun while working.

ROR: That’s definitely one fundraiser I support and yes, you did seem to be having a good time and poking some fun at me. Let me ask you this. Do you think there is too much pageantry in your organization…because you do have several formal ceremonies?

Donna: I wouldn’t call it pageantry. The initiation ceremony is a part of telling the stories of our organization, which is very important.

Susan: We do wear formals for special occasions but are also very formal in our introductions during meetings, which is also a part of our traditions.

ROR: How long have you each been involved in the Eastern Star?

Donna: I’ve been involved for 25 years.

Susan: Since 1972, so I guess that would be 35 years…I’m a 3rd generation Eastern Star.

ROR: What is the one thing you want people to know about the Eastern Star?

Donna: As mentioned before, there is a lot of emphasis on giving back to the community. We don’t shout out about our accomplishments and contributions and so many of the things are behind the scenes. But we’re very proud of what we do.

ROR: And you should be. Thank you, ladies.


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  1. I knew a lady whose husband was a 32 degree Mason and she called the Eastern Star the “Twinkies club.” :)

  2. Hey,

    I am a DeMolay from New Jersey (which was mentioned briefly in this post). I must say I am couldn’t be happier when I see people from across the country that one-by-one are dispelling all these strange rumors about the the Masonic family as whole. Whether it is the Eastern Star, Freemasonry, or any other Masonic organizations.

    I enjoyed reading your entry and I encourage you to take a closer look at some of the other Masonic groups as well. Who knows, maybe you might become interested enough to participate?

  3. Can I ask, how old are you? Have you ever heard of Albert Pike? Have you read Morals and Dogma where he says the masonic leaders above 32 degrees deliberately deceive the lower initiates about the fact that masonry is a Luciferian mystery religion? Doesn’t that worry you a little bit? Doesn’t it bother you in the slightest that the eastern star is the same as the satanic pentagram?

  4. I always found it funny, pjwalker911 that Jesus and Lucifer are both referred to as the “Morning Star.” But you are right, Masons under 32 degrees are mostly good people kept in the dark about what’s really going on at the top. You should watch Riddles in Stone: The Secret Architecture of Washington, DC, if you haven’t yet. It talks a lot about some of these things and it’s pretty cool. :) http://dianarn.wordpress.com/2007/07/10/riddles-in-stone-the-secret-architecture-of-washington-dc/

  5. Does that documentary show the fact that the street plan is laid out in a kabbalistic “Tree of Life”? Lots of people know about the inverted pentagram, the compass and square and the owl, but few know about that. Can you see the Tree of Life here?




    DC is itself a magic talisman or “sigil” designed to focus power toward a specific goal, but I also believe the Illuminati intended to destroy it when they were done using it to get a New World Order.

  6. It is a sigil, but there’s no tree of life in it. This “sigil” has one purpose and it is to bring things in here but not let them go back. That is why the inverted pentagram is unfinished.

  7. I just read this article in an effort to learn more about the eastern star organization. My grandmother Grace Franks was a member, and my mother passed on her ring to me, which was stolen many years ago. I remember it had a veil, sword and a lamb on it and was on an onyx stone. It was beautiful. I have often wanted to have another done, but can’t remember it exactly enough. She was a member in Jamaica, New York. I still have her ritual book, but don’t know what to do from here. Can anyone help??

  8. Yes, I can help you.

    Take the book and use it to expose the evils of Freemasonry.

    Use your memory of the ring to expose what it symbolizes.

    The veil is the Veil of Isis-Meri, the Virgin-Mother. It is the Matrix system of total control over the human mind. The “unveiling of Isis” is involved in occult initiation. This is the veil of occultic secrecy that the Illuminati operate behind. Behind this veil is all the secret occult knowledge of the esoteric mystery religion that the elites have used to enslave humanity since ancient times. That is the purpose of initiation, to give you a glimpse into this knowledge, so that you are fascinated by it, feel special, superior and important and willing to serve the modern day pharoahs directly as so many traitors to the human race do.

    The lamb represents the sheople, the ignorant (ignorant because they are deliberately kept that way) masses who behave like sheep. It is also associated with the former Age of Aries and the socalled “Shepherd Kings”, the Hyksos Pharoahs of Egypt. Jesus was called “the Lamb of God” as was Horus. The lamb or the ram of Aries had to be crucified on the solar cross, sacrificed and destroyed to make way for the following 2,155 year Piscean Age at which point Christ became symbolized by the fish.

    The sword represents the might-makes-right mentality of the elite which allows them to conquer other peoples through force or whatever means necessary. It represents military power over the entire Earth. The sword is used to cut down anyone who challenges the dominion of the elite. It is used in masonic initiation rites and to confer knighthoods in their military masonic orders.

    Not that you shouldn’t know this information, but that you should’nt get it from membership in the cult. You should study it from the outside to expose the New World Order system in an effort to collapse it so that humanity can finally break its chains and be truly free.

    Their symbol is the inverted satanic pentagram. If, after knowing all this, you still approve of the Illuminati and their plan to enslave humanity, then by all means become a full fledged satanist if you feel so impelled. Nobody can stop you but you.

  9. Is it true that the 4 letter doesn’t recognize the 3letter? Is it really true that there is racism in this masonry? If you all are so benevolent then what is with the hatry?

  10. A Christian should not be part of this satanic cult. There are so many things about it that are sinful. The pentagram symbol should be reason enough to know that this is a cult.

    This link has good information about it. This link can also show you how to obtain salvation through Jesus Christ.

  11. I am a member of The Order of the Eastern Star and nothing that pjwalker911 and Jsmith has said is true. I can assure you that I am a Christian and Jesus Christ is my only savior and we DO NOT, in any way, worship satan. We do not have a separate god or a Masonic god or any other god other than the one and only God in the Bible. People should not discuss subjects of which they know nothing about. The Eastern Star, like the Freemasons, does a lot for our communities. In fact, many people are not aware that ALL Shriners are Freemasons. Yes, you read that right, ALL Shriners who support Shriners Hospitals for Children are first and foremost, Freemasons. You have to be a Master Mason in order to become a Shriner. So everytime you see a child that is crippled or burned being helped at a Shriners Hospital, ask yourself if a devil worshiper would be helping people? I don’t know why people want to talk bad about us or the Freemasons. If their child were crippled or burned, the Shriners would be the first ones there to help. Please, stop talking about something that you have no clue about. We are not a cult!

  12. Yeah, yeah yeah, that’s what they all say. Mafia gangs, Communists, Nazis, cults and other psychopathic groups have all done “charitable works” as well, but that don’t make them good. What it does is it gives them a veneer of respectability in the eyes of the gullible.

    In reality you are a brainwashed cult member with a cult-mentality.You and other masons may not be a bad people, but the system you support is evil. I want you to make an effort to educate yourself. Read Morals and Dogma by Albert Pike and after understanding that the true god of Freemasonry is Lucifer and that the role of the 32nd and 33rd degrees is to keep the lower degrees in the dark about this fact (until they can be trusted with this info), you might begin to wake up and reconsider your position.

    Look up P2 Freemasonry and Operation Gladio. Look up the Knights of Malta, another “Charitable Organization” with ties to everything nefarious in the world, whose members included much of the Nazi High Command who were later allowed to escape down the Knights of Malta’s “Ratlines” after the war.

    Another book you should look at is Codex Magica by Texe Marrs. Just look at all the nice pictures in there and tell me something ain’t rotten in Denmark.

    How someone can be involved with a group that uses the Satanic Baphomet symbol and still call herself a Christian is way beyond my comprehension. But each to his own, I guess.

  13. If only you knew…

  14. Its a good feeling to feel belonged in a family or a member. Even though my grandmother was a grand matrian(spell check) she named me after the fifth star and i would like to learn more about the eastern star ritual thanks.

  15. You know I am a Christian and am proud to be one and am about to be initiated you guys should be ashamed of yourselfs, reading one or two books by people that say they know something makes you more gullable than anyone. What happened to judge not lest ye be judged. How are you to know whos telling the truth if you yourself don’t take the time to read everything available and not just the stuff that you think suits your closeminded personality.

    Think about this, back in the 17 and 18 hundreds white people were claiming to be christian and preaching about releasing the children of Israel from slavery while at the same time had slaves of their own. People can be very ignorant if it is something that they don’t think should apply to them and if a person chooses to do something different which one is wrong and who gets to decide?

  16. OMG, I can not believe this, OES is not a cult it is a wonderful family filled with love, you must believe in god to a star and if you research more you would understand that everything we learn about it in the Great Book called a BIBLE,

  17. Electa,
    If you would like to know more you can research on the internet or you can email me I can connect you to the right people maryelectra127@yahoo.com

  18. great discussion; yet many of you have a lot of research ahead; that goes for the members and non-members. I can be reached by email.

  19. IP,

    What is the likelihood of a man being involved in Freemasonry (or another related organization) when his wife is an Eastern Star and his children were in Rainbow Girls? Is it high? If so, how high is that likelihood? And if he is not involved in Freemasonry, what is the chance that both he and his wife would be involved in Eastern Star?

    Keeping in mind that Eastern Star was:

    “…founded by Dr. Rob Morris, for the expressed purpose of offering support and affiliation to the wives, mothers, daughters, grandchildren, etc. of Free Masons. The organization is open to both male and female.”

    In other words, isn’t it highly unlikely that such a man has no affiliation whatsoever with either organization?

    Another question:

  20. pjwalker why are you such an angry person? why are you trying so hard to FORCE people to share your OPINION of what the Fraternity is about? You seem very bitter toward anything Masonic…what’s the reason? Did your wife run off with a Mason? Did you petition a lodge and not pass? What’s your story?

  21. No, I just hate evil scumbags like you and the Masonic New World Order that you are supporting, that’s all. Nothing personal.

    By the way, I have no power to “force” anyone to do anything. After all, that is the job of the Masonic government.

    I simply exercise my right to free speech and allow you to do the same. What harm is there in that?

  22. thoughts by me

    I agree with Anna, what has made you a conspiracy theorist? What happened in your younger days that you are so angry and feel the need to educate people? You told me that you believed in Jesus once, so what proved to you that it was “a waste of your precious time?”

    No, I don’t agree with the Masons and all those groups affiliated with them. I believe that our government is corrupt to the deepest core. I also believe that we as a country are going to fall before all is said and done. What I don’t get, is if you think this world is out to get us in this Masonic New World Order (which according to the Bible, we WILL go to a one world gov/currency that the AntiChrist will rule over for seven years), what do you believe will or WHO do you believe will protect you from it? Yourself? Do you have that much faith in your own human thinking? Do you consider yourself that highly esteemed to know better just because you read these articles and books you talk about? This is a spiritual war that we are facing, it has been since the beginning of time.
    You’re fighting a losing battle unless you are on God’s side. If you’re against evil, than what are you fighting against evil with???

    I mean, what will happen when you die one day? If you died tomorrow, what happens if you DO end up in hell? Wouldn’t you rather take a chance in hope and life everlasting than believe nothing at all. And believing in a “superior being” just doesn’t cut it. There’s more to it than that.

    What REAL purpose do you have in all this? When I read your responses, even your “about” page, sometimes I feel like you are busy trying to convince yourself more than your readers. Do you feel justified?

  23. My concern with this is why would Christians want to be apart of something that is so widely known for being a secret society, which the bible says to stay away from? Like pjwalker911 said it’s all a cover up. Of course in the beginning everything will seem ok and you’ll go on a journey to learn the craft or spiritual enlightment or whatever is said. The Holy Spirit is what should guide you, not an organization. This organizations root came from devil worshipers and only the top 1% of it does it openly in their rituals. You, being a part of it, means that you do as well. The signs and symbols are evil and of course there going to tell you something different because the people who tell you don’t truly know themselves. The role of higher degree masons is to keep the truth a secret until a person can be trusted with it. The truth being that the higher masons worship the devil and OES being affiliated with them do too. If it is a Christian organization, the why is one of the criteria for joining is having faith in a higher power, not faith in Jesus Christ the Son of God. How can anyone of any religion join? A Christian would not willfully join a Muslim group and so vice versa.
    Have any of you read books of people who have left the organization? I urge you to read this. http://www.conspiracyarchive.com/NWO/33rd_Initiation.htm This is an excerpt from a book of a man who received his letter to be a 33rd degree mason.

    You should fully research things before you join them. Especially if you are taking an oath because God tells us not to take oaths anyway. This not only goes for OES or Masons but to people who want to join Greek frats and sororities.

    Someone said that we are being closed minded but sometimes you have to be especially when it is concerning eternal life or damnation. I could say the same to you. Stop being closed minded about the organization. Just because you are in it does not make it right. Being too open minded gives the devil a play ground and gives him a chance to plant a seed that will surely grow if it is watered. I am not a conspiracy theorist. I am not an angry person but I say if you are calling yourself a Christian and a member of OES or a Mason, heed my warning you are opening a door that may soon devour you. You can not worship both God and the devil. The Bible states, that you are either hot or cold. God can not use luke warm people. I have friends that are OES members and they are good people but I am fearful for their future. I told them my concerns but God gave everyone free will. I can only pray that they will see the true light sooner rather than later.

  24. If you watched The Last Templar on NBC with Mira Sorvino, you will note that in the conclusion they stated that, well, though religion is a lie, the “people need it” supposedly to keep them happy (and dumbed down). They posed the false dichotomy between religion and atheism and Mira, the heroine, chooses to defend religion even though she isn’t exactly religious herself (very condescending as the elite are). This is because religion is a tool of the elite, just as much as atheism is. Discuss amongst yourselves.

  25. Melrose Rhyne

    I am looking for a skit that was done by the Eastern Stars of what they think a Masonic 3rd Degree is like. It was very funny but now we cannot locate the script.

  26. Thank you so much for explaining the TRUTH about the Mason’s and The Order of The Eastern Star. My Aunt (Mother’s sister) was Grand Worthy Matron and higher for a number of years in our local Morning Star Chapter and State Grand Chapter and is still very active in it into her 80’s. My family, on my Mother’s side, have been active in the Masons, Order of Odd Fellows, Amaranth, Eastern Star, you name the organization we’ve probably got a family member who has been in it at some point an held higher office. We aren’t wealthy people, we aren’t athiests/cult followers and there’s nothing evil about any of it. The fact is, and my experience with it is, that these are organizations who’s primary focus is PUBLIC SERVICE and WORKS of CHARITY. My granfather and great granfathers both were VERY active in their local government and left lasting positive impacts on everyone they came in contact with and their communities. Most of the people that I know who are members are decent, hard working, church going people. These organizations, while slowly dying out, are places that allow for freindship, fellowship and good works betterment of their fellow man and a way to BE the living embodiment of morals and the principles of good works. I think a lot of these organizations served needs that existed for that sense of belonging, fellowship and community that existed int eh age PRIOR to computers, TV and the internet. Today we can go online and join a forum, post on a blog for our sense of community than it is to take the time out of our busy lives to attend a meeting and then physically go out into the community and to do the works, IMHO. THe whole dynamics of family and community have drastically changed in the last 30 – 50 years and organizations such as these with their symbolism, rituals and fellowship are falling by the wayside and I think it’s sad in a way. But would I for one moment think any of my family members of a cult NO WAY.

  27. Yes, well cult members never believe they are members of a cult now do they?

  28. All of the negative posts just enforce the fact that people are afraid of what they do not know. How can you condemn what you really have no first hand knowledge of?

  29. Inside the Truth

    I’ve learned much reading here today. I have often wondered why some people confess boldly to be a Christian and boldly disrespect God. I understand many see God as a symbol, and not the true authentic God. Now I understand a little bit better.

  30. "Family" Members 'O Mine

    Some of my close relatives who’d never surrendered themselves to Our Lord, but, rather, went to church all their lives and tried pulling it off to unknowing people that they were Christians, joined up to the masons & order of the eastern star.

    Their self-deception, self righteousness, and all that goes with it, worsened, ten fold, after joining these cults, each being more proud of sporting their delusional supremacy than ever before.

    “Ye shall know them by the fruits they bear.”

    Satan is the master of deception, but people who claim to be Christians sure aren’t any good at it.

  31. I too am looking for a skit that was done by the Eastern Stars of what they think a Masonic 3rd Degree is like. If anyone can help, I would be eternally grateful.

  32. I am proud to say that I am a member of the Order of Eastern Star and am thankful everyday that my husband and I joined. The wonderful friends that I have made and the growth I have experienced as a person has changed my life for the better. I have never met a better, more caring group of people. We sent a couple dozen care packages to our troops last year, took Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas presents to family’s in our communitte last year. We have a Christmas party every year where Santa brings the kids toys. Don’t tell me pjwalker911 you think Santa is the devil too, right?

    I have enjoyed every minute of being a member and as a Christian I have greatly enjoyed the stories from the bible which are part of our initation. We are not a Christian organisation, but the order does encourage you to look more deeply into your believes and think about that connection. I believe that my faith in God and my believe in Jesus Christ has been strengthen and reaffirmed but the love, support, and friendship I have found in the order.

    If you do not have an organization in which you feel like such a part of something I feel for you. I am now part of something that does good for the communittee and the rest of the world. I honestly believe the saying the Masons have. “We take good men and make them better.” I have to say the same for Eastern Star. I have always been a good person, but I feel I am a better person now.

    As we like to say, we are not a secret society, but we are a society with secrets. If we were a secret society you wouldn’t see vehicles with our emblems, we wouldn’t wear our rings or other jewelry. We do have some secret phrases and such to help identify each other, but other than that nothing about us is secret.

    If you want to know more about us find a lodge close to you and come eat dinner with us. We are always happy to have guests! One thing about Eastern Star is we know how to eat. OES stands for Order of the Eastern Star, but has been said to also stand for Over-Eating Sisters. :)

  33. Why is it that the people of this cult, oops! I mean group can do all this investigation into the group that they join and believe it , but when believers who have lived in Christ and has a real relationship with the things of God and His people and have a knowledgeable understanding of the word of God, knowing what God says ABOUT THESE TPYE OF THINGS thus them doing the investigation of the deep dark side of the clan that we speak of and there is no possible way you should believe it. I don’t know about you but I trust and believe my Lord and Savior and He said their will be no other God but me. We all will have to call on the name of our Lord God and confess He is Lord & Savior as well as answer for our deeds and doings, but back to the point; why is it that our investigations must be unconciderable while yours is said to be IT! Truth speaks and when it does all the guilty wants is SILENCE!

  34. For those of you who wish to learn about the Order of the Eastern Star, I would suggest you get a copy of the Ritual (ebay usually has a few copies) and read it. The only thing that is not mentioned about the orgination is the shhhhhh “secret words”. These are of no real secrets any more than the girl scout handshake is secret. I have belonged to OES in two states and fundamentally there is no difference. In NJ, we only wore floor length white dresses to Chapter. In CA any long dress is acceptable. On special or formal nights we wear fancy long dresses, and men wear tuxedos. In CA, we have 18 officers and in NJ, they have another number. CA has an Associate Patron, while I don’t believe NJ does. So things are not totally the same in any Chapter or state, but they follow the same teachings and love of God. The Matron and Patron are in the front (East) of the room, while the Associate Matron and Patron are in the back (West). The Worthy Matron is basically the President of the Chapter. With the help of her Patron and secretary, she is in charge of the Chapter and its functions for a year. The Assoiate Matron helps the Matron whenever needed, and basically acts as the Vice President. Meetings are held in ritual form. We walk in the same way each time. The Worthy Matron asks pre-formatted questions of the officers and the officers answer. (These are taken directly from the Ritual which I mentioned is available to the public). I am from a family of Masons and Eastern Star ladies. My dad was a PA Mason and at the time he was unable to join OES because PA didn’t allow Masons to join OES. Because I’m not male, I can’t tell you much about Masonry, but I do know that my husband and father is/was a great and honorable man. Before joining the Masons, my husband was definitely different than he is since embrasing their principles. As far as all the hoopla I hear about the Pentagram, get over it. We are not a cult simply because of the shape of our symbol. Catholics and Protestants are not considered a cult because they have the cross as a symbol. If OES and Masonry decided to use the shape of a clover leaf, would everyone than say that they are all Irish? And if the Irish then decided to use the pentagram, would we then say that all Irish are Satinists? Please. If the Star used the pentagram and the satinist stole it from them, would your thinking be the same? The biggest drawback to OES is that if you have no control over your eating, you could find yourself in a new, larger, size dress. Some of my friends call OES, the Order of the Eating Sisters. It is on a rare occasion that one goes to a meeting and isn’t offered an array of food afterward. My Chapter puts on a dinner every month. It consists of Meat, veggies, rolls and butter, salad, dessert and tea, iced tea and coffee. The cost for these dinners is $7.00 and of course no tipping because the Rainbow Girls serve and OES sets and clears the table. These are good dinners. This month (March) is corned beef and cabbage. In February we have “Sweetheart’s dinner” which consists of Shrimp Cocktail appetiser, prime rib, potatoes, veggies, and of course rolls, butter, salad, and beverages. This is also our “Widows dinner” where we honor the widows of Masons. Usually they receive a rose as well. I am a dual member and this is the policy of one of my Chapters. The other has different fun and fund raisers. I forget who mentioned they wanted info on OES because they wanted to join. Hope this helped some. The Grand Chapter of your state (Google: Grand Chapter OES then your state name) can send you pamplets and other info. These, of course are general knowledge. Call your local OES Chapter and speak to the secretary. She is probably the one who knows most about your local Chapter. I am a Past Matron and compared to my secretary, I know nothing. She is the greatest. Also, if you fill out a petition (application for membership), you will have a personal interview with three people from the Chapter you are applying to. You can ask them any questions and they should have the answers or tell you where to get them. They interviewers are just random people selectedd by the Worthy Matron, so some may be old-timers and know much, but some may be newer members and still learning themselves. I remember the first interview I did, I was so scared of messing up that if the candidate had asked my anything, even as simple as the night the meetings were on, I probably would have stuttered my way through. Oh, btw, different Chapters, different amounts and times of meeting. We meet every first and third Friday at 7:30pm. Some in our district only meet one evening per month, and in some places they have daytime Chapters. I was out of state the other year while my husband was attending a training class for work. He of course was gone during the day and around at night. I found a daytime Chapter and was able to attend instead of sitting in the hotel all day. Then I found one that we both could attend in the evening. It was fun meeting new people and watching the different customs. I wish you all a great day.

  35. Hi, I just read the post above my last post. Tolbert, I didn’t understand your question/statement. “when believers who have lived in Christ and has a real relationship with the things of God and His people and have a knowledgeable understanding of the word of God, knowing what God says ABOUT THESE TPYE OF THINGS thus them doing the investigation of the deep dark side of the clan that we speak of and there is no possible way you should believe it.” I am a Christian and have been all my life and I don’t have a conflict with Christ’s teachings and joining a fraternity. I am not worshiping another god, nor a I putting another god before Christ and God. OES is not a religious organization. It is a fraternity of men and women who work actively to support charitable organizations. Are prayers said in our meetings? Yes, but they are or were while I was growing up, said in school at the beginning of the day. This did not make my school a religion. At Girl Scouts, we said grace before partaking of our snacks. This does not make Girl Scouts a religion or suggest that I have put other gods before God. Rainbow Girl sign, “Onward Christian Soldiers” as the enter the Assembly room. It is a great song to walk/march to. We rise when a prayer is said and when the American Flag goes by. Can’t say that about the public at large any more. We have a memorial service for those who have passed. We share shoulders to cry on, and help support each other in times of need. We share joy when there is good news. A child or grandchild graduates for example, or great aunt Susie is released from the hospital cancer free. OES is just a bunch of friends who get together and support each other and have fun together. We are NOT a religion. We must believe in a Supreme being who rules the universe for GOOD. No one says that I must believe in their God. I must believe in A God and the God I choose to believe in is the God who created heaven and earth, and gave His only begotten Son, Jesus as MY Saviour. I have my mother’s OES Family sized bible. It is the New King James Version. Not sure what is available today, but that is the version I have always used, so it fits right in with my normal sized bible. If I choose to be Baptist, Presbeterian, Lutheran, Catholic, the Chapter doesn’t care. I would bet that most of my Chapter doesn’t even know what church I go to. I still say my prayers at night and offer blessing to on-line friends who need help. No one can take that from me. Whether I am standing in the lodge room, or lying in my bed at home, when I say, “My father,” God hears and knows I am speaking to him, not some other entity. I know to whom I speaking and I’m sure the omniscient God will have no trouble figuring it out. These are my fews as an Eastern Star Member. As stated in my earlier post, I’m not a Mason, thus have no first-hand knowledge of their beliefs and practices. I wish everyone a blessed day.

  36. PAST MATRON 3x over

    From one PM to another. THANK you very much.

  37. I just joined general chapter
    I’m wondering just curious what procedures would get a star into state chapter??
    Grand chapter?

  38. Only a freaking conformist idiot would want to join an organisation with an inverted [Satanic] pentacle as its logo. Muppets.

  39. raven skywalker

    I was one of the youngest members ever initiated into the Order of the Eastern Star in Menlo Park CA in 2004, and in 2008-2009 I was harassed and forced to leave the state of california to ensure my personal safety. My freemasonic family I have no spoken to in over 7 years now as a direct result. I didn’t realize I was getting involved with Luciferian worship and that my social standing/rank in society could be swept away if i failed to adhere to the rules and codes required of freemasons. I was ritualistically abused by my freemasonic family as well as molested by a freemason at age 8. I DO NOT SUPPORT FREEMASONS, they are liars and master manipulators. I regret being born to freemasons, but I am thankful and grateful that my soul is free from suck sick and twisted thinking and philosophies. My children will never suffer as i did. They will never know the horrors that reside in freemasonic societies.

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