Italians still seek truth about Masonic terror bombing 27 years ago

ordo_ab_chaoThe Bologna station massacre is believed to have been the joint work of neofascists, members of the secret services and the subversive right-wing Propaganda-Due Masonic lodge, which was outlawed in 1982, according to the reports.

Italy commemorates 1980 Bologna train station bombing

Catholic World News | Aug 3, 2007

Italians marched Thursday in Bologna, a city in north-central Italy, to commemorate the victims of the 1980 bombing in its train station which left 85 people dead and some 200 injured, local media reported.

Relatives of the victims took part in the march from the central Piazza Nettuno to the station where Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi made an unannounced appearance.

Prodi, who is a native of Bologna, said in a brief speech that the massacre was carried out by terrorists “who tried to destroy democracy in this nation and who were defeated on moral, cultural and political levels.”

In a message to Bologna Mayor Sergio Cofferati, House Speaker Fausto Bertinotti stressed the need to uncover the full truth behind the station bombing because “a nation which cannot look back at its past with a full understanding cannot plan for its future,” said the reports.

The Bologna station massacre is believed to have been the joint work of neofascists, members of the secret services and the subversive right-wing Propaganda-Due Masonic lodge, which was outlawed in 1982, according to the reports.



Italy remembers 1980 Bologna train station massacre
In November 1995, the Supreme Court upheld life sentences for two neofascist terrorists, Valerio Fioravanti, a former TV child star, and Francesca Mambro, who were convicted of planting the bomb. Also upheld were lengthy jail terms for the head of the P-2 lodge, Licio Gelli, rogue operatives in the military intelligence service Sismi, and middleman Francesco Pazienza for working to sidetrack investigations into the massacre.

Italy commemorates 1980 Bologna station bombing
It was later found to be the joint work of neofascists, members of the secret services and the subversive right-wing Propaganda- Due(P-2) masonic lodge.

Bologna massacre
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The Bologna massacre (Italian: Strage di Bologna) was a terrorist bombing at the Central Station of Bologna, Italy on the morning of August 2, 1980, which killed 85 people and wounded more than 200. The far-right terrorist organization Ordine Nuovo has been accused of it, while two SISMI (Italian secret service) agents and the headmaster of P2 masonic lodge, Licio Gelli, were convicted for ‘investigation diversion’ (or ‘perverting the course of justice’ in English law).

Emblem of “Gladio”, Italian branch of the NATO “stay-behind” paramilitary organizations. The motto means “Silently, I serve freedom”.

Operation Gladio
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In November 1995, Neo-Fascists terrorists Valerio Fioravanti and Francesca Mambro, members of the Nuclei Armati Revoluzionari (NAR), were convicted to life imprisonment as executors of the 1980 Bologna massacre. The NAR neofascist group worked in cooperation with the Banda della Magliana, a Mafia-linked gang which took over Rome’s underground in the 1970s and was involved in various political events of the strategy of tension, including the Aldo Moro case, the 1979 assassination of Mino Pecorelli, a journalist who published articles alleging links between Prime minister Giulio Andreotti and the mafia, as well as the assassination of “God’s Banker” Roberto Calvi in 1982. The investigations concerning the Bologna bombing proved Gladio’s direct influence: Licio Gelli, P2’s headmaster, received a sentence for investigation diversion, as well as Francesco Pazienza and SISMI officers Pietro Musumeci and Giuseppe Belmonte.

The Strategy of Tension in Italy
P-2 recruited from the “elite” of Italian society. It included within its ranks one hundred and ninety five military officers, two serving Ministers, three ex-Ministers, one Party Secretary, sixteen Magistrates, four hundred and twenty two State officials, thirty six M.P.s as well as Secret Service heads and various bankers and capitalists (4). Magistrates investigating the Bologna bombing found that P-2 directed much of the fascist violence and associated cover-ups and distortion. Gelli was P-2’s ‘venerable master’ (that’s leader to us mere mortals) and in 1986 he stood trial for his part in the 1980 Bologna bombing and was acquitted but found guilty of perjury. On the fourth of August 1974 a train bombing near Bologna killed twelve and injured forty-eight.

Operation Gladio, Clockwork Orange, and P2
Explosives from “Gladio” caches and “Gladio” members were implicated in a wave of terrorist attacks, including the 1980 Bologna’s train station bombing that killed 85 people. Many Italians believe that deep in the shadows behind the official government in Rome operates what is known as the “secret government,” a Dantesque cabal of industrialists and bankers, Mafia, the Vatican, assorted security services, “Gladio,” Freemasons and who knows who else.

Gladio: The Sequel
Now, do you know of Italy’s “Strategy of Tension”? It was a campaign of false-flag terror in the late 1970s, waged by outright fascists who enjoyed the patronage of the CIA, the Mafia and far right elements of the Italian State. These were the Gladio Brigades and Licio Gelli’s P2 Lodge, and they intended to discredit the increasingly popular Communist Party, and to ensure it would not take power, by staging terrorist acts in the name of the Left. Their campaign culminated in the Bologna train station bombing of 1980.

Propaganda Due
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Propaganda Due or P2 was an irregular or “black” Masonic lodge that operated in Italy from 1877-1981, headed in its final decades by Licio Gelli. P2 was implicated in numerous Italian crimes and mysteries, including the nationwide bribe scandal Tangentopoli, the collapse of the Vatican-affiliated Banco Ambrosiano, and the murders of journalist Mino Pecorelli, Prime Minister Aldo Moro, and banker Roberto Calvi. P2 came to light through the Banco Ambrosiano scandal. P2 was also involved in Gladio’s strategy of tension (Gladio being the name of Italy’s secret “stay-behind” North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) paramilitary organization).


6 responses to “Italians still seek truth about Masonic terror bombing 27 years ago

  1. They just need to burn every lodge down to the ground. We need to just get rid of freemasonry all together. When are people going to say they have had enough and burn every masonic lambskin apron.

  2. A very important point to remember is that involved in the Strategy of Tension was Michael Ledeen, current “leader” of the neon-conservatives.

    Ledeen had been in Italy in the late 1970s, when he consulted for Italian military intelligence, and cultivated strong connections to the right-wing in Italy, including to the notorious P2 Masonic Lodge. When P2 had come under increasing scrutiny in 1979, grandmaster Licio Gelli had reportedly made his base of operations the Montecarlo Comite. Reported members of the Montecarlo Comite were Gelli, Henry Kissinger, Alexander Haig, former Supreme Commander of NATO, and Michael Ledeen.

    According to Jim Lobe, Ledeen then returned to Washington in 1981 as “anti-terrorism” advisor to Haig, now new secretary of state. Over the next several years, Ledeen used his position as consultant to Haig, the Pentagon and the National Security Council under Ronald Reagan, to boost the notion of a global terrorist conspiracy based in the Kremlin, whose KGB pulled the strings of all of the world’s key terrorist groups, especially in the Middle East.

    Ledeen was a major figure in the Iran-Contra Affair, which was designed to fund the “Mujahideen” of Afghanistan through an illicit drug trade. As a consultant of National Security Adviser Robert C. McFarlane, Ledeen vouched for Iranian intermediary Manucher Ghorbanifar, and met with Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres, and officials of the Israeli Foreign Ministry and the CIA to arrange meetings with high-ranking Iranian officials and the much-criticized weapons-for-hostages deal with Iran, that would become known as the Iran-Contra scandal.

    Ledeen had, along with Arnaud de Borchgrave, in The New Republic, “exposed” some details of Billy Carter’s dealings with the Muammar Gaddafi regime in Libya, which deligitimized his brother’s presidency. Ledeen seems to be again involved in the fabrication of evidence, this time in the instance of the forged documents “uncovered” by Italian intelligence. These depicted an attempt by Iraq’s Saddam Hussein regime to purchase yellowcake uranium from Niger, which formed the basis of President Bush’s support for the invasion of Iraq, and which subsequently unraveled into the “Plamegate” scandal.

    In Ledeen’s own words, on a leadership trait he admires, from his book Universal Fascism:

    “In order to achieve the most noble accomplishments, the leader may have to ‘enter into evil.’ This is the chilling insight that has made Machiavelli so feared, admired and challenging… we are rotten…. It’s true that we can achieve greatness if, and only if, we are properly led.”

  3. Wow! Yup these is devils weez talkin bout.

  4. I also heard Delta Force inductees have to read Machiavelli’s The Prince which figures.

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  6. “Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities”.


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