Police believe Madeleine McCann murdered at home, not kidnapped

“It is confirmed that there were vestiges of blood found in the apartment occupied by the McCanns,” Diario de Noticias cited unnamed police sources as saying.

Diario de Noticas, a tabloid newspaper, claimed yesterday that police were “definite” that it was not a kidnap and that Madeleine died in her room.

Reuters | Aug 8, 2007

madelinePortuguese police have found traces of blood on the wall of the apartment where four-year-old British girl Madeleine McCann went missing and now fear she might have been murdered, a local newspaper reported.

Police seem increasingly convinced that Madeleine was murdered the night she disappeared three months ago and no longer think she was kidnapped, the Diario de Noticias daily cited sources close to the investigation as saying.

However, it was not clear whether the blood belonged to Madeleine as tests have not yet been completed and the newspaper did not say how police had come to the conclusion that the child was murdered.

A police spokesman declined to comment on the report.

“Portuguese police have known for a month that Madeleine McCann was killed that night (May 3) at the apartment in the Praia da Luz resort, having definitely rejected the chance that she may have been kidnapped,” the newspaper said.

“It is confirmed that there were vestiges of blood found in the apartment occupied by the McCanns,” Diario de Noticias cited unnamed police sources as saying.

Madeleine went missing from the Praia da Luz resort in the Algarve tourist region on May 3, just yards from where her parents were dining.

Briton Robert Murat, 33, has been identified by police as the main suspect in the investigation and his property has twice been searched.

The daily also said police had identified a second suspect – a 40-year-old white man – and were also investigating some friends of the McCann family who were staying at the resort when the girl went missing.

Madeleine’s parents, Kate and Gerry McCann, have campaigned relentlessly to draw attention to her disappearance. British business tycoons and celebrities ranging from Harry Potter author J K. Rowling to soccer stars have contributed to a reward for her return.

There have been a number of possible sightings of Madeleine – from Morocco to Argentina – since she went missing but police have come up with no concrete results.

Last week Belgian authorities said they were conducting DNA tests on a bottle and a straw after another possible sighting of the missing girl.


Madeleine and the missing hour: how often did the McCanns check on their children?
Her twin brother and sister, Sean and Amelie, two, lay in cots either side of her. They had been tucked up at 7pm. Half an hour later the McCanns had joined their friends for dinner at the tapas bar. What happened next has mystified the world. At 10pm Kate McCann got up from the table to check on her children. She slipped in through the patio windows to find the twins safely asleep – and her daughter’s bed empty. In tears and calling out Madeleine’s name, she ran back to her friends to tell them: “They’ve taken her, they’ve taken her.” Madeleine has not been seen in the 100 days since May 3. Last night Portuguese police said they were concentrating on what they call the “missing hour” before Mrs McCann found her daughter gone. They say it is possible that she was kidnapped after her father last checked her at 9.05pm and her mother’s terrible discovery.

Why did they leave Madeleine alone?
The McCanns have faced questions – in Britain and abroad – over why they left Madeleine and her two-year-old twin siblings unsupervised in their room while they went to a restaurant inside their hotel complex.

Madeleine McCann’s parents deny suspicions
Diario de Noticas, a tabloid newspaper, claimed yesterday that police were “definite” that it was not a kidnap and that Madeleine died in her room.

Madeleine McCann parents admit police questioning
In a joint interview with Portuguese television channel TVI, Gerry and Kate McCann confirmed police were including them in their investigations. Portuguese media reported last week that police are working on the theory that Madeleine may have died in an accident or was murdered, after sniffer dogs found traces of blood on a wall in the room from where she vanished on May 3.

Madeleine may be dead, Portuguese police finally admit
Last week one newspaper reported the possibility that Madeleine had been murdered and claimed that people in Praia da Luz were referring to them as “these bloody McCanns” and wanted them to go home. The Daily Mail also showed a hardening in its attitude with the headline: “So how often DID they check on their children?”

‘They’ Say The Parents Killed Madeleine McCann
Facts on the disappearance of Madeleine McCann don’t stack up to much. The news of blood on the McCanns’ walls is open to much interpretation. The Mirror considers the evidence. It says Madeleine may have died in the family holiday apartment. “Killers are often those closest to home, they say,” writes Julie McCaffrey, who repeats what “they say” for we readers to dismiss. “This shows the McCanns in a new light, they snipe. No smoke without fire…”

Murat lawyer’s attack on ‘strange’ behaviour of McCanns
The lawyer of Madeleine McCann suspect Robert Murat today launched an astonishing attack on the missing girl’s parents. Francisco Pagarete accused Kate and Gerry McCann of “strange” behaviour for leaving the three-year-old alone in their holiday apartment. He also claimed that locals in Praia da Luz now just wanted “these bloody McCanns” to leave Portugal and return to Britain.

Madeleine’s parents forced to take twins out of creche to avoid ‘upsetting’ holidaymakers
The parents of Madeleine McCann have been forced to stop taking their two-year-old twins to a local creche to avoid ‘upsetting’ other holidaymakers, they revealed today. The anguished parents of missing Madeleine were dealt this latest blow after it was revealed that locals call them “those bloody McCanns.”

McCanns’ anger at ‘Madeleine is dead’ police claims
Parents face more lurid claims on 100th day since she vanished

Madeleine’s favourite ‘Cuddle Cat’ toy was ‘placed out of her reach’
According to a report in the Sunday Mirror, Kate McCann knew instantly that Madeleine had been abducted when she saw that the toy had been moved from her sleeping daughter’s arms and placed on a ledge way beyond the four-year-old’s reach.

Does it make sense for a kidnapper, who is in a hurry, to take the time to grab a toy and carefully place it on a ledge as Kate McCann suggests?


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  2. If Madeleine was murdered in the apartment, you have to look at who had the greatest opportunity. Would a kidnapper or pedophile kill her and stick around for two hours with her body before taking it? No. So that leaves the parents or their friends. Since we already know the McCanns have lied and lied and lied again about the distance between the apartment and the bar and when the children were checked on, it stands to reason that maybe they had something to do with Madeleine’s accidental death and the kidnap scenario was an ill-advised plot to cover it up.

  3. The whole thing is just as implausible as the Jonbenet case. Same deal. Parents take everyone on a wild goose chase when they should be the prime suspects. Who would leave their little tots alone even if it was “only” 100 meters away? Highly unlikely for astute educated people. And if they were in within eyeshot, why didn’t they see what was happening? And if they did see what was happening, why didn’t they do anything to save their kids? I mean, the cops should have seen through it from the very beginning, but now they are getting wise it seems to me.

  4. It would be embarrassing for a group of doctors to admit that child for whom they were caring had died in an accident. Imagine the impact on their careers in the caring profession.

  5. We really that Madeline Mccann is found, we really hope that she is still alive. I’m really sorry for Kate and Gerry, about their child. Kate and Gerry are really lucky to have a child like Madeline Mccann. We send all our wishes to the parents and family of Madeline Mccann.
    Think positive, that she is not dead even though theres traces of blood on the walls. If it was one of our child. We would be terrified, but we think you both are really brave! All good luck on searching. We hope you appreciate my comments. From FIND MADELINE MCCANN GANG!!!

  6. “The whole thing is just as implausible as the Jonbenet case. Same deal. Parents take everyone on a wild goose chase when they should be the prime suspects.”

    Actually, in the Jon Benet case the parents should never have been the prime suspects. Jon Benet’s killing was a sadistic sex murder and the prime suspect should always have been someone with a history of such crimes. It’s now generally acknowledged by investigators that the parents had nothing to do with it. Too late for her mother, though.

    Harder to tell in the Madeleine case since there’s no body.

  7. Well, the fact is Jonbenet’s parents WERE treated as prime suspects from day one, yet were able to avoid police interviews for weeks and months because of John Ramsey’s power, wealth and influence in government circles. This infuriated investigators along with the bizarre and suspicious ransom note that never led to anyone BECAUSE IT WAS A FAKE! written on their own stationary demanding an amount of money that was equal to a recent bonus received by John Ramsey that only he and his wife would know about. I mean, what more do you need? There was no “foreign faction” because this was a sexual murder. The Ramseys did not cooperate with the investigation in it’s early phase and this brought even more public suspicion on them which they deserved. To this day, there has never been another credible suspect nor any proof that the murderer came in from outside the home.

    And now, all eyes in Portugal are on the parents of Madeleine: the police, the media, the courts and the public all suspect them. This does not mean that they did it, but that their story is shaky and hard to believe, which means there could be another scenario played out the night Maddy went “missing”. Which means there could have been another person with them at the time.

    There is no proof in this case, but the situation is similar to the JonBenet case. A child sex ring party gone wrong? A ritual murder? Those are very good possibilities. In any case, a pedophile got ahold of her. That is a foregone conclusion that few would dispute. But pedophiles are actual people with jobs, friends and contacts. They are very often “pillars of society” as was the case with the school administrator recently arrested in England for pimping out two 12 yr olds. Such people have friendships with all kinds of people, including doctors, politicians and priests.

    The police in Portugal are convinced that she died in her bed and was not kidnapped. That would mean the parents are lying to cover something up. That would mean she was murdered most likely by a pedophile who they might have invited in. This does not mean the parents actually committed the murder, but that possibly a friend did it and they need to cover it up so their own involvement is never revealed. Did they leave their daughter with someone and lie about it? Did they fabricate the story saying they just went off to dinner and came back finding her missing? Most likely this story is fabricated, because people are having trouble believing that two educated doctors would go off and leave a 3 yr old and two 2 yr olds alone in their apartment while they went off to have dinner. Whether you like it or not, this is what people are thinking. The whole thing is the big mystery with no answers and people are not buying the official story.

    Sadly, this won’t be the first time something like has happened and it won’t be the last.


    JonBenét Ramsey

    JonBenet Ramsey Murder: Satanic Ritual Sacrifice

    Evidence of Pedophiles in High Places Blocked in Investigation into the Murder of JonBenet

    Mexican Journalist Risks Life to Expose Elite Pedophile Rings

    Ties Between Elites and Child Sex Rings “Beyond Imagination”

    Pope ‘led cover-up of child abuse by priests’

    Portugal awakens to horror of abuse
    Portugal is in the grip of a paedophile scandal involving state-run orphanages, politicians, and TV stars.

    Belgium Pedophilia Scandal /Did Authorities Cover Up Its Scope?: Book Revives Fear of Grand Conspiracy

    Belgium’s X-Files
    The case of abduction and murder against Belgium’s infamous paedophile Marc Dutroux remains unresolved. He has not been brought to book for these heinous crimes. There appears to be a steel veil drawn over the facts at the highest level and no one is prepared to expose those involved in this blatant cover-up.


    The Pedophocracy, Part I:
    From our comfortable seat in life . we never could have imagined that thousands of well-off adults, integrated and even cultured, find pleasure in seeing children tortured and killed.

    Political Elite Sex rings

  8. ruth anderson

    this is easy

  9. ruth anderson


  10. I’m shocked by Ruth’s comments. I’ve also reviewed my own earlier in this discussion. I doubt that Madeleine died in the care of her parents and friends. I think he was abducted by a stranger. I hope that she’s alive and is returned to Kate and Gerry McCann soon. Their family has suffered agony because of a mistake they made. I don’t even know if it was a mistake. Surely, sitting a few yards from where your children are sleeping is not a crime. This couple were just downright unlucky. Sympathize rather than condemn them.

  11. From the very start of this case, I found it odd that the parents were not considered suspects, (wealth and powerful connections can certainly buy alot!) and at the VERY least charged with neglect of their children.

    No one in their right mind..I don’t care what culture you live in… leaves three toddlers unsupervised for hours at a time whether they think they’re in a “safe family resort” for the more obvious reasons. Obvious reason #1: What if the child woke up and climbed up on something and fell…#2. swallowed a dangerous substance like perfume or cleaner, #3. or had a nightmare for that matter! Most of us don’t fear predator abduction on a daily basis, but most of us aren’t so selfish as to leave our babies alone and go out drinking and dining with friends.

    According to the last article the parents left at 7pm and the father went to check them at 9pm and then the mother discovered the child “missing” at 10pm.

    So that leaves one hour for the person who committed the crime to not only harm/murder the little girl, but to attempt to clean the blood off the wall with a cleaner in the bathroom???? Why would a predator bother to do that?

    The parents should be the prime suspects. One, if not both of them are lying. I do not believe they are innocent and I didn’t from the first day.

  12. When I take my children to their pediatrician, she always gives us a list of safety rules. Of course, rule #1 is never leave young children unattended.

    That’s why most of us can’t fathom how the McCanns could be doctors and leave their babies and preschooler alone. It’s just not done. How could they possibly expect to return to the UK and still be respected in the medical profession?

    I definitely believe the children were sedated — maybe it has something to do with the neighbor above who kept hearing Madeleine crying for her Daddy the night before. Maybe someone tried to keep her quiet by giving her medication. Either something went wrong with that — or an opportunist took advantage of her.

    It’s just all very sad. I wonder if Kate is even aware of what really happened. She might be as in the dark as the rest of us are. I look at her, and I want desperately to believe she’s honest, because she’s a mom who loves her children.


    1. A witness (the widow upstairs) told police that she heard Madeleine crying and “screaming” constantly UNATTENDED from 10.30pm to 11.45pm WHILE THE PARENTS WERE OUT for the evening, two nights before. That is together with two other toddlers who apparently were not crying. This is two nights BEFORE the night they left her alone for three hours, during which Madeleine was allegedly abducted.

    2. Sniffer dogs caught the scent of a decaying corpse in the apartment. Self-explanatory, and explains why police believe she was killed in the apartment.

    3. Police say they have reason to suspect that at least the twin toddlers were drugged on the night of Maddie’s disppearance since they slept soundly through the alleged abduction, throughout all the commotion afterwards and even after they were carried out in a limp condition.

    4. Kate McCann claims that Maddie’s cat toy was “taken” from under her arms and placed carefully on a ledge nearby. Why would an abductor take the time to do this? It is a questionable action that makes little sense.

    5. This has become the most hyped-up sensationalized child-abduction story in recent history, maybe since the Lindbergh kidnapping. It has dominated headlines for a full three months and there is no sign of it abating. There are thousands of “Find Maddie” cult supporters who can only see angel-wings on her parents and could never imagine them ever doing anything wrong. They say they BELIEVE, so they are believers and not thinkers. The McCanns even made a dramatic much-publicized visit with the Pope flying in on their billionaire friend Peter Greens Gulfstream jet, returning home “in time to tuck in the twins” the very same day. More hype that had nothing to do with finding Maddie.

    In addition, this tragedy has been exploited by the pushers of microchip implants, to “keep the children safe”. My god, look at how these parents left their small children alone on two nights that we know about. How often did they do this? Nobody knows but them so far. But how is a microchip implant going to keep such children “safe”?

    Is the official story true? Only time will tell. In any case, the police and the thinking public have the perfect right to question it.


  14. I feel really sorry for Both Maddie and her parents. Maddie can be anywhere. Maybe in a peaceful house with loving people. Maybe she is already…
    You have a child gone missing, you wouldn’t want people to say you ar a murderer. If the parents are really the killer, i believe they will feel better each day.
    Maddie, come back, he seat in the school is always waiting for you

  15. I personally think the parents did it and I am so glad there are other people that think the same. At first I felt bad for thinkin the parents could do such a thing but now I am more open to believeing that they did it, or one of them did it (the mother) and the father is covering. There stories do not add up, I wouldnt leave my three kids sleeping while I went off to wine and dine. I believe maddie died in the partner by accident either because she was drugged or because she wouldnt settle down – reason for her teddy being up on the shelf out of her reach – she nay have tried to reach for the teddie and so infact fell and died and her parents might have had not active involvment in her killing but feel guilty because they left the children and they perhaps drugged them.

    Maddie is obviously dead and all I know is that she is now in better place

    I think with Kate becoming a suspect just days before they are due to go back to the UK proves that the police also suspect them and that maddie did die in the apartment and that the blood specs do infact belong to maddie. If the blood specs do infact belong tomaddie it confirms even more the parents did it as a kidnapper would not have had the time to clean any other specs of blood which would have no doubt been in or out of the apartment.

    I say by sunday we will have confirmation the parents have been arrested with their daughters death and i think thats the reason why they havent been charged with NEGLECT from day one as that is abuse

  16. If the child was abducted and he/she put maddies toy on high shelf why havent the police taken the toy for tests etc wouldnt there be a hair or something they could check. why does kate carry this around so much and if it was maddies fave why isnt it dirty all kids teddys get muck etc on them and fear them being washed. lots of things dont add up.
    i think there is a lot more to this than meets the eyes wouldnt you send your other kids home to family for fear that if maddie was taken they would be back for them.
    and how come she looked so tidy if my kids were missing i wouldnt even think of brushing my hair never mind make up. i just know they are not telling the full story.
    i apologise if am wrong but things just dont fit

  17. 1. I have four children and I NEVER EVER left them unsupervised at any time for any reason when they were small.

    2. Taking three children at that age on a holiday trip and expecting to relax is ridiculous. All your time and energy is spent taking care of kids on the road that is a lot more work than at home.

    3. Immediately coming to the conclusion that Madeleine was abducted … instead of just wandering off somewhere … is suspicious.

    4. Let’s cut to the chase. Dr. Kate McCann was sick and tired of those kids and wanted some time away from them. (If you are a parent, you know the feeling.)

    5. She sedated the twins, and guessed wrong on the medication for Madeleine.

    6. Madeleine woke up, tried to get her cuddly cat toy, fell to her death, and bled some along the way.

    7. Kate McCann knew she would be fingered as a negligent parent, and her medical career would be trashed … so put Madeleine in the boot, clean up the small amount of blood, send police off on a wild goose chase looking everywhere else.

    8. The kid is already dead, so no point in accepting any more blame or responsibility.

    9. Any questions?

  18. There seems to be some confusion about the blood tests. There was a test earlier that was supposedly from a former tenant found on the wall of the apartment. They have completed testing another sample that was allegedly found in the trunk of Gerry McCann’s rental car that they say belongs to Maddy.

    Secondly, there was a scent of a corpse in the apartment and on Gerry McCann’s keys picked up by the British sniffer dogs.

    The overdose death makes sense, but the bloody fall is a stretch and doesn’t fit the facts.

    For there to be a scent of a corpse, there had to be a certain degree of decay of the body. Therefore, if the overdose death scenario is true, they could have hurriedly buried the body the night of her death, at which point there was little or no decay, undetectable by sniffer dogs.

    But then they may have decided to move the body (in a more decayed condition) several weeks later for whatever reason (fear of being found or to give a more appropriate burial.) This would account for the scent detected.

    Kate McCann’s story about the alleged abductor moving the play toy and carefully placing on a ledge sounds completly fabricated to me.

    The neighbor upstairs claims that Madeleine was left alone crying for her daddy late at night for an hour and 15 minutes two nights before her death/disappearance.

    So yes, no matter what people believe about Maddy’s fate, the parents acted selfishly on more than one occasion not only according to the neighbor upstairs, but even according to the McCann’s own testimony. You just don’t leave toddlers alone to their own devices for more than a few moments unless you are within a few feet of them.

    Update: the McCanns are offically named as suspects. They will probably be indicted soon and arrested.

  19. a lot is talked about the hour between the time madeline was last seen and when she was ‘declaired’ as missing.

    who’s to say she didn’t die hours earlier as no one else is said to have seen the girl apart from the mccanns since 2pm that day.
    madeline could have died hours earlier and the dinner arranged as a cover up, giving them an alabi.

    but that’s one possibility.

    The other friend who went to check on the mccanns children didnt actually see the kids, isnt that suspicious? that he went to check they were ok and didn’t look in to check they were sleeping? (subsequently why did this freind check on the children?and not the McCanns themselves?)

    It’s very interesting that one of the other friends (having gone to check on their own child) found her vomiting and left dinner to look after her, was this girl a similar age to maddie? if so perhaps the friends had given maddie and this other little girl similar doses of sedatives. and obviously this being too much, kate mccann found that she had given her daughter a fatal dose and pannic?

    there was also talk of a syringe found, maybe brought to revive the childeren if something went wrong? which if injected into the girls arm would draw a small amount of blood? in frustration (when they realised she was dead) thrown at the wall and rolled under the sofa. (traces of blood found both on the wall and under the sofa)???????
    there are so many possibilities that the portugese police have been sifting through.

    There was an intense amount of scrutiny and sympathy from the british media and people when it was revealed the mccanns were kept in the dark about evidence and we all felt they were screwing up the investigation and felt sorry for the parents.

    but this means the parents were obviously suspected from the beginning. the police not wanting to reveal to them crucial evidence, which indicated them. revealing it would give them time to agree on excuses and reasons etc.

    no one wants to believe the mccanns murdered their daughter but the truth is there are the most evilest of people out there and if we can’t trust scientific evidence and the police who can we trust?

  20. Shipman, Allet & now McCann, all medical personnel all with one other thing in common

  21. I think that it is very strange how as soon as the Mc Cann’s are treated as formal suspects they decide to both come back home, this then means they are unable to get arrested by the portugese police. The whole thing is a set up and they are just looking for sympathy off the general public which they have got.

  22. Now they are saying that the bodily fluids in the boot of the car are between 99% and 100% match for Maddie.

    I’ve never supported the McCanns as I always felt that they seemed cold and it was odd the dad always did the talking. They spent too long away from the twins. They seemed to get away with things because of their status, any other parent would have had the twins taken off them.

    In the UK it was taboo to have these thoughts and the media backed the parents. i am glad I can voice them at last.

  23. Professional couples – once they are finally blessed with children – can make excellent, mature parents. The primary caregiver might relax the demands of their professional life after a time. Cut the budget accordingly. And everyone knows that parenting toddlers can be boring, tedious and exhuasting all at once. After a while, you feel entitled to a vacation from the drudgery, entitled to the company of adults and some time away. If you can find some friends of similar situation to vacation with – all the better. And if everyone you’re with is comfortable saving money on a sitter and leaving their kids in the room, it might seem reasonable to do so yourself.

    She’s an anesthesiologist. An expert at sedation. Surely it’s kinder to help your babies sleep than to let them lay awake frightened and even crying for hours. Especially if you have the training to do so safely. Until you’re tired, or had some alcohol in the hot sun, and you accidently mess up a dose. Then … it’s manslaughter.

    I don’t necessarily believe the story line above. It’s far-fetched. But it’s a possibility.

    Were I a Portuguese detective … were I an expert in the darker side of human nature … I might feel professionally obligated to consider this possibility – to develop this theory.

    In fact, we actually have a number of friends who are in the medical profession. We’ve vacationed with them. We’ve dined with them. At first we were suprised to learn that they think nothing of sedating the toddler during the dinner party, the dog for a long car trip, the 1st grader who can’t sleep due to stress. After awhile, it no longer seemed so odd to us – it seemed … rather practical. The same way they’d write an antibiotic prescription for your child’s acute ear infection and save everyone’s vacation – they’d give their over-excited toddler some antihitamine – and we’d all have a restful evening.

    Were I a detective (Portuguese or otherwise), I’d not be able to sleep at night myself, if I didn’t follow up in this general direction of questions. There’s motive, there’s means. It’s not sinister. It’s accidental. It’s profoundly sad. But it’s possible.

    On the other hand … this elaborate cover-up … (if there is a cover up) is sinister. There’s also motive and means for a cover-up, and when enough time passes to allow for temporary insanity to pass – we have to consider the possibility of the McCann’s overcome with guilt and wanting desperately to clear themselves of this accident so they can do a better job with the twins than they did with their beloved Maddie.

    Anyway you slice it, it’s tragic – what’s happening to this high-profile family. And we can only hope for the best for them, their children, and their Maddie.

  24. I wish dey find maddie shez realli cute i dnt understand y her parentz wud kill her!

  25. It is refreshing to see so many thinking people speaking out on this case. Yes, how strange that Kate and Gerry decided to leave “the country they would never leave without Madeline” in two days once they were named suspects.

    If they had just made a mistake… but unfortunately they had a lot to lose. To admit to over-sedating your daughter (who was known to be difficult – read Kate’s interview) to the point of death, would mean the end of both their careers. They made a point of saying they were from working class families, and this new found wealth from becoming doctors is something they’ve only enjoyed for a few years.

    To go off and put your three year old and two year old twins in a strange hotel room while you’re drinking with friends at a Tapas place is shocking in and of itself. But then to do it another night as well… (this, after Maddie cried for over an hour two nights before, according to the neighbor), those are the facts and they show negligence by two doctors who should have known better. This resort had babysitting – they should have spent the tiny amount more and used it.

    Kate pointed out that the cuddle cat was put up on a high shelf because she realized she did that when she moved the body. It was better to be the one to point out that it was there and to immediately put forth a false premise, than to have the police notice it first. And then, of course, she washed it. Any mother worth her salt would have kept it with Maddie’s scent.

    How long can two people keep up this sham? I guess as long as the donations keep pouring in, that helps you keep going.

  26. I have been following this for quiet some time, but I don’t feel any nearer to the truth now as when I started.

    There are two basic possibilities:

    1. The McCanns had something to do with their daughter’s death (from overdose, abuse, etc) and tried to cover it up or

    2. They are being framed to cover up either police incompetence or deeper corruption, including torture and child trafficking, that could go all the way to the political top.

    So far, there is evidence for both possibilities, so where does that leave us? Nowhere, unless there is a little of both going on here. Something that nobody has yet mentioned.

    In any case, the truth is going to be very difficult to discern from all the noise on both sides.

  27. If the blood found at the apartment proves to be Madelaines, there could be a simple explanation. The difference in the dosage for a therapeutic sedation and a potentially fatal one are very tiny. Certainly not something you would want to adminster on holiday after a day in the bright sun. One symptom of an overdose could be massive internal gastrointestinal bleeding.

    The McCanns have lost a beautiful daughter, and I personally do not believe this wasn’t a horrific accident. If they did accidently kill their daughter, only an evil person would hate them for a terrible accident. There was a story of a man who reversed his Range Rover whilst the child was playing in the drive. The childs head was crushed flat by the vehicle and obviously died. That parent was negligable but how can you condemn someones ultimate grief.

    If this terrible manslaughter is true, it is impossible to know what you would do. they are bright educated people and knew a prison sentance, loss of careers and more importantly the loss of the other two children was the minimal outcome. Most of us would have faced whatever punishment in order to conduct a proper farewell to our child, but once again hard to imagine thinking straight.

    I pray that Madelaine is safe and will be found, but sadly fear the rumours are far more likely. For the police to make parents suspects would need compelling evidence.

    Please do not condemn or show anger if this proves to be true. Parents around the world lose children each day through stupidity or failure to protect them from dangers. This would mean they deceived us all include the Pope, but they have to live with their stupidity and grief for the rest of the lives.

    God Bless you Maddy.

  28. it was an accident, she woke up and tried to find her parents and something dreadful happened. That’s what makes sense. It’s all very sad but nothing will bring the little girl back, and these people will never be charged, and should not be because it was most likely a sad sad accident.

  29. Caitlin O'Brien

    I think that it ‘s her parents fault for leaving her alone in the hotel room

  30. Caitlin O'Brien

    Hi my mum thinks the same as me

  31. My personal oppinion?

    It’s always just seemed to me that they drugged Maddy to get her to sleep (as many parents do), but she happened to die through overdose/unforseen problems associated with it (as does happen when parents do this).

    So, as any parent now responsible for killing their child through illegal medication use, they freaked and decided to pretend she was kidnapped until they could dispose of the body. Which is what they did, later, using their hire car.

    Its just sad that soo many people had to attempt the “oh, the evil foreign police are just framing them”.

    Of course, you point out that the time to frame them would have been at the start, during which they were completely behind the parents in support for their story.

    Then they say “oh, its because they havnt been able to crack the case, so now they are blaming the parents trying to get the heat off them”.

    Of course, then you point out that…no, they are blaming the parents because forensic evidence was found within their room. Including evidence of a death within the room itself, and whats more damning, DNA evidence (including evidence of corpse residue in the car) found in their hire car.

    Which of course the Maddy cult followers respond with “the killer could have placed that evidence there after the parents had stopped using the car, because the police didnt check it straight away”.


    Then, no matter how much you point logic out to them, every response after is “what sort of parents would go to that much effort to find their missing daughter if they killed her! Huh! Huh! So they didnt!”.

    Its pretty fucking pathetic.

  32. i hpe dey find madeline cuz shez reali cute. i go wiv ruths comments i mean its soooooo pathetic. wich idiots wil leave dere kids on dere own. imean dats soo stupid. i tink its all her parents fault and dey deserve wot dere getin.

  33. I have a question fo all of u. Y in hell would her parents lie about killing her? It’s obvious that the love her dearly, and are trying to find her after a year and 5 months! They even have their own website. they wouldve totally given up by now cuz they’re spending sooo much money! DONT GIVE UP!!!!

  34. first one question to all of you guys who commented here on this website is: What are you thinking!!!!! Whats gone wrong in Gerry and kates head? Who would leave their kids alone just to go eat dinner upstairs or downstairs?! you have to be with your kids 24/7! Its kate and gerry’s fault for leaving madeline and the twins alone. But what i noticed is that madeline’s cuddly toy was out of her reach. im thinking that someone got in their house and misplaced the toy so madeline could get up and the kidnapper could get her because somebody had to put the toy out of her reach! anyways i hope Gerry and Kate regret it. regret that they left their kids home alone with no one to look out for them.

  35. I think the story about the toy being placed carefully on the ledge above sounds fishy. Why would kidnapper take the time to do that? If he was truly an outside abductor, he would absolutely ignore something like that, just grab the kid and go.

  36. please find madeline

  37. I think MyDearWatson comes very near the truth as to what happened. However , they have gone way over the top the Winfrey show did not bring the fruits they had hoped for. Celebrity status in the states…the film offer and the book offer was not in the pipeline . America has enough problems with their own children being killed and abused. The Mccanns are of no interest as they have found out. Next it will be the holiday where will they go Canada once more…seems like the days of their wealthy backers offering them freebies has long passed…..Noticed richard Branson is not wearing any yellow wristbands..and the latest Maddie T Shirt is still the photo of when maddie was 3 years old….even the press do not show the latest aged picture of maddie. So who is kidding who…maddie is dead and we all know it.

  38. I always thought that the parents did it, either intentionally or accidentally they are still responsible. But consider this, when you analyze the alleged evidence of corpse scent, body fluids, blood on walls, time frames, the extreme cold presence of the McCanns, you have to wonder why they are not charged with manslaughter or murder? If any of the evidence was true surely that would be enough to convict anyone?

    I note someone commented on the McCanns disposing of a body etc… Even though I am suspicious of the parents that statement chilled me to the bone. I could not imagine myself physically burying my own child that I had just killed. You throw the earth on top of the body and just walk away? No come on, normal people don’t do that. I would rather go to prison for life than bury my kid like a family pet. That action would haunt me for the rest of my life. If they did kill her and bury her, I will bet anything they don’t sleep anymore. The thought of my kid lying somewhere knowing I had put them there, knowing that hideous demonic secret would send me to the edge.

    I would commit suicide.

  39. I don’t think these are normal people. They have a lot of connections to the elite including Gordon Brown and others. People with connections can get away with absolutely anything including murdering their own children. Ask Jon Benet Ramsey who knows the truth.

  40. i believe the Mcanns were 100% involved! whether it be; that they did in fact murder their daughter possibly by accident or otherwise, and were forced to use the Kidnapping story as a cover up, the evidence and mixed stories have been slowly coming out since her disappearance all point in the direction of the Mccanns.

    The fact that they may have drugged their children makes me sick! Never mind leaving them alone!
    especially in a foreign country, REAL good parents wouldn’t even do a thing like that at home and would more than likely take extra precautions whilst on holiday, which makes whatever has happened to Maddie just as much their fault even if they had no involvement in her “disappearance”.
    No parents should ever have to go through a situation like this but the stories and the evidence which has come out makes their story hard to believe, also i read that when they go back over to Portugal they leave the twins in a creche and possibly the same when they are over here, quite frankly if i had a child who had been kidnapped NO WAY would i put them in a creche or out of my sight no matter how long its been, id leave them with trusted family members if i had to,

    Maybe Maddie was abducted but as time goes by its looking less likely, if she had been abducted why would the Mcanns add false statements to their stories which have been proved to be impossible or untrue, you would think they would be doing all they can to make sure everything was correct.

    Ive heard a few stories similar to Maddie’s and i cant understand how different it actually is to many;
    1. If the abductor had time to move the teddy & blood traces off the wall then surely they would have god forbid taken one or both of the twins also

    2. Maddie was 3 years old at the time 3 year old’s know people, places & things much better than a 2 year old does as well as having more developed features, wouldn’t the abductor have taken one of the younger ones for a chance that they might risk getting caught!

    I do feel for the Mcann’s if they have no involvement but Maddie’s story is so easy to be seen from many different angle’s the Mcann’s have brought a lot of this on themselves with their strange behavior like Kate never speaking and her cold expressions
    (obviously not due to the fact that Maddie is missing) there seems to be a look in her eyes which makes me think that she was more involved than Gerry was, he genuinely looks distraught most of the time, which brings me to the conclusion that Kate was directly involved with the death of Maddie and Gerry saw no choice but to support his wife.

    If Maddie is Alive, i do hope she is found, no child deserves to be separated from family friends and familiar environments and i do hope (i know its unlikely) that she is safe and well, and that since she’s been missing she has been looked after.

  41. Who are we to judge and make accusations towards the parents?????????????????
    They need your prayers! Which ever way you look at it, they must go through hell.

  42. This does not make sense. :/ If she was apparently killed in the apartment by supposely the “Kidnapper” He/She wouldnt wasnt to take it. He/She would just leave it there possibly. I mean, if you killed someone, would you want to take it? No. Neither does it make sense that the Mccans “Killed” Their own dauther. If they did, they would have left there friends and have not gotton back for possibly an hour because they were supposely killing Madeleine or hiding her dead body. No, Kate came back so soon that its impossible for a parent to hide her own dauthers body. And the blood is not Madeleines, I think. If they did kill Madeleine, they would kill Madeleines Sister and Brother as well. Some people say she died when she heard her father talking. That she was climbing on the couch and hit her head and died. That does not make sense. Because they did not find the blood near a window. They found it in a closet I think. She couldnt have died in the closet unless someone put her there and killed her. Nothing was found left of Madeleine except all the things she had not taken with her while being kidnapped or killed. I believe Madeleine is still alive. I have a feeling in my gut that she is somewhere, still looking for her family. I have also heard her being in America. That she is possibly with a group of people. I do believe shes alive but not with a group of people. I mean, who would want to kill this priceless little girl? Shes a angel. The infection have may been faked but we do not have proof. We also do not have alot of proof that shes dead. There is alot of sighting of Madeleine around the world. We will know the truth one day. Hopefully she is found. We miss you dear Madeleine. Come back to your family. They miss you. We will be waiting, Always. </3

  43. I was told when I was also in the Portugal, on 3 rd May Madeleine was abducted and moved to west of Lisbon. What any PJ police said is not truth and without any correct evidence.

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