Mexican trucks to roll on U.S. highways


Reuters | Sep 1, 2007

By John Crawley

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The Bush administration can proceed with a plan to open the U.S. border to long haul Mexican trucks as early as next week after an appeals court rejected a bid by labor, consumer and environmental interests to block the initiative.

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco late on Friday denied an emergency petition sought by the Teamsters union, the Sierra Club and consumer group Public Citizen to halt the start of a one-year pilot program that was approved by Congress after years of legal and political wrangling.

The Transportation Department welcomed the decision and said in a statement that allowing more direct shipments from Mexico will benefit U.S. consumers.

The 1994 North American Free Trade Agreement approved broader access for ground shipments from both countries but the Clinton administration never complied with the trucking provision. A special tribunal ordered the Bush administration to do so in 2001.

“This is the wrong decision for working men and women,” Jim Hoffa, president of the Teamsters, said in a statement after the court ruling. “We believe this program clearly breaks the law.” The Teamsters represents truckers that would be affected by the change.

The emergency stay was sought on grounds the administration’s pilot program had not satisfied the U.S. Congress’ requirements on safety and other issues. But the appeals court ruled otherwise.


The administration plans to start the program on September 6. Transportation Department officials hope to receive final clearance early next week from the department’s inspector general’s office, which is reviewing its safety aspects, and finalize details with Mexican authorities.

The Mexican government must grant reciprocal access to U.S. trucks under NAFTA. That provision is not expected to be a problem, regulators said.

Mexican trucks operating in the United States have for years been restricted to U.S. points near certain large border crossings where their goods are transferred to trucks owned by U.S. firms.

Under the pilot program, Mexican long haul trucking companies that have met safety, licensing, and other U.S. requirements will be allowed to operate their rigs throughout the country. Proponents say this will reduce costs and speed up shipments.

Trucking regulators said in a court filing the goal is to gradually accommodate 100 Mexican trucking companies by the end of the pilot program, or roughly 540 large trucks.

But opponents said those figures do not reflect the number of companies that could seek access to U.S. roads if the pilot is successful, which they said raises safety concerns.

“This (pilot) program is basically a show trial. They haven’t provided notice up front about who will participate. You just don’t know what the program will look like,” said Bonnie Robin-Vergeer, attorney for Public Citizen.

Public Citizen and the Teamsters still plan to proceed with a lawsuit they filed in federal court, challenging the Mexican truck program on broader grounds. That case will not likely be decided until next year.

Trucks from Canada have no operating restrictions in the United States.

7 responses to “Mexican trucks to roll on U.S. highways

  1. take away this Pakistani truck. hello!

  2. Abelardo Mondragon F.

    I will like to know if that is a true mexican truck.
    because i am sure that isnt because i have live in mexico for 12 years and we never saw a truck wth does decoration, also the plate is not the same as mexico plates, i know all the states of mexico and im sure that isnt one of them and beside i feel ofense by that picture.

  3. Estoy de acuerdo contigo Abelardo. Este foto no es un camion mexicano, sin duda. La persona quien les ponen este fotografia sabes que no es mexicano. Este accion es tipica de los gringos quien crean en un estereotipo falso de Mexico y su gente. El foto con este reportaje es un insulto la verdad y indica que muchos gringos son ignorante sobre la cultura mexicano del dia contemporanea.
    Soy un gringo, pero estube en Mexico mucho y soy un gran aficcionado de todo Mexico. Tengo fe en el futuro de Mexico.
    Con Mexico en la piel,
    Hunter(de Arizona y Jalisco)

  4. I agree with you Glenn, take away the photo of the (obviously) non-Mexican truck. If the teamster-driver who attached the photo had that hard a time finding a real photo of a real Mexican truck, then maybe the typical Mexican truck is more modern & up to the high standards we’d hope for to be on US highways.
    The person who chose to attach this misleading and false image photo is clearly one of those gringos who is culturally ignorant, racist & anti-Mexican. There is little that can be done to open the minds(and hearts) of such rednecks.
    Far too few gringos ever see other countries and so they have little or no understanding of what countries are like.
    I may be wrong, but my prediction is that, someday… the US economy will get so bad that it will be the gringos who head to Mexico to wash dishes & do the labor jobs there. And most gringos refuse to learn a foreign language.
    I was a waiter in big hotels in Mexico and 90% of gringos refuse to learn English, refuse to tip and set a terrible example of what an American is. The USA truly sends some of their worst “ambassadors” to Mexico each year as tourists.
    To anyone reading this, if you are totally against Mexicans being in the USA, you need to pause your agenda and see the movie A Day Without A Mexican.
    Here’s to a more open dialogue and more wholesome remedies for the border issues,
    Hunter(a gringo in Arizona & Mexico)

  5. Correction: 90% of gringos refuse to learn Spanish, refuse to tip and set a terrible example of what an American is.

    On that subject, Spanish-speaking people in the US are the fastest growing, highest spending demographic and any business that is not considering this population in their future marketing is missing out on a huge economy. Spanish speakers are no longer limited to places like El Paso, Los Angeles, Chicago & Miami. Reality: 1 in 4 people in Raleigh, NC speak Spanish. That population is growing, so word up, yo!

  6. having worked in the wareze el paso manafacturing scene i would like the trucks i saw running next to me on the raod. and to hunter when you speak english and german i will learn you guter language too and your right you do bread like rats

  7. it is a pakistani truck

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