Kabbalah Bracelets Replacing Diamond Bracelets in Hollywood


Maddonna seen wearing her “Kabbalah Bracelet”.

Diamond Vues | Sep 19, 2007

by Judah Gutwein

Nowadays, you almost cannot be considered a true Hollywood celebrity if you are not chic enough to run around with a simple red string tied around your wrist.

These red strings have become so coveted, they are begining to usurp the more “traditional” diamond jewelry worn on the wrists of many celebrities.

These red strings are called “Kabbalah Strings” and are designed to ward off the “evil eye”.

In reality, today’s “red strings,” are nothing nothing more than crass commercialism and a complete perversion of this old Jewish custom related specifically to red string which was wrapped around the tomb of the Jewish matriarch, Rachel.

Here is one typical, albeit modernistic explanation to the “Red String” phenomena:

“Long ago, the ancient Kabbalah scholars revealed a powerful technology of protection. Its purpose is twofold: to protect us from the envious looks of others, and to help us eliminate feelings of jealousy and resentment in ourselves. The technology is the red string; a strand of Red wool worn around the left wrist.

The teachings of Kabbalah do not include prohibitions or commandments. Instead, the kabbalah speak of positive and negative energies. The negative energies of jealousy and envy emanate through the eyes—which gave rise to the very vivid and very ancient term, the Evil Eye.

. . .


Madonna aims to tempt troubled Britney Spears back into kabbalah

Madonna Toasts Jewish New Year with Israeli President
Local media in Israel reported Sunday that Madonna toasted the Jewish New Year with Israeli President Shimon Peres and declared herself an “ambassador for Judaism.” The singer, raised a Roman Catholic, arrived September 12 in Israel to attend a conference on Kabbalah, or Jewish mysticism. The 49-year-old performer met Peres on September 15 at his official Jerusalem residence. The two exchanged gifts, with Madonna receiving a lavishly bound copy of the Jewish Bible. She gave Peres a volume of “The Book of Splendor,” the guiding text of Kabbalah. Madonna, who has taken the Hebrew name Esther, had been seen wearing a red thread on her wrist in a Jewish tradition to ward off the evil eye. Jewish tradition holds that Kabbalah is so powerful and complex that only bona fide students over age 40 may begin to approach it.


Madonna, showing off the Illuminati Pyramid on her back

Anna Nicole, Britney & Mind Control
Freeman joins Kory Kortis on Esoteric Science Roundtable for a discussion of current events involving Anna Nicole, Britney Spears, Madonna, Walt Disney and much more. Could our top pop stars be mind controlled slaves for the Illuminati?

Anna Nicole, Britney, and Mind Control
Madonna is in reality a mind-controlled slave who has appeared in numerous underground porn and ritual porn movies; including Madonna performing an actual blood sacrifice. During an Arsenio Hall show, Madonna, who as a guest acted dissociative, was picked up by the cameras during the show kissing her Baphomet ring. In the ritual performed at the MTV Awards, Madonna dressed in a Worshipful Master‘s top hat, raised the two Mouseketeers, Britney and Christina, to their new level within the order with a lesbian wedding sealed with a kiss.

Madonna Another Slave of The Martinist Illuminati

Hollywood Illuminati

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    Pop music stars are mind controlled…WHAT ELSE IS NEW!!! Has any intellectual actually enjoyed listening to that brainless doggerel? Real good inteligent individuals listen to the good stuff, like hard rock, hardcore, heavy metal, grunge, alternitive, goth, gothic rock, gothic metal, metalcore, grindcore, power metal, (Christian) (or secular if you’re not)death metal, thrash metal, unblack metal, ect. The list of music goes on and on. However, the mainstream media portrays this stuff as “Satanic.” This can’t be further from the truth. Most of the stars in these musical areas, such as David Mustaine, are some of the rare truly devoted Christians on this planet. Goth is a Christian subculture that started in the Early Christian days and rose in popularity in the 1980s, and even started its own music. However, there are non-Christians who just take the look, the attitude, but not the religious philosiphy. My point is this. Pop and the mainstream media always have been and always will be anti freedom. Sidestream (underground) media such as this and underground music will always be for freedom. Without this, we would be listening to what the mind controlled herd-animal-like derelicts say and may even become like them. Since our message is against the Illuminati that controls this, anything underground and non occultic is good. By the way, for all pagans out there, this applies to you to. You have to have your freedom of religion. I don’t want to convert you. However, you can decide to be a Jew or a Christian. But please, do it on your free will, not because its popular. I believe you can go to heaven too, as you may also have a good soul. Fundamentalists suck ass , don’t they? They make all Christians look like assholes. Christianity is about forgiveness, but they just hate. Stay strong. Don’t let someone change you. If you want to change, do it on your own. I know the Crusades probably makes you sick. I’m a pure Christian, not a mainstream Catholic. See what following a specific leader does. Christianity left the Catholic church over a millinium ago. They are now just as pagan, and I mean evil ‘kill Jews and protect the pope’ pagan, not the benign type of pagan. Now, they worship saints, not become them like Christ wanted. Christianity is now in the hands of the individual. Brainless music like pop, takes individuality away.

  2. I agree at the most of these you say but chill out.MusiC has nothing to do with what kind of person I am.You can’t deamonise kinds of music ,because its like saying the same thing about food(you r bad because u like potatoes ank like not tomatoes).Music is everything your ears like to hear!!!

  3. Various tonal frequencies and lyrics do have an effect on the mind, body and emotions, whether positive or negative. That much needs to be admitted.

  4. hi
    can i join Kabbalah in Iran ?
    and how?
    plz help me

  5. Just join a Masonic Lodge. They will teach you all about it.

  6. Just look around you people are monkey who like crap and only think about sex and power. We are fucked since the beginning, we must burn every church of any religion, turn off earth’s black blood drainer. Stop spending your goddamn afternoons having a ride in your car! WTF!!! Some people go to work on foot , on bike or by city transport especialy to avoid polluting SELFISH ASSHOLES! MADONNA IS A WHORE FUCK HER AND THE OTHER BITCHES. Also by the way been a whore is something very bad didn’t who knew daddy and mummy? So keep await your girls from these model and who fucking care about been popullar at school. GOOD be a reject study alone and acquire knowledge to get yourself a life not been a porn star fucked on tv every night…

  7. yeah, as weird as it sounds it is all happening. even for those who have eyes to see, it just seems too crazy. so well organized and complex…..hopefully it will be exposed before it si too late.

    like trying to solve a rubix cube with a blindfold.

    kentroversy com —– i knew him and glad he came out with his viewpoint. he did an interview on madonna with Freeman and wrote many articles for the intellects who care to read it.

  8. To all of you who are interested in illuminati reality , who they are , what they want and how to do it, watch “Zeitgeist”, “Esoteric agenda” (available on youtube), “Top 13 illuminati bloodlines” and “Bloodlines of power” (again available on youtube).
    keep your eyes open to the “true” reality and trust no one.
    all the best to all of you!

  9. Okay, watch Zeitgeist, but don’t trust it either. Trust your own instincts, intuition, mind and senses.

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  11. A funny thing happened to me.
    I was typing my comment and just when I was about to submit it I lost it, and it was long and detailed.
    But he’s some food for thought.

    The real point is that this is all about the break down and undermining of the Family unit. The Illuminati can’t afford to let America have strong families because strong families breed strong communities. And only strong communities can defeat the NWO. I’ll elaborate on this more, but please feel free to comment.

  12. As Alan Watt says, the elite had it in mind to destroy the family unit through a variety of methods, primarily through the introduction of “it takes a village” socialism and collectivism (which is engineered unity such as we have clearly seen in Nazi or Communist systems). In such a welfare-state system, the male is gradually taken out of the picture because now the state and an army of social workers seemingly takes care of the female (and the kids for that matter), reducing the need for a husband. The children are also forced into the government training camps to accept the doctrines of the state. Then the introduction of feminism of course drove a huge wedge between male and female, but the breakup of the family was also accomplished through “free-love”, an engineered promiscuity (above the normal levels of it) which would ensure that people would be unable to mate or stay with one person for very long. Add to this IV fertilization in which the male becomes completely expendable to the point that even lesbian couples can have children. Of course, they need the sperm donor, but usually (unless you are a specified donor like David Crosby) the male is no more than an abstract genetic blueprint with no other use.

    So today we see a lot of isolation and broken up families which is now the rule rather than the exception as it used to be. In addition, the television was widely introduced into homes during the 1950s. At first, most people didn’t have them but by the 1960s, just about everybody had at least one TV set in the home. And the people began to stare transfixed into the boob-tube more and more to the point that conversation itself was hijacked and replaced by the various shows. People are so enervated and exhausted by a variety of stresses during the day that the only thing they want to do when they get home is to enjoy some passive vegetating in front of the hypnotic glowing screen which spews out mostly degenerate garbage, idiocy and propaganda 24 hrs a day.

    In addition to this, people are addicted to a vast range of substances which are very destructive to relationships, and to other things such as being addicted to texting on cell phones, going to chat rooms, or to commenting on blogs like this!! People are being isolated through heavy reliance on the internet for social interaction. The ultimate form of this is virtual reality venues such as Second Life. And it won’t stop there, but only develop further because people don’t see what’s coming, or even seem to care at all about anything important. Humans will literally be sucked into a type of matrix-like alternate reality through computers and the internet to the point that they won’t be able to distinguish the virtual reality from the real reality. Addiction to video games is another aspect of all this imbuing the young with unreality and training them to be killers. It is all very corrupting and destructive to any kind of real social unity against real threats such as this Illuminati elite which is doing all this to enslave us. What it comes down to is corrupting and destroying souls so that they will either happily, or through defeat and submission, end up serving the elite and the NWO agenda.

    There is a broad range of other weapons being used against humanity to keep them divided and conquered. Political parties for example and religions make people, who are otherwise just people, into almost different species willing to kill each other off for these differences, so getting people to unify against the real enemies of humanity is next to impossible. As Seneca stated so eloquently, “Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful.” Religion was the first form of mind control, and though in some ways it has been used as a glue to hold families and certain communities together (as long as it served the elite), from a wider social perspective, it has served only to divide people and make them suspicious of each other.

    Point is, whether we are being divided into opposing groups by religions and political parties, or isolated as individuals through cultural engineering and technology, the end result is the same, divide and conquer. Unless we disconnect from the matrix and secede from it completely, we will only keep getting sucked deeper and deeper into it. But the problem of getting people’s heads together on such a subject is monumental. My own view of the internet is that, while we have it, we have to utilize it as a tool to educate others, which it is doing by and large. If the internet was destroyed tomorrow, I wouldn’t get upset about it because I remember when there was no internet and life just went on ok without it. Despite its educational potentials, the internet is becoming the new boob-tube, and so it is an incredibly double-edged sword that we should treat with caution. We should not cling to this technology, but make use of it before it makes use of us.

  13. tell me abt t,ths s all mentioned n the bible, chec out lilwayne and the lyrics the black slave dood admits abt mney power and evrythng,jah rule evn screems the illuminati crap . we will see who laughs last on jugdement day,neva sell yo soul guys.



  15. Magic or witchcraft is just a way to manipulate and fool people who aren’t privy to the secrets of the “craft” (ever wonder why masons call Freemasonry the Craft?). 9/11 was one big black magic illusion, their finest performance yet.

  16. Thank you for your information. yeah, as weird as it sounds it is all happening.

  17. As a real christian we should all be prepared when there will be lots of changes in our planet….we should not be surprise at what happens in the world today…..as Jesus has already won….that he died to save our lives….ANYWAY THANKS FOR THE UPDATE

  18. a follower

    One thing is that we can all get caught up in the conspiracies of the world but all that is merely a distraction. Surely, you all must believe in a Creator. Most of you nay sayers will disagree because either one popularly disagrees or that person is severly lost. But you all need to look around the Earth and see God’s wonder at work. Clearly, television , Internet, and music make a huge contribution to distraction, but only if your heart allows it. These distractions have a huge potential of keeping our hearts from being Christ followers. The truth is that we have one living God, he is the Creator, there is the Holy Trinity in God the Father, God the Son (Christ), and God the Holy Spirit. Saying this, it is true that there are those that deny this diety because we are all lovers of ourselves and it is easy to deny. We can get caught up in our own good deeds and rituals. And sinful fun, and believe me, sin is fun. The sad thing is that sin (what we call fun) has serious consequences. I’ve had more than my fair share but I have had a change of heart because I now have a Savior that I honor because of the free gift he gave to me and everyone else in on this Earth past, present, and future. Realize that there are real places called Heaven and Hell. Even the demons believe in and fear God. The demons love for mankind to not to believe in God. Religions are just that -religions – and likely are rituals of man. But know this – there is no way to heaven but through Jesus Christ who died for you. There are commitments you have to make: First, confess you are a sinner. Second, believe that Christ went to the cross to die for your sin. Then, you have to invite Christ into your heart and let him change your heart. Be a follower and not just a believer and you and everyone else around you will see the changes made in you life. Now I am not promising a life of rosey fields thereafter. After all, we live in a fallen creation, but you will have joy in your life knowing that you will not have to face an eternal life in hell for yours sins – sins that the great deceiver has let you believe are right, comfortable, and fun. Remember, sin has consequences and we have been bought so that not one shall perish. There are two sides. Each one of us has to decide which side to be on. I’ve made my decision and I plan to be on the winning side. I challenge you to think about this. And you may think that this is some weirdo post (most are quick to judge) but I promise you – you will make the right decision when you accept Christ into your heart and life. Being a believer does not mean you have to be a goofy person. Think about this: “Do I want to risk being wrong or right about whether or not there is a living God?” There are eternal consequences. What’s your wager?

  19. I am not surprised with this articles. I know that music can relax people and some music can also destroy human brain. It’s all depend on tunes which were put in the songs. Some tunes could damage your brain wrong beat and with help of degradation, depressing and hateful lyrics they can ruin person, especially if it’s the brain of young person. And don’t forget that words could kill, even if person said them unintentionally. Words have a huge power, but people didn’t pay attention on what they say.
    Now I want to say 2 words about red strings. Sorry guys to disappoint you, but this strings would work on anyone but Jewish by blood. First of all it should be put on by real Jewish Rubby and he should to say the special pray in Hebrew. As long as you Jewish (not by religion, but by blood) it would work, but for the people who belonged to other religious confession or not religious at all it’s would not work. Kabbalah is not religion or some mystic wizard. people can’t use Kabbalah like magic. It would never work.

  20. Where the heck do I sign up for the dang mind control crap? I need somebody really, really smart like Madonna or Britney to control my mind and make me rich and powerful! Oh Boy! I can hardly wait!

  21. Oh by the way. Time to clam up pjwalker911. Your 15 minutes as an expert has been up for over two years and your license has been revoked. It is now null and void. You’re so far off base you aren’t even in the ballpark! Strike four you’re out.

  22. BorgieDunst

    I am sure you’d like to see me clam up, shut up, give up and shut down, but it ain’t happenin unfortunately for you and your ilk. So I’m just going to keep exposing the New World Order against your wishes.

    You better come up with a Plan B, and quick. Think! I know it’s not something you’re accustomed to, but try, try hard.

  23. By the way, that’s over three years now and counting. Not two.

  24. pjwalker,

    Finally, someone besides me & my 2 friends know that 911 01 was a huge fake plane illusion set up by the neopagan, neocons:

    “Magic or witchcraft is just a way to manipulate and fool people who aren’t privy to the secrets of the “craft” (ever wonder why masons call Freemasonry the Craft?). 9/11 was one big black magic illusion, their finest performance yet.”

    FYI, Barbara Bush & Ann Cappelletti are 1/2 sisters, illegitimate daughters of Aleister Crowley, conceived w sex magick with their mothers in 1924. Google, Barbara Bush Aleister Crowley to learn her mother,

    Pauline Pierce, 6th degree OTO, left her 2 children w a nanny & ran off to Paris to stay w Frank Harris, benefactor of Crowley, & GF, Nell, to hook up w Crowley, to procreate the antichrist with sex magick.

    Ann’s mother was 1 of many 20-yr-old Sicilian girls lured in 1924 to Abbey of Thelema, Cefalu, Sicily, by Crowley disciples to have sex magick w Crowley to procreate the antichrist. Ann & Barb were born witches in 1925, they gave birth to antichrists, GWB & John Cappelletti.

    Pauline returned to U.S. 10/1924 pregnant, gave birth to Barb 6/1925. Ann’s mother sailed to So. Philadelphia, after Ann was born, where a community of Sicilian witches already lived. Ann started practicing witchcraft in 1940, dropped out of high school and set out to trap a man into marriage (lucky Mr. Cappelletti). Ann put the hoodoo spell/curse of john the conqueror root on her 2nd son, John, to make him the family cash cow.

    Crowley (I see JZ in a Tshirt w Crowley’s motto on it) was deported from Sicily by Mussolini for killing a man who drank putrid cat blood in a ritual sacrifice. Crowley went to Paris where he hooked up w Pauline Pierce. Pauline & Prescott arranged Barb & GHWB’s marriage.

    FYI, the Nazi Bush connection, listen to Otto Skorzeny tell GHWB is really the son of George Scherff, adopted by Prescott Bush. Prescott was a money launderer for the Nazis in the 1920s.

    I just learned today that Barack Obama is a mason.

    11 master occultists, satanists, kabbalists, masons & witches were each in his/her assigned places by Strategic Communication Laboratories, London, on 911 01 am:
    Bush, Cheney, Tenet, Ann (GWB’s witch aunt) Cappelletti, Bill Gates, Giuliani, Con di Rice, Schwarzenegger, Silverstein, Soros & Saddam Hussein, 33 degree mason (not dead, hidden), needed to pull off the fake plane illusion.

    John (GWB’s witch cousin) Cappelletti’s demolition company planted the nanothermite in WTC 1,2 & 7 for Silverstein to collect $7 billion insurance for 99 yr lease Silverstein signed on July 24, 2001.

    Other demo jobs by John Cappelletti: Murrah blg, Minn/St. Paul bridge.

  25. Livia, you are absolutely wrong. Kabbalah is Jewish witchcraft. Madonna is a witch.

    btw, the evil eye is not put on a person by looking at him or her. It is fed to the victim. It is called malocchio, the evil eye. It is a buckeye, a chestnut prepared in a witch cauldron with incantations and fed to the victim to watch everything she does.

    As Aleister Crowley used scrying as a form of divination (looking into the future), witch Ann uses scrying to watch the victims she has fed “buckeye/the evil eye.”

    Someone told me that buckeye/malocchio/evil eye only works on girls/women. If you know that is not true, please send reply so that I will get the message.

    When I started researching witchcraft 2-3/4 years ago, the site which was most helpful to me was:

    There is a section which will link to herb-magic.com

  26. ld,

    Well of course there are many millions worldwide who know or believe 9/11 was an inside job. But then from there, opinions and schools of thought diverge regarding: Motives, LIHOP vs MIHOP, who was directly involved, who gave the order to set up this particular psyop, how many years in the planning, methods of demolition, planes vs no-planes and on the Pentagon alone there are at least three different theories that contradict one another. So even now, 8 years later, I don’t see that there is much coherence, much less anything happening to advance the cause of justice. But if we are to simplify it down, 9/11 was an Illuminati deception job to launch their New World Order into reality. So all you have to do is round up all top members of the Illuminati and there you have your criminals, caught, put away or executed as needed.

    I doubt this theory about GHWB because the resemblance between he and Prescott seems too strong:

    But I always keep an open mind about these things. I am however convinced that Barbara Pierce is Crowley’s spawn. The resemblance between her and Crowley is astounding, deeply disturbing and undeniable!

    What the average person is unaware of is the diabolical depths to which the Illuminati go, if they are even aware of their existence to begin with!

  27. Hey PJ- have you caught “The Men Who Stare at Goats” yet?

    As far as 911 goes, to think that 16 Arabs with boxcutters caused NORAD to stand down is the most bizarre “conspiracy theory” I’ve ever heard :-D


  28. pj, have you noticed that people look alike whether they are related or not? People the same age usually look alike, whether they are white, black, brown or yellow. Saying that Prescott & GHWB look alike is not hard fact. I suggest that you go to youtube and look search for “Nazi Bush Connection.” You will find hundreds of videos supporting Bush/Nazi connection. Did you not know that Prescott laundered Nazi money? If you didn’t, time for you to look into it. GHWB was a head of CIA. I wouldn’t trust a CIA member as far as I could throw him.

    I was going to comment on how you ramble on & on. You must think your thoughts are important.

    Barbara Bush & Ann Cappelletti are 1/2 sisters, illegitimate daughters of Aleister Crowley. I bet you are an Ann Cappelletti witch poster, are you not? GWB gave Ann money to run the groups of paid witch/punk posters. She pays them according to the amounts of post & the number of words used. You, pjwalker, are verbose, I bet you post for witch Ann Cappelletti. You do know that Ann, Joyce & John Cappelletti are powerless witches as of summer 2007, do you not? Witch Ann is trying to get her witch powers back through another male witch, but Almighty God took her witch powers away, they will never come back.

    pj, you are a mindless poster, you may make money posting your crap, but no one reads it, mindless witch.

  29. Marshall,

    No, haven’t seen Men Who Stare at Goats yet. What did you think of it?

  30. ld,

    You sure do jump to conclusions, wow!!!! The way you twist up the facts, it’s no wonder I don’t trust your information. I only said that I honestly believe Prescott Bush to be GHWB’s father. It is perfectly logical to see a resemblance between the two. I have not yet taken the time to look into Eric Bermin’s contention that they are Scherffs from Germany. Actually looks like two theories: a) aka Prescott is a Scherff ie George Scherff’s father or b) that Prescott Bush adopted little G.S. I am far from knowing whether either of these are true or not, but will investigate these claims as soon as I can. I am open to any new information that comes along, but must first review it carefully before I jump to any conclusion on it. Just because I don’t immediately leap on new information (for me anyway), doesn’t mean that I am casting it aside. It just means that I personally don’t know either way.

    As for the Bush/Nazi connection, I have been aware of that for a long time, never denied it and have linked to this information on posts before.


    BBC: Bush’s Grandfather Planned Fascist Coup In America


    The Parts Left Out of the Good Shepherd


    Bush: US should have bombed Auschwitz

    and here:

    Secret Societies and The Military

    And now I “ramble on and on” and think my thoughts are important do I? Well yeah I think my thoughts are just as important as yours which is why I allow you to ramble on and on criticizing me on my own blog and then, having equal importance as you, I tell you how bloody wrong you are. You see, I believe in free speech and just as I respect your right to ramble on and on (regardless of the veracity of your comments = nil), I have the right to tell you what I think of you. Fair enough?

    Ann Cappelletti witch poster???? Hahaha! What the hell did you pull that out of? I frankly don’t know anything about her, but would be glad to know more.

    Please define this new technical term: “witch/punk posters”.

    And what is your source for this? “Witch Ann is trying to get her witch powers back through another male witch”

    As for “mindless” and “posting crap”, a hell of a lot of people think otherwise, but you are welcome to your opinions, smelly and ill-conceived as they are. In fact, I would say it is you who are mindless and play fast and loose with your “information”.

    I make not a single penny from this blog, but sure wish I did. Then I wouldn’t have to tear out old stinkin bathroom floors for a living and could afford a decent computer. So saying I make money here is just another of your lies. Where the heck you got this idea I don’t know because there isn’t even a PayPal link on this blog. Though I have thought about it just to help defray the financial cost of spending endless hours providing real news to the People.

    And the final and strangest lie of all is that I am a witch. I have zero to do with the occult other than to expose it which anyone can verify by a search through the categories at the right:

    Illuminati, Occult Agenda and Secret Societies.

    So now that I have set you straight on the real facts, let’s see what you do with it. Will you continue your baseless attack, or will you simply apologize? If the latter, then apology accepted and we can move on. Otherwise, bring it on because I am always happy to counter against lies and disinformation.

  31. wow, pj. what a ramble. You do work for witch Ann, GWB’s witch aunt.

    You are a liar. You have no facts, you are part of the problem. 911 01 was planned by the witch warmongers, Strategic Communication Laboratories, London. There were no planes, only illusions of planes. I know the truth. 911 was a conspiracy [treason], just as JFK’s assassination was overseen by demonic GHWB. JEB was the one chosen to fulfill the masonic prophecy of 911 but GWB was jealous of his brother, JEB, & decided to be the appointed one.

    Here’s a clue: The Illuminati Card Game. Illuminatus! Trilogy
    Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson
    Copyright 1975

    I know witches Ann, Joyce & John Cappelletti. They are totally evil. I know that Ann & Barbara Bush are illegitimate 1/2 sisters, daughters of Aleister Crowley.

    Google, pics of a young Crowley & compare them to pics of John & Michael Cappelletti, you will see the resemblance. I found a naked pic of Aleister Crowley 3 years ago. I should have printed it out, I can’t find that pic anymore. It was a naked Rose, naked Crowley & a goat in the foreground. You do know that witches have sex w/ animals, do you not? It is called bestiality. Lots of orgies w animals & men & women at Abbey of Thelema. Lots to learn about Crowley on the Internet & specially at lashtal.com.

    Ann Cappellettis is a powerless witch now. She is trying to get back her witch powers. I heard she is paying a male witch to get her witch powers back. Never will happen. Almighty God took her witch powers away, she can’t get them bad.

    Now, you spineless witch. You are one stupid witch follower. It seems to me that you must be an old witch. You have nothing better to do than type on & on.

    Another update: Barbara Bush, illegitimate daughter of Crowley, as well. Pauline Pierce was a 6th degree OTO learned witchcraft that her mother knew, but witch Ann Cappelletti has been learning more & more witchcraft for the last 70 years. Both witches are 85. The good news is both witches are powerless.

    GHWB is the son of Scherff, adopted by Prescott, just as Barb Bush is the daughter of witches Pauline Pierce & Aleister Crowley.

    Maybe, you didn’t know this witches turn whitehaired very early in life, just as witch Barbara Bush turned witch whitehaired after she sacrificed her 1st daughter with leukemia. Barb turned white at 29.

    Witches don’t die their hair. They wear their witch white hair as a badge to warn other witches that they are powerful witches.

    You are a liar & a witch poster.

  32. ld,

    Oh boy. I know these people are evil and I have nothing to do with them. You trying to link me up with them is fraudulent disinformation and just plain nutty. You are some kind of ranting and raving lunatic quoting Robert Anton Wilson, the Pope of the Discordians, so you must be a Discordian who worships Chaos and of course Discord, sowing discord wherever you go. You tell some truth and you spin it all into chaos, disinfo and weirdness which is the specialty of Discordians. So I am not going to take you seriously. Just keep up your rambling ranting and raving. And oh yeah, Hail Eris brother, or is it sister?

    What a piece of work.

    By the way, did you know your hero Robert Anton Wilson practiced Crowleyian magick and was one of Crowley’s main apologists?

  33. pj, you are a moron, not to mention you have no clue about what you are talking. I never said you had anything to do with Anton Wilson, but I do believe you post for witch Ann Cappelletti, GWB’s witch aunt.

    In a matter of time, GWB & his neocons witch pals will realize Witch Ann is totally powerless & will snub her.

    WTC implosions by the neocons were planned to burn the gold/silver in the armed trucks in the basement of the WTC for the most huge gold-burning ritual ever. Those people trapped in the WTC towers were murdered for sacrifice to baal/lucifer/satan or whatever the witches are calling lucifer these days. 911 01 was a witch ritual, just as Bohemian Grove is a yearly ritual in NoCal.

    You ramble on & one but you don’t say anything. I am saying the Cappellettis & the Bushes, witch daughters of Aleister Crowley used their witch pals & neopagan neoconservative satanists to plan & get perpetual war. I believe Obama is one of them. He has done an about face on what he pledged during his campaign & is continuing the satanic plan of the Witches GHWB, Barb, Bush sons & witch Cappellettis.

    You write in circles and have never written one idea, just repeated you idiotic rambling over and over.

    A clue for you: eat goat feces, drink cat blood & go back to your coven. Real people can’t stand you.

  34. ld,

    You really are either A) a kook with some seriously loose screws or B) a government discordian disinfo artist sent in to do some phishing or just to disrupt and seemingly discredit. More than likely, it is the latter. The disinfo technique is, pretend you are a real truther, cloak yourself in holy Christian garb, and tell people that this PJ guy is working for Lucifer Himself. “Don’t listen to him folks. He’s a witch working for the W’s witch aunt.” Which is so over the top, that some of the dumber people might just believe it. As Hitler said, they will believe the Big Lie.

    Anyway, that’s fine, I’m used to this technique as it has been tried before to no avail. I suggest you go back to the Army War College or wherever they train DIA agents to learn some new psyops techniques.

  35. I’m simply amazed… I have spent many hours looking over everything from the creation/evolution debate to differences in religions, and everywhere I turned I saw people degrading eachother and basically missing or intentionally missing the big picture (the reality of the world we face).

    Here, you all talk, and while there are disagreements, they are gently made, with honesty in place of anger. I never thought I would ever see this.

    About me: I am a christisn in the sense that God unquestionably exists(I say that not as a brainwashed choir boy, but a devout and determined researcher), but I do not follow the Church, or any church I have found to date for that matter. I like to think I am a seeker of absolute truth (logic dictates it exists), and it would be impossible to put here all I have learned on the matter. undoubtably the NWO is real and not just coming, but in many ways already here. I fail to see any way to combat it, as they have everyone following the populars (science, pop culture, Oprah), but at the least I know I won’t be taken blind, though I will none the less fall to their schemes, as will most of us.

    I guess I am simply refreshed knowing there are others out there like me who have opened their eyes, and that regardless of differences we can be civil in a time of chaos.

    Thank you all.

  36. Haha, so maybe I should have read farther before claiming there was no hostility here. Even so, for the most part it has been far more civil than most…

  37. fuck every 1 who sides with the illuminati

  38. I agree w adains

  39. So this guy says that the girls dye there hair blonde
    and all that stuff bcuz there into the blonde hair blue eye shit………..look at madonna’s daughter she adopted 2 black kids. and besides i bet you anything these guys still live at home with there mommys. shit next thing you know there gonna star telling us god is really the bad guy and satan is the good guy.

  40. jason, you do know that Madonna practices witchcraft, do you not? Kabbala is jewish witchcraft. Madonna adopted those children, not her daughter, Lourdes, she is too young to adopt.

    Using blasphemy, such as calling herself to mock, Mary, the mother of Jesus, and Lourdes, where Mary appeared to Bernadette, gives witches some sort of demonic power.

    btw, witches & satanists worship satan & already say Jesus Christ is demonic.

  41. christopher goodale

    Well, we are all fucked

  42. They don’t need to mindcontrol them. Greed is the mindcontrol tool. Don’t really need all those wizard tricks to perform mindcontrol.

    They are all ready to do what the industry wants them to do. It gives them the feeling that they are secure and special. Those people have been raised so badly that they need all this wealth and that attention from others to feel good.

    That’s plain human misery. Such human misery bring some people near a state of schizophrenia.

    Trying to put demon faces over human misery will never help to solve those problems.

    Sorry for those who think that this is an esoterical subject but you have missed many things, like knowing the human mind. Many Christians too seem to escape and forget their duty to get to know themselves.

    Remember this: a mind without a solid foundation crumbles and becomes chaotic (not constructive).

    Maybe, many of you cannot face it and choose to go on a witch hunt, but even if this is true, they are a symptom of social disease, they hide behind their gods as many others do, they do not have the courage to be simply a human who needs to know .

    They love you really well because you give them powers they wish they had, and even after everything you say about them, they remain fragile and miserable as I see them.

    Cowards, that’s what you see.

  43. Thank you for your imput. But, I never gave anyone power. I didn’t know people were practicing witchcraft. The thought never crossed my mind, morelike I just thought they were evil and tried to avoid them at all cost.

    Maybe, it is that I am so angry that no one bothered to tell me that evil is so pervasive.

    Thanks for the kind thoughts.

  44. I loathe madonna, lady gaga, miley cyrus, lindsay lohan, rihanna and jay z!

  45. Last month, I was enlightened by a poster on youtube about Zodiac record company. He/she directed me to a video which spoke of how now each recording artist must now be a witch to sign on with a recording company. 13 wizards gather at full moon in the music co’s penthouse to place a curse/spell on the master to be directed on every copy of the master.
    Jay-Z is a powerful witch, as is Beyonce. These folks are truly evil.

    John Todd – Demons in the Music Industry
    I suggest you listen to this video.

    Witchcraft is pervasive in all professions, not only the music industry. Wicca is the fastest growing cult in the 21st century. Go to Amazon.com & search for Fiona Horne, “Pop! Goes the Witch,” you can read the 1st few pages & learn who Fiona has named as witches. Horne is a practicing witch & has a business in Los Angeles.

    Google, “music companies perform rituals at full moon on master recordings to put lucifer or demons in the tracks”–results may surprise you.
    FYI, KISS is “Knights in Satan’s Service.” I suspect every person who has won an academy award is involved in witch rituals. Witchcraft is practiced by athletes, A-Rod No. 13, Taylor Swift her penchant for putting “13” in her surroundings.

    Once you are on the page where John Todd’s video is, you can look at the other videos about satanism in the recording industry. Illuminati Jews Exposed : Famous Pop – R&B Artist Usher Flashing Satanic Gestures in public
    What Really Happened To John Todd? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qMYrSPuEYTk&feature=related

    Ashton Kutcher & Demi Moore are followers of Kabbalah. I understand Bruce Willis wants Demi to keep the rituals away from his girls.

  46. http://www.inplainsite.org/html/rock_and_the_occult.html
    Hell’s Bells -The Dangers of Rock and Roll.
    Part IV.. Rock, Rebellion and The Occult

    Texe Marrs has authored books on the occult & their signs:
    Codex Magica by Texe Marrs can be viewd at
    Go to page 56 to see how early America was steeped in masonry.

    Ben Franklin on his trips to Britain & Europe attended satanic rituals & orgies. 10 skeletons were found buried in the basement of the summer home he & LeMarchand occupied. Franklin called LeMarchand “the Professor” to hide his identity.
    In certain circles, the name LeMarchand is synonymous with dread and horror. This “architect of the damned” served agents far more sinister than those served by Hitler’s own architect, Albert Speer. The atrocities performed by LeMarchand made him one of France’s most infamous figures, rivaled only by the DeVincouer family and Gilles de Rais (who had a profound effect on Lemarchand’s own courting of what he called the “Lords of Order”)

    The Malthus Principle suggests to the Illuminati that periodically thinning the global population is a good thing. Evolution, they believe, calls for the survival of the fittest, and they view themselves as superior and most fit to rule.

    In “Knowing” 2009 w Nicholas Cage (himself an occultist) the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill (2010) was foreshadowed in the 2009 movie. The world ruled by witches (same as illuminati) tells us in films what to expect next. In “The Sorceror’s Apprentice” Cage’s latest film, THE RISING which is the arrival of the antichrist is foreshadowed–to occur in Oct 2010 according to the last scene in “Knowing.” A street named Lafayette is referenced in NYC subway system. This stop does not exist, but the word Lafayette is a symbolic reference.

    How many know that L (Lafayette) Ron Hubbard was a disciple/follower of Aleister Crowley, that Scientology includes witch Crowley rituals.

    The flight numbers of the illusion of planes on 911 01 were masonic numbers:


  47. CBS News prez warned in 2000 about fake plane crashes


    Scientist Niels H. Harrit presents evidence of nano-thermite found in WTC dust on Danish television

    Bob Kerrey, 911 commission, says 911 was a 30 yr conspiracy.
    http://www.youtube. com/watch?v=wDfm3NroVG8&feature=related

    Destruction of Twin Towers on 911 was a FREEMASONS SICK ESOTERIC RITUAL!!!

    2nd illusion of a plane was a PVI virtual animation
    InVU “…[T]hese eyes extract the “metadata” or Digital DNA of the scene, allowing us to insert virtually anything into the image in real time….” http://www.pvi.tv/

    plane illusions flight #s on 911: 11, 77, 93, 175 were masonic/occultist numbers:
    11=sun/solar cycle 11 yrs from GHWB NWO speech 911 1990 to 911 2001.

    77=Crowley identified OZ by the word “strength,” which equates Qabalistically to a double-seven, or 77. Book 77 in Crowley’s canon is known as Book OZ, or The Thelemic Rights of Man.77 represents Mercury, god of Trade & Commerce, Hermes, God of Information (AKA, Lucifer) bringer of Illumination, God of Trade, Ezekiel 28:16

    93=gematria (mason’s G), numerical value for word will (thelema), Law & love-Aleister Crowley’s saying ‘do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law, love is the law love under will’ the whole of the law, love is the law love under will’ being narrowed down into numbers: 93 93 93/93. That is how those who follow thelema and Crowley’s work greet each other.

    175 represents the Merovingian dynasty which still maintains its legitimacy & will one day openly assert the divine right of their nobility to rule the world as an angelic race of demi-gods, whose ancestors were the fallen angels.

    The elite masters of the Masonic Order now control the White House and the leadership councils of the European Community. Their goal is to establish dictatorial Illuministic Communism and to enslave all of mankind under the thumb of a Jewish master race led by a world messiah who is to rule from Jerusalem.
    Their methods are Jewish witchcraft and illuministic cabalism, brought to the peak of demonic perfection via the art of Masonic magic and ritual. As one of their own insiders, Rabbi Stephen Wise, has stated: “Masonry is a Jewish institution whose history, degrees, charges, passwords, and explanations are Jewish from beginning to end.”

  48. To see reference to 93 93 93/93, as to how those who follow thelema and Crowley’s work greet each other,


    Could you send me a picture of this book? PM me and I will give you my email address. I own a signed “Thumbs…” and would like to take a look at yours.

    93 93/ 93
    Remember the 1st attempt at bombing the WTC was in 1993

    The date that JFK was assassinated: 11/22/63. all multiple numbers are masonic: 11, 22, 33, 44 etc.
    The word «taçâouf» that means “to practice the Sufism” and which is written “tâ-çad-wâw-fa” adds up 63. And the word Sufism which is written “çad-wâw-fa-yâ-hâ” adds up 56. The subtraction gives 7. Thus the difference between the exercise of the Sufism and the Sufism gives 7, number representing a value highly symbolic for them.

    Sufism (Sufism) may be best described as a mystical practice that emphasizes certain unique rituals for guiding spiritual seekers into a direct encounter with God. Muhammad is considered their chief prophet and many consider Sufism to be a mystical brand of Islam.

    Also, 63, “represents failure. Or the relationship between optimism and failure. For example, a man might buy 63 tickets with the intention of selling them on. At this point he is optimistic. However, as time passes the seller slowly realises he has made a series of errors. At this stage we arrive at the state of failure. IE 63”

  49. I just learned about LeMarchand’s diabolical cubes/music boxes last week. http://www.pyramid-gallery.com/ArtistBio.html
    Philip LeMarchand (1717 – 1811?)
    ( Biography excerpted from “Tucker’s Encyclopedia of Mass Murderers” )

    Occult secrets of the hellraiser movie puzzle box January 11, 2010
    “[Ben] Franklin and LeMarchand spent a summer at Dashwood’s estate in West Wycombe, north of London, where they took part in rituals in the specially-created caves dug on Dashwood’s orders.” I have not seen “Hellraiser.” I finally saw “Eyes Wide Shut” last week.

    I found in the collection under 1770-1776 a cube which is called
    Ordo Ab Chao
    “Order Out of Chaos”
    It is my understanding that the state of the world post 911 is chaos magick, which is being perpetrated by members of the elite.

  50. I watched 5 of the Hellraiser movies. Phillip LeMarchand was a mass murderer. He killed at least 96 people to gather enough human body fat to create his occult boxes. The 1st Lament Configuration was based on the box Albertus Magnus (super witch) made in the 13th century. No doubt, LeMarchand gathered more evil than Magnus. I hear Rudolph Giuliani is in possession of LeMarchand Lament Configuration box. LeMarchand lived at 70 Washington Square, downtown Manhattan. Escavations turned up 60 LeMarchand boxes, 5 were missing, 5 construction worker went missing. No doubt Giuliani found a way to obtain one of the boxes. You can research LeMarchand yourself. Clive Barker based his “Hellraiser” series on the Lament Configuration box. Pyramid Gallery obtained boxes & made copies of them. Do your own research.

  51. I completely forgot about this post. Thanks for commenting. I do have more to add. Ann Cappelletti was born in 1924 not 1925. I learned through LaSHtal.com Mussolini deported Aleister Crowley at the end of 1923. Therefore, Ann had to be conceived at Thelema in 1923 while Crowley was still in Sicily.

    Ann Joyce, John Cappelletti put 4 curses on me in 1972. Ann paid my witch niece (now powerless), Kirstie Beltz, to put the curse of a decayed human molar on me in 2003 when I went with my sister’s family camping. I believe she may have put a curse on my brother, Jim, at the same time. Jim died from cancer almost 4 weeks ago. Kirstie who now lives in Las Vegas came to visit my sister in New Sewickley Township, PA more than 6 weeks ago. Jim had been in remission from lung cancer surgery. KIrstie shows up, boom Jim got very bad and died 2 weeks later. Coincidence, I don’t think. Kirstie is powerless but she does have witch pals in the Pittsburgh area. Shelby is a powerful witch who not only showed up that day of camping, but also showed up at the funeral and was having a merry time.

    Kirstie moved to live with my witch cousin, Macrina Drylak, in Las Vegas. Vegas is a town teeming with witches I have been told by a former Satanist who had gotten in touch with me. He told me about the rituals in the Vegas hills and a particular club in Vegas that witches frequent–they come from LA to get demonic power at this club.

    Witch cousin Macrina, I understand, teaches witchcraft in Vegas. Kirstie went to Vegas to get a job as a pool girl. Nice job for someone with a master’s degree in Social work, isn’t it? Kirstie gets a job as a pool girl (to get to talk to girls at the pool to offer them love potions) to meet desperate girls in Las Vegas looking to catch a husband. I tried to tell Jim Kirstie is a witch but he refused to take me seriously. Witches FEED curses to their victims. The prepare potions, hoodoo or Voodoo, with mortar and pestles.

  52. For those of you who do not know NWO are witches, masons, occultists, kabbalists-zionists, please learn what CRAFT and Aleister Crowley rituals were involved in the 911 mega ritual. Killing provides life spirits from which demons feed and reward occultists/witches with money & property and what they want. The witches/occultists have to continually feed the demons to continue getting what they want. That is why there is perpetual war with the occultists/witches in the U.S. govt.

    Witches burn money & gold for demonic power.

  53. I have more information, but it will have to wait until a later time. Gotta go.

  54. Ann Cappelletti put the hoodoo curse of licorice root on Joe Paterno in 1970. I sent Joe and 2 fraternities at Penn State a letter that Ann Cappelletti was a witch when I had the hoodoo curse of malocchio/the evil eye/buckeye-chestnut taken from me in 1987/

    Witchs prepare food with incantation in a mortar w pestle. You are fed curses by witches. Not a look, not a letter. They feed you food. Be careful of what you eat & who serves it to you. There is help for the evil eye, you ate it, someone has to take it away from you. Most spiritualists are evil. ASK FOR HELP from someone who works for Almighty God. The rest are charlatans. Witches burn gold for demonic power. When someone put as curse on you he/she pays the witch a lot of money to put the curse on you. Witches burn that money and put the ashes of currency in the drinks to consume it..

  55. Barbara Bush & Ann Cappelletti are illegitimate daughters of Aleister Crowley, conceived to be the ANTICHRIST. Crowley’s goal was to sire the antichrist. Barb & Ann were born girls, therefore they became witches.

  56. Crowley had sex with a Turkish woman from which union a boy was born. His sons Omer & Gokce Turkdonmetz lived in East Elmurst, Queens, New York in 2007. I have not verified if they still live in Queens.

    “Patricia “Deirdre” MacAlpine approached Crowley on the day of the verdict and offered to bear him a child, whom he named Aleister Atatürk. She sought no mystical or religious role in Crowley’s life and rarely saw him after the birth, “an arrangement that suited them both.”

    I learned Crowley’s son went by the name .and died in the mid 2000s

  57. Every week that passes I see more manufactured picture of GZ. See Robert Segal’s photos from ground zero 9/14-16/2001. The point is these photos were taken by a citizen who voluteered for 911 cleanup. George Stephanopoulous asked Giuliani, “Where was all the DEBRIS?”
    Go to this site to learn how the media TV & Print Conned the US & the world with the 911 demolitions for INSURANCE FRAUD, death hoax fraud, real estate fraud, art market insurance fraud and stock market put option fraud and American & United Airlines. The HOAX of 911 was 4 years of planning for the MEGA RITUAL.

    There was very little debris for 2 110 story buildings because the buildings were gutted and prepped for demolitionon 911.

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