Chinese buying up new book about Rothschild banking conspiracy

The thing that most shocked him was his “discovery” that the Fed is a privately owned and run bank.


“Chinese buy into conspiracy theory”

Red Ice | Sep 26, 2007

By Richard McGregor

The Battle of Waterloo. The deaths of six US presidents. The rise of Adolf Hitler. The deflation of the Japanese bubble economy, the 1997-98 Asian financial crisis and even environmental destruction in the developing world.

In a new Chinese best-seller, Currency Wars , these disparate events spanning two centuries have a single root cause: the control of money issuance through history by the Rothschild banking dynasty.

Even today, claims author Song Hongbing, the US Federal Reserve remains a puppet of private banks, which also ultimately owe their allegiance to the ubiquitous Rothschilds.

Such an over-arching conspiracy theory might matter as little as the many fetid tracts that can still be found in the west about the “gnomes of Zurich” and Wall Street’s manipulation of global finance.

But in China, which is in the midst of a lengthy debate about opening its financial system under US pressure, the book has become a surprise hit and is being read at senior levels of government and business.

“Some senior heads of companies have been asking me if this is all true,” says Ha Jiming, the chief economist of China International Capital Corp, the largest local investment bank.

The book also gives ammunition, however hay-wire, to many in China who argue that Beijing should resist pressure from the US and other countries to allow its currency, the renminbi, to appreciate.

The book’s publisher, a unit of the state-owned CITIC group, said Currency Wars had sold nearly 200,000 copies, with an estimated 400,000 extra pirated copies in circulation as well.

Mr Song, an information technology consultant and amateur historian who has lived in the US since 1994 and is now based in Washington, says his interest was sparked by trying to uncover what lay behind the Asian crisis in 1997.

After he began blogging some of his findings, his friends suggested he find a publisher for a longer work. He professes himself surprised by the book’s success.

“I never imagined it could be so hot and that top leaders would be reading it,” he says during a book tour in Shanghai. “People in China are nervous about what’s going on in financial markets but they don’t know how to handle the real dangers. This book gives them some ideas.”

The thing that most shocked him, he says, was his “discovery” that the Fed is a privately owned and run bank. “I just never imagined a central bank could be a private body,” he says.

The Fed does describe itself “as an unusual mixture of public and private elements”. While its seven governors are all appointed by the US president, private banks do hold shares in its 12 regional reserve banks.

But Mr Song ignores the government’s role and argues that the Fed’s key functions are ultimately controlled by five private banks, such as Citibank, all of which have maintained a “close relationship” with the Rothschilds.

Mr Song is defensive about his focus on the Rothschilds and what the book depicts as their Jewish clannishness.

“The Chinese people think that the Jews are smart and rich, so we should learn from them,” he says. “Even me, I think they are really smart, maybe the smartest people on earth.”

Jon Benjamin, chief executive of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, is not impressed. “The Chinese have the highest regard for what they see as Jewish intellectual and commercial acumen, with little or no concurrent culture of antisemitism. This claim, however, plays to the most discredited and outmoded canards surrounding Jews and their influence. That it should gain currency in the world’s most important emerging economy is a great concern.”

The book has been ridiculed in internet postings in China, for exaggerating the lingering influence of the Rothschilds and being a re-write of existing conspiracy theories in the west.

Mr Ha puts the book’s popularity down to the decade-long stagnation in Japan and the Asian financial crisis, which he says had a profound impact on many Chinese policymakers.

Such officials remain deeply suspicious of advice from western countries to open up the financial system and float the currency. “They think it is just a new way of looting developing countries,” Mr Ha says.

Mr Song himself has been commissioned to write a number of new books to capitalise on his success, on the yen, the euro and also on China’s financial system.

But in conversation, he sounds hesitant about the line his future tomes might take. “This book may be totally wrong, so before the next one, I have to make sure my understanding is right,” he says.

“Before this book, I was a nobody, so I could say anything I liked, but now the situation has changed.”

15 responses to “Chinese buying up new book about Rothschild banking conspiracy

  1. Yes, the Chinese’s view is right. Why can’t us accept it.

  2. I wish to get at least four copies of the book ” Currency Wars” by Mr Song Hongbing.
    I really appreciate if you can get me these books.
    Is understood that I will be paying for any expences occur and related to the shipping of the same etc..
    Thanks for your kind assistance.
    Kind Regards,
    David Murgia

  3. Try Amazon China

    It is not available in the US as far as I know

  4. Good Morning,
    this is David Murgia,
    first of all Happy New Year 2008, plenty of Health an peace.
    My request is that ever since last four months I’ve been looking all over for a four copies of new book by author Mr Song Hongbing, title, ” Currency Wars “. There is any way you can help me to get these four copies and send them to me.
    Thanks for your kind consideration.
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    David Murgia

  5. Good Morning,
    this is David Murgia,
    first of all Happy New Year 2008, plenty of Health an peace.
    My request is that ever since last four months I’ve been looking all over for a four copies of new book by author Mr Song Hongbing, title, ” Currency Wars “. There is any way you can help me to get these four copies and send them to me.
    Thanks for your kind consideration.
    Kind regards,
    David Murgia

  6. I am sure that the book is not translated into English yet. you would need to order it from a Chinese bookstore. Try searching Amazon China or

  7. The Fall of the House of Rothschild is inevitable.

  8. Mr. Song, I have not read your book yet, but so far the history is truth and fact. This family IS the Federal Reserve. The legacy of the Rothschilds is well documented and since their bailout of America after the Great Depression, to the current $700Billion bailout of Sept. 2008, they are very much rooted financially in the American economy and have amassed their family wealth in all but four global banking systems in countries throughout the world. Thank you for boldly uncovering this great lie.

  9. The funny thing is I thnk that rothschilds control the chinese governemnt and it is their puppet regime as is communism. Karl Marx was a distant rothschild, look it up in wikipedia. Rothschild means redshield. Five arrows is because of the five brothers I think. Look at Chinese flag its a red shield with 5 five sided stars. London corporations has the dragon as its symbol.

    Who picked up China? Western investment and integration in to export markets.

    If Rothschild control west why would they build up as threat. Too many red flags for me.

  10. The Li family is the Illuminati family in China. See Bloodlines of the Illuminati.

  11. It’s only a ‘conspiracy’ because hearsay is added like ‘6 presidents assassinations’. I believe the fed probably had to do with maybe 2 or 3 including JFK, but it’s all speculation since we weren’t there, AND there isn’t enough evidence. As for the Rothschilds control, oooooh it remains strong… J.P. Morgan, the rothschilds doing, Rockefellers, thank you rothschild…. It’s why our vehicles run on gas and not hemp biomass. Diesel 0riginally made his engine to run on hemp seed fuel. Rockefeller (standard oil) was funded by rothschilds like J.P. Morgan, and this has to do with why hemp was outlawed and marijuana used as a political ploy for one man to get into office and serve the needs of business at the same time. Lots of things are connected to the Rothschilds, it doesn’t make it a conspiracy, even if that’s what ignorant people like to call it.

  12. Herbert Levinson

    The Chinese don’t really need to buy books on “The Rothschilds”. Almost every aspect of their activity is documented on the internet with many government source documents. Facebook is loaded with information and sources.

  13. Looking for a travel book for California written in Chinese. Prefer on-line site to purchase, or if not a store in the San Francisco area.

  14. I personal think the stories are true because of a chance encounter with an over heard conversation of two ladies accompaning .Golda Mier fmr Israeli Prime Minister on a 1948 US mission to a Synogog in upstate NY to obtain contributions to prosecute the war for Israels independence. The words were. “I wonder what Rothschild will say”? This set me on a life long task to uncover who this individual was? And boy did I. I found that Barons Rothschild controls the world. Since earning a great fortunes. Originating with King Geoge III’s stolen pay earmarked for the Hessian Army during the American Revolution and all the numerous escapaded since. So I poliferate all the document I had obtained to allow the public to make up their own minds.

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