Lovelock: “Global Warming Will Kill 6 Billion”

“In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill…The real enemy, then, is humanity itself….Bring the divided nation together to face an outside enemy, either a real one or else one INVENTED for the purpose…”

– The First Global Revolution: A Report by the Council of Rome

“A total world population of 250-300 million people, a 95% decline from present levels, would be ideal.”

-Ted Turner – CNN founder and UN supporter, in both an interview with Audubon magazine and quoted in the The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor, June ’96

Gaia theory creator says ‘dark time’ will leave only 500 million, ‘but for those who survive, I suspect it will be rather exciting.’

Business & Media Institute | Oct 22, 2007

By Dan Gainor

Six billion dead. That’s the latest magic number from the eco-left that’s designed to scare the world into global warming action. Climate extremist James Lovelock, the founder of the Gaia theory, used it predicting mankind will almost be wiped out by 2100 from global warming.

Lovelock told Rolling Stone that predictions of the earth’s warming will be “nearly double the likeliest predictions of the latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.” Rolling Stone summed it up by saying “The human race is doomed,” in a story posted on its site October 17. Only as few as 500 million will survive “with most of the survivors living in the far latitudes – Canada, Iceland, Scandinavia, the Arctic Basin.”

Ironically, the aging scientist didn’t advocate for typical eco-solutions. In fact, he said they won’t work and advocates for nuclear power. “To Lovelock, cutting greenhouse-gas pollution won’t make much difference at this point, and much of what passes for sustainable development is little more than a scam to profit off disaster,” wrote Jeff Goodell. “‘Green,’ he tells me, only half-joking, ‘is the color of mold and corruption.’”

ENDGAME – Blueprint for Global Enslavement

Elite Eugenics Plan to Exterminate 80% of Humanity

The predictions arrive just in time for the media awash in post Nobel Prize climate change coverage. CNN is devoting a huge effort to promote its two-part show “Planet in Peril” that will be shown on the network Oct. 23 and 24 at 9 p.m.

Lovelock isn’t even the first eco-extremist this year to say the earth is over-populated by billions of people. In May, Paul Watson, founder and president of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society warned mankind was “acting like a virus” and 5.5 billion would die.

Now Lovelock trumps that prediction by roughly 500 million lives. “In fact, the coming of the Four Horsemen — war, famine, pestilence and death — seems to perk him up. ‘It will be a dark time,’ Lovelock admits. ‘But for those who survive, I suspect it will be rather exciting,'” wrote Rolling Stone.

. . .


Boom in biodefense labs puts country at higher risk for dangerous disease outbreaks

Global Warming: A Convenient Lie
In Gore’s movie, he presented evidence that was found in the research done on ice core samples from Antarctica, which he claimed is proof for the theory of CO2 being the cause of rising temperatures. However, this group of scientists state that “warmer periods of the Earth’s history came around 800 years before rises in carbon dioxide levels”, meaning that a rise in Carbon Dioxide follows a rise in temperature, rather than increasing temperature following rising CO2 emissions. And not only that, but it follows behind the rise in temperature by about 800 years. The group also mentions that, “after the Second World War, there was a huge surge in carbon dioxide emissions, yet global temperatures fell for four decades after 1940.”

The truth about global warming – it’s the Sun that’s to blame
Global warming has finally been explained: the Earth is getting hotter because the Sun is burning more brightly than at any time during the past 1,000 years, according to new research. A study by Swiss and German scientists suggests that increasing radiation from the sun is responsible for recent global climate changes. This just shows, that even if CO2 was the cause of the current warming trend (which it isn’t), the premise that warming will keep spiraling out of control is totally unsubstantiated

Gore Science Versus Real Science
In April 2006, 60 scientists sent a letter to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper stating Kyoto is unwarranted. The signatories included Dr. Ian Clark, professor of isotope hydrology and paleoclimatology at the University of Ottawa; Dr. G. Cornelis van Kooten, professor of climate change and environmental studies at the University of Victoria; and Dr. Roy Spencer, research scientist at the Earth System Science Center, University of Alabama, Huntsville.

Global warming due to natural 1,500-year cycle, say experts

Globalists Love Global Warming
Trilateral Commission, chairman of British Petroleum, CFR, Club of Rome fan hysteria to achieve world government

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  2. These elitist parasites are insane. The amount of evidence proving that we barely exist on the planet is immense, yet they keep pushing the ‘we’re all going to die unless you have a one-child policy and we kill off the third world’ story.

    I don’t know what’s worse, these depopulation nutters or the dumb sheeple who just blink, flick their ears and follow each other into the grinder.

  3. Lovelock is probably right, but he’s not going to be listened to by most people. Documenting the collapse of society and civilization has been something I’ve been doing for the past several years. Those who doubt this, need to read up on what is actually happening around the world.

  4. Lovelock is selling us a cover story. You seem to have missed the point.

  5. That’s telling it like it is fmwatkins, but also the people have been deliberately led astray for thousands of years. The bright side is now for the first time in human history, there is a massive awakening occurring ironically because of one of the elite’s own creations. The internet.

  6. whitey ran around the world immunizing all the third world people and tipped natures natural balance too much in one direction. i agree…there are too many people eating,shitting etc.

  7. frank you also miss the point. Study the New World Order.


  8. I call upon those leading the depopulation agenda to lead by example and kill themselves first otherwise their words are meaningless and hollow just like their morals and ethics.

  9. Damn straight pissedoff. You are one of the ones who gets it. Of course they never offer to off themselves first because they think they are really quite special. mmmm

  10. You might read a column like this and in any other time of history, you would expect to find counter arguments or agreements. But here we are in this the neoneanderthal age and what we get is anger, attack and insult.

    Maybe it is finally time to purge the gene pool.

  11. Why don’t you practice what you preach Redoubt?

  12. Well, the world is dieing off rapidly – just look around you … things are going to Hell in a hand basket. We need to re-tool ASAP. We are caught up in a 19th Century “Industrial” frame of mind and many are still crippled by out~moded religious sentiment and TV-induced stupor – not to mention the blood-sucking elite that can’t keep their dadgum hands out of our pockets for one second! I read Lovelock’s “Revenge of Gaia” when it first came out a couple years ago – and it turned my head around at the time. I’ve been aware of his work for years, but this book REALLY outlines the worst case scenario – the case which he believes we are in now – that the damage has been done and the run-away greenhouse effect (remember that phrase?) is in full start-up mode. The carbon build-up we are seeing now was actually released into the system in the ’70s and ’80s – the worst is yet to come, no matter if we were able to shut off the spicket today. The only thing we can do now is try to temper the situation – to maintain a life-sustaining temperature on Earth, at least at the extreme poles – to treat our Mother’s ‘fever’ as best we can.
    The biosphere is in a destructive feedback mode now. In our ignorance, we turned the key and cranked ‘er up, and it -the over~heating engine- will run on its own now.
    Lovelock is an Aristocrat – Royal Society – Rothschild connected – probably Masonic – and so is very suspicious to me. But I don’t believe he is a Eugenics nut – he wants to save civilization – he sees mankind as an unruly child of Mother Earth who has blundered into this critical situation. His forecast – that in the near future probably only a few million people at best will be huddled at the poles eeking out a strained existence, while the huge majority of Earth’s surface is uninhabitable – is sadly, probably true. The over-population problem will take care of itself, if you catch my drift.
    That does not mean we sit idly by, continuing on with our childish attitudes till the bitter end and then just jump over the cliff like so many lemmings. We move immediately to quit burning gas and oil and forrests – where is that guy who can make sea water burn? We start shifting populations northward and southward from the equator/tropics – we start burrowing into the Earth – we quit producing meat – we re~forrest as quickly as possible – we conserve – we stop all wars – we dismantle the elitist shadow governments and start all over with leaders with soul.
    We have learned that self-sustaining, small agrarian society works best – the goofy idea of sustained economic growth ad-infinitum is sure death.

  13. pjwalker911 is correct. In fact, everyone who advocates mass death must BEGIN by immediately shutting up and committing instant suicide. Their only alternative is to be recognised for the uber-hypocrite they are, and be henceforth ignored.

  14. There are 2 types of people. Us(the sheeple) and them(the elite). The elite control both sides (the east and the west). We the sheeple continue to fight each other. We need to realize that there is only 1 forest instead of just seeing a bunch of trees. If we only see the different trees they will continue to win. As long as we only see individual trees they will continue growing them for us to keep us busy.
    On the plus side they seem to have been derailed, because the status quo seems to still be in place. We seem to be getting nowhere, fortunately they may also be in the same predicament. We keep hearing that this or that is going to happen without it ever happening. They seem to have great difficulty getting WWIII going full steam. Only time will tell.

  15. The basic points are: the earth is..indeed over populated, rich people don’t like this, poor people don’t matter to the rich, the rich want quality ahead of quantity, everything is a commodity, the rich matter because they are rich, that’s it..everyone else is toast if necessary, money is and always will be the only thing that really matters.

  16. All elites and their enablers are eugenics nuts. It’s the masonic religion.

    There is only one real genuine threat to humanity and the planet. That is the Illuminati whose goal is to get rid of most of us to bring in their new system of feudalism. Everything else is set up by them to herd the sheep into the slaughter pens. You have to study the works of Wells, Russell, Quigley, Galton, the Huxleys etc etc beginning with Plato, but if you don’t have time to read thousands of books, listen to Alan Watt at Cutting Through the Matrix

    He fills in the gaps in a big way and has no sacred cows to defend.

  17. Nobody lives forever. When global warming has become a critical issue as to were it jeopardizes the human race we will all be long and gone so just do what you can to help as an individual an forget the rest. If a new world order does approach we can deal with it then, I have plenty of weapons and am sure i wont be the first to go out. So they can try what the want. But until then i will live life.

  18. Jim Eagle Feather

    Yes, glabal warming is being used as a smoke screen – but up until now it has mainly been used to hide the fact that other massive dangers face the biosphere. The real force behind most of the global destruction of the biosphere has been funded and pushed by the NWO. I know one Christian who feels that Satan is behind a move to destroy the earth completely so that God’s prophecies can’t come to pass. I am not a Bible believer, but it does seem like the force that wants power wants to trash the earth as fast as possible. Carbon Dioxide is merely being used to hide the destructions being done and yet planned. Millions of GM trees are being released into the environment with little or no testing. The Fisheries of the Oceans are being rapidly depleted and many are already GONE. The same NWO that crys about global warming is the same NWO that is built itself on the power of oil! We have tecnologies that could replace oil. They have prevented it for decades. Truthfully at times I lean toward the notion that aliens control the NWO and want the earth killed off so they can replant it with their own biosphere.

  19. It seems kinda strange that nobody else has said this, but I don’t what to be killed by rich people so they can be comfortable. I don’t want my family to be either.
    I’m a husband and father who is the head of a house which has very modest financial resources. If Lovelock is wrong that global warming will decimate civilization and Alex Jones with his Endgame documentary is right, then we (like you) are headed for the slaughter house.
    People are relying on government to protect their future because, in the end, they don’t believe Lovelock or Alex Jones…
    When the day that everyone starts dying comes, I think that most people will actually be surprised.

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  21. Global warming will not kill 6 billion. George Bushes Never-ending Mid-east wars just might.
    Illuminatist and NWO nuts stated decades ago that the world pop. needed to be reduced by several billions of us useless eaters and that then they may enjoy their wealth(greed)and works of their hands.
    There is a new day coming when the Creator will visit HIS creation….this world will be changed forever,..but not by man

  22. Civilian populations, now on the front line of any military conflict, are like military personnel: EXPENDABLE. (Your tax dollars at work.)This concept also holds true for any large scale natural disaster. Someday soon, however, the scale of these cataclysms may force the “Expenders” to take parts in the role of “players” in the end-game.

  23. Global Warming…. HA HA HA. I’m not worried. This is a joke of a post.

  24. hello, i’m from uruguay

  25. There is still a question, as to what is causing global warming, but there is evidence which suggests it is man made, and indeed I do not think the argument against that is at all compelling. I think the denial of it may be more psychological, people cant face the ugly reality, than based on evidence. As far as population, it is as much an evil agenda to rapidly expand population as it would be to kill it off. Since the 1950s the population as exploded from just over 2 billion to over 6 billion. This has increased poverty, famine, and suffering around the globe, and has stressed already finite resources. Population growth in reality makes people eisier to control, by forcing them into poverty and weakening them. I do think suggestions of forced population control is reprehensible, but it would be harmless to try to educate people so they make better reproductive choices and are aware of the economic realities of overpopulation. What are these people doing, if they cannot even feed themselves, bringing in 5 children. Its like saying, I am suffering and miserable, so i am going to bring in many more people to share the suffering and misery with me. It is reasonable for everyone to have a reasonable number of children, but, everyone having 4 or 5 would quickly drive any country into the ground into a mire of poverty and famine. It is incredibly sadistic. Again all I say is acceptable is education will help people make better reproductive choices and keep the birth rate down through abstinance to a more sustainable level. This would hurt absolutely no one and would actually save lives. Those who want continued population growth when we are already exceeding resources limits, seem to either not be living in reality or enjoying seeing children suffering and dying. If you want to see the results of overpopulation visit somalia (which has somewhere around a 200% or more population growth) and see the children starving to death, or India with people living on the street or in overcrowded cardboard hovels next to rivers of raw sewage.

  26. David Rockefeller has got to be one of the most bitter and twisted looking miserable fucks on the planet – truly a soul-less, hollow monster who has to tow his ‘bodyguard’ James Ford (traitor!!) everywhere he goes, like a true coward, truly an unhumorous real-life Scrooge …enjoy Gehenna Motherfucker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. It sounds to me like lovelock is saying business as usual won’t work. Being green won’t be enough. The answers need to come soon and they need to be big. I think that this might be why he keeps referring to nuclear power. The potential of nuclear power is far and currently unrealized. If not for the hysteria over nuclear meltdown and atomic weapons, we might be living comfortably in the knowledge that the same science is powering our grid and enriching our lives.

    I still think lovelock is an old man with a whirlwind of demons that haunt him. I don’t see misery and death in our future. I see us overcoming ourselves and finding that things are brighter than we thought.

  28. It seems that this “pjwalker911” guy seems to be so into the “mysterious” New World Order to the point that he makes them into phantoms and bug-a-boos that the people have no more hope of challenging than they do the Moon.

    Since most of the world about 95% of hue-manity are non-white people (So says UN figures research it yourself.. they say it!!), what many of the con-spiracy whites fail to call out is that this is yet the same white supremacist attempt to deal with dealing with whites negative birthrate and non-whites growing birthrate.

    If Lovelock and Plainick and their financeers think that the 95% of hue-mans will allow for whites to call for the death them without retailiation…. they all should understand what non-whites forever has overstood: Call for Death and Death answers… [code]


    It is nothing of the sort that you claim. Yes, I am white, but my worry is about the entire human species including all races. The threat is not terror or global warming. The threat is this Illuminati, elite, globalists, papists, Zionists or whatever else you want to call them. There is no mystery about them. They are real people you can easily identify. They are the artistocracies (Bush, Rockefeller, Grosvenor etc), royal families (Windsors, Habsburg, Bourbon, Saud. Lee, etc), the Zionist bankers (Rothschild etc) and the Vatican hierarchy (Benedict, Bertie, Kolvenbach etc). There are plenty of black African, Arab, Asian, Jewish and Hispanic members of this overall group. Just look up the African leaders who are members of the Knights of Malta for example.

    The fact is an aristocratic elite rules the world and they only want to tighten their control further and further until they have total power, a New World Order. Getting rid of most of the humans is part of their strategy. Those remaining will be “enhanced” with the brainchips and other artificial organs to better serve “the Great Work” of these masonic overlords who are really devils with no conscience or concern for you or anyone else but their inner cirlce of inbred families which represent a small percentage of the human population.

    I don’t give a damn if you think it’s some kind of right-wing white conspiracy theory, or that it is just angry white men who think this way. It’s stupid to think that. You are just plain wrong and you are wrong to use the race card. It’s cheap.


  30. Hey PW did you catch Matt Lower on ESPN fro some kind of “GREEN” campaign he was said to be in the artic circle trying to spread awareness about the ice caps melting and he said “they were melting as he spoke” WTF WTF

  31. No, I avoid watching the tube these days, but it’s just more of the terror psyops campaign to frighten everyone into giving up their freedom and sovereignty. Then they begin sealing off vast tracts of land, herding people into the cities under Agenda 21. Then, later it serves as a cover for the depopulation program using various biospecific weapons along with the 100 years War.

    We have the main enemy at the top who are the Illuminati and then we have our closer enemies who are the Liberal leaders pushing Climate Change and the Neocon leaders pushing Terror. They all work together at the top of the pyramid. How do we fight such a beast? We have plenty of massive protests, but we are not protesting the right things. You never see a mass protest against the Illuminati, do you? And yet, that is the real power behind all of it.

  32. hey pjwalker911, do you believe that the globalists are just a group of evil people or do you believe that there is a higher evil power behind them(non-human).
    I concur with the wasted protests(branches in Thoreau’s tree of evil, can’t see the forest because of the many trees(toys to keep us busy)), maybe if we had a concerted effort against one of the elite families to start off with and then go from there. Though I believe we would need more help than just human help. Also the chances of getting all the sheeple together is about zero to less than zero.

  33. Stu, if a Devil exists, then yes, he would be behind the whole NWO agenda. If there isn’t a personified Devil per se, it could be another more impersonal form of occultic evil force in the universe, which according to Albert Pike the former pope of the Scottish Rite it is that, an impersonal force called Lucifer that freemasons cultivate through initiation. Or it could be that it is just psychopathology caused by thousands of years of inbreeding by these elites. Maybe a little of each. Being agnostic and a skeptic about spiritual matters, I can’t say for sure. One thing I am pretty sure it is NOT, is aliens or ten foot tall reptiles. that is a masonic psyop in my opinion. The point is to go for what is most likely the case. Generational Psychopathology enhanced by anti-human religion, cultivating this impersonal dark power, is the most likely answer.

    The root cause of human liberation will always be the truth. As long as we have truth, we will be on our way to a truly free society. To the extent that we live in ignorance, we will live in bondage, fear etc. So education is the most essential part of the entire equation. We have to get busy studying and understanding the NWO both horizontally (broad perspective big picture) and vertically (knowing a number of aspects in depth from top to bottom). As we do this, we have share your knowledge with others in any way possible.

    As far as protest or some kind of action, it is up to the individual. Large groups are always going to get infiltrated. Small groups and individuals can do more below the radar. Non-violent, peaceful, but direct. I agree with WeAreChange strategy for the most part. Outing the elites is the best thing to strip them of their power, either through direct confrontation or indirectly through writing, blogging, websites, video, talk shows, internet TV, music, presentations etc. Anything to get the word out to others, particularly those who are completely in the dark. These latter have to learn that things are not as they might appear and that they need to start investigating things.

    Those who have the taste for politics should run for office or start campaigns. Some people can and should get involved at the local level and expose mayors, councilmen and judges for membership in secret societies and secretive thinktanks and foundations. Just about every NGO is involved. Avoid witch-hunts that would hurt innocent people or harrass low-level members. We don’t want to do that. Focus on the really bad guys.

    We are in the Matrix and for this reason a majority are brainwashed and actually aiding the NWO, betraying their own human species. Very self-destructive. Many of them are sell-outs but others are just dupes. Need to distinguish the two.

    Focusing on one Illuminati family is a good idea, to get so intimately knowing every detail about them and exposing them is needed. People have to start seeing them for who they really are. I would include various treacherous preachers, high priests and Zionist rabbis too. The Vatican is totally corrupt and should be dismantled, but first people need to get awakened. Catholics need to understand at the very least, that the Jesuits are in the capstone of the masonic pyramid. There are millions of Catholics too who see such talk as blasphemy and so it it a very difficult and dangerous thing to talk about. We do not want to start a civil war!

    The money system is also corrupt. There is just too much centralized financial power in too few hands. This gives them tremendous power with unlimited resources. All started with the Templars and before that really. We need to get back to a more decentralized system so that people have a choice about how to handle trade and business. We definitely have to avoid excessive credit and the stop the cashless trend. Some say we need to put our money in smaller banks and credit unions and use cash as much as possible. It is something to start thinking about.

    We cannot break this system overnight, however we are seeing more and more people understanding that a New World Order does indeed exist and that it must be stopped if we want to survive. They just need to get the bigger picture that is it neither Right nor Left at the top. War on Terror is a hoax. Global Warming is a hoax. These two hoaxes control the Right and the Left respectively at this time.

    Even though things are getting critical, we need to have patience and work methodically not hysterically toward the goal of a truly free society. We can never lose sight of the fact that often movements are hijacked and the victors turn out to be just as bad as the vanquished. We have to avoid that. A decentralized, leaderless movement of individual free-thinkers and independent cells wary of the Left/Right paradigm is the best “structure” if you want to call it that. It must be truly organic and grass-roots to be effective. Anyone who advocates violence should be shunned as a provacateur. (though a time may come when we have to defend ourselves).

    Ideally, we start up an entirely new system loosely based on the constitutional republic model. The system we have was never genuinely for the people. It was set up of, by and for the masonic elites where some were more “equal” than others. The masonic elites always had a hand in it with loopholes for exploitation. They still practiced slavery in 1776 for example, but there were always those who took the principle of freedom literally on its face and so we should emulate them. It seems more practical to focus on reclaiming the original system we got with our constitution, this time making sure it is followed to the letter. I know most people are wary of a constitutional convention, but I think the constitution needs to be updated and hardened against future manipulation. Jefferson did say however that it is the duty of every citizen to abolish the government when it becomes totally corrupt and institute a new one. I would go for that, but this time we would tear up the masonic capital, reclaim it and move the capital maybe into the midwest somewhere and start all over again. Reclaiming or reinstituting a new society will not be easy. In fact, it is almost impossible as long as so many people remain so ignorant and degenerate as they are. Only an educated moral society based on love and compassion can expect to live in freedom. We are still a long way from that now.

    We might need some kind of help from above to get it done, but there is no way we can do it unless we ourselves try and make some efforts in that direction.

    In the end, the truth will set us free.


  34. Then they should be the first to sacrifice themselves for the greater good.

    I’m waiting……..

  35. Yes, exactly. If the elites (royalty, high freemasons, vatican heirarchs, zionist bigwigs, banksters, CFR members etc) want to reduce population so bad, let them start with themselves to save us the trouble of getting rid of them.

  36. RE: Global Warming: A Convenient Lie

    Lovelock’s claims coincide with the Nuclear-Industrial-Complex agenda.

    As for Global Warming, and if you are an unbeliever, try looking at the overall picture, which has been created by the human overshoot (but don’t blame it all on the world’s dispossessed!)

    The following bulk quote is from

    “1. Destroying the atmosphere. Human activity is responsible for ozone depletion (ozone holes). Ozone depletion is exposing the biosphere to higher levels of UV radiation (UVA and UVB) that reach the Earth’s surface and pose the biggest threat to life-support mechanism, the already collapsing ecosystems. [Worst affected areas: New Zealand , Australia , tip of S. America; and by 2009 Canada , northeast US, northern Europe, northeast China and northern Japan .)
    2. Consuming excessive energy. All human activities require the conversion and consumption of energy. The rate of conversion/consumption of energy is directly proportional to the poisoning of our biosphere. The more energy converted and consumed, the more toxic substances released into the biosphere. In most cases where the damage to life support systems is already extensive, the destruction of ecosystems increases exponentially against any linear increase in human activity.
    3. Polluting the air we breathe, the water we drink and the soil we eat. Pumping toxic substances (industrial, agricultural and municipal) including NOX, SOX, heavy metals, chemicals, petrochemicals, biological and radionuclide poisons other synthetic poisons, pollutants, and heat into the biosphere is creating a terminal toxic syndrome on Earth.
    4. Depleting the supplies of fresh water. Humans are interfering with the hydro cycle by squandering large quantities of freshwater, depleting the water supplies and preventing aquifers from recharging. Water that naturally seeps through the ground to restore the aquifers is instead diverted through roads, roofs, ducts and canals causing flash floods and surface run-off.
    5. Transforming our planet into a barren desert (Desertification). Human activities are causing desertification or the degradation of land in vast areas of our planet causing loss of biodiversity and loss of productive capacity. The demand to grow more crops and graze more animals is increasing the rate of desertification exponentially. Each year desertification claims about six million hectares of productive land, an area nearly the size of West Virginia . Land degradation affects about 2 billion hectares of land in more than 110 countries, with arable land being lost at 30-40 times the historic rate.
    6. Producing acid rain. Acid rain is a serious environmental problem that affects most of the industrialized world, as well as other regions. Acid rain contributes to acidification of rivers, streams and lakes killing fish and other marine creatures. Acid rain also causes forest damage, accelerates weathering in carbonate rocks and hastens building weathering.
    7. Depleting the natural resources. Human consumption of natural resources already exceeds the planet’s productive capacity depleting the Earth’s natural capital rapidly [see HIoN above.] Increasingly, more lives would be lost due to food, water and energy scarcity.
    8. Heating the earth (releasing excessive greenhouse gases in the atmosphere). Large volumes of CO2 and other greenhouse gasses and pollutants released from the excessive consumption of fossil fuels are cooking our planet melting glaciers and ice contributing to the rise in sea levels.
    9. Increasing the size, number, and intensity of dead zones. The application of vast quantities of fertilizers to agricultural land each year corresponds to the increase of dead zones in the coastal waters killing off fish, other marine creatures and aquatic living systems. [Worst affected areas: seas of Europe, east coast of the United States and large areas off the coasts of New Zealand , Australia , China and elsewhere.]
    10. Driving the ecosystems to the verge of imminent collapse. Our exponentially growing ecological footprint has pushed at least 15 of the 24 ecosystems (about 2/3 of all ecosystems) vital for supporting life to the verge of collapse including fresh water, fisheries, air and water purification systems, and the systems that regulate climate, natural hazards, and pests.
    11. Interfering with the nature’s reproductive cycles. It is becoming increasingly evident that the genetic engineering technology is intrinsically unsafe and unreliable both in agriculture and in medicine. From the purely social and political viewpoints, the dangers of genetic engineering include increased economic inequality and totalitarian control over the populace via large-scale eugenic programs.
    12. Promoting the spread of virulent disease pandemics. The weakened ecosystems are increasingly less effective in preventing disease. Unstoppable disease pandemics (both natural and manmade) would be a serious threat to humans and other animals.
    13. Contributing to the extremes of climatic conditions. Exacerbated by Global Heating and failing ecosystems, hurricanes, droughts, extreme rain events… will pose serious threat to the safety of humans and other life forms.
    14. Clear cutting our forests (deforestation). About 13 million hectares of the world’s forests are lost due to deforestation each year. Although, the net rate of forest loss is reduced by plantation of new forests natural expansion of existing forests, this comes as no consolation to possibly as many as 27,000 species that inhabit the “old” forests. The global net loss of forest cover (natural forests and plantations) was about 125.5 million hectares between 1990 to 2005 an area 3 times the size of California . This represents an average net loss of about 8.4 million hectares each year during the reported period.
    15. Transforming planet Earth into a gigantic landfill. Each year we are converting about 60 trillion pounds of materials to garbage. As we continue to stuff our planet with more garbage, the landfills rapidly engulf us. Meanwhile, the human and wildlife habitats keep on shrinking.
    16. Manufacturing weapons. The so-called Military-Industrial Complex in the United States and the “Big Money” racketeers that own or control them are the largest and the most powerful terrorist organization in the world. In the last two generations alone, their nefarious weapons have killed more people than were ever slaughtered in the previous 5,700 years of recorded history.
    17. Waging wars. The psychopathology of predatory mutant humanoids, HIVE,[2] is geared on the annihilation of most life forms on Earth, even at the cost of wholesale destruction of the planet’s ecosystem. This creates ideal opportunities for the arms trade. The war racketeers profit from selling arms and by waging wars. People pay the ultimate price by sacrificing their old and young.
    18. “Profiting” from a predatory economic system. Billions for the banker debt slavery for the people. Capitalism, the cannibalistic system of economy, has transformed Earth from a life base to a ticking time bomb!]
    19. Creating social conflicts. Increasingly, social conflicts caused by inequality and uneven distribution of resources would play a major role in undermining the security of the population centers throughout the world.
    20. Conducting and condoning unethical behavior. Unsustainable lifestyles, population mobility, overconsumption, and human possessions are overwhelming and destroying the ecosystems.”

  37. “In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill…The real enemy, then, is humanity itself….Bring the divided nation together to face an outside enemy, either a real one or else one INVENTED for the purpose…”

    – The First Global Revolution: A Report by the Council of Rome, 1991 report on global governance claiming that common humanity itself is the problem and implying that we must be controlled and diminished to save nature.

  38. Global Warming is a farse. Wake up already. Propaganda. Propaganda. Propaganda.

  39. My point is if a person doesn’t get it from the above quote from The First Global Revolution: A Report by the Council of Rome, 1991, then what can they understand?

    The answer is nothing, because their brains are fried and the souls are taken over. We who still have some measure of common sense can still think. They can’t. They are incapable of thinking. They only absorb and parrot whatever the globalist criminals tell them to believe.

  40. wassup wassup … I hate global warming !@#$ global..warming

  41. Why do so many of you people think that telling us disease is going to kill off 95% of the population is the same thing as wanting to kill off 95% of the population? If I tell you my neighbor’s house burned down, are you going to claim that I wanted it to happen? Why don’t you try comprehending what is being said instead of jumping to conclusions about motivation.

  42. A) Deadly superviruses are being created in labs all over the world, especially the US. Dick Cheney admits they are creating race-specific bioweapons. Just google it. I mean wake up dude.

    B) The elites believe in eugenics, that is DNA “purification” and they also have a strong desire to reduce population by about 80% (which probably includes you and your loved ones), same as the kid school shooter from Finland who was living by the same philosphies of Plato, Hitler and Nietzche. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on one’s point of view), he lived it to the point of taking himself out, something that the elites fail to do, unfortunately.

    If you study the Illuminati, you will understand that they believe they are supermen who deserve to rule and who own the earth and who believe they have the right to “cull” other humans just as a rancher culls off his livestock.

    All I can say is, you need to study them. Read Carrol Quigley, HG Wells, Bertrand Russel, Plato, Hitler, Galton, Darwin etc or go to and listen to Alan Watt in his talks and interviews if you don’t have time to read hundreds of books.

    As Watt says, these are inbred psychopaths who have been at it a very long time. They see the world as their “grand chessboard”. They are master chess players and all others are their pawns, especially those who refuse to recognize that they exist.

  43. PJWalker I agree. This decent into tyranny and global control is another oscillation of the chaotic nature of the human mind. The difference is, as you say, the Internet is spreading the truth. When I say truth, I mean it is revealing finally to the masses who is behind the scenes.

    Their actions also betray their agenda, various greedy fuck ups on their part. 9/11 woke millions up to the agenda of the elites. Now when NAFTA turns up people connect the dots.

    The globalists won’t win. There are dark times ahead to be sure, but as they turn the screw, more and more people will realise that us ‘tin foil hats’ were right.

    Of course, they will be saying it from behind a FEMA camp fence…

    Just remembered a good quote:

    ‘The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.’

  44. And you could also say, ‘The greatest trick the Illuminati ever pulled was convincing the world they don’t exist.’

  45. What if the devil/satan/lucifer is a female entity?

  46. Lucifer in various forms, can be depicted as androgynous or hermaphroditic, ie both male and female as in the Baphomet which shows female breasts. This is not unusual considering that a number of hermaphroditic gods existed in the ancient world.

    “Hermaphroditus (also known as Aphroditus) was conceived after the union of Hermes and Aphrodite. He was a androgynous (having the characteristics of both sexes) deity, depicted as either a handsome young man but with female breasts, or as Aphrodite with male genitals.”

    Hermes figures prominently in masonic lore as well almost as a patron saint of alchemy. That is the blending and transmutation of opposites like male and female. So we can see a lot of influence from Freemasonry in the areas of feminism, gender-bending and homosexuality. In fact, if you listen to Alan Watt their goal is to engineer humans toward more androgeny and less distinction between the sexes. To do that, they must blur the lines between what is maleness and what is femaleness. They also use a variety of techniques to divide families and negate the institution of the nuclear heterosexual family unit which serves as a bulwark against this NWO.

  47. Would you consider circumcision to be a part of the plan, because these helps facilitate the male “bonding” ritual?

  48. these should be this

  49. Hi,

    I am from Sweden – and have now this side linked on my homepage

    OK ?

    Best regards… :-)
    friend Josef

  50. Josef, you need to read this scientific report and realize that anthropogenic global warming is a hoax perpetrated against the people by the elite to control and enslave us period, end of story. The sun is heating up in another of its glorious cycles and we will adapt. Everyone can calm down now and focus on the real issues like war, political tyranny, false-flag terror, loss of freedoms, toxic health-risks, social decay and the imploding economy.

    Consensus Shattered As Major Scientific Study Says Global Warming Is Natural

  51. hello everybody, i come back

  52. db&P

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  54. Global warming is a farce. The sunspots are what is cause the earth to warm up. The sun goes though cycles, certains times the sun produces large sunspots which causes the earth and other planets to get warmer and when the sunspots are smaller the earth gets cooler. It’s simple logic. By the way, Obama signed legislation for a Carbon tax, what a joke. Now we’re being charged to breathe? Hilarious. What will they think of next? Also, research Project Blue Beam…

  55. EU draws up plans to establish itself as ‘world power’ By Bruno Waterfield in Brussels
    Published: 7:00AM BST 07 Oct 2009 – ”Confidential negotiations on how to implement the Lisbon Treaty have produced proposals to allow the EU to negotiate treaties and even open embassies across the world. A letter conferring a full “legal personality” for the Union has been drafted in order for a new European diplomatic service to be recognised as fully fledged negotiators by international bodies and all non-EU countries.”

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