Israeli foreign minister secretly admits Iran’s nuclear program poses no threat

The Insider | Oct 25, 2007

Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni said a few months ago in a series of closed discussions that in her opinion that Iranian nuclear weapons do not pose an existential threat to Israel, Haaretz magazine reveals in an article on Livni to be published Friday. [To be precise this refers to Iranian nuclear energy facilities, not nuclear weapons, since there is no evidence whatsoever of any weapons and no current plans for any future weapons programme.]

Livni also criticized the exaggerated use that Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is making of the issue of the Iranian bomb, claiming that he is attempting to rally the public around him by playing on its most basic fears. Last week, former Mossad chief Ephraim Halevy said similar things about Iran.

[This may be an example of Mossad representatives creating news stories for propaganda purposes, with implicit assumptions built into the story, in this case the false and unfounded assumtpion that Iran has nuclear weapons. In other words, Mossad wants people to discuss Iran’s nuclear weapons, avoiding the prerequisite question of whether of not there are any weapons in the first place.]

The article also reveals for the first time a document Livni prepared and sent to Olmert a few months after the Second Lebanon War proposing a new division of labor between the two. “Enclosed is a proposal for work procedures between us, with the aim of providing an answer to Israel’s strategic needs and facilitating early planning and the formulation of coordinated Israeli positions … within the framework of cooperative relations, full transparency and continuous mutual updates,” wrote Livni.

She described in the document a number of required arrangements: “The prime minister and the foreign minister will hold regular work meetings at least once a week.” In an allusion to her absence form critical discussions during the war in Lebanon, she wrote: “The foreign minister will be invited to meetings with the prime minister on security matters and other meetings with serious implications.”

The most important part of the document relates to the talks with the Palestinians. Livni wrote: “The foreign minister shall represent the prime minister and the government of Israel, and will act on their behalf as the director of the dialogue with the relevant Palestinian representatives, and in accordance with the policy and methods to be coordinated in advance with the prime minster, while keeping him informed.”

It is reasonable to assume that Olmert’s decision to appoint Livni as head of the negotiating team with the Palestinians at the Annapolis summit is connected to the document.

The Haaretz article also reveals for the first time a draft of a document prepared for Livni by her advisor, Dr. Tal Becker of the Foreign Ministry, who is slated to serve as a senior member of the negotiating team with the Palestinians. The draft, named the Diplomatic Horizon, is pessimistic about the chances of reaching a permanent solution in the near future.


Haaretz, “Livni behind closed doors: Iran nukes pose little threat to Israel”, 25 october 2007.

2 responses to “Israeli foreign minister secretly admits Iran’s nuclear program poses no threat

  1. Iran might be a threat to the world if they attain nuclear weapons. The question is how do we stop them and should we (the U.S) stop them? This may be a wishful thought but I hope the Middle East can police themselves. Something like Estonia’s Singing Revolution may be a way to deal with this. I just saw a website about it –

  2. Iran, terrorists, Islamofascists, global warming etc are NOT the threats that they are propagandized to be.

    The REAL threat is the Illuminati, or if you prefer “the globalists”, “the elite” etc, who have declared a war on humanity which they call the New World Order. Wherever there is serious trouble in the world, they are behind it. They set up the Nazis, the Commies, Al Qaeda and they made up the global warming threat, all to re-engineer the world to their liking. This is their power. This is what we have to worry about and fight against. Not Iran.

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