Malta ‘is Blackwater’s operational base’

Malta Independent | Oct 15, 2007


A European Parliament working document drawn up by Giovanni Claudio Fava has claimed “Malta is the operational base of Blackwater, the organiser of private military militia which are increasingly taking on more and more roles which used to be undertaken by US forces in Iraq and elsewhere”.

American left-wing and anti-war media are in full cry about the underhand and subtle changes, which have made Blackwater the new symbol of American claimed supremacy, carried out by forces other than the regular military.

California Democratic Senator Henry Waxman has been holding a number of hearings on the spread of Blackwater but even they, the more anti-war media claims, have held back from seeing the whole wide picture.

Thus the four-hour interrogation of Blackwater director Eric Prince got lost in details, even discovering for instance a December 2006 “arrangement” negotiated by the State Department as compensation for an Iraqi policeman killed by a Blackwater employee.

But it was only Republican Darrell Issa from California who documented the intimate links between Prince and the Bush administration. On the eve of the hearings, Oliver North, the former colonel who had been condemned for exchanging arms with cocaine in the fight against communism in Nicaragua, accused Senator Waxman of a huge “witch-hunt”.

Dennis Kucinich, a Democrat from Ohio, argued that since the military functions had been privatised, it was in Blackwater’s interest to prolong the war, rather than end it.

An article on carried the charges by Jeremy Scahill that the Christian fundamentalists behind Blackwater were the hard core in favour of the war of George Bush and Dick Cheney and their “patron”, former Secretary of State George Schultz.

Eric Prince’s parents, Edgar Prince and his wife Elsa Prince Broekhuizen, through their foundation finance the Council for National Policy, an ultra-secret society which met in Salt Lake City on 28 September to hear Dick Cheney argue the case for an attack on Iran.

Prince Senior is one of the pillars of Christian Coalition of Gary Bauer and of the Family Research Council of James Dobson.

Eric Prince, through his own foundation, the Freiheit Foundation, finances Christendom College, the Institute for World Politics, Crisis Magazine and the Prison Fellowship of Chuck Colson. Prince also finances the Legionnaires du Christ and Christian Freedom International.

When still 27 years old, Eric Prince founded Blackwater USA. He and those who soon joined him have profited from the more than $1,000 million they have taken as contracts from 2000 to 2006.

In 2004, Cofer Black passed from CIA to the State Department and thence became Blackwater’s vice-president. While still in the CIA, Black was in charge of the “special extraditions” organising the secret transfer of prisoners from Iraq or Afghanistan to countries less rigid against the practice of torture, such as Poland, Romania, Egypt, and so on.

These planes, which travelled between Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo and Afghanistan often made stopovers in many European countries such as the UK, Italy, France, Germany and Malta many times without the countries themselves being informed what was going on.

Now the Swiss procurator Dick Marty has sent documents regarding the “CIA’s flying prisons” to the European Parliament and names two Blackwater subsidiaries – Presidential Airways and Aviation Worldwide Services.

The Giovanni Claudio Fava document on behalf of the European Parliament says the two companies used CASA C-212 planes, usually used to transport paratroops and big cargoes and also able to land on improvised landing spots.

. . .


Blackwater: Knights of Malta in Iraq
Blackwater is more than just a “private army”, much more than just another capitalist war-profiteering business operation. It is an army operating outside all laws, outside and above the US Constitution and yet is controlled by people within and outside our government whose allegiance is primarily to the foreign Vatican state. In other words, Blackwater is a religious army serving the Pope in Rome through the Order of Malta, which is itself considered under international law, as a sovereign entity with special diplomatic powers and privileges. Like Blackwater, the Order of Malta is “untouchable” because it is at the heart of the elite aristocracy.

The picture that proves ‘torture flights’ are STILL landing in the UK (and Malta)
The European Parliament report describes these as shell companies operating as subsidiaries of Blackwater USA, ‘an important contractor for the CIA and the US military’ which bases the planes in Malta. Tracking technology shows that the plane was en route from Canada to Greenland two days before it was sighted at Mildenhall: the internet software does not extend beyond American airspace, but the expert explained that its route would be consistent with a refuelling stop in the Arctic – it only has a range of about 2,000 miles – followed by a further refuel in East Anglia, before heading to Malta.

24 responses to “Malta ‘is Blackwater’s operational base’

  1. Their bible says we wrestle not against ordinary flesh and blood but against powers and principalities in high places… and that is what is happening. We are not fighting against ordinary people who we perceive as bad – they are just yes men and frontmen for the secret society networks that misrule our world and cover it with religion so confuse us all.

  2. Security forces my butt. These are gangs of psycho murderers hired by the eite – end of story. How can we let theses pigs operate in our name any longer ~ and still sleep at night?

  3. Now yer talkin. I want every American who still has some goodness and common sense left in them to wake up and say the same thing. Blackwater, or should I say the Prince Group and Aegis have only begun to get rolling so we have to keep up the pressure to back them off. Anyone reading this comment, I recommend to do a search on this blog for all the Blackwater articles and references and put the pieces together for yourselves.

  4. Turns out Blackwater is now doing humanitarian work in southern California. Free of charge. This is not “war profiteering” or “disaster capitalism.” Though Blackwater isn’t making a big deal about it, the AP picked up the story and posted a video at

  5. Blackwater, an intelligence, security and mercenary group of hired guns and professional killers who shoot innocent people for amusement, are above the law and confiscate guns from Americans, had their “fire relief effort” all ready to roll out which is suspicious in itself since the damned fire started at Potrero. Blackwater has an ulterior motive in setting up a huge base at Potrero. Problem, Reaction, Solution. Get it? They are buying your love through manipulation of your heartstrings with mere chump change out of their vast multi-billion dollar fortune. Yes, mafias throughout the world conduct charitable works. It’s a great cover, for how can anyone indict “philanthropists”. Knights of Malta, Freemasons, Columbian Mafia, Sicilian Mafia, Rockefellers, Rothschilds, the UN, etc etc all perform charitable works even while they kill, loot, rape and pillage around the world. Hitler did it. Stalin did it. They all do it. Perfect front for them all.

    Don’t be such a fool…Blackwater Knights of Malta are Nazi killers, no different than the SS. Though their allegiance is to the Vatican, they are here on American soil taking over police departments through their training programs helping to set up the New World Order system to replace our constitution with a tyranny that will be a hundred times worse than anything else in history.

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  7. I cannot believe all this!

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  9. You best be believin it if’ns yous wants to keeps yo freedom

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  11. Have any of you idiots been to Malta? its a tiny island with nothing there! There is no mysterious flihgts of terrorists being taken there.

    some people are crazy!

    Go to Malta and you will see what rubbish this all is.

  12. Maichels, you are an imbecile. Malta has been one of the bases of the elite military Knights of Malta since 1530, Elizabeth II has strong ties to Malta, is a head of a related order and was once “Queen of Malta”. It is all high military elite fascism, the true source of it. The EU elite recognize the fact that Malta is one of Blackwater’s bases, which is logical considering their operations manager is a Knight of Malta as are 90% of the CIA directors. Blackwater is staffed by “former” CIA and Pentagon goons. The CIA/Blackwater “extraordinary renditions” ie, torture-flights, land at Malta. And FYI, it has nothing to do with stopping terrorism. They are the terrorists.

    So shove it dumbass. I am sick of you ridiculous lamebrains and nutcases, making wild unfounded accusations. Take it somewhere else where you can praise your fascist elite friends at Blackwater. I am sure they have a fan site somewhere. Try that.

  13. pjwalkerwanker

    pjwalker911 obviously you are on the bottom of the food chain

    who cares if they are running the world. Some one has to. thank god its not you or the muso’s or we we have no cars, tv, internet or freedom

    knights of malta is catholic you idiot. The Queen of England is not you spastic

  14. That “someone” who SHOULD be running things is the People, not the power-mad psychopathic elite you little creep.

    They are literally a predatory class who live at the top of an artificial food chain because they like to feed on the ordinary good-hearted and naive people of this world.

    You are completely stupid and corrupt you know that? Of course you don’t! You think your the greatest thing since sliced bread don’t you?

    It almost boggles the mind, but I have been listening to your pathetic pathological drivel from you mutants so long it just doesn’t phase me anymore. In fact, I find your kind amusing.

    Just to correct you on one thing, SMOM and the other orders such as Knights of St John etc are connected through the “royal bloodlines”. Bertie was a direct relative to the Queen and they got along just fine as do all of them because they are all working toward the same New World Order agenda, butthead. Whether it is Protestant or Catholic, the churches are controlled at the top by these elite Rosicrucian masonic orders and frankly always have. You don’t know anything about the real history of religion or you would have kept your mouth shut, something a mutant is incapable of because all mutants are programmed to obey their masters like good little psychopathic robotic slaves.

    You are right on one thing. I am on the bottom of the food chain, slogging along in the trenches like most people, trying to make a decent living. I neither want to hurt anyone, nor do I want to be hurt. But when creeps like you come along defending the criminal elite illuminist aristocracy, and abuse me for telling the truth about them, then the gloves are off.

  15. CryBabyWalker

    pjwalker911 // “You are right on one thing. I am on the bottom of the food chain, slogging along in the trenches like most people, trying to make a decent living. I neither want to hurt anyone, nor do I want to be hurt.”



    when failures start saying they are proud to be shitkickers it makes people have no respoect for your comments.


  16. Hey Anonymous Pussy,

    That’s funny. Hating fascism and Nazism (I hate all forms of tyranny by the way including Communism) and doing everything in my power to stop it makes me a “failure”. Spoken like a true fascist social Darwinist. I make an honest living, and like the vast majority of Americans who ARE living hand to mouth, deep in debt with almost no savings, I do struggle to make it, but I don’t cry about it. I merely mentioned that to say I’m no better off than the average American, who is considered a “useless eater” in need of culling by the eugenicist elite. The way you talk, you’re way above all that, as though you are some kind of perfect god. Typical Nazi Ubermensch talk.

    What a demented scum you are. Only a sick, perverted fascist mind would willfully ignore the mountains of evidence that Knights of Malta enabled the eugenicist Nazis, especially through the ratlines. Or that SMOM and the CIA run the terrorist organization Blackwater which kills with impunity. But then, you can’t dispute the facts, so you instead attack me on grounds that I don’t make as much money as you do. Sick.

    Only the rich elite, top Nazis, banksters and royalty, who love useful idiots like you, are allowed to become full-fledged SMOM knights. Hospital charity is their front for intelligence operations (Google CIA+SMOM+Malta+Fascism), among other things. Ever wonder why doctors and hospitals are among the leading causes of death (admitted by the AMA)? Study the topic of fascist eugenics and you will understand why that is. And who are among the leading fascists of yesterday and today butt-munch? That’s right, the Knights of Malta.

    So eat shit, you stinkin little Nazi psycho butt-licker punk. You sure spew enough of it.

  17. Concerned about Blackwater and the emiinent fascist police state? Visit

  18. What is worse? Blackwater doing what needs to be done to control and suppress the arab fundametalists/Terrorists or making the USA into a socialist state. There is a saying “Socialism is great! Until the guy next door runs out of money”

    In the end America will survive, hopefully we can reduce the amount of left wing socialists that endanger the country.

  19. How come Blackwater contributed to Clinton’s campaign? Anybody know?

  20. Mike Tompkins

    I am a subscriber to conspiracy theories. George Bush on 9/11/01 referred the U.S. response to the trade center attacks as a crusade. There is enough loosely constructed evidence available that the Christian right in association with the Vaticanized Catholic Church opening the door to extremist violence thereby allowing the opportunity for 9/11 to occur unimpeded. The Vatican since its inception in 326 under the Roman Emperor Constantine has become a very secretive society directing world events therein after. It has its own banking system along with many more holdings in the super secret banking system of Switzerland, hence the Vatican Swiss Guard, that fuel conflict and war against Muslim populations throughout the world. In some recognized educational circles the current wars in Iraq & Afghanistan, the tenth crusade, are but an extension of the nine original crusades 1095-1291. My conspiracy theory would draw a direct correlation linking George Bush and his evil administration with the Vatican and the Hitleresque Benedict. Blackwater’s Erik Prince and subsidiaries is but an extension of this relationship. Evil is where one finds it.

  21. sorry guys.i m no conspiracy theorist but i spend a lot of time in malta and unfortunately some of what you hear about SMOM is true.we are in dangerous times.we cannot know exactly whats going on but im sure i dont want to mess with theese guys.

  22. The Middle East going up in flames with the UN saviors stepping in to bomb the hell out of some more countries, all partially obscured by the smokescreen in Japan. People forced like cattle into dehumanizing, radiation machines in airports. The Communist Chinese police state hailed as our new masters around the world. The New World Order juggernaut is bearing down on all of us, breathing down our necks like the 900 pound gorilla in the middle of the room that the general public have been carefully trained not to see. What care I if the perpetrators of this are Knights of Malta, Venetian Black Nobility, Freemasons, Rosicrucians, Knights Templar, Zionists, Jesuits, or ‘Warlocks’? It’s all the same to me. And ‘criticaleye’, they are deadly in every sense of the word, deadly to freedom, to truth and to human life in general. They are all part of this elite system of interlocking secret societies which are controlled in every case by the “noble” elite families who are actually one big family. These are the foes of humanity behind it all, behind the crisis of the week. Simply note that Gaddafi has counted among his friends, Tony Blair, the Rothschilds, and the Duke of York. That’s just one of many, many examples of who is pulling the strings of these dictators around the world. They are all of the same ilk. I want to stop anyone who tries to split it off and say its this group or that group. That is just a divide and conquer technique and a distraction. It is all of them together. Stop voting for the bastards and believing you can win working within their rigged system! It will never ever happen. And for heaven’s sake, stop feeding their system, stop working in the weapons industry, the big pharma industry, big Monsanto and Big Dow because all these are linked with the same agenda of death and destruction. Unfortunately, the university systems around the world are training grounds for just these jobs. Let’s start having conversations about breaking away from this sick system, this NWO empire, to form our own, sovereign nations, the smaller, the more decentralized the better, which govern locally, which look after their own citizens first and foremost because it is the citizens themselves who control it and in so doing do not harm themselves, but live peacefully and prosper.

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