Browns Britain – EU 5th columnists now run government


PJC Journal | Oct 1, 2007

Browns Britain – EU 5th columnists now run government

by IanPP


Ever since watching this frightening video (Common Purpose EUs 5th Column in UK) I have been looking into the so-called charity that calls itself ‘Common Purpose’ and guess what…only ‘communists’ have a common purpose, the rest of us are expendable.

(The vid is 2hrs long, but essential to give you background)

Those within Government and Local Authorities have their ‘training’ paid for by the public purse, yet they are reluctant to admit even with Freedom of Information requests. It is a secret society, no-one will admit to being a member of Common Purpose, yet many senior politicians, senior police, Senior Armed Services members, and key position holders in Local Authorities are members of this secretive group.

They call it ‘Leading beyond Authority’

I call it taking what you are not authorised to take, i.e. power.

We urge the nations bloggers, newspapers and those clean politicians to investigate this ‘charity’ urgently.

Blogger James Higham takes up the challenge, confronting these 5th Columnists.

as does Battle for Britain.

The opening page of the “Common Purpose” website is harmless enough; but click on a few links and the sinister message becomes obvious.

It began in the UK in 1988, where it has some 45 offices, but has now taken its sun symbol logo into many countries as Common Purpose International. These include France, Germany, Ghana, Hungary, India, Ireland, Netherlands, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Turkey. I understand it is also moving in on the United States. This is its stated goal:

‘Common Purpose aims to improve the way society works by expanding the vision, decision making ability and influence of all kinds of leaders. The organisation runs a variety of educational programmes for leaders of all ages, backgrounds and sectors, in order to provide them with the inspiration, information and opportunities they need to change the world.’

From such bland descriptions come two questions immediately:

A common purpose to what end?

And ‘change the world’ in what way exactly?

We need answers here because Common Purpose is sweeping through the UK ‘training’ leaders in all areas of society and if they have a ‘common purpose’ we ought to know about it.

One of the Trustee’s of Common Purpose International is Rudi Bogni, who has written several articles for Wilmott Magazine, here and here. Both articles very well outline the problems with our society and would appeal to most I think, but fall short on giving us the answers. Only Common Purpose have those.

Another trustee Tarek Ben Halim, is also a trustee of another organisation, The Arab Learning Initiative based in Egypt, now rebranded as Alfanar (in Arabic Alfanar means lighthouse), which appears to have similar goals, they say that ‘Our goal is to promote social change in the Arab world’. We believe that achieving social change is a long term goal and requires a long term commitment they say.

They received a donation of approximately £25,000 from the Westminster Foundation for Democracy to fund one of their projects. WFD is an organisation accountable to Parliament in the UK.

The Common Purpose organisation now has training programmes in every major town and city in Britain and since 1989 more than 60,000 people have been involved with 20,000 ‘leaders’ completing one or more programmes. These are:

Leaders: Matrix and Focus

Emerging leaders: Navigator

Very young leaders: Your Turn

Leaders who need a local briefing: Profile

National leaders: 20:20

What charity trains National Leaders ??

The official founder and Chief Executive of Common Purpose is Julia Middleton who in her profile at the Common Purpose UK Website ( fails to mention a rather relevant fact: she was also Head of Personnel Selection in the office of John Prescott, the Deputy Prime Minister to Tony Blair.

Prescott has been the man with responsibility for creating ‘regional assemblies’ around the United Kingdom which are part of the plan to abolish nations and bring their powerless ‘regions’ under the jackboot of the European Union. He has, of course, sought to sell this policy as ‘devolving power to the people’.

Prescott has common purpose with Common Purpose and Julia Middleton because they are all committed to the same end. The European superstate is designed to be centrally controlled and managed at lower levels by bland and brain dead ‘leaders’ who are all programmed to think the same. This is where Common Purpose comes in.

You will also see the Orwellian Newspeak technique in which the organisation claims to stand for what it is seeking to destroy – Common Purpose says its aim is to develop ‘diverse’ leaders, whilst creating the opposite.

Ever been on a ‘diversity training’ course?. Designed to make you accept all that is going on around you.

Does it begin to make sense now why Labour, Tory and Liberal all occupy the same ground.

Significant work. We aim to change the world .

I knew there was a catch!

Brian Gerrish at discovered Common Purpose when he was involved with a group in Plymouth in the west of England helping people find jobs and one of their projects was repairing wooden boats. He said they had lots of public support and backing from the local authorities and everything was going fine. But then it suddenly changed and the council support was withdrawn. When they tried to continue alone, he said that within a short time key people were being threatened:

‘When we started to explore why we were being threatened we were absolutely staggered to find a very strange organisation called Common Purpose operating in the city. And we were absolutely amazed that there were so many people involved but they were not declaring themselves …

‘[Common Purpose] was operating throughout the structure of the city, in the city council, in the government offices, in the police, in the judiciary. Essentially we discovered what is effectively, at best, a quasi secret society which doesn’t declare itself to ordinary people.’

Further research has led Gerrish to establish that Common Purpose is recruiting and training leaders to be loyal to the objectives of the organisation and the European Union and preparing the governing structure for what it calls the ‘post-democratic society’ after nations are replaced by regions in the European Union.

‘They are learning to rule without regard to democracy, and will bring the EU police state home to every one of us’, Gerrish says. Common Purpose ‘graduates’ are increasingly everywhere, as you will see from the partial list at the end of this article.

When the organisation was given an award in 2005 by one of it clients, Newcastle University in the North East of England, it was revealed that among its graduates in that area were:

Michael Craik, Northumbria Police Chief Constable;

Andrew Dixon, Executive Director of the Arts Council England, North East;

Glyn Evans, City Centre Chaplain;

Chris Francis, Centre Manager of the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust;

Anne Marshall, Chief Officer of Age Concern;

Anthony Sargent, General Director of The Sage Gateshead;

Miriam Harte, Director of Beamish Museum; and

Sue Underwood, Chief Executive of NEMLAC (the North East Museums, Libraries and Archives Council).

Brian Gerrish has found them to be throughout the government structure with more than £100 million of taxpayers money spent on Common Purpose courses for state employees. It has members in the National Health Service, BBC, police, legal profession, religion, local councils, the Civil Service, government ministries,! Parliament and Regional Development Agencies.

Common Purpose graduate Cressida Dick issued the ‘shoot-to-kill’ order to police officers that led to an innocent Brazilian electrician, Jean Charles de Menezes being held down by police and shot eight times at point blank range, seven of them in the head. Cressida Dick has since been outrageously promoted from commander to deputy assistant commissioner in the Metropolitan police.

Janet Paraskeva, the Law Society’s Chief Executive Officer, is also a Common Purpose graduate and there are many and increasing numbers in the law and enforcement professions.

Common Purpose meetings are held under the ‘Chatham House rule’ in which participants are free to use the information received but not to reveal the identity or affiliation of the source, nor anyone else participating.

Chatham House is the headquarters of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, which is part of the web that includes the Council on Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission in the United States. It introduced the ‘Chatham House rule’ to keep its meetings secret while still having its policy promote

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16 responses to “Browns Britain – EU 5th columnists now run government

  1. This article is very true. I first discovered Common Purpose around 12 months ago and have published on my web site at:-
    an article about it and intend to publish a link to this article also.
    It is/was also true that it emanated from the Deputy Prime Minister’s office (which was at that time being ‘run’, for want of a better word, by Mr Prescott).
    I have also published on my web site articles on the New World Order which is laughed at by many but time is running out and the smile will be knocked off their faces before very long if we stand by and do nothing. I like this quote from Tony Benn who said:-
    “We live in a continent where increasingly power has gone to a group of people who are not elected, cannot be removed and don’t have to listen to us”.

  2. Yes, most useful, this post and it continues to build up the data base on this nefarious organization.

  3. “Common Purpose”

    Common Purpose is best described as a modern day neo Fascism where government and business function as a unit. Common Purpose leaders understand communist propaganda and how to munipulate and infiltrate organizations using vague yet positive wordist titles such as, “Common Purpose”. Here in the United States it is called, “Political Correctness” and like Common Purpose, PC strives to destroy the country’s culture. Both groups promote
    distructive, anti social adjendas and constantly push words over and over again, one example is the famous slogan, “Diversity”. To make a long story short, Common Purpose like PC is a weapon of mass distruction armed with a long fuse, total control over the individual through social engineering is their aim. Common Purpose is commie bullshit with a Fascist adjenda.

  4. Alan B

    Excellent summation, written by someone who can still use his noodle.

    And for them black is white and up is down. “Diversity” = Sameness, that meaning regardless of minor differences, they want us all serving the same agenda living in the same paradigm that they lay out for us. They are moving us towards the Hive Mind where all our brains are controlled by the big central computers.

    Psychopathic Satanic Illuminati hands are all over this group as with all the other secret societies.

  5. Stop Common Purpose

    If you don’t know what Common Purpose is, I suggest you find out.

    Common Purpose is a corrupt organisation which must be stopped:

    In particular, consider how they have corrupted the British police:

  6. Fabianism is linked to common purpose.
    Fabians = GRADUALISM!
    Gradually changing Great Britian into a Marxist fascist state.
    Bliar was a fabian as is Brown infact fabians infest Westminster!
    Forget CP forget terrorism concentrate all your attention on Fabians.

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  8. Yorkielass is right because Communism actually came out of the Fabian Round Table group. In reality it is just another -ism like Terrorism to distract us from the elite social engineers who are behind most of the controlled chaos in the world, herding the sheep into the New World Order system of global government.

  9. We quote from Archibald Roosevelt’s Introduction to The Great Deceit, Social Pseudo-Sciences, (Veritas Foundation, West Sayville, New York: 1964) to help clarify both the flavor and relevance of that work by the research staff of Veritas:

    Fabian socialists have managed to maintain an aura of respectability with the wealthy and the “book educated.” These revolutionary wolves masquerade in sheep’s clothing as gentle reformers. . . .

    The regimes of the German National Socialists under the Nazis, the Italian Corporate Socialists under the Fascists, the Argentine dictatorship under Peron, and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics under the Russian Bolsheviks, have all been socialist governments.

    In the United States, with the help of our great American news media, both on the air and in the press, Fabians cleverly disclaim their close kinship with these tyrannies, so that Mussolini and Hitler are never called socialists here, though their regimes bore that name. Hitler and Mussolini became competitors with the Fabian socialists and Russian communists in the struggle for control of the Western world. But their quarrels were chiefly tactical. . . .

    Socialists have infiltrated our colleges, our schools, our law courts, our government, our media of communication and our churches. They have done so by the old Fabian method of infiltration–wolves in sheep’s clothing.

    This book is completely documented. Should you doubt any of the statements in this opening summary and introduction, we suggest you look at our careful index and check the references, both in the text and in the footnotes. . . .

    Our documentation necessarily includes specific names and actions.

    The socialists have always realized the importance of capturing the impressionable mind of youth, and they set about gaining control of the teaching profession in the United States over a century ago. . . .

    Nowhere did the socialists’ perversion of the colleges serve them better than in the field of anthropology. American socialists picked this subject as a number one objective in the United States some years after the Civil War and they have been successfully exploiting it ever since. . . . They knew . . . that man, for all his progress in other fields, has never found a permanent racial solution. So the socialists set about using it (as they do all our problems) to stir up trouble.

    They adopted for popular consumption the emotionally attractive slogan of racial non-difference, and introduced it to the professors, who in turn taught it to their students. They had no compunction about discarding all the painstaking researches and fact-findings of centuries. . . .

    Race, say the socialists in public, is nothing but an outside “paint job.” Then they exacerbate racial difficulties by urging students to make inflammatory speeches and to incite riots. They frighten officials into condoning civil disorder and chaos. This is the pattern of violence which in Germany, Italy and Russia paved the way for the socialist seizure of power.

    While popularly proclaiming the identicalness of races, socialists in their trade journals and textbooks and in their personal diaries and private correspondence tell a wholly different story. . . .

    They use the riots which they have stirred up in the name of racial equality as a lever to persuade legislatures to pass more and more stringent measures, while the socialistic Warren Supreme Court pours out a constant stream of revolutionary decisions, none of them justified by the Constitution, and all aimed at establishing a centralized dictatorship by judicial fiat.

    Socialists preach that there are no permanent standards of conduct or morality.

    The Fabians own site brags of there being 300 in the HOC.
    Copied just incase it suddenly is removed!
    We see Britain disintegrate which is clearly the Fabians intention.
    The sickle to cut away at society,the hammer to silence dissent!
    To hell with them!!

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  13. Having only stumbled accross the Fabian Society and Common Purpose (Communist Purpose) in the past few days, it came as quite a relief to realise that I’m not paranoid; the Government really is using the Tibetan Solution, mass immigration, to destroy British culture and it’s traditions.

    This is the first of the three Marxist principles of establishing a socialist state.

    The second is public ownership of the banks and propert.

    The third the destruction of religion.

    I would suggest that the EU are using Islam to destroy Christianity by the use of pro Islamic legislation. I can see how a deal could be struck to allow the Islamification of Britain controlled by a communist elte.

    They’re already using the hype of man made global warming, which to date has been ridiculed as fantasy by, 32,000 American scienists, the scientis of China, Japan, and even our own Christopher Monkton and David Bellamy, to legislate control over energy use in a bid to reduce the world’s population. That stated aim of the UN’s IPPC’s climate change fraudsters.

    But it would seem to me that Common Purpose has an Achille’s heel, it’s fraudulent tax evasion by claiming to be a charitable, non political organisation.

    In the UK to qualify for tax relief a charity must be non-political.

    These – 5th columnists? No, they’re traitors plotting against Queen and country and what we need to fight them are transcripts of what they are actually teaching those attending their courses.

    We need coppies of their transcripts, people who have been on these courses and were revolted by what they heard.

    We need to know exactly how much each local authority and public service body spend annualy on Common Purpose and who and why the recipients were chosen and by whom?

    Who authorises the payments to Common Purpose?

    To that end The Nottingahshire Times will establish a new subdomain, Common Purpose, (The Enemy Within) and invite articles and exposures of Common Purpose, for publication.

    My own article, What is the Fabian Society? – They’re Running Britain, Stupid! published a few days ago can be read at:

    I see that according to the Encyclopedia Britannica, England no longer exists as a country. “Despite the political, economic and cultural legacy that has perpetuated its name…
    England no longer officially exists as a country”

    So they think that we English and our country are no more…

    Hitler made that mistake.

  14. We are running out of time, hence the stalling by the Coalition, over taking any action over extraditing ourselves from the EU, which as allowing any foreign country or state to hold power over us, is High Treason, we have no need to do, as the signatures of traitors are invalid.

    On 1st November 2014 Parliament hands over its power to sovereign right of legislation, to the Quality Majority Vote of the EU Parliament.

    ‘British Traitors – the EU and a Conspiracy of Silence’
    My article published in my new anti-EU The English Rag newsppaper lists all the powers, including our right to leave the EU, that become subject to QMV from, 01/11/2014.

    How interesting to hear the announcement that our own troops will be kept out of Britain, until 2014, at the earliest, while armed Europol and EU Mercanaries have been given authority to patrol our streets, arrest and deport anyone without any evidence, or being taken before a British court.
    Even more alarming is the fact they have been granted, Diplomatic Immunity, and can therefore kill anyone opposing them with impunity.

    Welcome to Stalingrad, UK

  15. When the leaders of Beijing wanted to take out the protesters at Tienanmen Square, they shipped in troops from distant provinces who had no feelings of attachment to the people there and could therefore open fire on the crowds, even on ambulance drivers and on adjoining apartment blocks without hesitation or remorse…

  16. A common purpose to what end?

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