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Spain’s king Juan Carlos tells Venezuela’s Chavez to ‘shut up’

Fascism or Communism. Take your pick. Those are the false choices presented at the Iberoamerican Summit in Santiago. In fact, these have been the false choices presented to people all over the world for more than a century. Even in America, the false choice today is between the Fascist Neocons and the Communist Clinton.

And who is behind these two dominant ideologies? Ultimately, they are born out of the same elite hierarchy known as the Illuminati, a cabal of Zionist bankers, Euro royalty, Anglo aristocrats, high freemasons and high priests of the Vatican. And both Communist Hugo Chavez and Fascist King Juan Carlos bow down to the same Pope. Don’t forget that.

Chavez is the successor (as the leader of Latin-American socialism) to the Communist CIA-backed dictator Fidel Castro who is also a member of the elite Vatican SMOM establishment having been groomed and selected by the Jesuits. Juan Carlos, who is the direct successor to the Fascist dictator Francisco Franco, a Knight of the Garter is also a very high member of the elite Vatican SMOM inner circle and is the current “King of Jerusalem”. What a tangled web they do weave.

And the elites are weaving a web encircling the Earth with strands from both the thesis Fascism and the antithesis Communism into a new synthesis, a global “Third Way” tyranny, which is truly the greatest threat to humanity. All other threats are manufactured by these same elites to herd the sheep into the slaughtering pens.

This may have been a genuine little spat between an older mafia don and another upstart, but I suspect it was more likely a contrived WWF-type of mud-slinging event with some ulterior purpose behind it, some kind of signal perhaps.


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Spanish King Juan Carlos, right, gestures towards Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez, unseen, as Chavez got involved in a heated verbal exchange with Jose Luis Zapatero, left, head of the Spanish government during the last working session of the XVII Iberoamerican Summit in Santiago, Saturday, Nov. 10, 2007.

Reuters | Nov 11, 2007

Aznar ‘is a fascist,’ said Chavez. ‘Fascists are not human. A snake is more human than a fascist.’

By Manuel Farias and Pav Jordan

SANTIAGO, Nov 10 (Reuters) – Spain’s King Juan Carlos told Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez on Saturday to “shut up” during closing speeches by leaders from the Latin world and brought the Ibero-American summit to an acrimonious end.

“Why don’t you shut up?” the king shouted at Chavez, pointing a finger at the president when he tried to interrupt a speech by Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero.

Zapatero was in the middle of a speech at the summit of mostly leftist leaders from Latin America, Portugal, Spain and Andorra, and was criticizing Chavez for calling former Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar a fascist.

Chavez, a leading leftist foe of Washington, also attacked Spanish businessman Gerardo Diaz Ferran earlier in the week after he questioned the safety of foreign investments in Venezuela.

Chavez, a former soldier, is well-known for fiery speeches laden with rhetoric, bravado and insults — often aimed at the administration of U.S. President George W. Bush.

In the past, he has called Bush a “donkey,” U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice an “illiterate” and former Mexican President Vicente Fox a “lapdog of imperialism.”

Referring to Aznar on Friday, Chavez said, “That former Spanish president … was a true fascist, a true fascist.”

The Spanish delegation was not impressed.

“I want to express to you President Hugo Chavez that in a forum where there are democratic governments … one of the essential principles is respect,” Zapatero said sternly, drawing applause from some of the other heads of state.

Chavez said later the Spanish had come out of the verbal spat looking bad.

“The one who looked bad there was the one who lost control, who told us to shut up as if we were still subjects from the 17th, 18th centuries,” he told reporters.

Venezuala’s President Hugo Chavez, talks with Spain’s King Juan Carlos with Zapatero (off to the left), in this Oct 14, 2005 file photo.


Chavez, who has used his country’s oil wealth to spread his self-styled socialist revolution, made his mark on the three-day summit from the start, announcing his arrival earlier in the week with defiant lyrics from a Mexican ballad.

While most heads of state were due to leave Chile on Saturday, Chavez joined some of South America’s most left-leaning leaders at a rally of about 3,000 people gathered for a “People’s Summit” in a Santiago stadium.

He interrupted his speech at the rally to call Cuba’s Fidel Castro, who he considers his mentor. Chavez paraphrased a message from Castro congratulating Chileans who fought against former dictator Augusto Pinochet.

“Well Fidel, what a shame that we don’t have speakerphone on this mobile, the people wanted to hear you,” said Chavez, dressed in a red T-shirt.

Also at the rally were Bolivia’s Evo Morales, Cuban Vice President Carlos Lage and Nicaragua’s Daniel Ortega.

The 19 leaders at the summit were nearly all leftists and the gathering was mostly friendly, although tension flared between neighbors Argentina and Uruguay over a controversial pulp mill along a border river.

Uruguay granted a long-awaited start-up permit to a Finnish group for the pulp mill on Thursday, drawing swift criticism from Argentina and deepening a long-running dispute.

The official theme of the summit was social cohesion, but many of the region’s top leaders took advantage of the event to hold bilateral meetings on energy.

Latin American economies have expanded rapidly in recent years, putting pressure on energy supplies due to rising consumer demand and factory output in countries such as Chile and Argentina.

Chinese sub pops up in middle of U.S. Navy exercise


Uninvited guest: A Chinese Song Class submarine, like the one that sufaced by the U.S.S. Kitty Hawk

Daily Mail | Nov 10, 2007


When the U.S. Navy deploys a battle fleet on exercises, it takes the security of its aircraft carriers very seriously indeed.

At least a dozen warships provide a physical guard while the technical wizardry of the world’s only military superpower offers an invisible shield to detect and deter any intruders.

That is the theory. Or, rather, was the theory.

American military chiefs have been left dumbstruck by an undetected Chinese submarine popping up at the heart of a recent Pacific exercise and close to the vast U.S.S. Kitty Hawk – a 1,000ft supercarrier with 4,500 personnel on board.

By the time it surfaced the 160ft Song Class diesel-electric attack submarine is understood to have sailed within viable range for launching torpedoes or missiles at the carrier.

According to senior Nato officials the incident caused consternation in the U.S. Navy.

The Americans had no idea China’s fast-growing submarine fleet had reached such a level of sophistication, or that it posed such a threat.

One Nato figure said the effect was “as big a shock as the Russians launching Sputnik” – a reference to the Soviet Union’s first orbiting satellite in 1957 which marked the start of the space age.

The incident, which took place in the ocean between southern Japan and Taiwan, is a major embarrassment for the Pentagon.

The lone Chinese vessel slipped past at least a dozen other American warships which were supposed to protect the carrier from hostile aircraft or submarines.

And the rest of the costly defensive screen, which usually includes at least two U.S. submarines, was also apparently unable to detect it.

According to the Nato source, the encounter has forced a serious re-think of American and Nato naval strategy as commanders reconsider the level of threat from potentially hostile Chinese submarines.

It also led to tense diplomatic exchanges, with shaken American diplomats demanding to know why the submarine was “shadowing” the U.S. fleet while Beijing pleaded ignorance and dismissed the affair as coincidence.

Analysts believe Beijing was sending a message to America and the West demonstrating its rapidly-growing military capability to threaten foreign powers which try to interfere in its “backyard”.

The People’s Liberation Army Navy’s submarine fleet includes at least two nuclear-missile launching vessels.

Its 13 Song Class submarines are extremely quiet and difficult to detect when running on electric motors.

Commodore Stephen Saunders, editor of Jane’s Fighting Ships, and a former Royal Navy anti-submarine specialist, said the U.S. had paid relatively little attention to this form of warfare since the end of the Cold War.

He said: “It was certainly a wake-up call for the Americans.

“It would tie in with what we see the Chinese trying to do, which appears to be to deter the Americans from interfering or operating in their backyard, particularly in relation to Taiwan.”

In January China carried a successful missile test, shooting down a satellite in orbit for the first time.

India takes outsourcing to a new level as women rent out wombs to foreigners


Surrogacy is becoming a regular ‘profession’ in India

Daily Mail | Nov 10, 2007


In a new twist to the outsourcing for which India has become renowned, poor Indian women are renting out their wombs to foreigners.

Surrogate motherhood – carrying to term and giving birth to another woman’s baby – was once limited in India to helping close relatives who couldn’t complete a pregnancy due to medical difficulties.

But leading gynecologist Dr. Kamla Selvaraj says it’s now becoming a regular “profession” in India, with more and more women willing to carry babies for others, for a fee.

India has for years provided foreigners with in-vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment at a cheaper rate than the equivalent services in Western countries.

Surrogacy comes in when the biological mother is unable to carry the child. Alternatively, a surrogate also provide eggs when the woman wanting a child is unable to do so herself.

Apart from low-cost IVF treatment, India also is offering surrogate mothers at a considerably lower price than couples would pay in the U.S. or Europe.

Women’s counselor Harleen Ahluwalia says surrogacy cases are estimated to have nearly doubled in the past three years.

She said foreigners find Indian legal procedures easy and less exploitative, unlike in the west, where any complication could cost a fortune.

Although surrogacy cases have been reported from various regions, one area that appears to be over-represented is Anand district in the western state of Gujarat, where more than 50 economically deprived women are reported to be presently carrying babies for foreigners and non-resident Indians.

While a couple in the west would generally pay tens of thousands of pounds to a surrogate mother and affiliated agencies, in India the cost could be around £2,500, plus medical and attendant costs.

Leading advocate of surrogacy, Dr. Naina Patel of the Akanksha Fertility Clinic in Anand, contends that it is a positive service. “Infertility is a global problem and we have its global solution,” she said.

Responding to criticism that poor Indians are being exploited, Patel insisted that surrogate mothers were extremely well looked after by those paying for their services. They were housed comfortably and were under expert medical supervision to ensure healthy children for their clients, she said.

But not all share Patel’s enthusiasm and many believe surrogacy carries a huge physical and emotional cost for the women.

Dr. Mohanlal Swarankar, chairman of the Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences in Jaipur and one of the leading fertility experts in India, is firmly opposed to the practice of surrogacy and wants what he called the “commercial sale of wombs and babies” to be outlawed.

“Surrogacy affects the whole moral fabric of a society and could trigger complex psychological and ethical dilemmas with no easy answers,” he said.

Swarankar said he worried that in a country where women are often forced into submission, “Who could tell if a woman hadn’t been pressured to be a surrogate mother for the sake of big money?”

He also warned that “the social stigma attached to carrying the child of another man” could traumatize women and their relationships with their husbands.

Swarankar said he offers IVF treatment only to legally married couples, as he believes “providing a child to an infertile couple is a service to God.”

He said he was also distressed at the increasing number of young healthy, married working women unwilling to put their careers on hold to have a baby, and thus paying someone else to do so on their behalf.

This was nothing short of sacrilege, he said.

FOX Anchor Calls for Terrorist Car Bombings In Iran

“Ninety-five percent of the work of intelligence agencies around the world is disinformation and deception.”

– Andreas von Bulow, former parliamentary official responsible for the budget for Germany’s intelligence agencies to American Free Press, Dec 2001.

FOX Anchor Calls for Terrorist Car Bombings In Iran

In the clip below, Fox and Friends’ Brian Kilmeade openly calls for US support for acts of terrorism—such as car bombings—in Tehran. His criminal remarks are a direct offense to victims of terrorism all around the world and render Kilmeade morally equivalent to terrorist groups like al Qaeda which he ostensibly denounces.

The above comes from the same twisted psychopathic mindset of rabid Zio-con Neo-krazies Stu Bykofsky and Fox News anchor John Gibson. They actually have the temerity and rampant hubris to get on national TV and say this stuff, and they say it to condition more and more people into actually craving more terrorism believe it or not. And why?

Because terror is the instrument of fascism and totalitarian regimes the world over since the beginning of human history.

So it is built on deception and mass mind-control using fear as the glue of society. Terror unifies the people into a bundle rallying around the strongman leader as represented by the axe-head in the Roman fasci. This is all they are talking about here. In the case of Brian Kilmeade above, he is talking about basically a repeat of Operation Ajax, a CIA terror campaign that led to the overthrow of Mohammed Mosaddeq in 1953. Terror! That is the main political tool of the elites nowadays and it has always been so.

These Fox News commentators are merely propagandists for the CIA, one of the dirtiest criminal cabals in history. They regularly call for terror and support terrorism. For that reason, they are truly dangerous terrorists themselves. They are sharp-tongued, arrogant, psychopathic, wicked, evil men and women who should be and would be in jail right now for treason if we had a legitimate justice system set up in America and prosecutors brave enough to go up against them. For this reason, every American should stop tolerating them any further.

America is in a dire situation. The terrorists are running the government and the media. These are the co-conspirators of 9/11 we’re talking about here. I’m sick of watching these stinking, disgusting, arrogant, treasonous bastards strutting around running our country into the ground just like the Nazis did to Germany. Who’s with me?


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Columnist Suggests We Need Another 9-11 to Heal the Nation

Stu Bykofsky, a gossip columnist for the Philadelphia Daily News, suggested in a column that we need another terrorist attack to bring us all back together again. The FOX & Friends trio discussed this on 8-10-07 and tried to explain why a conservative writer would suggest such a crazy idea.

Zionist Stu Bykofsky: We need another 9/11

Zionist columnist who suggested we need to suffer another 9/11-type attack to unify Americans is respectfully interviewed on the Big Story.