Boeing Tests Laser-Mounted Humvee


Shooting an invisible beam just a few centimeters in diameter and 20 times hotter than an electric stovetop, the laser burned a hole through the casing of artillery and mortar rounds, detonating them more or less instantly.

Popular Mechanics | Nov 13, 2007

By Joe Pappalardo

There is a cottage industry forming to thwart the twin threats of unexploded bombs and intentionally placed IEDs—by convincing the Pentagon to use long-range lasers in the warzone. Boeing, always at the forefront of a lucrative market niche, has mounted a solid-state direct-energy beam that can explode bombs in the clear before they can take out a convoy. And if the proving-ground footage we’ve been checking out is any indication, this zapper is definitely showing potential.

Late last month, Boeing conducted a series of tests at Redstone Arsenal in Alabama with a 1-kw laser mounted on the back of a converted anti-aircraft Humvee. Shooting an invisible beam just a few centimeters in diameter and 20 times hotter than an electric stovetop, the laser burned a hole through the casing of artillery and mortar rounds, detonating them more or less instantly. (As for bystanders, all bets are off.)

Boeing engineers also took the time to carve up a pair of grounded unmanned aerial vehicles, hoping to promote the idea that laser-powered weaponry can be used in anti-aircraft and someday even missile defense. The company developed the Laser Avenger in just eight months as part of an ongoing effort “to show that directed energy weapons are relevant to today’s battlefield and are ready to be fielded.”


10 responses to “Boeing Tests Laser-Mounted Humvee

  1. More weapons of mass destruction just what we need. Beware possi comitatus and our Constitution are history and do not for one minute think these weapons will not be used on US.

  2. Lasers are easy to defeat; just coat the outsides of the projectiles with a reflective material, a material that burns off to dissipate the heat or if a larger munition, a reservoir of water in the tip when released during flight can also dissipate the laser’s heat. To defeat the laser itself, just dump sand on the focusing mirrors. You think this info will save the army millions in R&D? Given the nature of big government bureacracies, I doubt it.

  3. Star Wars is here (has been here) and now is going to become a common weapon. Next the Rail Gun will become a common weapon. He who has these two weapons will win!!!

  4. “He who has these two weapons will win” you say.

    Who is “He”? The US military is not owned and operated by the American people. It is run by the banking elite who fund it into existence out of debt money with America as collateral. Therefore, they can send that military anywhere they want to because it belongs to them and the American people have absolutely no say in the matter. They fund and develop the advanced weapons. The other major militaries like China and Russia are the same deal. They never got anywhere without Rockefeller-Rothschild Illuminati money and control. They then use these pawns on the Grand Chessboard to re-engineer society.

  5. Correct,

    He, They, Them, The establishment…


    We are the puppets of the World Bank Rockefeller-Rothschild Corporation…

  6. Yes, we are all pawns in their game internationally. Doesn’t matter what country you live in which is why we have to see all these global conflicts with some objectivity. The real war is waged by the elites against the common people of this planet. It is not really betwen nations, religions, races etc. But also it’s not just the Rockefeller-Rothschilds. They are just conveniently visible to us, but it is a very extensive network throughout the world involving thousands of top level Illuminati elites. It is hard to know exactly who is really in charge of it, but those two families are certainly right up in the capstone of the pyramid.

  7. Who do you think they have chosen to be the next Prez?
    All but Paul are CFR Members!!

  8. Supposedly it is to be Queen Hillary to continue the Bush-Clinton dynasty.

  9. Bush Sr – 4 years
    Willy – 8 years
    georgie – 8 years
    Hilly – 8 years
    Jeb – 8 years
    Chealsy – 8 years
    Whoa – what a nightmare…..

  10. Exactly, but you can also add the 8 years Bush Sr was VP in the Whitehouse before getting selected president. I do because like Cheney, he was the one pulling all the levers and moving Ronnie’s lips for him. But regardless if they are in or out of the Whitehouse, they still run the shadow government through Skull and Bones, the CFR, Knights of Malta, Freemasonry, on and on. Rule by Secrecy = Rule by Royalty.

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