Common Purpose International manufacturing Orwellian consent

Secret Society Goes Global

Britannia Radio | Nov 18, 2007

Common Purpose … But To What End …?

by H. Hoffman

It’s likely that you’ve never heard of an organisation called Common Purpose, unless that is you are a ‘leader’ or aspire to be one.

From what I have read so far people urgently need to be aware of what it is doing.

It began in the UK in 1988, where it has some 45 offices, but has now taken its sun symbol logo into many countries as Common Purpose International.

These include France, Germany, Ghana, Hungary, India, Ireland, Netherlands, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Turkey.

I understand it is also moving in on the United States. This is its stated goal: ‘Common Purpose aims to improve the way society works by expanding the vision, decision making ability and influence of all kinds of leaders.
The organisation runs a variety of educational programmes for leaders of all ages, backgrounds and sectors, in order to provide them with the inspiration, information and opportunities they need to change the world.’

From such bland descriptions come two questions immediately: A common purpose to what end? And ‘change the world’ in what way exactly?

We need answers here because Common Purpose is sweeping through the UK ‘training’ leaders in all areas of society and if they have a ‘common purpose’ we ought to know about it.

Common Purpose trainees The organisation now has training programmes in every major town and city in Britain and since 1989 more than 60,000 people have been involved with 20,000 ‘leaders’ completing one or more programmes.

These are: Leaders: Matrix and Focus Emerging leaders: Navigator Very young leaders: Your Turn Leaders who need a local briefing: Profile National leaders: 20:20

The benefits of Common Purpose training are the following, the sales-pitch tells us: Participants gain new competencies and become more effective in a diverse and complex world. Organisations benefit from stronger, more inspired, better-networked managers and senior managers who are closer to the community Communities benefit from cross-sector understanding and initiatives as different parts of the community learn to operate more effectively together. Maybe it’s just me, but I keep seeing a picture of George Orwell in my mind. He is shaking his head and smiling.

Those who complete the courses are called Common Purpose ‘graduates’ and throughout British society such ‘graduates’ are at work in government, law enforcement, health and many other areas that affect daily life. So what’s it all about and what is going on here?

The official founder and Chief Executive of Common Purpose is Julia Middleton who in her profile at the Common Purpose UK Website ( fails to mention a rather relevant fact: she is also Head of Personnel Selection in the office of John Prescott, the Deputy Prime Minister to Tony Blair. Prescott has been the man with responsibility for creating ‘regional assemblies’ around the United Kingdom which are part of the plan to abolish nations and bring their powerless ‘regions’ under the jackboot of the European Union.

He has, of course, sought to sell this policy as ‘devolving power to the people’.

Prescott has common purpose with Common Purpose and Julia Middleton because they are all committed to the same end.

The European superstate is designed to be centrally controlled and managed at lower levels by bland and brain dead ‘leaders’ who are all programmed to think the same.

This is where Common Purpose comes in. You can always tell a front by its desire to centralise everything and that includes the centralisation of thought as diversity is scorned, ridiculed and dismissed in favour of a manufactured ‘consensus’; you will also see the Orwellian Newspeak technique in which the organisation claims to stand for what it is seeking to destroy – Common Purpose says its aim is to develop ‘diverse’ leaders; and fronts always tend to use language that actually says nothing when describing what they do.

Political speech writers work for days to produce statements that say nothing because if politicians don’t commit themselves to specifics they can hide the real agenda amid the bland and banal. Wilson Bryan Key writes in his book The Age of Manipulation about his experience of writing a speech with others for U.S. President Dwight Eisenhower: ‘For thirty-six sleepless hours, three writers turned out draft after draft, reviewed by a White House deputy press secretary who offered terse comments like, “Much too specific!” “Ease up on factual references!” and “Take it back and fuzz it up!” “Fuzz it up,” we discovered eventually, meant avoid all clear, factual statements about anything more specific than the time of day …

The speech was endlessly discussed for likely audience reactions, belief and attitude reinforcements, and implied meanings … Would anyone take the empty rhetoric seriously? The speech read smoothly, but said absolutely nothing about anything. This was precisely what it was intended to say. During audience interviews after the oration, most expressed satisfaction with the great man’s words. “Ike really gave it to them!” “He has my vote!” “I like the way he thinks!” “Great speech!”.’ This is how organisations operate and when you look at the propaganda for Common Purpose it is bland and without specifics, just as you would expect.

Common Purpose Government Infiltrators

So what does this organisation teach its ‘leaders’? You wouldn’t know by reading its blurb and with its courses costing thousands of pounds it would be expensive to find out. But for sure it will manufacture consensus among its ‘diverse’ clientele. This is a key technique throughout society – to manipulate agreement on a range of issues that then become the norm to be defended from all challenge and true diversity.

It has been developed by organisations like the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations in London which was funded into existence in 1946 with a grant from the Rockfeller Foundation and is one of the global centres for developing the ‘hive mind’ mentality or ‘group and organisational behaviour’. Tavistock works closely with ‘public sector’ (state-controlled) organisations including the UK government and the European Union and the Orwell-speak on its website could have come straight from the pages of Common Purpose. Or the other way round. Jargon is always the language of the junta: ‘Multi-organisational working, cross-boundary working and the global-national-local interface each raise their own set of organisational dynamics which must be surfaced and worked with if collaboration is to be effective.

They also raise particular challenges for leadership (and followership). The Institute’s approaches to organisational consultancy and leadership development, based on organisational theory and systems psychodynamics are particularly appropriate for helping organisations to address these complex issues.’ Like working out what the hell all that is supposed to mean. What we can see is that Tavistock and Common Purpose share the same pod. Both want to develop ‘leaders’ and they do it in the same way by manufactured consensus that then stamps out all diversity by using those who have conceded their right to free thought to the group psyche.

Mind manipulation techniques like Neuro-linguistic programming or NLP are also employed in the language employed to engineer consensus. NLP is a technique of using words to re-programme the body computer to accept another perception of reality – in this case the consensus agreed by the manipulators before their victims even register for the ‘course’. Apparently the CIA refers to these pre-agreed ‘opinions’ as ‘slides’. As one Internet writer said: ‘A “slide” is a prefabricated, “politically correct” blanket “pop” “opinion”, “view” or “take” upon a particular issue of general interest which is designed to preclude further consideration, analysis or investigation of the issue in question. In other words, it is a “collectivised” mental position which is never to be questioned. This is precisely the “product” of the Deputy Prime Minister’s insidious neurological linguistic control programme “Common Purpose”.’

Anyone who resists the programming is isolated and the group turned against them until they either conform or lose credibility to be a ‘leader’. Look at global society in any country and you will see this happening in the workplace, among friends down the bar and in television discussions.

The consensus on global warming has been manipulated to be that carbon emissions are the cause and anyone who says otherwise is an uncaring, selfish, racist and quite happy to see the planet and humanity face catastrophe. The fact that carbon emissions are not the cause of global warming is irrelevant because the ‘truth’ is what the consensus has agreed it to be. In short, if you don’t agree with the extreme consensus you are an extremist. It is the manipulation of consensus that has turned the three main political parties in Britain into one party with their leaders Tony Blair, David Cameron and ‘Ming’ Campbell all standing on the same ground. They might offer slightly different policies – and only slightly – but they are all agreed on the fundamentals and this makes elections irrelevant. The Conservative Party’s David Cameron, the likely winner of the next General Election, is Blair Mark II and this pair certainly have common purpose.

The Tavistock Institute has been working this flanker for decades and Common Purpose seems to me to have the Curriculum Vitae of a Tavistock front. One of the Tavistock founders, Dr. John Rawlings Rees, who also became co-founder of the World Federation for Mental Health, talked of infiltrating all professions and areas of society – ‘Public life, politics and industry should all … be within our sphere of influence … If we are to infiltrate the professional and social activities of other people I think we must imitate the Totalitarians and organize some kind of fifth column activity!’ He said that the ‘salesmen’ of their perception re-programming (mass mind-control) must lose their identity and operate secretly. He said: ‘We must aim to make it permeate every educational activity in our national life … We have made a useful attack upon a number of professions. The two easiest of them naturally are the teaching profession and the Church: the two most difficult are law and medicine.’ The common purpose of the Tavistock/Illuminati guerrilla war on the human psyche is to wipe clean any sense of the individual and unique because only that way can they impose the global dictatorship and have the masses accept it. Brock Chisholm, former Director of the UN World Health Organisation, was right when he said: ‘To achieve One-World Government, it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individualism’.

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