Investiture of New Knights and Dames of Malta Held Recently

Last month, a solemn investiture was held at the International Diplomatic Headquarters of the Knights of Malta at Castello dei Baroni, Wardija, under the patronage of the Prince, Grand Master Baron Nicholas F.S. Papanicolaou (R foreground), and Duke Adrian Busietta, Grand Master Emeritus.

Times of Malta | Nov 25, 2007

Officiating were Chevaliers Robert Vella, Grand Prior of Malta, George Mercieca, chaplain of the Grand Priory of Malta, Harry Row, Grand Prior of the UK, and Rev. Pastor Ardell Daniels from Florida.

The new postulants from several countries included Valeriv Vynogradnvy and Olag Bhakmatyuk from Ukraine; Anatoli Strigo and Tatiana Kalinina from Russia; Robert Juharos from Hungary; Norah Maier from Austria; Paul J.M. Quaedulieg from Holland; Renald Attard from the US; Antonino Cancemi, Sergio M. De Simone, Rosario Iacono and Angelo Tartufoli of Italy; and Alfred Fenech, Anthony Fenech, Hector Cassola, Antoine Bonello, Dominic Galea, Amy Joan Zahra, Ruth Sammut Casingena and Josette Sciberras of Malta. Serving Brother from the UK was Peter Beaumont.

During the ceremony, Chevaliers Simon Grixti, Alberto Serra and Bruno Romani were promoted to Knight Commanders.

Knights and dames were welcomed by Mr Busietta and Marie Angelique Caruana at a lavish reception held in the palace’s magnificent gardens. Special guests included Russian Ambassador Andrey E. Granavsky, the Grand Prior of Hungary, Chev. Arped de Bonta, the Grand Prior of Austria, Chev. Dr Wil Goodheer, the Grand Prior of Greece Chev. George C. Georgopoulos, the Grand Prior of Florida, Chev. Keith Carson, and the Grand Chancellor of Assisi, Chev. Prof. Georgio Cegnia.

A formal gala dinner was later held at the Casino Maltese, Valletta, where guests were entertained by singer Analyse Psaila and by an excellent choir, led by soprano Ruth Sammut Casingena. Chev. Peter. W. Van Zwet was the master of ceremony. A delegation of knights and dames also visited the Cittadel in Gozo and attended Mass at the cathedral, celebrated by Nikol Cauchi, bishop emeritus.

. . .

Note from Aftermath News:

The above Knights of Malta, or Sovereign Order of St John of Jerusalem, want you to understand that they are a Protestant order and have absolutely no connection to the Catholic Knights of Malta, or the Sovereign Military Order of Malta (SMOM). They want to be very, very clear on that. Very explicit indeed. Yes, they get very testy about people getting these very similar orders mixed up, though they do admit it is extremely confusing to the uninitiated of course.

Even though they both have intimate ties with the island nation of Malta, share the same name “Knights of Malta” and same historical roots, the same 8-pointed cross, and their Grandmasters (Nicholas Papanicolaou and Andrew Bertie) are both related through noble peerage to the royal family and Queen of England (who was Queen of Malta 1964 to 1974), there is absolutely no connection between them whatsoever. None. Nada. At all. Understand? And all these rituals, initiations, rankings, regalia, capes, oaths of obedience and labyrinthine, confusing organizational structures of a multitude of similar orders set up and maintained by the ultra-rich aristocractic elite of Europe, which are as yet almost completely unknown to the general public, are purely there for charitable purposes, to serve mankind. Alright? They are not secret societies. They might be societies with secrets, but certainly not secret societies. Be very, very clear about that, so there is nothing to see here and nothing to investigate or to worry about. Now just go about your business, act normally and pretend you didn’t see this.

Glad we got that straight. (*wink wink*).

10 responses to “Investiture of New Knights and Dames of Malta Held Recently

  1. Henry VIII became the head of catholic church in britain after the quickie divorces failed come through. The queen is catholic more or less, high anglican vicars moved church since woman priest were ordaned in England. Here in Ireland two whole churches and congregations are turning catholic church because of womans ordination. Pope needs to rubber stamp only. :)

  2. Yes, I was trying to make that suggestion here, only a lot of people are very touchy about the issue. Note also that following the investiture, they all tromped down to the nearest cathedral to take mass with a catholic priest.

    This Catholicization is going to keep expanding because that is the desire of the Vatican to dominate the world. Every religion wants to expand, but the Vatican is more ruthless and cunning about it than any other and always has been. Tony Blair is going Catholic one would presume, because it is necessary for him to become the ordained dictator of the Holy European Empire.

    I think the reason that this particular Order wants to distance itself from SMOM is because of their Nazi war crime past perhaps. But in general, they want to hide the fact that this is the way the most powerful people in the world hold their ranks together in a religio-militarist system of total obedience. Charity is both a good front and they believe in a gnostic way, that if they do some good while they do their evil, it will all balance out in the end, or some such rubbish.

    We are all just beginning to understand these higher aristocratic secret societies because they have such a tight control over everything that very little leaks out about them. They absolutely hate public exposure and are outraged by it. They take an oath to defend the order and they take it extremely seriously such that I am sure they will stop at nothing to shoot down any serious inquiry. So there is much more to learn, at our own risk.

  3. I have a theory (sorry couldnt be helped) that these knights of malta are just a screen for the higher powers. I have seen through history The Cardinals of the Vatican have much more power than these people. For example Armand Jean du Plessis de Richelieu, Cardinal-Duc de Richelieu (September 9, 1585 – December 4, 1642), was a French clergyman, noble, and statesman. This guy was more powerful than anybody in france I think maybe ever. Cardinal and Noble. But i think above these cardinals and vatican are not the whole story to me they are a bunch of people who are supposed to be christians but infact are a bunch of weird homosexuals who are eminently blackmailable by there real controllers who I believe are older aristocracies roman/greek/middle-eastern/egyptian/aryan aristocracies.Plato tells of the Watchers (Overclass) in The Republic. If you go into for example the ancestry of Prince Philip he claims ancestry to Antiochus I Soter or one of his family and he was alexander the greats generals who controlled whole middle east after alexanders death. I believe this all predated christianity and the vatican etc what you think?

  4. All I know is that the members of these orders go right up to the kings and queens, so they are very powerful groups. And I do know that the Grandmaster of SMOM Andrew Bertie holds the rank of both Prince and Cardinal. Some claim that presidents, kings and queens take orders from him. Some claim that they are run by the Jesuits who hand orders down to SMOM etc, but I have not seen enough evidence of that yet. My focus is on the orders as the top of the aristocratic levels of freemasonry, rosicrucianism, etc. If you look at the tombs of the old grandmasters of SMOM in the co-cathedral of St. John in Valletta, you will see numerous occultic symbols including the hexagram, owls, skull and bones, double-headed eagles, dragons, crescents, fleur delys, all-seeing eyes, seraphim, cherubim, laurel wreaths and remarkably, the 16-pointed star which is the symbol for the CIA. And guess what, all the CIA directors have been knights of Malta. What is above Knights of Malta, may or may not be the Jesuits, cardinals, popes. It may just depend on who is in those roles at any given time. The Grandmasters have always had a fluctuating relationship with the Vatican.

    My feeling is that if they don’t have the “noble” bloodline, then there is only so much power that they will be able to wield. As far as I know, the Pope and Klovenhoof do not possess such bloodlines, and therefore are more like high level administrators. I view the Society of Jesus as the top coordinating body for the global intelligence agency network. If that is the case, then there would always be somebody above the Jesuits giving them orders. I still think that people jump to conclusions about the actual hierarchy involved, saying it’s the Jesuits, it’s the Jewish bankers, it’s the Queen of England and what have you. My feeling is that the actual power fluctuates according to complicated agreements behind closed doors and such decisions are based on a combination of factors including DNA, initiation, personality, experience, knowledge and capacity. As they go up the ladder in these various initiations, and as people die off, the hierarchy is constantly being updated.

  5. The Knights of Malta are coordinators; especially adept at logistics. They have the privilege, after all, of diplomatic immunity on the international stage. Thus they’ve been fingered in smuggling for some time now – from Nazi war criminals to arms to drugs.

    As for the Jesuits, they seem to play the same role as they’ve been allotted for centuries: educators, thinkers, scholars, and manipulators of opinion.

    I have come to the same conclusions as you, Paul. There is no one group at the head of a monolithic conspiracy. Elites work together as it suits them most of the time, and in most of the situations. One can be a Freemason, a Rosicrucian, a Knight of Malta, of noble blood, a successful business man, a Trilateral, a member of the CFR, and a regular participant at the Bilderberg conferences – all at the same time.

    Jesuits may well have their dupes, or Coadjutors, but the above CV couldn’t have included being “a Jesuit”. One is either a Jesuit priest, or isn’t. And if they are, then particular involvement is necessarily out of their jurisdiction; they’re confined to a certain sphere of activity. You’ll catch them in Universities teaching Marxist subversion, however Father “so and so” will not be included on the list of participants at the RIIA Round Table.

    Just the fact that the SMOM and the Jesuits have been around as long as they have, gives them a certain power and respect – and connections like no other. The same can be said of a few Orders of Chivalry. The Order of the Garter and the Order of the Golden Fleece – instituted in the 14th- and 15th-century, respectively – among the oldest and most powerful. The latter deserves more attention. Its membership overlaps with that of the Garter, and both have included prominent Freemasons and even members of the original Bavarian Illuminati.

  6. Another thing is the intermingling of Fabian Socialism and Fascism at the top which ties the Anglo-American establishment, both left and right wings, into the Vatican. The more I look at this the more I see all these front groups as being compartments of the same pyramid of power. The only time they might have conflicts is when there is a territorial or jurisdictional dispute, or somebody is skimming off more than his share, or someone starts to go off and try to be an individual with a conscience as JFK did or when someone who doesn’t have the “need to know” discovers or exposes something, he will be dealt with.

    Some say it is the Rothschilds and Israel. Some say Wall Street or the Military Industrial Complex. Others say it is the RIIA. Others say it’s Freemasonry. Still others say it is the Vatican. To me it is like the old parable of the Blind Men and the Elephant. Depends on your own conditioning. But if you want objective truth, you have to look at the bigger picture. Clearly the New York/Washington Empire, the British-Israel Empire and the Holy Roman Empire are actually one and the same neofeudal elite occult theocracy at the top. One big happy family of psychopaths who actually believe they are a superior species and that we should bow down to them. They all collaborate towards the “Great Work” which is just a centralized world dictatorship.

    It is as the Grandmaster said in Brotherhood of the Bell: “The Order was here long before you came along and it will be here long after you are gone.” They serve the Plan, are richly rewarded for it, and if anything is calling the shots it is the Plan, not mere men, who simply carry it out decade after decade, century after century, towards the Endgame.

  7. Agreed

  8. What a load of old tosh

  9. I agree wholeheartedly with Andy. Those ritual initiations and the whole moldy old aristocratic hierarchy and their New World Order agenda are nothing but pure unadulterated twaddle.

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