Microwave Beam Stops Cars Dead

The high-power electromagnetic system (HPEMS) uses microwave energy to disable/damage vehicle’s electronic control module/microprocessors which control engine’s vital functions. The system is capable of (1) high-value asset perimeter protection from approaching hostile vehicles, (2) bringing cars to halt on urban, suburban roads and multi-lane highways, (3) perimeter protection for gas-oil (fueling) platform at sea and (4) day/night, all weather clandestine operations. Figures shown here depict HPEMS’ application for stopping vehicles on highways and perimeter protection of gas-oil fueling platform from approaching boats at sea.

The focus originally is to build a compact portable tunable system to be integrated in a police car (Ford Crown Victoria) and having the following operational capabilities:

• Operational range of frequencies tunable in the 350-1350 MHz range

• Immobilizing all vehicles with microprocessors at the range exceeding 50 meters

• HPEMS fits on a roof of a vehicle

Discovery News | Nov 29, 2007

by Tracy Staedter, Discovery News

The same form of energy used by microwave ovens is used in a new tech being used to fry the electrical systems in cars, stopping them dead in their tracks. Emitted from a rooftop device, the radiation could be used by law enforcement officers to put an end to dangerous car chases or by military personnel as a non-lethal way of disabling vehicles that get too close for comfort.

Nov. 29, 2007 — The same microwave radiation that reheats pizza can be used to fry the electrical systems in cars, stopping them dead in their tracks.

Emitted from a rooftop device, the radiation could be used by law enforcement officers to put an end to dangerous car chases or by military personnel as a non-lethal way of disabling vehicles that get too close for comfort.

“The idea is to warn an automobile some distance away from a high-value target like a military barrack or a communication center. If they don’t comply, you just zap them and it prevents them from coming closer,” said James Tatoian, CEO of Eureka Aerospace in Pasadena, Calif.

Tatoian and his team have been working on the device since 2003. The current prototype is about 5 feet long, 3 feet wide, a foot thick, and weighs just under 200 pounds.

The technology uses the same kind of energy used in microwave ovens, but at a different frequency. Ovens typically operate at 2.45 Ghz, whereas the high-power car-stopping system is at 300 megahertz. In both cases, the radiation is above common radio frequencies and is not harmful to humans.

“There are no biological effects,” said Tatoian. “We comply with every standard in the literature as far as biological impact.”

To disable cars, the device first generates energy that is amplified using a generator. The energy is converted to microwave radiation and then directed, by way of a specially designed antenna, at the offender in a narrow beam.

The higher the frequency of the radiation, the more directed the beam, which allows the user to aim the energy at vulnerable car parts, such as light bulb filaments, lug nuts, frame bolts, or windshield antenna.

Having access to these locations is crucial because newer cars are made with lots of plastic parts, have rustproof paint that prevents electricity from conducting, and have computers already designed to withstand the electromagnetic energy coming from the car engine.

One beam pulsed in a burst lasting just 50 nanoseconds is enough to disrupt a vehicle’s electrical system. The radiation can overload wires or damage or upset the car’s central microprocessor.

In tests on four vehicles, the researchers were able to disable cars from 10 to 50 feet away.

Such a device could go a long way to save time and lives in places like southern California, where highways stretch uninterrupted for long distances and car chases are common.

“Once they get off the streets, they just go until they run out of gas,” said commander Charles “Sid” Heal of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department in Monterey Park, Calif. The department donated test cars for the experiments.

A technology that would shut down a car’s computer could not only reduce the number of car chases, but could also allow police officers to intentionally stop a car in a location where the offender might have difficulty running from on foot.

Heal said he would like to see the researchers add a light to beam, so that law enforcers could see where they are directing the beam and offenders would realize that they are on the receiving end of some kind of weapon.

“We can put the visible light on them, and if we don’t get compliance, we’ll hit them with a device that kills the car,” said Heal.

Tatoian thinks that with the proper funding, Eureka Aerospace can shrink the device in less than two years to a 50-pound appliance that looks like a plasma television and can disable cars from 600 feet away.

. . .


Eureka Aerospace HPEMS Technology


14 responses to “Microwave Beam Stops Cars Dead

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  2. It’s the greatest thing since little green apples! By eliminating car chases, we’ll protect the populace and nab the bad guys immediately.

  3. I really do hope yer being facetious…..

  4. sickofcriminals

    How about focusing a painful and lethal beam at the assinine lowlifes once the car is stopped, saving the taxpayers $$$.

  5. How about waking up to reality?

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  7. bill (of rights)

    The police state is being erected block by block until one day you wake up and find out you have no liberty and no security either. Every free society has come to its end by its own rules feeding on their citizens, erm… subjects.


  8. True, and we rightly want to stop this march to tyranny and disaster, but we should be careful about putting all our hopes and trust in one man, thinking that he will solve all our problems. If Ron Paul is riding a tide of liberty into office, let us remember that we the People are that tide which exists with or without him. I have to say this, because we have been fooled before and we should always have a healthy degree of skepticism about our leaders.

  9. deal all,

    i can see that alot of you dont believe the article.

    will let me say that as an engineer i can say that its all true.

    and to refresh your memory about the theory it was used before.

    in the iraq war (that i dont agree about) a new bomb was used they called it the smart bomb in all the sience magazines like IEEE spectrum magazine

    its smart because it kills the electronic components (buy a huge micowave pulse) and doesnt harm humans

    this was used to stop the iraq TV and burn every component in thier main building

    but they had an alternative one and they used it after 3 hours


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  11. I was just googling the effects of microwaves on car electrical systems and came across your article here. I have an old (’95) Nissan Pathfinder that automatically shuts down when I drive by a large microwave antenna in my town. Every time. Seriously!
    Should I be concerned about health hazards (other than wrecking my car)?

  12. You should definitely be concerned about cancer caused by microwaves penetrating and destroying your DNA. Would you stick your head into a microwave oven even for a few seconds? But people hold microwave-radiating cell phones up to their heads for hours every day. Most medical authorities have been forced to admit there is a real danger with cell phones to the point they are recommending children do not use them and that adults should go hands free, keeping the phone away from the body.

    The Army and Homeland Security are now using microwave guns as weapons and for “crowd control”. We were told the “raygun” is “non-lethal”, but that is a lie. The raygun was designed to kill by frying the body tissues at full power, killing the person in a matter of seconds. They claim that at low power, it is harmless, but if you are caught in it for more than a couple seconds it will start to penetrate and destroy your DNA. In that case, you won’t die immediately, but there is a good chance you will die of cancer at some later time.

    And now they want to be able to zap your car, with you in it.

    Cell towers are all over American cities in places you would never suspect, maybe up in your own apartment building zapping you while you sleep. Studies in Britain have proven a connection between cell antennae located in residential areas and higher cancer rates. All these things kill people. But does anyone care? Only a few. Others shrug their shoulders and say “well everything causes cancer. So what?” apathetically going along with everything and anything without questioning any of it.

  13. Hi! :) Is it OK if I ask something kinda off topic? I’m trying to view this page on my new iPad but it won’t show up properly, do you have any solutions? Should I try and find an update for my software or something? Thanks in advance! Jennine x :)

  14. These weapons are used wide over the world. I’ll give you my website, where is more information about Electromagnetic stuff. http://www.directenergyweapons.com or electromagnetic.mw.lt .
    There is my home made Electromagnetic gun.If I can do it in home conditions, guess what they’re making in labs

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