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Al-Qaeda urged to attack Knights of Malta in Cairo

“You cannot exaggerate it. The Order of Malta is a hidden government or the most mysterious government in the world.”

Grandmaster Andrew Bertie meeting with fellow Knight of Malta, George H.W. Bush in 1991

Adnkronos International | Dec 6, 2007

Rome, 6 Dec. (AKI) – A message posted on Islamist websites close to al-Qaeda is urging jihadists to carry out a terrorist attack on the embassy of the Roman Catholic Order of Malta in the Egyptian capital, Cairo.

“Do not stint on your attacks, Egyptians, either with car or truck bombs,” reads the message posted on Thursday. It is accompanied by photos of the embassy building (photo) and entrance.

“These are photos of the Order of Malta embassy in Cairo. I ask Allah to have it closed down or blown up, along with those inside it, who hate Islam and Muslims,” the Internet message continued.

The message urging the jihadi attack on the Order of Malta – nowadays a charitable organisation – follows the publication of an editorial in the United Arab Emirates daily al-Bayan, by Jordanian MP Jamal Muhammad Abidat entitled ‘The Knights of Malta – more than a conspiracy’.

In the article, Abidat gives a Muslim interpretation of the Order’s history, describing the role played by the Knights of Malta during the Crusades. Abidat says the Order is playing the same role in the Middle East today, citing the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“The painful saga of modern Arab-Muslim history evokes the battles fought in Crusades of the 11th centry – when the Knights of Malta began their operations as a Christian militia whose mission it was to defend the land conquered by the Crusaders.”

“These memories return violently to mind with the discovery of links between the so-called security firms in Iraq such as Blackwater have historic links with the Order of Malta,” Abidat argued.

He was referring to private security contractors operating in Iraq such as Blackwater Worldwide whose guards on 16 September killed 17 Iraqi civilians in a Baghdad square.

Blackwater said its guards were protecting diplomats under attack before they opened fire, but Iraqi investigators concluded the shooting was unprovoked.

Abidat accuses the Order of Malta of being run by men who are close to US president George W. Bush and neo-conservative political circles, taking a cue from a report transmitted on the Arab network, Al-Jazeera, on 24 April 2007.

He also refers to American investigative journalist Jeremy Scahill who has written about the rise of mercenaries in recent years and is a vocal critic of private military contractors. Scahill recently published a book entitled, Blackwater: The Rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army.

“You cannot exaggerate it. The Order of Malta is a hidden government or the most mysterious government in the world,” said Abidat in the editorial.

“We accept the definition given by one of the officials at their Cairo embassy, that defined it as ‘ghost that lives nearby’.”

The Rome-based Order of Malta, whose full name is the Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of St John of Jerusalem, of Rhodes and of Malta, is also known as The Knights of Malta.

It began as an organisation founded in Jerusalem in 1080, to care for poor and sick pilgrims to the Holy Land.

The Order of Malta retains its claim of sovereignty under international law and has been granted permanent observer status at the United Nations. It issues its own passports, stamps and coins and has formal diplomatic relations with 99 states.

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Malta ‘is Blackwater’s operational base’

Blackwater: Knights of Malta in Iraq

The picture that proves ‘torture flights’ are STILL landing in the UK (and Malta)

Ex-Pentagon IG Joseph Schmitz At Prince/Blackwater
Joseph Schmitz is active in the Washington Lawyers’ Chapter of the right-wing Federalist Society, the same group with which the new Chief Justice John G. Roberts was affiliated. Schmitz is also a member of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta. Schmitz was accused of covering up several investigations into fraud, waste and abuse within the Rumsfeld Pentagon.

The Order of Knights Hospitalers, St. John, Rhodes and Malta
The New World Order Agenda Spelled Out

Knights of Malta
The Sovereign Military Order of Malta, also known as the original Sovereign Military Order of St. John of Jerusalem, is a closed fraternity of the Roman Catholic Church. Its initiated members must be Catholic and have served in the military. They participate in secret ceremonies and feudal ritual dress, and embrace a strong class/caste mentality as part of their initiation into Rosicrucian dogma.

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Note from Aftermath News:

If Al CIA-da attacks the Knights of Malta, it will be just another staged event to serve as a pretext for more war and more tyranny.

10,000 Bali participants add to greenhouse gas burden, critics say

“Emissions greater than a small African country.”

AP | Dec 5, 2007

BALI, Indonesia (AP): Never before have so many people converged to try to save the planet from the catastrophic effects of global warming, with more than 10,000 jet-setting to Indonesia’s resort island of Bali, from ministers to Nobel laureates to drought-stricken farmers.

But critics say they are contributing to the very problem they aim to solve.

“Nobody denies this is an important event,” said Chris Goodall, author of the book ‘How to Live a Low-Carbon Life.’ “But huge numbers of people are going, and their emissions are probably going to be greater than a small African country.”

Interest in climate change is at an all-time high after former U.S. Vice President Al Gore and a team of U.N. experts won the Nobel Peace Prize for highlighting the dangers of rising temperatures, melting ice-caps, ever-worsening droughts and floods, heatwave deaths.

Two massive climate conferences have been held in less than a month, both in idyllic, far-flung, holiday destinations, first Valencia, Spain and now Bali. They were preceded by scores of smaller gatherings. Bangkok, Paris, Vienna, Washington, New York and Sydney, and places like Rio de Janeiro, Anchorage, Helsinki and the Maldivian island of Kurumba.

The pace is only expected to pick up now, prompting some to ask if the issue has become a plague that is creating a “cure” industry?

No, says Yvo de Boer, executive secretary of the U.N. Climate Change conference.

“Wherever you held it, people would still have to travel to get there,” he said. “The question is, perhaps, do you need to do it at all? My answer to that is ‘yes’.”

“If you don’t put the U.S., the big developing countries, the European Union around the table to craft a solution together, nothing will happen and then the prophecy of scientists in terms of rising emissions and its consequences will become a reality.”

The U.N. estimates 47,000 tons of carbon dioxide and other pollutants will be pumped into the atmosphere during the 12-day conference, mostly in flights but also from waste and electricity churned out by air conditioners at five-star hotels that line palm-fringed beaches.

If correct, Goodall said, that would be equivalent to what a Western city of 1.5 million, like Marseilles, France, would emit in a day, though he believes the real figure will be twice that, more like 100,000 tons, close to what the African country, Chad, churns out in a year.

Organizers said they were doing everything possible to offset the effects.

Host Indonesia, which has one of the fastest rates of deforestation in the world, averaging 300 football fields an hour, said it had planted 79 million trees across the archipelagic nation in the last few weeks.

“Our aim is not just to make this a carbon neutral event,” Environment Minister Rachmat Witoelar said, “but a positive one.”

In largely symbolic gestures, 200 bright yellow mountain bikes were being offered to attendees so they could cruise around the heavily-guarded conference site and ‘green’ paper was being used for the reams of documents being handed out. Bins separating plastic and paper also dotted hallways _ a rare sight in a country where formal recycling is virtually nonexistent.

Optimists hope the Bali meeting will inaugurate a two-year process of intensified negotiations on a deal to replace the Kyoto Protocol, which expires in 2012 and required signatories to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by an average 5 percent below 1990 levels.

But no one expects concrete results in Bali, with closed-door talks expected to turn into a battle over language and nuance, like whether to use “commitment” or “mandatory’.”

“We don’t need talk, talk, talk,” said Ursula Rakova, a 43-year-old resident of Papua New Guinea’s Carteret islands, describing how rising seas have destroyed once-fertile farmland on her island of Huene and split the land mass in two.

“For us to move, we need money to purchase land, build schools, build medical clinics,” said Rakova, who along with other farmers and fisherman were ferried by boat, bus and plane to the Bali gathering. “Our situation is before us. We need something tangible.”

In all, 190 countries are represented.

The United States is sending more than 100 delegates and all 27 countries of the European Union are flying in national teams, with Germany bringing 70 people and France 50, many of them observers, playing no formal role.
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Chilling truth about ‘global warming’ hypocrisy

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Bubbles prompt climate-change rethink
“Our data suggest that the warming came first, then carbon dioxide increased,” says Jean Jouzel of the Pierre-Simon Laplace Institute in Gif-sur-Yvette, France1.

Global Warming: A Convenient Lie
In Gore’s movie, he presented evidence that was found in the research done on ice core samples from Antarctica, which he claimed is proof for the theory of CO2 being the cause of rising temperatures. However, this group of scientists state that “warmer periods of the Earth’s history came around 800 years before rises in carbon dioxide levels”, meaning that a rise in Carbon Dioxide follows a rise in temperature, rather than increasing temperature following rising CO2 emissions.

A Convenient Untruth About Climate Changes
Carbon dioxide has never been proved to be the cause of global warming. At present, it comprises only .038 (38 thousandths of 1 percent) of the atmosphere, rising some 33 percent from .028 to .038 in nearly 150 years, most of which occurred before 1940 and the onslaught of motor vehicular traffic. Water vapor has been shown to be the principal greenhouse gas and comprises 95 percent of all greenhouse gases, according to U.S. government research.

U.S. warns about bed-wetting drug after two deaths

Reuters | Dec 4, 2007

WASHINGTON, Dec 4 (Reuters) – U.S. health officials alerted the public on Tuesday about the deaths of two patients who were treated with a prescription drug to control bed-wetting.

The Food and Drug Administration said it was unclear whether the drug, desmopressin, had contributed to the deaths. But the agency said nasal versions were no longer approved for treating bed-wetting and doctors should consider other options.

Desmopressin is sold under the names DDAVP Nasal Spray, DDAVP Rhinal Tube, DDVP, Minirin and Stimate Nasal Spray. Makers include Sanofi-Aventis (SASY.PA: Quote, Profile, Research) and several generic companies.

Other forms of the drug “should be used cautiously” in patients at risk of sodium imbalances that can be caused by over-hydration, the FDA said.

The agency reviewed 61 reports of patients treated with desmopressin who developed seizures related to hyponatremia, when sodium is too low. Two of the patients died.

“The direct contribution of desmopressin to the deaths is unclear,” the FDA said in a notice posted at http://www.fda.gov/cder/drug/InfoSheets/HCP/desmopressinHCP.htm. The patients who died were ages 28 and 80, FDA spokeswoman Susan Cruzan said.

Thirty-six seizure reports were associated with intranasal forms of the drug, the FDA said. Those versions should not be used in patients with hyponatremia or a history of the condition, the FDA said.


FDA: 28 Miscarriages No Reason to Reexamine Gardasil

A total of 3,461 adverse reactions, including eight deaths, were reported to the government through the VAERS system since the FDA approved the drug.

CNSNews.com | Dec 6, 2007

by Fred Lucas

(CNSNews.com) – Since June 2006, when the HPV vaccine Gardasil was approved by the Food and Drug Administration, there have been 28 reported cases in which pregnant women miscarried after receiving the vaccine.

Nonetheless, based on the clinical trials done prior to approval of the drug – which indicated that miscarriages among pregnant women given Gardasil were statistically consistent with miscarriages among women given placebos and in the general population – the FDA remains convinced the vaccine is safe and is not further investigating its effect on pregnant women.

In May, a 24-year-old woman suffered a miscarriage, which an investigator in a report issued to the federal government said, “may have been caused by Gardasil because the patient received the injection within 30 days of the pregnancy.”

In July, a 17-year-old girl from Texas was unaware she was pregnant when she got her second dose of Gardasil. She miscarried, but the cause of the miscarriage hasn’t been determined, according to a report.

The reasons for two other miscarriages this year in Florida – one by a 16-year-old and another by a 24-year-old both – are undetermined, according to reports. But it is known that both women had Gardasil vaccinations shortly before the miscarriages.

Gardasil is the vaccine to prevent the Human Papillomavirus (HPV), a sexually transmitted disease and the leading cause of cervical cancer in women. The package insert for Gardasil states there is “no evidence” the vaccine will cause “impaired female fertility or harm the fetus.”

Most of the 28 reports of miscarriage, which were drawn from the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), were attributed to “other medical event.” VAERS reports contain raw, unanalyzed data sent by concerned parties to the FDA and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The only Gardasil side effect the FDA has expressed concern about is dizziness immediately after the shot, FDA spokeswoman Karen Riley said. “We’ve not seen signals” of a disproportionate problem with Gardasil and pregnant women, she said.

“If you’re pregnant, then it means you’ve been sexually active,” Riley said. “So it would be somewhat dubious to get a vaccine you’re supposed to have before you’re sexually active.”

While there is no conclusive evidence that any health problems have been caused by the vaccine, Judicial Watch, the conservative government watchdog group that obtained the VAERS reports through a lawsuit, is concerned that the FDA is not scrutinizing the vaccine more closely.

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said his group wants to know more about the FDA’s approval of Gardasil and monitoring of potential problems with the vaccine, which some states either have or are considering mandating for school girls.

“Merck lobbied for these mandates,” Fitton told Cybercast News Service . “There are moral issues here. But the primary issue is public health and safety. It’s interesting why our government downplays the apparent adverse reactions of Gardasil. Why are drugs with a distinct social agenda getting less scrutiny in the approval process?”

Riley stressed that the numbers concerning the pregnancies must be placed in context.

“Have they (Judicial Watch) compared that to a similar group of young pregnant women of the same age group who haven’t had Gardasil?” Riley said. “There is always a certain percentage of children born with abnormalities among any sampling. The only way to say if there is a causality relationship is to compare one group to see if they have a higher rate than another group.”

A total of 3,461 adverse reactions, including eight deaths, were reported to the government through the VAERS system since the FDA approved the drug.

Reproduction studies were conducted on female rats at doses up to 300 times the human dose, according to Merck. The tests on the lab rats showed no adverse effect on reproduction or pregnancy. However, the company literature on Gardasil said, “It is not known whether Gardasil should be given to pregnant women.”

During Merck’s clinical trials of 2,226 women, half got the Gardasil vaccine, and the other half got a placebo or empty vaccine. In that group, 40 on Gardasil and 41 on the placebo had an adverse event in their pregnancy.

The most common adverse events were conditions that can result in cesarean section or premature labor. The portions between the Gardasil and placebo were comparable, Merck said.

Merck spokeswoman Jennifer Allen said 2 to 3 percent of the women who became pregnant during the clinical trials had children with problems, and roughly 15 percent of those had miscarriages. This, she said, mirrors the general public of pregnant women, regardless of whether they had the vaccine.

Pointing to the fact that VAERS reports are raw data, she said there was little reason to believe a causal relationship existed.

“It’s what you see in the database of the general population,” Allen told Cybercast News Service . “VAERS are passive reports. It’s plausible someone would get the vaccine, leave the doctor’s office and walk into a pole. You could report that and VAERS would accept it.”

Much of the controversy surrounding Gardasil pertains to the fact that three states – Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Virginia – are mandating sixth-grade girls get the vaccine, and other states are considering such a mandate.

The three states included an opt-out provision, which would let parents choose not to have the vaccine administered to their child for religious or other reasons.

Meanwhile, 38 other states this year passed or considered some type of legislation either mandating, funding, or educating the public about the vaccine, according to the National Council of State Legislatures. New Hampshire and Alaska adopted a voluntary program that supplies the vaccine for free to girls between ages 11 and 18 who want it.

Meanwhile, abroad, the British Department of Health approved a national mandate for school girls to get the vaccine.

After the FDA approved Gardasil, the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices recommended routine vaccinations for girls ages 11 and 12. HPV infects 20 million people in the United States, with about 6.2 million new cases each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. HPV is responsible for nearly 70 percent of cervical cancer cases.

The American College of Pediatrics and the New England Journal of Medicine have voiced opposition to mandating the vaccine.

Panama schools to teach compulsory Chinese

BBC | Dec 6, 2007

Panama is moving to make the teaching of Mandarin compulsory in all schools, in recognition of China’s growing importance in the world economy.

The Panamanian National Assembly has given conditional approval to the bill in the first of three debates.

The bill’s supporters say boosting the number of Chinese speakers will help increase Panama’s competitiveness.

China is the biggest single user of the Panama Canal that connects the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.

The bill’s supporters recognise that English is the international language of business but say that with China’s increasing economic influence, Mandarin is set to be an indispensable language.

Panama has important commercial links with China, with bilateral trade running at $1bn (£500m).

The Central American nation also has diplomatic links with Taiwan, one of the few countries to do so.

The proposed legislation sets out a timeframe of 10 years for Mandarin to be taught in all schools.

The legislation proposes allowing the immigration of specialist Chinese teachers to help train local teachers.

Tired of presidents with ‘a bad brain,’ doctor demands brain scans

Blacklisted News |  Dec 6, 2007

Source: RawStory

Candidates vying for the presidency already face intense scrutiny from voters, the media and political rivals’ crack opposition research operations — but that’s not enough for one doctor: he demands brain scans.

Dr. Daniel Amen, a neuropsychiatrist and brain-imaging expert, says that scans of the human brain can reveal dysfunction and even predict degenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease. In an interview with MSNBC’s Tucker Carlson, Amen said that the technology could be used to effectively vet future presidents.

“For years, what I have thought about, talked about, is we should be scanning the brains of presidential candidates,” said Amen. “Because a president with a bad brain can ruin life on earth…I’m sort of tired of presidents who’ve had a bad brain that are not leading the country in a good direction.”

Asked by Carlson if the current electoral process, including presidential primaries, was its own kind of informal “scan,” Amen insisted that taking an actual look at a candidate’s brain was far more telling.

“That certainly gives good information,” he said of the primary process, “but did you know that brain scans can predict five to ten years before people have symptoms whether or not they’re vulnerable to Alzheimer’s disease? And several of our candidates are older…I would argue that President Reagan, in his second term, had evidence of memory lapses. And that’s sort of a national crisis.”

Deficiencies in former President Clinton’s thinking — which Amen believes could have lead to the Monica Lewinsky flap — could have also been exposed by such a scan, he says. “President Clinton was known to have issues with judgment and impulse control…that was a very divisive political scandal that came out of, I would say, bad brain function.”

As for President Bush, a Wednesday editorial from Amen in the Los Angeles Times argues that some of the commander-in-chief’s perceived weaknesses may be traced to brain fitness.

“One could argue that our current president’s struggles with language and emotional rigidity are symptoms of temporal lobe pathology,” writes Amen. “The temporal lobes, underneath your temples and behind your eyes, are involved with language, mood stability, reading social cues and emotional flexibility.”

Concludes Amen in the Times, “Ensuring that our president has a healthy brain may be more than an interesting topic of conversation. It can be important information to put into the election equation. A president with brain problems could wreak havoc on the U.S. and the world at large.”

Japan to develop stealth fighter jets to counter Chinese air force

AP | December 7, 2007

TOKYO (AP): Japan is going ahead with plans to develop its own stealth fighter jets to compete against the rapidly advancing Chinese air force and other threats to its air defenses, officials said.

The Defense Ministry aims to develop a prototype stealth fighter that will combine advances in maneuverability, radar and stealth technology.

The key part of the six-year project, to be officially launched next April, involves developing an XF5-1 engine that would allow a fighter jet to be both highly maneuverable and cruise at supersonic speeds.

“We need fighters that are fitted with highly advanced technology, considering what’s been developed in other countries,” the ministry said in a recent statement. “It is a crucial project in developing fighters that will play a key role in our future fleet and build our space defense.”

Japan’s air force has been searching for replacements for its aging fleet of F-4s and F-15s. But its hopes to purchase F-22s from Washington have been hindered by a U.S. Congress export ban and its reluctance to share sensitive military technology with foreign governments.

Defense officials hope to have a test flight of the prototype, unofficially nicknamed “Shinshin,” or spirit, by the end of March 2014. The entire project is expected to cost 46.6 billion yen (US$419.8 million; euro285.2 million).

The ministry has requested a 15.7 billion yen (US$141.4 million; euro96.06 million) budget for the initial year, pending government approval, a spokesman said Thursday, on condition he not be named.

Maneuverability and supersonic speeds mean that a jet can go faster, longer, and a radar-evading stealth design makes it harder to detect.

Having homegrown stealth capabilities, rather than relying the key military technology on foreign imports, would also serve as a deterrent and boost national security “in the face of stealth development in China and Russia,” the spokesman said, on condition of anonymity.

Russia is aiming to create a fifth-generation attack fighter by around 2015 as part of its modernization and restructuring of its military.

China has already unveiled its J-10 fighter, which is believed to be one of the most advanced used by any air force in the world today. Beijing is believed to be developing upgraded models, the J-12 and J-14, with stealth capabilities.

Stealth development is part of Japan’s efforts in recent years to build up its air defenses.

Tokyo has made ballistic missile defense a top priority after North Korea launched a long-range “Taepodong” missile over its main island in 1998 and has also launched several spy satellites.