EU and NAFTA: Towards tyranny and the New World Order

British National Party | Dec 8, 2007

The North American Union is up and running in all but name, with about as much chance of not being officially ratified as Gordon Brown, or David Miliband, not signing the Lisbon Constitution… sorry, Treaty. This North American counterpart of the European Union was born out of the same mould. It started with the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) – the American doppelganger of the Common Market – and, whilst remaining under the legislative radar of the American people, became a new entity controlling transportation, law enforcement, banking, manufacturing, education, construction, military and, not unsurprisingly, immigration between the three former nations at the SPP (Security & Prosperity Partnership) Summit in Banff, Canada in September 2006.

The agreement gives U.S. corporations, amongst other things, the right to break-up and exploit Mexico’s nationalised oil industry, PEMEX, in return for mass immigration of unskilled Mexican workers into the U.S. and its economy. Cheap labour and fat profits all round. Of course, there are losers; American workers find themselves out of work and unable to survive when competing for jobs with people prepared to work for pitifully low wages – a scenario with which many Britons are acquainted – and, in addition, the Mexicans just get exploited. But who cares? Profits are up, costs are down and it’s trebles all round for the fat cats!

The Canadian and Mexican armed forces helped out with the aftermath of hurricane Katrina, and are now available to assist U.S. civil enforcement agencies to deal with domestic disturbances (read as: the anticipated mass demonstrations as the American people begin to realise what’s happened whilst their backs were turned). But we know where they got that idea from, don’t we? Enter Eurogendfor (European Gendarmerie Force) which, according to its own website, was set up to “respond to the need to rapidly conduct all the spectrum of civil security actions, either on its own or in parallel with the military intervention, by providing a multinational and effective tool.” That, in case you don’t know, is EU-speak for crushing anti-EU demonstrations.

It’s no coincidence that these two ‘Unions’ are so similar. And if you wish to know what the common denominator is, then you need look no further than our old friend, the Bilderberg Conference! Once a year these arrogant leaders and business high-flyers, all of whom have undergone democracy bypass surgery, meet up and decide how to ruin ordinary peoples lives in order to line their own pockets even further. And when they have enough control (and they’re just about there) they will play the ace up their sleeve and trigger a global economic collapse. At that point a lot of people will acquiesce to their will in return for scraps of food – but not all. A sizeable majority will rebel against the New World Order (yes, we can mention that now because George Bush and Gordon Brown do). The author of the book of the same name, H.G. Wells, wrote:

“Countless people will hate the New World Order and will die protesting against it.”

He wasn’t wrong (despite being in favour of it). Democracy is ebbing away from us, the people, day by day. To be pro EU is to be pro dictatorship. The LibLabConmen are just that. And if you are a casual visitor to this site, and think that the BNP is the last party you’d vote for, then it probably will be – because you won’t be voting at all in the near future!

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